2002 Jeep Wrangler for Sale by Private Owner in Young, AZ ...
August 24, 2013

Used Jeep Wrangler For Sale Near Me By Owner

By Andrea

It acclimated to be that the abstraction of affairs a Wrangler was consistently choleric by “yeah, buts.” “Yeah, it looks like a lot of fun, but I acquire a family.” So Jeep added a four-door archetypal in 2007. “Yeah, I can booty added bodies now, but the powertrain is terrible.” So Jeep gave it a new agent for 2012. “Yeah, it’s smoother and added able now, but it’s abominable on-road.”

2002 Jeep Wrangler for Sale by Private Owner in Young, AZ ..

2002 Jeep Wrangler for Sale by Private Owner in Young, AZ .. | used jeep wrangler for sale near me by owner

2008 Jeep Wrangler X Stock # MCE198 for sale near Alsip ..

2008 Jeep Wrangler X Stock # MCE198 for sale near Alsip .. | used jeep wrangler for sale near me by owner

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Used Jeeps near Me By Owner Craigslist Under 5000-10000 .. | used jeep wrangler for sale near me by owner

No added “yeah, buts” for the Jeep Wrangler with this all-new 2018 redesign. The new Wrangler “JL” has been thoroughly reworked from the arena up, and the guys in allegation of accomplishing it are themselves Jeep admirers who collaborate frequently with die-hard, loyal Wrangler owners and enthusiasts. They had a account of added than 30 items that bare redoing, according to Wrangler’s arch engineer, so the aggregation set about adorning and redesigning the figure afterwards reimagining it. The Wrangler’s mission charcoal as it was: to be the best capable, go-anywhere off-road agent that is still affordable and everyday-usable. With the aftermost of the “yeah, buts” removed, the Jeep Wrangler now comes with a ample dosage of clarification central and out, authoritative it a added civilized, added attainable agent than anytime before.

You’d be forgiven for cerebration not abundant has changed, stylistically. But you’d be amiss — esplanade the new JL ancillary by ancillary with the old JK and you’ll apprehend that it’s appreciably revised. The advanced end is smoother and higher, with taller fenders and a added trapezoidal appearance to the grille. The windshield is additionally added raked and adulate than afore — acceptation it sits added akin with the awning if you bend it down, which is easier than anytime to do: Removing aloof four bolts at the top of the windshield, additional yanking off the wiper arms, allows you to bend the windshield anatomy advanced adjoin the awning and defended it with a provided strap. This gives new acceptation to the abstraction of amphitheater motoring, but it additionally is article of a alloyed blessing.

I collection the new Jeep Wrangler off-road, up some abrupt bouldered inclines, with the windshield bottomward and didn’t affliction for the abridgement of bottle in advanced of me. The problem: It adds a adequate 4 to 5 inches to the hood’s height, authoritative afterimage off-road alike added difficult. In areas breadth seeing over the awning is best important, you’ll appetite to leave the windshield in place. If you’re aloof aimless about on a bank or appetite to feel added wind in your teeth, don some goggles and arch bottomward the highway.

There are alternative LED headlights for Sahara and Rubicon trim levels, alternative LED taillights and accepted LED about-face signals in the fenders. Those fenders are now an inch college to acquiesce buyers to arise 33-inch tires afterwards defective to install a lift kit — Rubicon fenders are college still, acceptance for 35-inch alternative tires afterwards a lift kit. The new Wrangler comes in beneath trim levels: abject Sport, nicer Sport S and rock-crawling Rubicon for the two-door. The four-door Wrangler, no best alleged Unlimited, adds the added adequate Sahara amid the Sport S and Rubicon.

Climb up into the taller driver’s bench (an inch college than the old one) and advance the new accepted abecedarian button to blaze up one of two engines accessible at launch: A aftereffect 3.6-liter Pentastar V-6, authoritative 285 application and 260 pounds-feet of torque, will be accustomed to any Fiat Chrysler Automobiles fans, although it now appearance a accepted stop-start fuel-saver system. It’s akin to either a awfully bigger six-speed chiral transmission — which no best rattles and vibrates the shifter as it trundles along — or a new alternative eight-speed automated that’s additionally out of FCA’s accumulated genitalia bin. The alternative agent on the two-door or four-door is a new turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder mild-hybrid engine. It uses what is about a able 48-volt alternator that’s absorbed to the crankshaft via a belt, which aids in low-speed antecedent starts and added altitude to advance ammunition economy. The turbo four is alone accessible akin to the automated transmission. A turbocharged 3.0-liter EcoDiesel V-6 is coming, but not until the 2019 archetypal year.

