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Toyota Motor Corporation (NYSE: TM)Q3 2020 Antithesis CallFeb 6, 2020, 8:30 a.m. ET

Masayoshi Shirayanagi — Senior Managing Officer, Chief Officer of External & Public Affairs Group

Hello, everyone. Acknowledge you actual abundant for abutting us today. I’m Masayoshi Shirayanagi. And aboriginal of all, I would like to booty this befalling to acknowledge our customers, who chose us as able-bodied as our stakeholders who abutment us. It is my amusement to altercate Toyota’s banking after-effects for the third division of the budgetary year catastrophe March 2020.

Let me altercate our banking after-effects for the aboriginal nine months from April to December 2019, compared to the aboriginal nine months of the antecedent budgetary year, circumscribed agent sales added by 129,000 units to 6,830,000 units. This was a aftereffect of solid sales, mainly in Japan and North America and Europe, apprenticed by new models such as the RAV4 and Corolla.

Consolidated banking after-effects for the aboriginal nine months of this budgetary year were net acquirement of JPY22,830.1 billion, operating assets of JPY2,058.7 billion, pre-tax assets of JPY2,515.7 billion and net assets of JPY2,013 billion.

I would like to explain the factors, which impacted operating assets year-on-year. Firstly, the furnishings of adopted barter ante decreased operating assets by JPY250 billion. Secondly, amount abridgement efforts added operating assets by JPY110 billion. Thirdly, business efforts, which resulted in bigger advantage in banking services, as able-bodied as automated sales costs added operating assets by JPY160 billion.

Finally, costs decreased operating assets by JPY50 billion, due to a proactive allocation of R&D costs in avant-garde and cutting-edge technologies fields, while announcement ability through TPS and adorning costs at all levels. As a result, excluding the all-embracing appulse of adopted barter rates, bendable appraisal assets and losses, and added factors, operating assets bigger by JPY220 billion year-on-year.

Now I’d like to busy on operating assets for anniversary arena action from the larboard duke ancillary to the appropriate duke side. On Slide 6, in Japan operating assets was bottomward JPY11.6 billion year-on-year to JPY1,232.5 billion mainly due to the furnishings of adopted barter rates. In North America, operating assets was JPY328.5 billion, up JPY164.8 billion, compared to the aboriginal nine months of the antecedent budgetary year, mainly due to business efforts, including added operating assets from banking services, as able-bodied as a abridgement in expenses.

In addition, we are announcement activities on all fronts, such as anxiously and strategically analytical the allocation of incentives, deepening model-based amount abridgement activities, authoritative efforts to advance the accumulation of SUV ablaze trucks, convalescent the abundance of anniversary of our accomplishment plants and abbreviation anchored costs on a companywide basis.

In Europe, operating assets was up JPY22.7 billion year-on-year to JPY109.7 billion. This was mainly due to business efforts. In Asia, operating assets including that of circumscribed subsidiaries in China, was bottomward JPY65.9 billion year-on-year to JPY329.1 billion. Excluding the furnishings of adopted barter ante acquired by abrasion of the Chinese yuan and acknowledgment of the Thai Baht, operating assets added by JPY10.9 billion year-on-year. In added regions, operating assets decreased by JPY11 billion year-on-year to JPY73.3 billion. This was abundantly due to the furnishings of adopted barter rates.

Next, let me explain our circumscribed subsidiaries and disinterestedness acclimation affiliates in China, as able-bodied as our banking casework business. As for China business, operating assets of circumscribed subsidiaries decreased by JPY15.2 billion year-on-year to JPY116 billion. Excluding the furnishings of forex ante acquired by the abrasion of the Chinese yuan, operating assets added by JPY24.4 billion year-on-year. Disinterestedness in antithesis of disinterestedness acclimation affiliates was up JPY9.5 billion year-on-year to JPY94.2 billion, abundantly due to business efforts.

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Regarding banking services, operating assets excluding bandy appraisal assets and losses for the budgetary year was, up JPY44.1 billion year-on-year to JPY307.9 billion. This was mainly due to an access in the lending antithesis and a abatement in costs accompanying to balance amount losses.

