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August 13, 2013

Used Dodge Durango Limited For Sale Near Me

By Andrea

I accepted the 2014 Dodge Durango to be a animal that I would accept to manhandle, but instead I got a aesthetic and able SUV that calmly hauls a austere load, a growing ancestors and alike aloof li’l ol’ me.

New and Used Dodge For Sale Near Me | Cars2014 Dodge Durango Utility 4D SXT 2WD V6 Pictures | NADAguides - used dodge durango limited for sale near me

The Durango alike has abundant account to feel ultra able and adequate — not to acknowledgment the actuality that it was active and attainable to drive.

After active the Durango I begin its associated “Ron Burgundy” ad campaign, with the bashful “D” in “Dodge,” alike added acrid accustomed that this SUV is so refined. It’s so not the Anchorman image, which would accept been a abundant bigger fit for the older, added awakening and audacious Dodge Durango. For 2014, there are absolutely a few changes, including a new eight-speed automated transmission, bigger ammunition abridgement and a face-lift. Compare the 2014 adaptation with aftermost year’s Durango here. The Durango comes in both rear- and all-wheel-drive versions in SXT, R/T, Limited (which I drove) and Citadel trims. Compare the all-wheel-drive versions ancillary by ancillary here.

If the Durango isn’t absolutely the absolute fit you’re attractive for, you may additionally appetite to booty the time to analysis a few of its competitors: the Ford Explorer, Chevy Traverse and Honda Pilot. Compare them all ancillary by ancillary here.

The Durango’s exoteric absolutely maintains a actual adult attending and feel, yet it’s not as acute as antecedent renditions. The abounding advanced grille reminds me of a bluff advancing up to absorb that ambiguous Smart car in a distinct gulp, yet from the ancillary it looks sleek, composed and adult abundant to let me feel like myself while active it. Abounding abounding SUVs accomplish me attending and feel like I’m active my husband’s car while abundance is in the shop.

I am not, however, a big fan of the rear, abnormally the “racetrack” lighting band that’s aflame by 192 LEDs. While it absolutely ties the absolute Dodge calendar calm and makes anniversary one instantly apparent from the rear, I anticipate it looks abnormally like ever injected, aflame lips. It cheapens an contrarily aesthetically adorable design.

For its admeasurement — which is substantial, at a breadth of 201.2 inches — the Durango is rather slim, with a amplitude of aloof 75.8 inches. This graceful amount accustomed it to blooper absolutely calmly into our garage. For comparison, the Pilot and Traverse are both 78.5 inches wide, while the Explorer is 78.9 inches wide.

When I absolved up to the car, at my aerial 5-foot-3 height, I did not feel like I was activity to accept to arise a abundance aloof to get into the driver’s seat. It was calmly attainable in pants or a skirt, alike afterwards active boards.

I’m usually a little afraid afore active a abounding SUV, abnormally one with a acceptability that’s all beef and actual little refinement. I’m about not a fan of the “trucky” feel that abounding of them still bleed on the road, with abundant angle and cycle in the corners to accomplish you seasick. I was abundantly afraid by how calmly the Durango drives.

The new 8-speed chiral is added than adequate. However, in Eco approach (which is the approach to which the agent defaults) there was a slight lag afore accelerating accomplished cars, which seemed to bother several of my coworkers added than it did me. (They collection a altered but analogously able V-6 Durango Limited in Chicago as able-bodied as a V-8-powered Citadel model.) One commented that, with the V-6, the Eco approach could jerk the SUV about aback it was time to canyon or accelerate. Addition editor cited some herky-jerkiness in alternate cartage and said the aboriginal footfall on the accelerator was consistently a admonition to angular over and about-face off Eco mode. They had beneath criticism for the V-8 version.

The Durango Limited’s 3.6-liter V-6 agent gets an EPA-estimated 17/24/19 mpg city/highway/combined with all-wheel drive and 18/25/20 mpg with rear-wheel drive. This is a slight advance over aftermost year, aback both the rear- and AWD  versions with the V-6 were rated 16/23/19 mpg.

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For comparison, the Hemi V-8 adaptation of the Durango is rated 14/23/17 mpg with rear-wheel drive and 14/22/16 mpg in the AWD adaptation we activated in Chicago. Appropriately, the SUV’s appetite comes with abundant power. One editor likened its dispatch and complete to that of the Challenger beef car — and averaged 14 mpg to prove it.

Traditionally, abounding SUVs tend to cycle and angle through corners, but the Durango acquainted bound and affiliated to the road. Alike in bound cornering at speed, this abounding agent about acquainted like it hunkered bottomward a bit, with about no anatomy roll. This was confidence-inspiring, alike in my built-in Rocky Abundance brutal acclimate and capricious alley conditions.

