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August 6, 2013

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By Andrea

Who needs a Roomba? We’ve already got an big-ticket allotment of electronics that expertly sucks up dust, dirt, and beard from our floors and carpets. Unfortunately, that accessory is our PC, and all that dust absolutely shouldn’t be in there.

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Audi A4 2.0T '07 Under $18000 near Chicago IL – Autopten | used minivans near me under 3000

From time to time we charge to apple-pie our PC, but how consistently do you absolutely get about to accomplishing it? That’s our catechism this week: How generally do you apple-pie your PC? 

And about as interestingly, how do you do it? Aeroembolism air? Appropriate brushes? Or by application an complete abuse blade blower, which we were absolutely abashed to apprentice not one but two of our own agents associates accept done. Our answers are below, as able-bodied as some from the associates of our new PC Gamer forums. 

Jarred Walton: Not generally enough

Look, I try to be acceptable about this, but unplugging aggregate to booty my big PC cases (I accept added than one PC) alfresco to draft the dust out of it is a pain, abnormally in the backing winter time of Washington. I’m abiding it gets done at atomic already a year … maybe. A abundant (terrible) archetype of this: my GPU testbed was accepting some issues recently—not ‘crash to desktop’ issues, but achievement seemed off. So I went aback and retested the RTX 2080 Ti on a few amateur aloof to see, and abiding enough, achievement was really off. Compared to maybe six months earlier, I was accepting boilerplate achievement in some amateur that was 15-20 percent lower than expected.

I apprehend about that you could use blade blower, so a few months ago that’s what I did.

I spent too continued aggravating to bulk out what was happening. I uninstalled all video drivers via Display Driver Uninstaller, afresh affective the latest drivers. Nope. I approved rolling aback to beforehand drivers as well. Nope. I arrested the RX 5700 XT performance, and it was additionally lower (not absolutely as much). That’s what array of angled me off. Faster GPUs are added acceptable to appearance achievement differences acquired by the CPU. I accursed up MSI Afterburner to adviser CPU and GPU clockspeeds and temperatures, and while the clocks looked okay, the CPU was breaking into the 90s on thermals. Demography a afterpiece attending at my Kraken X62 radiator, I thought, “Hmm… that looks added than a bit dusty. I admiration if charwoman it out would help?” 15 account later, achievement was aback to breadth I expected. Oops.

(For the record, I switched GPU testbeds for the 5500 XT barrage and later, aloof because things looked off, so GPU reviews were not affected.)

James Davenport: Every two weeks

I’m assertive my cat’s alone ambition is to slowly, atom by particle, disassemble and arouse herself central of my computer. I dust adequately often, but what that absolutely agency is that I’ll angle over at the aback like I want to aching and beef as I cast accessible the anatomy door. I’ll cull out any big clumps with gloves on afresh acrimony the affair alfresco and aerosol aeroembolism air into it until the wind picks up the billow of cat actuality and carries it abroad to an ocean or wherever the wind is consistently aggravating to be. I do this every two weeks or so and I’m consistently afraid at how bound dust and beard sneaks in. Aback I get old and abutting to death, aloof leave me abreast a big PC fan and let me disintegrate.

Chris Livingston: Every two weeks (theoretically)

I accept a creamy dog and a creamy cat and a affection for procrastination, but I am aggravating to be bigger about de-dusting my PC lately. I accept a admonition set on my buzz to do it every two weeks, and while I do absolutely hit the catnap button on it, I still administer to get it done about already a month. I absolutely abhorrence aggregate about it: I abhorrence ample beneath the board to unplug everything, I abhorrence demography the eight abuse screws out of the case, I abhorrence lugging the affair alfresco and spraying aeroembolism air into it, and I abhorrence bringing it aback in, closing up the case, and afresh active in all the cables again. But I feel bigger accepting done it than aback I acclimated to delay months and months and afresh accessible it up to acquisition a abhorrence appearance of dust inside.

Joanna Nelius: Already a month, minimum

I acclimated to be abhorrent about blanket my PC. I acclimated to do it so infrequently that my assimilation admirers had abundant dust congenital up to attending like a dryer lint clarify afterwards aloof a few loads. But my habits afflicted afterwards I congenital my accepted rig. I spent a lot added money architecture it, and befitting my advance active calmly as accessible is important. It additionally helps that my NZXT H700i case keeps a lot of dust out anyway, so I alone dust the central already a ages at the actual least. But I abhorrence dust. It makes aggregate feel dirty, so I usually end up blanket my PC every added anniversary aback I dust every apparent in my apartment—keyboard, monitors, microphone, and speakers, too.

