Used 2012 Nissan Juke TEKNA for sale in West Sussex ...
August 19, 2013

Used Nissan Juke Tekna Near Me

By Andrea

About 10 years on aback the barrage of the aboriginal Nissan Juke, there’s an all-new archetypal that’s aloof accustomed in Britain. 

Used 2012 Nissan Juke TEKNA for sale in West Sussex ..

Used 2012 Nissan Juke TEKNA for sale in West Sussex .. | used nissan juke tekna near me

Nissan Juke for Sale - Used 1

Nissan Juke for Sale – Used 1 | used nissan juke tekna near me

Used Car Near Me - 2013 Nissan JUKE with AUX Input ..

Used Car Near Me – 2013 Nissan JUKE with AUX Input .. | used nissan juke tekna near me

The aboriginal Juke kick-started the accomplished supermini-SUV segment; previously, this allotment of the bazaar was mainly asperous baby 4x4s, like the Suzuki Jimny. But the funky-looking Nissan accepted that buyers capital cars that had a bit added acumen than a supermini and the administration of an SUV, but afterwards the beyond dimensions.

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Other car makers saw the abeyant of the articulation and in contempo years the best has broadcast rapidly. Alike aloof in the aftermost few months we’ve been abaft the caster of several models new to the class, including the Skoda Kamiq, which won its aboriginal Auto Express accumulation test. Equally, there are some accustomed players, too. The SEAT Arona, which is the added car in this test, has been about aback 2017, and has been a constant attendance at the top of the class.

Here we’ll acquisition out what Nissan has done to accompany its beat archetypal up to date with today’s competition, and which of these three baby SUVs makes the best faculty for the best buyers.

This is the second-generation Nissan Juke; the Japanese cast has taken its time with its backup for the big-selling original. Actuality we accept a 1.0 DIG-T archetypal in Tekna trim, which costs £22,495.

Design & engineering

The new Nissan Juke is one of the aboriginal models to use the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance’s CMF-B platform, which has been developed to accompany improvements to lots of areas of the cars that will use it. It’s additionally engineered to acquiesce electric powertrains as able-bodied as the latest free assurance tech and active aids. Another archetypal that uses this architectonics is the latest Renault Clio, which won its aboriginal accumulation analysis adjoin the able-bodied accustomed Ford Fiesta and SEAT Ibiza.

At 4,210mm continued and 1,800mm wide, this new Juke is bigger than the old model, but it shares some architectonics touches with the aboriginal version, such as the bubble-like headlights and abstract wheelarches. 

As is accepted in this chic of car, the Juke uses a three-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine. The Nissan’s 1.0-litre assemblage has 115bhp and 200Nm of torque, which is actual agnate to the 113bhp and 200Nm from the 1.0-litre assemblage in its rivals.

Our analysis archetypal had a six-speed chiral gearbox, active the advanced auto only. Cars in this chic adeptness accept SUV styling, but owners seldom, if ever, booty them off road, so there’s no charge for four-wheel drive. It’s attenuate in this chic and neither battling actuality has it, nor do they charge it, because it adds accidental weight.

The Juke’s autogenous is able-bodied put calm and there are some good-quality abstracts in assertive places, but adamantine plastics in others, while cheap-feeling buttons and controls beggarly the berth doesn’t assume as chic as its rivals’. While all three models accept some low-rent abstracts inside, the Juke’s added busy berth architectonics can’t adumbrate them as effectively.

Standard accessories on this Tekna archetypal includes LED lights, cruise control, 19-inch alloys, a 360-degree camera, blind-spot assist, acrimonious seats and an eight-inch touchscreen infotainment arrangement with smartphone connectivity and sat-nav. 


Nissan’s 1.0-litre agent has absolutely a few things in accepted with the units in its rivals. It’s quiet at low revs and doesn’t complete abhorrent alike aback pushed harder. It’s additionally happiest in the average of the rev range, breadth it develops a appropriate 200Nm of torque.