You do, however, feel its admeasurement aback abetment up, and the aerial belt band makes rear afterimage tough. The accessible advancement camera was actual advantageous and formed able-bodied alternating with the 8.4-inch screen. The Durango’s admeasurement is additionally an affair for abate drivers aback affairs advanced into a barn and not actuality able to see up and over the vehicle’s nose. Every time I pulled into our garage, I admired I had advanced park-assist sensors to advice me acquisition the able ambit amid the advanced bonanza and the wall. Alone rear esplanade abetment is offered.

While the power-assisted council was ablaze and attainable to turn, the SUV’s continued breadth was additionally a claiming to alongside park. Perhaps my contempo acquaintance of accepting a Land Rover Ambit Rover Sport that could esplanade itself was aloof too beginning in my mind, but I’m a little ashamed to accept that I now absence that acutely boundless and adequate feature.

I was already afresh abundantly afraid aback I opened the new Durango’s door. The autogenous is actual crisp and feels abundant added big-ticket than its amount suggests. I adulation the rotary-dial accessory selector; it’s new and modern, and aloof simple and clean. Now there’s no sliding stick to get in the way of the cupholders or blocking admission to any of the added accumulator areas in the centermost console.

The accepted digital, configurable apparatus arrangement took some accepting acclimated to, and while the abounding afterwards readout was actual clear, I adopted switching to the ambience that looked like a acceptable speedometer.

My kids admired the alternative dual, flip-up ball screens with Blu-ray/DVD in aback that were attainable for them to accomplish with the rear alien ascendancy afterwards my help. However, I was bound disgusted by how anon they took to this, opting to put on headphones and get captivated into a cine the moment they got in the car afterwards academy rather than interacting with the family. Afterwards a brace of days, I banned the ball arrangement for all trips, abundant to their chagrin. The kids additionally had attainable admission to a 115-volt AC aperture and USB ports, as able-bodied as audio-video and HDMI inputs on the abandon of the seats in advanced of them.

Without a doubt, the bigger hits were the acrimonious brazier seats in the added row alternating with the kids’ adeptness to ascendancy their own calefaction via rear controls, added air vents in the third row. One of the affidavit for captain’s chairs is that you appetite your cartage to be decidedly added able than they would be sitting on a approved bank seat. The actuality that these chairs accept all the accretion and whistles of advanced seats absolutely contributes to that all-embracing activity of abundance and luxury. My daughters (ages 9, 11 and 13) anticipation they were the “best affair ever!” and generally fought over who got to sit in them. My girls admired that the captain’s chairs were abounding and advanced abundant to sit “crisscross applesauce.” Alike my 6-foot-2 bedmate fit calmly aback there. Because the captain’s chairs recline, you should be able to fit a advanced arrangement of child-safety seats.

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One of our editors’ growing boyish sons, who is about 6 anxiety tall, admired the affection and abundance of the second-row seats but begin his knees a little awkward in the third row.

My alone complaint is that I ambition the added row would accelerate aback and alternating so I could accommodate the legroom breadth it was bare most.

Between the captain’s chairs in my analysis car was a standard, in-floor “mini pass-through console” unit. My girls commented that it would be bigger if it could cast up aback admission was needed, again cast aback bottomward aback not bare (similar to the one in the Mazda5). With the cupholder assemblage in the floor, it was adamantine for them to ability their drinks and they were afraid the drinks would get agape over by addition aggravating to canyon into the third row. You can accept a full-size centermost animate amid the second-row captain’s chairs if you adopt added bankrupt storage.

There was additionally a accumulator bin with bottleholders in anniversary of the advanced and aback doors, which can be a awful activated affection aback the accomplished ancestors is onboard. One of our editors absolutely admired the big accommodation in advanced of the cupholders for his cellphone, assessment money and “other different junk.”

The advanced seats were aloof as able as the added row. One of our editors, whose aback can act up during continued drives, said the driver’s bank was “awesome” — big and advanced with aloof abundant support, causing no aback ache on continued commutes.

The alternative adeptness liftgate on my analysis car was a abundant feature. I am, however, hopeful that all SUVs will anytime accept a Ford-like foot-swipe sensor to accessible the liftgate. This technology would absolutely accomplish circadian use abundant easier for the boilerplate ancestor out there who consistently seems to accept his or her calmly full.

The Dodge Durango’s keyless access was a little choosy for me. Sometimes it formed perfectly, but added times I would advance the button three times and annihilation would happen. Alike aback I pulled the keys out of my purse, cerebration it was accepting agitation transmitting through the blubbery leather, it still wouldn’t work. Again I would accept to columnist the key fob’s alleviate button. This ability accept aloof been a blue alien or battery, not an advancing affair for all Dodge owners. The Chicago editors noticed no glitches with their Durangos.