Next I’d like to move on to altercate the angle for the abounding budgetary year catastrophe March 2020. With absorption to our circumscribed agent sales, we accept maintained our anticipation that was appear in our Q2 after-effects anticipating agent sales in North America to access by 20,000 units and agent sales in Asia to abatement by 20,000 units. We accept adopted forex amount assumptions for January advanced of JPY105 per dollar and JPY120 per euro, which makes the full-year assumptions JPY108 per dollar and JPY121 per euro. Based on this our anticipation for full-year circumscribed banking achievement are net acquirement of JPY29,500 billion, operating assets of JPY2,500 billion, pre-tax assets of JPY2,910 billion and net assets of JPY2,350 billion.

Now I’d like to explain the factors which will appulse operating assets year-on-year. Operating assets is now accepted to be JPY2,500 billion, that is up JPY100 billion from the antecedent anticipation that was appear in our Q2 results.

And amuse see Slide 10 for an assay of the latest operating assets anticipation in allegory to our antecedent anticipation appear in Q2 results. Compared year-on-year the latest operating assets anticipation for this budgetary year represents an advance of JPY32.5 billion, we abide committed to and will abide to undertake our accumulation advance activities beyond the aggregation with absolute effort.

Next, Executive Vice President, Leroy, will explain our efforts on accessory of sales competitiveness. This concludes my presentation. Acknowledge you actual abundant for your attention.

Didier Leroy — Executive Vice President

Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen my name is the Didier Leroy. I would like to accurate my abysmal acknowledgment to all our barter about the world, as able-bodied as all our dealers and suppliers, who accept fabricated amazing efforts to bear smile to anniversary and anybody of our customers. I would like to accurate my aboveboard acknowledgment to all of our shareholders, business ally and additionally stakeholders for their circadian abutment of Toyota.

Today, I will explain our activities to strengthen sales competitiveness in anniversary region. Toyota agent sales in 2019 accomplished 9.71 actor units. The all-around agent bazaar shrank and the aggressive ambiance were actual severe. Nevertheless, we exceeded both sales in 2018 and sales ambition in 2019. In 2019, sales in Asia declined, partly due to the barter abrasion amid the US and China. However, added regions such as China, Europe and Japan accomplish up for this decline. This underscores the actuality that Toyota advance is accurate by our action to advance a composed business beyond the world. At the aftereffect of this strategy, our all-around sales has been growing steadily.

Let me blow now on our action in some regions. To appearance how our action is customer-centric. In China, admitting the bazaar beneath by 8% in 2019, Toyota absolute sales aggregate added by 9%, this is partly due to able sales of our absolutely redesigned Corolla and Levin. Based on the Toyota new all-around architectonics platform, the active achievement has decidedly improved. Anniversary and every agent advertise the abode of our agent and focus on accouterment chump with opportunities to apprehend the affability of our agent through analysis drive at dealers.

As allotment of our customer-centric approach, we’re additionally alienated jumping to amount cuts to ensure that our acclimated car amount do not decline. This has helped to access acquaintance amid chump that in accession to quality, ammunition ability and performance, addition allure of Toyota cartage is resale value. Two years ago Chinese Premier, Li Keqiang, visited Japan and see them. The Chinese government has apparent able absorption in our ecology technologies. We would like to accord to the development in China by utilizing our technology, while absorption on partnership.

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In Europe, our abiding accomplishment has borne fruit. Approaching abbreviating of ecology acclimation was expected, and we absitively to advanced chump needs by demography advantage of our amalgam technology. However, it was an acutely ambitious choice, because in the European market, agent technology was ascendant and amalgam technology was absolutely alien to customers. First, we assertive the banker of the allowances of how our amalgam technology, such as ammunition economy, quietness, durability, aliment and buying cost. Our salespeople are acquirements the new technology from scratch, so they could bigger acquaint the abode of amalgam agent to customers.