But alike with hardly added power, the Juke feels underpowered and apathetic abutting to the Kamiq and Arona. We recorded a 0-60mph time of 11.4 abnormal in the Juke, which was two abnormal abaft the Kamiq and 2.4 abnormal off the Arona. Its in-gear after-effects were poor, too: it went from 30-50mph in fourth in 7.0 seconds, yet it took the Skoda and SEAT aloof 6.0 and 6.4 abnormal appropriately to do the same. The Nissan covered 50-70mph in top accessory in 16.2 seconds, while the Skoda bare 11.9 abnormal and the SEAT 13.1 seconds, admitting beneath gearing in the Juke.

Part of the Juke’s poor achievement is bottomward to the gearbox. The agent holds its revs too continued aback you change gear, consistent in chapped accouterment unless you absolutely booty your time, and the about-face activity itself is adaptable and vague, clashing its rivals’ added absolute shifts. The council is able-bodied weighted, but there’s no feel and it’s not as authentic as the set-ups in the others.

Yet the Juke’s bigger botheration from abaft the caster is its ride. It is unacceptably poor on British roads, consistently ambiguity and cavernous over every affectionate of surface. It deals with dispatch bumps well, but any added imperfections are an ordeal, because they blast into the berth and you’re always actuality befuddled about in your seat. Anatomy ascendancy and anchor are adequate – the Juke is about as active as the Arona – but these factors are abundantly extraneous in this class.


The Juke has an adjustable cossack attic and folding rear seats, but like the Kamiq and Arona, it misses out on a sliding rear bench, which is adapted to some added rivals. It has a anchored baggage amplitude of 422 litres, which is still excellent: it’s beyond than the Skoda and SEAT’s 400-litre capacities. Fold the seats bottomward and there’s a little beneath allowance than in the Skoda, though, and the cossack aperture is narrower than the Kamiq’s. There are 1,305 litres in absolute with the rear seats down, which is 90 litres beneath than you get in the Skoda. SEAT doesn’t account a amount for the Arona in this configuration.

The moveable cossack attic agency you can accept amid a hardly added cossack and a adulate attic aback the rear seats are folded, though.


Safety is a able point for the new Juke. It denticulate the abounding bristles stars in tests by Euro NCAP, and is adapted with lots of accessible accessories as standard. This Tekna archetypal gets parking sensors, a abandoning camera, lane-keep assist, AEB and alike blind-spot abetment as standard, so it’s the best-equipped archetypal actuality aback it comes to safety.

Used 2011 Nissan Juke TEKNA DIG-T for sale in ..

Used 2011 Nissan Juke TEKNA DIG-T for sale in .. | used nissan juke tekna near me

Nissan came 11th in the makers’ blueprint of our Disciplinarian Adeptness 2019 buying survey, which was a bit abaft Skoda’s fifth but advanced of SEAT’s 14th.

Running costs

The Juke alternate 41.2mpg on analysis and will amount £1,675 per year to fuel. The Kamiq accomplished 45.3mpg, which is £1,523 a year at accepted petrol prices, and the Arona recorded 41.4mpg, which works out at £1,667 annually. These abstracts are all adequate and prove a three-cylinder petrol assemblage is a solid best of agent in this affectionate of car.

Insurance costs are agnate in all three cars, but the Nissan is still the best expensive. It costs £380 to awning our archetype driver, admitting it would be £363 in the Skoda and £335 in the SEAT.

Testers’ notes

“Alongside the chiral gearbox in our analysis Juke, there’s the advantage of a dual-clutch automated aloof like the DSG chiral accessible on its rivals in this test. It costs £1,400, though.”

The Juke has a lot to alive up to acknowledgment to its well accepted name, but the Kamiq has an alike tougher task: starting from blemish as a absolutely new car for Skoda. It’s got what it takes, as our accepted chic favourite, though. In SE L anatomy it costs £21,980.

Design & engineering

The Kamiq sits on the Volkswagen Group’s MQB architectonics in its construction, which the Arona additionally uses. This belvedere is acclimated in abounding added models, including Skoda’s Scala, and allows the use of the group’s 1.0-litre engine, begin in Audis, SEATs, VWs and Skodas.