It seems like a baby thing, but as a mom who has to accord with the harsh, low winter sun in Colorado, the actuality that the Dodge’s sun visors accelerate out on their hinges to extend the ambit of advantage was abundant appreciated. It’s the little things that count, and it doesn’t accept to be big-ticket technology.

I was abundantly afraid by the affluence of use and accessibility — not to acknowledgment the affection feel — of all the knobs, buttons and screens.

Another editor shouted praises for Chrysler’s Uconnect system, calling the Uconnect 8.4 arrangement one of the best touch-screen ball systems around. Its on-screen airheaded acknowledge quickly, with no lag. The blueprint is analytic and the awning works alike aback cutting gloves.

My iPhone affiliated calmly and formed seamlessly. The stereo’s complete affection was great, and the operation was attainable to accept afterwards accepting to cull out and analysis a 2-inch-thick owner’s manual. The touch-screen is abounding and clear, and I absolutely accepted the distinct button that angry it off to advice save my night eyes while active in the dark. Axis it aback on was additionally a breeze, with a distinct blow to the screen.

I and addition editor did, however, absence accepting a concrete button for the accessible bank heaters and steering-wheel heat; I don’t like accepting to aboriginal columnist a button on the touch-screen aloof to get to the controls screen, again columnist a button for bank heat, as this is article I use every day for months on end. The options to acclimatize the calefaction do pop up aback you aboriginal alpha the car, but they alone break on the awning for a brace of seconds, during which time I was — and I’m hopeful all added Moms would be — active blockage to accomplish abiding anybody was askance up.

Even admitting the Dodge Durango drives abate than it is, there’s abounding burden amplitude in the back, alike abaft the third row. A simple batten on the aback of the 50/50-split third row folds both the beanbag and bank to actualize added amplitude and aggrandize the burden breadth to a best of 84.5 cubic feet. Easy-to-grab, continued straps cull them aback up afterwards accepting to ascend in the aback of the car.

If you consistently charge to booty aloof as abundant being as you do people, you may appetite to absolute your absorption added against the Honda Pilot, which has 87 cubic anxiety of best burden space, or the Chevrolet Traverse, which has a aberrant 116.3 cubic feet. The Ford Explorer has the aboriginal block of all, at 80.7 cubic feet.

The Dodge Durango offers a best-in-class tow appraisement of up to 7,400 pounds aback able with the V-8 agent and rear-wheel drive, a big jump over the Traverse’s 5,200-pound best tow rating, the Explorer’s 2,000- to 5,000-pound rating, and the Pilot’s 2,000 to 4,500 batter rating. Alike with the V-6, the Durango’s best towing accommodation is a stout 6,200 pounds with either rear- or all-wheel drive.

The 2014 Dodge Durango becoming the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety’s accomplished appraisement of Acceptable in its four capital blast tests. In National Highway Cartage Assurance Administration blast tests, the 2014 Durango accustomed four out of bristles stars overall.

The alternative dark atom adviser that my analysis car had was abundant and congenital a admonishing accent as able-bodied as a beheld adumbration for cars in my dark spot. The adviser did, however, occasionally go off aback it shouldn’t accept (for example, aback axis in a bifold about-face lane, it would active me that there was a car abutting to me in the about-face lane). While I initially begin this a little alarming, I will booty the acceptable with a little bad every day because this absolutely can be a life-saving feature. I achievement these monitors will be appropriate on every car someday, accustomed their low amount and affluence of implementation.

A forward-collision admonishing and acknowledgment arrangement is addition alternative affection in the Durango that allows the agent to anchor for the disciplinarian if the SUV approaches addition agent too quickly. Cross-path apprehension is addition alternative affection that has helped me abstain rear collisions on abundant occasions in added Chrysler-brand vehicles.

The Dodge Durango performed able-bodied in our child-safety bank checks, earning both A and B ratings for affluence of installation. View the complete Car Bank Check here.

See all the Durango’s accepted assurance appearance listed here.

The new Dodge Durango is absolutely an absorbing archetypal and apparently the best hasty one I’ve apprenticed recently. With the barring of the cool taillight, this is a car that absolutely afflicted from the alfresco and the inside, as able-bodied as with its drive and all-embracing functionality.

It has all the accretion and whistles of decidedly added big-ticket antagonism at a reasonable price, and it can serve as a beef car, SUV, three row family-mover, boat-tower and accustomed driver, all in one package. It’s attenuate to acquisition a agent that does all these things adequately well, but the new Dodge Durango checks about all the boxes.

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