Used Jeep Wrangler for Sale Near Me | Cars

Used Jeep Wrangler for Sale Near Me | Cars | used jeep wrangler for sale near me by owner

I sampled both powertrains in my drive in, over, about and through the wilds of Tucson, Ariz., and during a anniversary with a two-door Rubicon archetypal aback home. I begin the V-6 to be abundantly bland and powerful, and the glossy redesigned chiral chiral is a far cry from the sloppy, estimated earlier version. But the new turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder is bigger than the V-6. Akin alone to the automated transmission, it makes 270 hp and 295 pounds-feet of torque but feels amazingly torquey, befuddled and quick about town. I collection a four-door archetypal loaded up with a hardtop, three full-size bodies and a lot of camera gear, and the turbo agent acquainted acknowledging and zippy, with the eight-speed auto alive seamlessly and calmly through the gears. Alone on some low-speed corners did I acquisition it in a accessory lower than I wanted, but the transmission’s quick-shifting attributes and absolute abridgement of turbo lag caked on acceleration with arresting ease. As abundant as the accession of the 3.6-liter Pentastar agent adapted the Jeep Wrangler into a accessible circadian disciplinarian in 2012, that’s how abundant bigger the new 2.0-liter is for 2018.

Ride and administration acquire additionally accustomed a massive attempt in the arm acknowledgment to a revised suspension, added axles, bigger tires and a new electrohydraulic council arrangement (with an electric motor-driven pump). The Jeep Wrangler still drives like a ablaze barter — you won’t abash this for a car-based Toyota RAV4 or Jeep’s own Cherokee — but no best does it feel awkward or awkward about turns. The Sport and Sahara models were well-controlled, provided adequate council acknowledgment and alike had a abundantly adequate ride over asperous pavement. It feels like a avant-garde mid-size auto truck, such as a Chevrolet Colorado or Toyota Tacoma, in that it’s no best a amends box, but it’s still not absolutely the bland and well-damped ambiance of a Jeep Grand Cherokee. Alone so abundant can be done to adumbrate the actuality that there are still two solid alive axles advanced and rear, and in annealed crosswinds, you’ll still get absolute all over the artery (you are active article with the aerodynamic contour of a baby single-family home, afterwards all). But the Wrangler’s on-road behavior is badly bigger than it acclimated to be and is no best a acumen for shoppers to disqualify it from consideration.

Towing adeptness ability be, however. The two-door Wrangler is rated to tow aloof 2,000 pounds, the four-door 3,500 pounds. That agency a brace of claimed aircraft for the two-door and maybe a baby pop-up camper for the four-door. Anything added than that wouldn’t be safe.

Fuel abridgement is rated bigger than the approachable model, but not much. Alone the 3.6-liter V-6 will be accessible aback the Wrangler goes on sale, with the 2.0-liter four-cylinder a backward accession in 2018. For the V-6, the official EPA appraisement is 18/23/20 mpg for the automated chiral behindhand of two- or four-door model, while the chiral chiral adaptation is rated at 17/25/20 mpg for the two-door and 17/23/19 mpg for the four-door. My anniversary with a chiral chiral two-door Rubicon archetypal alternate an boilerplate of 16 mpg, added on par with the approachable 2017 model. A abrupt drive of the four-door 2.0-liter Sahara archetypal alternate an mpg cardinal in the aerial 20s active about town, and if that proves to be accurate, it will be a massive advance from the old Wrangler V-6 powertrain.

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Despite the on-road improvements, the Wrangler has absent none of its off-road prowess. While models like the Sahara are acquainted added for on-road active with their all-season tires, the Rubicons are still authentic bedrock crawlers. Featuring new able Dana axles, cyberbanking locking advanced and rear differentials, bigger clamber ratios for either chiral or automated transmissions, and new BFGoodrich All-Terrain tires, there’s little that can stop the Rubicon: My analysis bend included an off-road allocation in both two- and four-door versions over massive boulders, abrupt grades and glace bedrock surfaces — all of which the Rubicons handled with nary a complaint. Underbody skid-plate aegis is accepted on the Jeep Rubicon, as are ancillary bedrock rails, and both accustomed some abrading acknowledgment to the “most advancing off-road advance we’ve anytime set up for a demo,” according to Jeep Jamboree agents on-hand at the Wrangler’s barrage event.

What makes the Jeep Wrangler different these canicule is that the SUV does what it does mechanically — there’s no “rock/mud/sand” ambience for the Wrangler, alone a part-time four-wheel-drive arrangement that you about-face into yourself, a low-range that you appoint aback you charge to, locking differentials that lock aback you acquaint them to. Unlike the Grand Cherokee Trailhawk, the technology authoritative the vehicle’s four-wheel-drive arrangement is the gray meat amid your aerial — the Jeep Wrangler is a apparatus meant for drivers who apperceive what they’re accomplishing off-road, and as such, isn’t adapted for the boilerplate amateur. That said, there is a new affection for the Wrangler in 2018 on the Sahara model: a new full-time four-wheel-drive approach that consistently sends ability to both axles as needed, absolution drivers baddest a “set it and balloon it” mode. (The part-time 4WD charge be angry off on dry pavement to anticipate driveline binding.) This will be far added advantageous to bodies who appetite added absorption on-road, but it doesn’t cede the dual-range alteration case or 4WD Low setting.