The three-cylinder motor is turbocharged and has 113bhp and 200Nm of torque, which is aloof beneath the Nissan’s 115bhp, but the Kamiq is the lightest archetypal of the three, with a kerbweight of 1,158kg.

An advantage alleged Sport Anatomy Ascendancy (£495) is accessible on the Skoda, which adds selectable active modes and adaptive dampers, so you can change how close the abeyance is by altering the active setting. This advantage is a little pricey, but it’s attenuate to see on a car in this class, although the accepted abeyance accoutrement is able-bodied counterbalanced and delivers adequate ride affection and abiding handling.

There’s not abundant beheld adeptness in the Kamiq’s cabin. This is accurate of the Arona as well, and the anatomy affection is good. There are some cheap-looking and activity plastics in some areas, so you can acquaint breadth costs accept been cut, but the ample infotainment affectation gives the Skoda SUV a avant-garde feel.

Our SE L car comes with a 9.2-inch touchscreen with sat-nav, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay functionality, additional AEB, lane-keep and blind-spot assist. On the options account there are a few absorbing extras, including a powered tailgate (£400), LED headlights (£1,050) and wireless smartphone charging (£235). The Juke and Arona action abundant added bound options ranges, but a greater cardinal of trim levels.


The Kamiq’s backbone aback it comes to the active acquaintance is that it balances anniversary key breadth actual well. While it’s not outstanding in any distinct area, the Czech archetypal is adequate at appealing abundant everything.

Firstly, the ride affection is about right: there’s abundant compactness that anatomy cycle isn’t an affair in fast corners, but it still smooths out asperous sections of alley and it’s calm on best roads. It’s bendable abundant to blot potholes at low speed, although the accoutrement isn’t perfect, because there’s a bit of beating at motorway speeds, but boilerplate abreast as abundant as in the Juke. Wind and alley babble are acceptable, so best trips aren’t out of the catechism at all.

Plus, while it’s not absolutely as aciculate to drive as the Arona, it’s acceptable abundant from abaft the wheel. There’s affluence of anchor and its accord in corners agency you can backpack dispatch on country roads. The council is ablaze and doesn’t accept abundant feedback, but it’s added absolute than the Nissan’s.

The Kamiq was the fastest car actuality in our in-gear dispatch tests. It was added than a additional quicker than the Juke from 30-50mph in third gear, demography 4.2 seconds, which was additionally 0.1 abnormal faster than the Arona. It went from 50-70mph in fifth accessory in 8.9 seconds, afresh advanced of its SEAT affinity (which recorded 9.4 seconds) and able-bodied advanced of the apathetic Nissan (which bare 12 seconds).

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The 1.0-litre agent is aloof as quiet at abandoned as it is in the SEAT Arona, and it never sounds acrid or abhorrent in the cabin, alike at aerial revs. It has a affable thrum, in fact, and while you charge to keep it at about 2,000rpm to accomplish use of its best torque of 200Nm, it’s adequate to drive in a airy way.

The gearbox has a ablaze throw, but it’s absolute and automated abundant to be acceptable to use. The ablaze clamp agency it’s no agitation about town, either.


With its 400-litre cossack with the rear seats up, and 1,395 litres of amplitude with them folded, the Kamiq is actual practical. It’s a little abaft the Juke’s 422 litres, and it matches the SEAT’s 400 litres, so all three account able-bodied here.

There’s added than abundant allowance for adults to sit calmly in the rear seats, because there’s lots of  allowance and legroom. There’s additionally abundant ablaze and the adequate seats are accessible to admission through the rear doors. Yet while the Skoda is absorbing in this area, it’s not bigger by a ample margin; both rivals are spacious, too. A bound axis amphitheater of 10.1 metres agency parking the Kamiq is easy, abnormally because the council is actual ablaze and afterimage is good.


EURO NCAP awarded the Skoda bristles stars out of bristles aback it was activated recently, scoring actual able-bodied in the Adult Protection category. Accepted assurance kit includes six airbags, AEB, blind-spot abetment and lane-keep assist. Apart from the abandoning camera, which costs £300, it’s about on par with the Juke for assurance in this sense.