Customer gradually become acquainted of its benefits. Our chump additionally played a role in communicating the advantage of amalgam technology over added blazon of vehicles. In the past, amalgam technology was blurred by some people, who we accept that it’s sometimes difficult to acclimation if it’s breakdown or amalgam agent charge to be charged. However, such confounding accept gradually decreased. We accept aboveboard responded to our customer, accept their choir and move advanced footfall by step. Consistent accomplishment directed against a about-face of amalgam I assuredly pay off. Now amalgam cartage are called by added than bisected of our customers, who purchased Toyota vehicle, and this has added our all-embracing sales aggregate and achievement in Europe.

In North America additionally our action was acerb focused on customers. In the region, the arrangement of amalgam agent for the RAV4, for example, was ahead about 13%. We conducted abundant surveys, alert to the assessment of the barter and dealers and begin that the low arrangement has been acquired by the acumen of amalgam agent are inferior in power. Then we absitively to advertise their on-road achievement and accomplished ammunition economy. With greater accent back we’re rolling out the absolutely redesigned RAV4.

As a aftereffect the cardinal of customer, who see the RAV4 amalgam as able added from 27% to 38%. Sales additionally increases, and the amalgam arrangement of the new RAV4 in 2019 added to 25%. We absolutely ambition to popularize the use of amalgam agent behindhand of region, and thereby accidental to absorption our planet. We will abide to accept to the articulation of our chump and bear electrified cartage that accommodated their needs.

We are additionally affective advanced with the ameliorate of our banker arrangement actuality in Japan. We are demography off this — demography on the claiming for the future. And this cannot be appropriately addressed if we stick to accepted IDs only. If what chump apprehend of car changes, ideal sales acclimation will artlessly change too. In our accomplishment at reform, we will apparatus an action to accomplish all Toyota agent models accessible at all sales aperture throughout Japan. And you apperceive our aboriginal plan was to apparatus this action in stages as far as 2025.

However, to reinforce our best-in-town activity, it is all-important to accommodate assorted accessories and casework at an aboriginal date to abode a advanced ambit of bounded needs and issues. So we accept absitively to move advanced by two years from the antecedent plan. All archetypal and all approach and we will alpha in May this year. I met the banker representative, and I asked them to acquaint me very, actual bluntly what they ahead about that and to allotment their honest assessment in affair with me.

Many dealers bidding their affair of the achievability that the adjournment in accumulation of accepted vehicle. So anon we accept fabricated acclimation in our assembly system, steadily authoritative alertness that can be implemented now to advanced the abeyant accident through sowing the seeds for approaching growth, which is not apprenticed to plan our precedent. We are bent to change ourself to become a Toyota that abide to be called by customers.

In anniversary country and region, Toyota advisers were affianced in sales activity, focused on affairs one agent added and abbreviation alike by aloof JPY1 in their own works’ fair. And I ahead that is — in all the arena struggling, for example, addition arena should accomplish up for the all-around sales. The spirit of alive for orders is abiding in the Toyota Group beyond the world.

I visited abounding arena and accommodated many, abounding stakeholder there. I consistently accumulate a agenda in my anchored abridged in which — like this one. In which I myself wrote ten elements of leadership. Amid them, the elements I mentioned, abnormally back I accommodated bodies at Genba is angry spirit and be passionate. We are faced to the flat beachcomber of resolution, and we cannot survive unless we abide to apparatus every above and accomplish every accomplishment to accommodate barter with a advancement and casework they need. For our customer’s file, we will abide to do our best and claiming advanced with a angry spirit and, again, with passion.

To achieve my presentation, as you apperceive during the chump Electronics Appearance captivated in the US in January. President Toyota appear the Connected City Project. This activity is active laboratory. And of course, this is aloof starting point for the future. And in the abreast future, we will be able to accord you abundant added advice about this project. Acknowledge you. Acknowledge you, actual abundant for your absorption this afternoon. Acknowledge you.

Duration: 17 minutes

Masayoshi Shirayanagi — Senior Managing Officer, Chief Officer of External & Public Affairs Group

Didier Leroy — Executive Vice President

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