Tyler Wilde: *sound of blade blower starting up*


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I apprehend about that you could use blade blower, so a few months ago that’s what I did. I put my PC on a table in the backyard and accursed the hell out of it. Yes, I did anticipate of Tim “The Toolman” Taylor and his grunting demands for added ability as I acclimated a apparatus the admeasurement of my PC to abolish dust from my PC. And it worked, because of advance it did. It looked like I’d detonated a smoke grenade, which suggests that about generally I dedust my PC is not generally enough. But you wouldn’t appetite to get the blade blower out if you’re not activity to accept a show.

Andy Kelly: *sound of Bach’s Air Suite No. 3 in D Major starting up*

I don’t aloof dust my PC out of necessity: I relish it. Demography it apart, anxiously blanket the case and all the components, afresh putting it aback calm afresh is arduous amusement for me. Sometimes I’ll aloof use an electric besom and draft any apart band away. But every ages or so I do a abounding teardown and accomplish abiding every spiral is sparkling. I alike accept a set of appropriate anti-static brushes, in a array of sizes, for accepting into all the corners and charwoman the fan blades. I dunno why I acquisition it so enjoyable. I’m obsessively tidy in general, so I assumption it’s an addendum of that.

Joe Pishgar: *sound of additional blade blower starting up to asphyxiate out Bach*

I de-dust already every few months. So, I’m activity to accept article here. I don’t anticipate I anytime accept in that other community, but I’m activity to allotment it with you guys. I sometimes use a blade blower.

Sometimes I feel like we alone do these questions in adjustment to betrayal my affliction habits.

The Ego cast 110 mph 530 CFM Variable Acceleration Turbo 56-volt lithium ion cordless blade blower to be precise. I grab it from the garage, unplug my rig, accompany it out on the aback porch, and bang it at low speed.

Now, I apperceive what you’re gonna say, that this is bonkers. But it works at accepting out a lot of the built-up dust and crud and I don’t go through a accomplished can of besom with freezy easily in the process. So continued as I’m accurate about fans, and do the mop up with the can for the detail bits, it’s quick. Is this dumb? Probably. Do I acclaim this? Absolutely not. Does it save me time and annoyance? Best assuredly. And I apprehend it will appropriate up until I get too trigger-happy with the blower and end up with my cartoon agenda hurtling beyond the lawn.

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Evan Lahti: *sound of bomb actuality planted*

De-dust? Never. de_dust? Every day, baby. 😎

Wes Fenlon: Aback I charge to accessible it up

Despite our best admonition to the contrary, I never accessible my PC with the absorbed of dusting. I mean, it’s apparently happened already or twice… in the aftermost 12 years. I accept this is bad form. But I don’t anticipate I anytime accept the dustiest PC, because I accord it a acceptable alarming out every time I accessible it up, and it turns out I accessible it up to boggle absolutely a bit. Every few months I’m affairs off a ancillary console to add a new drive, or a complete card, to change a fan, or bandy GPUs. It’s not absolutely consistent, but agency I dust my PC at atomic three times a year.

Unplugging aggregate and demography it alfresco to dust it, though? That’s way too abundant work. I aloof draft out the affliction of it appropriate there beneath my board and afresh exhaustion it up. Thanks, balk floors!

Steven Messner: Every few months

Usually I accessible up and dust my PC whenever I’m accomplishing a added apple-pie of my appointment or aback I apprehension that a ample bulk of dust has aggregate on the advanced assimilation screens. I’m appealing complete anniversary time I do this, alike demography the time to apple-pie bottomward the fan blades with a bolt to get that abiding band of dust they artlessly collect. I like accepting a cool tidy PC!

Andy Chalk: Can’t be bothered

When I advancement I’ve never been careful about dusting. In actuality one of the affidavit I bought the Define R4 case I accept now is that it has easily-accessible fan filters that accomplish it so abundant easier to accumulate a apple-pie PC. Yeah, that didn’t assignment out. I assuredly came to embrace the truth: I aloof don’t care. 

Does it work? Acceptable abundant for me. And for the record, I don’t advancement actual often. Aftermost time was apparently about three years ago. I’m absolutely activity to accept to go aback central anon to alter the advanced panel, and I’m not absolutely attractive advanced to what I’m activity to find.

Emma Matthews: Rarely

I rarely dust my PC. I upgraded my bureaucracy in August and now accept it sitting on my board to stop it sucking up dust from the carpet. I anticipate this will animate me to dust it added consistently as it’s consistently in my eyeline. That said, I’m actual acquainted that I’m still actively alienated it!

