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August 11, 2013

Used Kia Stinger Gt2 For Sale Near Me

By Andrea

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SANDY — Kia is not the aboriginal automaker to try and exhausted the German action sedans at their own game, but it is the alone non-luxury automaker I can anticipate of to affirmation they can.

Perfecting the sports car is one thing. Mastering affluence is another. But to do both takes adherence and a alertness to access amount paths that Kia has rarely tread. Kia approved that adherence by hiring above designers and admiral of both Audi and BMW to advice conductor the 2018 Kia Stinger to market.

Kia’s aboriginal accomplishment is a acceptable one and brings with it the affiance of what is to appear from approaching archetypal years.

Todd Grace, sales administrator of Jerry Seiner Kia in South Jordan, is assured the car can allurement affluence buyers to Kia dealerships.

“It’s absorbing to see near-luxury and affluence buyers appear in on a whim because they’ve apparent the absolute reviews or apprehend a annual commodity comparing this car to the top brands,” he said.

[VENDOR][FS]: Kia Stinger 3.3T - ARK GRiP Catback Exhaust ..

The Stinger does not shy abroad from its South Korean roots. The car’s architecture cues resemble the Optima sedan’s, but the Stinger takes a added advancing attitude that is acutely German-influenced. The Stinger’s contour could coulee for that of an Audi or BMW sedan.

The alpine and able-bodied rear end — with its accurate GT fastback architecture and hatchback-style accouter lid aperture — is a absolute administration touch. The ample bifold bankrupt outlets and different cogitating arrangement that blanket about to the rear appendage lights set the Kia apart.

The Nappa covering and soft-touch dash, aperture animate and centermost animate abstracts are comfortable and attractive. While the abstracts themselves don’t acceleration to pricier German auto standards, Kia has done an accomplished job accustomed the adventurous feel of the exoteric central after authoritative it blatant or gimmicky.

The Stinger’s best autogenous affection is the infotainment arrangement layout, which blends the touchscreen with concrete buttons and knobs in a way that is bigger than added big-ticket infotainment systems that generally await too heavily on one concrete ambassador or the awning itself.

The Stinger’s all-wheel drive and almighty 3.3-liter turbo six-cylinder agent annular out the adventurous package.

The Stinger’s advanced lacks the breeding and bite of the blow of the car. In fact, the advanced of the agent could be mistaken for an Optima at a glance.

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The advanced air furnishings and a lower barbecue do set it afar from added Kias, however. The South Korean automaker has resisted the appetite of added Asian manufacturers to advance the senses with a massive barbecue — conceivably a safe best that would account from article more.

Performance is area Kia promised to battling the Germans, and, while it is a abundant aboriginal effort, the Stinger avalanche abbreviate back the disciplinarian demands the best from the car. The Stinger’s sure-footed artery administration (complimented by a limited-slip cogwheel and multi-link rear abeyance with struts up front) becomes awkward back the disciplinarian pushes the car through corners.

The eight-speed automated transmission, with rev analogous chiral approach and paddle shifters, is assured and bland — except back adamantine active brings the agent afterpiece to redline. It’s again that the chiral seems apt to assumption and hesitate. The averseness in the about-face responses can become frustrating, alike back the disciplinarian uses the paddles.

The Kia performs able-bodied and sounds abundant back active in a beeline line. The Stinger goes from aught to 60 mph in 4.7 seconds, and the car’s admirable touring bureaucracy and casual ability are accurate pleasures. But the German sedans the Kia is gunning for leave the Stinger abaft in the coulee corners.

This may complete back-handed, but the accomplished acclaim I can pay the Stinger is that the car’s autogenous and adventurous administration fabricated me at times balloon I wasn’t active a action auto from Europe. I’m a accoutrement for annular vents, brownish trim and a layered dash.

The overly-prominent Kia logo on the council caster asleep any cursory activity that the Stinger was an Alfa or Mercedes, though. Whether it’s fair to Kia or not, the Stinger will accept to affected the stigma of not actuality a luxury-branded car, complete with the affluence banker acquaintance that about comes with spending added than $50,000.

I agnosticism those acclimated to the affluence banker allowances will try to save a few thousand dollars at the Kia dealer. The fully-equipped Stinger GT2, however, is aces of those because a affluence action auto for the aboriginal time.

But what could about-face the course for the Stinger is if Accord and Camry buyers advised spending a little added for the four-cylinder adaptation of this car. The Stinger offers article far added acceptable than the cachet quo for those ahead loyal to Honda and Toyota.

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