Skoda has denticulate awful in abounding of our Disciplinarian Adeptness surveys over the years, and accomplished fifth in 2019. Nissan came 11th, while SEAT was 14th, so the Skoda is acceptable to be a solid buying proposition.

Running costs

The Skoda and SEAT models are adapted with the aforementioned engines, but with an CO2 emissions appraisement of 116g/km, the Kamiq sits in the 27 per cent bracket for Benefit-in-Kind (BiK) tax contributions.

With CO2 emissions of 114g/km, the Arona is in the 26 per cent category. The Juke is additionally in the 27 per cent class, with emissions of 118g/km.

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These abstracts beggarly standard-rate taxpayers will accord £1,175 this year in BiK for the Skoda, £1,140 for the SEAT and £1,203 for the Nissan. 

Testers’ notes

“A almost ample 50-litre ammunition catchbasin agency the Skoda Kamiq has a ambit of about 500 miles, based on our analysis abridgement figures. That’s a bonus if you’re authoritative best trips”

The Arona has been a top car in this chic aback it was launched in 2017, and admitting actuality the oldest archetypal actuality it’s still a able contender. In FR Sport trim the SEAT costs £22,155 with the 1.0-litre 113bhp agent and a chiral transmission.

Design & engineering

This agent is aggregate with the Kamiq, so the Arona has the aforementioned 200Nm of torque at 2,000rpm. The Juke has an identical best torque figure, but in that car’s agent it’s delivered lower down, at 1,750rpm.

The SEAT additionally has a six-speed chiral gearbox and front-wheel drive – four-wheel drive isn’t available. At 4,138mm continued and 1,780mm wide, the Arona is the aboriginal archetypal here, but as we’ll see, that doesn’t appulse on its practicality. The MQB anatomy on which it sits agency it has a abundant base not aloof for autogenous packaging, but additionally for ride and handling. 

FR and FR Sport models appear with an added alleged SEAT Drive Profile, which adds selectable active modes. There’s Normal, Sport, Eco and Individual options, the closing alms a customisable ambience breadth you can adapt the council and burke acknowledgment – but there are no adaptive dampers available, so you can’t change the akin of comfort. These sportier trim levels additionally affection a altered abeyance accoutrement to added versions, to advance anatomy control.

The Arona’s berth is smart, with a apple-pie and avant-garde attending that will absolutely address to some bodies but others will acquisition a bit dull. Anatomy affection is adequate and there are abundant good-quality abstracts in key places that it feels classy, mainly bottomward to the design.

There are actual few options accessible on the Arona, and to get added kit you charge to accept a college trim akin – alike brownish acrylic comes included, so the list amount is appealing abundant what you’ll pay. Accepted accessories on this FR Sport archetypal is decent, but it’s a abashment assertive appearance are missing: there’s no abandoning camera, lane-keep or blind-spot abetment tech accessible at all, nor can you add keyless go. What you do get is 18-inch alloys, adaptive cruise control, LED lights, a agenda apparatus array and an eight-inch touchscreen infotainment arrangement with 3D sat-nav mapping and smartphone connectivity.


The SEAT Arona charcoal one of the best-handling cars in this class, and it combines this with adequate ride quality. 

The council is a lot like it is in the Kamiq: it’s ablaze and absolute but doesn’t action much, if any, feel or feedback. There’s affluence of grip, and with the FR Sport trim’s sportier suspension, the SEAT resists anatomy cycle added than its Skoda cousin. This gives you added aplomb to backpack dispatch into corners, yet it’s not so annealed that abundance is an issue. The Arona doesn’t coast over bumps in the road, and you’ll apprehension acrid movements advancing into the berth every so often, but on the accomplished it’s adequate enough, and it’s absolutely a lot added composed and smoother than the Juke.

The gearshift is ablaze but has a analytic abbreviate bandy and a automated feel, so it’s acceptable to use, aloof like in the Skoda. The 1.0-litre agent is quiet at low revs, so the Arona charcoal appealing aesthetic at accustomed speeds, and you’ll alone apprehend wind and alley babble at college speeds. Add some added revs and you can apprehend a thrummy three-cylinder agent note.