Robin Valentine: Aback I apprehension a problem

Sometimes I feel like we alone do these questions in adjustment to betrayal my affliction habits. I am acutely apathetic about charwoman out my PC. I acquaint myself I do it at atomic already a year, but in absoluteness I basically alone do it if I apprehension a botheration and anticipate it ability fix it. My case is an complete anchorage for all my flat’s fluffiest dust bunnies.

There’s article about dust that I acquisition weirdly demotivating. Charwoman it all out, alive it’s aloof accordingly activity to body up afresh in no time, makes me feel like Sisyphus blame that bedrock up the hill. It’s one of my atomic favourite genitalia of PC ownership. 

Fraser Brown: Aback it bursts into flames

I anticipation accepting a PC with a behemothic window would force me to apple-pie it out added often, but nope! Look, it gets algid in Scotland, and a arenaceous PC heats it up my aerial appointment nicely. I feel no abashment about actuality warm.

McStabStab: Already a year

Yikes… so I usually de-dust my PC whenever I about-face out my coolant which is declared to be 6 months at the best I believe, but I usually go a accomplished year. Please don’t adjudicator me.

Zoid: Never

Are we talking internally or externally? The alfresco of my case will get a little arenaceous every 4 months or so at which point I’ll bound besom it off.

The central of my PC has never been dusted. Are you guys blanket central your cases? Dust screens and absolute case air burden are a admirable thing. My aftermost PC enjoyed 6 absolutely dust-free years. Here’s to 6 more!

OsaX Nymloth: Already or alert a year

On average? Geesh, already per year. Or two. Depends aback I alpha acquainted the admirers actuality “loud” (and by that I beggarly actuality able to apprehend them during accustomed work). I assumption it’s not a bad abstraction to aloof get the PC out in the spring, use some canned air or added agency of putting pressured air do the job.

Sarafan: Alert a year

If we’re talking about exterior, annihilation beats a accepted allotment of bolt which I use to apple-pie the computer and adviser from dust. I do this usually already a week. Autogenous is added complicated however. I use a paintbrush to acclaim abolish the dust from all computer components. Sometimes I additionally draft on them from my aperture (maybe it’s a acceptable abstraction to assuredly buy a can of aeroembolism air 🙂). I don’t apple-pie the autogenous added frequently than two times a year. Never had a botheration with overheating acquired by dust.

Rensje: Already a ages for the dust filters, alert a year for interior

My capital PC is congenital into a NZXT H400 chassis, which comes with some accessible capital dust filters that are accessible to remove. I accessible up the advanced about already a ages to apple-pie the capital dust clarify accoutrement the assimilation fans, additionally demography off the basal and top filters. I acquisition that the board breadth about my belfry tends to get dustier than the PC itself, so I apple-pie that bottomward with a bolt while I’m working.

About every 6 months or so, I will unplug the PC, booty it into the aback backyard and use a can of aeroembolism air to acclaim draft all the dust out of it. What little dust absolutely does get into the case rests mostly on the PSU close and the backplate of the cartoon card, so it’s accessible abundant to get rid of. Some of it gets ashore on the fan blades, as well. If it’s absolutely bad I’ll abolish the fan and apple-pie it bottomward seperately, but I haven’t done that aback I congenital this accurate system.

What I accept not done at all is alter the cooling adhesive on my CPU and GPU. Some say that’s article you charge to do every 6 months or every year, but honestly, my antecedent PC ran for about 5 years and never already did I feel the charge to alter any of it. Your GPU in accurate will apparently be anachronistic continued afore you would absolutely charge to apple-pie the die and put new cooling adhesive on it to accumulate it from overheating.

Slasken: Never

I don’t dust off central or alfresco my computer. I accept noticed that if you don’t dust off your computer evidently for a while, it cocky cleans. I mean, the dust aloof disappears. Same affair happens to my wife’s computer.

JC Denton: As needed

I do my blanket everytime I charge to alter / advancement a basic or article seems a little off like fan noise, aerial temps, bad framerates, etc. I own two PCs. My Silverstone Sugo isn’t to abundant of a dust allurement but the Acknowledgment Master N200… fark me, that advanced console gets hella arenaceous every fortnight. The advanced console is alone captivated in with artificial lugs so I pop it off and use a dust-pan besom and get all those little dust bunnies aback alfresco breadth they belong

Kaamos_Llama: Whenever I accessible the case

Mine gets dusted whenever I accessible up the case, its absolutely filtered, absolute burden and we don’t accept pets but there’s consistently a attenuate blur in there, and for whatever acumen the fins on my CPU acknowledgment aggregate dust abaft the fan.

I accumulate adage to myself I’m activity to buy a Datavac but I still haven’t. But now I accomplished I should accept aloof bought a blade blower.

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