The autogenous ability be the better change from the old Jeep Wrangler. The birr is added angular oriented, and abundant added expensive-feeling abstracts beautify the absolute cabin. Controls are absolutely revised and now in band with the blow of the Jeep showroom, appropriate bottomward to the new availability of an 8.4-inch Uconnect touchscreen, one of three multimedia centermost options. The overhauled barometer array appearance easy-to-read gauges and a new agenda affectation amid them — but the affectation has an issue: If you’re over 5-foot-10, the top half-inch of the affectation will be blocked by the barometer awning alike with the bench at its everyman setting, acceptation you’re accident the compass, alfresco temperature affectation and card headings. It seems that the seats acquire been aloft and cannot be bargain to the admeasurement of the antecedent model’s. This makes it awkward for taller drivers, abashing the appearance upwards out of the windshield. That’s the alone birthmark on what has become an inviting, well-laid-out and adorable interior. It builds big-time on the Jeep ancestry in there, with added exceptional capacity throughout (look at the automated ability of the chiral transmission’s shifter, for instance).

Backseat abundance has gotten a lot of attention, as well. There are now altitude ascendancy vents for the backseat cartage in the four-door, as able-bodied as USB ports and cupholders in the backseat armrest. The rear seatback additionally reclines at a added accustomed angle, and there’s about an inch added legroom. While it’s still a baby bench with a abbreviate cushion, it’s now a abundant added tolerable abode than it has been.

The Wrangler’s better advance may be the operation of the convertible tops, of which there are several: the Sunrider bendable top, the three-piece adamantine Freedom Top and a new power-actuated Sky One-Touch top that’s a aggregate of both. The bendable top is a absolutely new architectonics that eliminates all the infuriating zippers. It’s a four-piece affair, with the rear and abandon disposable via approach sliders and snap-fit accessories that accommodate chip pillars in the ancillary panels. Booty off the aback and sides, and the top acts as a boating-style Bimini top. It folds bottomward and to the rear with aloof a few clicks and a yank, and goes up aloof as easily. It should booty all the alarm out of blurred the Wrangler’s top and is the aftereffect of Jeep active to owners who said they never put the top bottomward due to the complication of the process.

The now-lighter auto is the atomic afflicted from the antecedent archetypal — it operates mostly as before, but the advanced two panels are disposable with aloof a few latches (the difficult duke bolts are gone), and the aback allotment is disposable with several Torx-head bolts.

The best arresting new top is the Sky One-Touch ability top, accessible alone on the four-door. It’s about a feature powered sliding canvas sunroof with a anchored rear window and disposable adamant ancillary division panels. At the blow of a button, it slides accessible or bankrupt at speeds up to 60 mph. Accessible the aback doors and cast two levers, and the ancillary panels appear out, accessible to be anxiously stored in the burden area. It’s simple to use, seems bound and quiet at artery speeds, and allows for super-quick transitions from amid SUV to amphitheater one. I apprehend it’s activity to be a actual accepted (and expensive) option.

A new agent agency a new electrical architecture, and Jeep fabricated the best of it with the Wrangler. Finally, the Uconnect multimedia arrangement arrives in the Wrangler — the latest bearing of it, too, which is FCA’s best. It’s clear, it’s reconfigurable and it’s alike accessible to see in ablaze sunlight, which is important in a agent that has a disposable top and doors. There are alone four airbags available, but they’re accepted now — two in the birr and two “pelvic-thorax” airbags in the advanced bench abandon (suggesting that they accommodate no side-impact arch protection). Overhead accoutrements are not available, because breadth would you put them? What is accessible is a new apartment of assurance systems, including dark atom detection, a accepted advancement camera, parking sensors and rear cross-traffic alert. Advanced blow active and chargeless braking are not yet available.

I’d like to alone acknowledge the Jeep sales and business aggregation for attention the resale amount of my own 2015 Wrangler by appraisement the new 2018 in such a way that old ones are still activity to absorb antic value. In added words, the new one gets a ample amount jump: The abject two-door Sport starts at $28,190 including a abundant $1,195 destination fee, apery a $3,100 jump over the approachable abject two-door. The Rubicon two-door starts at $38,190, a $3,450 jump over the approachable model. The four-door Sport starts at $31,690, a $2,700 jump over the old abject archetypal Unlimited Sport. The new 2018 Sahara four-door checks in at $38,540 (a jump of $3,200), while the top-spec Rubicon four-door is now $41,690 to start, an access of $3,150.

Despite the boilerplate $3,120 amount access depending on trim level, the new Jeep Wrangler’s refinements and newfound user-friendliness are still set to accomplish it as accepted as ever. Add the new powertrains, accepted bigger ammunition efficiency, added top options, aesthetic autogenous accessories and added affable daily-driver suitability, and the new JL Wrangler looks set to accumulate its iconic cachet — and huge chump demand.

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