Performance is a able point here, too. The 113bhp agent agitated the Arona from 0-60mph in nine abnormal collapsed in our straight-line tests, which was the quickest here, and while the SEAT was hardly abaft the Skoda in our in-gear tests, it’s not acutely slower on the road.

The active position could be better, though. Taller drivers adeptness acquisition that there’s not abundant adjustment, abnormally in the council column, to acquisition a adequate position abaft the wheel. The seats could be added comfortable, too.


Despite its abate brand compared with its rivals, the SEAT still matches the Skoda’s cossack space, at 400 litres. Both are 22 litres abaft the Nissan here, but all three cars accept appropriate baggage capacity.

Visibility is good, and the ablaze controls beggarly the Arona is accessible to drive and park, alike in bound spaces.

The rear seats are big abundant for adults, but alone just. A continued cruise in the aback adeptness account some aches and pains for taller passengers, but it will be ample abundant for kids to be comfortable. There’s no affair with headroom, either, because adults can aloof about sit up beeline in the back. Autogenous accumulator is okay, with a ample accommodation in advanced of the gearlever for your phone, which is advantageous aback you’re application Android Auto or Apple CarPlay via the USB anchorage there.


You get six airbags and free braking as accepted in the Arona, but there’s no lane-keep abetment or blind-spot monitoring, so it lags abaft its newer rivals in this area. You can’t alike add them as options, because they’re aloof not accessible with this trim level. The higher-spec Xcellence gets blind-spot assist, though.

SEAT’s dealers came in 19th abode in our Disciplinarian Adeptness 2019 survey, which was advanced of Nissan’s 28th position, but abaft Skoda’s 10th-place finish.

Running costs

Our abrasion experts say the Arona has the everyman balance ethics here. Afterwards three years or 36,000 miles, it’s predicted to absorb 44.8 per cent of its amount aback new, which is a bead of £12,241 in that time to a amount of £9,914. 

The Juke holds 50.5 per cent, a accident of £11,144 to a amount of £11,351. Finally, the Skoda sits in amid the others, with a balance amount of 48.1 per cent, which agency it sheds £11,405 for a final amount of £10,575.

Testers’ notes

“A tyre adjustment kit is included as standard on the Arona, but you can pay £110 to get a space-saver additional wheel. It’s one of the only options you can add with the SEAT.”

First place: Skoda Kamiq

The Skoda is a bright champ actuality because it has the widest ambit of ability. It’s adequate abundant best of the time and about as adequate to drive as the Arona, while additionally accepting added allowance for passengers, adequate in-gear achievement and low active costs. It has the best infotainment of the bunch, too, and active costs will be low. Amount for money is aerial for all of these reasons, so the Kamiq stays at the top of the class. 

Second place: SEAT Arona 

Even admitting it’s been on auction for a while now, the SEAT Arona is still a actual able contender. Its infotainment and autogenous aren’t absolutely up to the accepted of the Skoda here, but it’s a bout for the Nissan, and aloof about every added aspect of the active acquaintance is bigger than the newcomer: it’s fun to drive, adequate abundant and easier to alive with. It’s applied and has all the kit you’d want, too. 

Third place: Nissan Juke

The new Nissan Juke is a disappointment, mostly because of its unacceptably acrid ride. Poor performance, an abhorrent chiral gearbox and a aerial amount aching its address further, but it’s not afterwards merit. It’s ample inside, abnormally the boot, and there’s lots of accepted kit, decidedly assurance gear. The agent is quiet and it’s a cogent footfall on from its antecedent in agreement of autogenous affection and infotainment. 

Due: 2020Price: from £20,150Engine: 1.2-litre 3cyl, 128bhp

Peugeot’s latest 2008 SUV will access in the UK aboriginal this year. It’s an all-new archetypal with characteristic administration and a beginning interior, additional new agent options, including an all-electric version. It’ll be priced competitively with its rivals here.

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