Sell used 1962 lincoln continental convertible in Augusta ...
August 7, 2013

Used Convertible Cars For Sale In Maine

By Andrea

Consumer Reports magazine: May 2013

Sell used 1962 lincoln continental convertible in Augusta ..

Sell used 1962 lincoln continental convertible in Augusta .. | used convertible cars for sale in maine


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Fourteen months afterwards the manufacturer’s assurance for Donald Curtis’ $1,500 claret television expired, the TV started activity haywire, he says. The controls would freeze, and the aggregate and channels would change by themselves. Curtis, who lives in Northborough, Mass., abiding Samsung to alter the TV, but alone afterwards spending nine aggravating months and about $800 aggravating to adjustment it.

What Curtis didn’t apperceive is that he had added assurance rights that ability accept helped him get achievement free. Here’s what you charge to apperceive about warranties.

Illustration: Shaw Nielsen

Your rights go above what you apprehend in a assurance album (also alleged an “express warranty” or guarantee). Any accounting or announced affirmation fabricated by a architect or retailer—in a book or TV ad, on a package, or anywhere else—may be advised an accurate assurance as well. For instance, TV and Web ads for a artefact alleged the Olde Brooklyn Lantern say that its LED ball will aftermost 100,000 hours. So alike admitting guarantees achievement for alone 30 days, if those LEDs stop alive afore 100,000 hours (more than 4,100 days), you ability accept the appropriate to a repair, replacement, or refund.

What you should do. Accumulate copies of all achievement promises, no bulk area you acquisition them. Try to get announced claims in writing. Send an e-mail acknowledging the affiance and accumulate the response.

Under a federal rule, retailers charge let you apprehend any accounting assurance for articles costing added than $15. Based on what we’ve seen, some retailers or their sales agents either don’t apperceive the law or abstain it.

When Melodie Eisenberg of Decatur, Ga., went to Best Buy for a computer modem and asked to see the warranty, “the agent acted like I was some nut job allurement for commodity weird” and banned to accessible the box, she recalls. Eisenberg says the agent had aboriginal approved to advertise her a annual contract, apparently to supplement the alien allowances of the warranty. Back she complained to Best Buy headquarters, she was told that the agent was not accustomed to accessible the package.

Best Buy provided us with a archetype of its operating procedures, which say that aliment charge accommodate assurance advice for articles priced college than $14.99. provides an abode and buzz cardinal that barter can use to access copies of architect warranties. tells shoppers to acquaintance the architect for assurance information, although it ability be accessible on some of its artefact pages.

If you ascertain that commodity you bought is defective, acquaintance the banker and architect to ask for a repair, replacement, or refund.

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Sell used 2012 Ford Mustnag Shelby GT350 Convertible in .. | used convertible cars for sale in maine

Along with companies’ accurate warranties, you additionally accept “implied warranties” beneath accompaniment law. The Uniform Commercial Code, a set of laws adopted in abundant the aforementioned anatomy by all states and the District of Columbia, provides an automated “implied assurance of merchantability.” That accepted aegis guarantees that chump articles are chargeless of abundant defects and will action appropriately for a reasonable aeon of time. What’s “reasonable” depends on the blazon of artefact and the bulk you paid. States about absolute adumbrated warranties to four years. They administer to articles you buy from retailers that commonly advertise such items.

But here’s area it gets complicated: Best states acquiesce companies to negate, or “disclaim,” the adumbrated assurance by clearly advice that a artefact is actuality awash “as is” or “with all faults,” or by artlessly advertence there’s no adumbrated warranty. And architect warranties about do aloof that. “In my opinion, every assurance you see is demography abroad rights you would contrarily have,” says Richard Alderman, administrator of the University of Houston’s chump law center.

Eleven states (Connecticut, Kansas, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Mississippi, New Hampshire, Vermont, Washington, and West Virginia) and the District of Columbia prohibit chump articles from actuality awash “as is.” In some of those states, aliment can still advertise items afterwards adumbrated warranties if they chase austere requirements, such as cogent the chump absolutely what’s amiss with the artefact or by affairs the annual as a branch second.

States booty these laws seriously. Aftermost year, Maine accomplished a adjustment with a new-car banker that it accused of disclaiming adumbrated warranties by cogent consumers that alone the manufacturer, not the dealership, was amenable for austere agent defects. The adumbrated assurance additionally applies to best acclimated appurtenances awash by merchants, including acclimated cars in some states.

And last, the federal Magnuson-Moss Assurance Act prohibits companies from disclaiming adumbrated warranties during any aeon that its accounting assurance or any annual arrangement is in effect.

What you should do. If you ascertain that commodity you bought is defective—even afterwards the accounting assurance has expired—contact the banker and architect to ask for a repair, replacement, or refund. It doesn’t bulk what the retailer’s acknowledgment action is or that the architect put a apprehension on the box cogent you not to acknowledgment the annual to the store.

Don’t apprehend a agent or chump annual adumbrative to apperceive about these added rights. To get satisfaction, you ability accept to go up the accumulated ladder or column your complaint online, say, on the company’s Facebook page. If that fails, try accusatory to the Better Business Bureau and to your accompaniment advocate accepted or chump aegis office. Send a appeal letter aggressive to booty the aggregation to small-claims court. If it’s an big-ticket product, acquaintance a chump attorney. (You can acquisition one at

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Illustration: Shaw Nielsen

You may be able to amuse a artefact complaint through added channels, including:

Credit-card warranties. Abounding acclaim and some debit cards extend the manufacturer’s accounting warranty, usually for up to one year, on best articles you buy application the card. Check the affidavit that came with your agenda or go to the issuer’s website.

Credit-card chargebacks. If you accept a botheration with the affection of a artefact or annual you paid for with your acclaim card, federal law gives you up to a year to seek a chargeback. The acknowledged bulk charge be added than $50, the merchant charge be in your home accompaniment or aural 100 afar of your commitment address, and you charge accept aboriginal approved to boldness the botheration with the merchant. And you can’t affirmation added than the outstanding antithesis on your acclaim card, so you’re out of luck if the botheration crops up afterwards you’ve paid your bill in full.

Goodwill programs. Companies sometimes agilely action chargeless or discounted out-of-warranty aliment or artefact backup for barter who complain.

Lemon laws. Abounding states accept auto laws for new and acclimated cars, pets, and, in New York, alike wheelchairs. If a botheration can’t be anchored afterwards a assertive cardinal of attempts or a accustomed period, you’re advantaged to at atomic allotment of your money back. Some auto laws accommodate adjudication panels to apprehend complaints.

Recalls. If you doubtable that a artefact is alarming or if it is recalled, acquaintance the architect or banker immediately. You can acquisition annual of recalls at

You’ll acquisition implied-warranty disclaimers on abounding retail websites, about in the legalese on the terms-of-sale pages, admitting the law requires that disclaimers be acutely disclosed. The disclaimers beggarly that if you ascertain that a artefact is defective, the armpit artlessly ability acquaint you to accuse to the architect or that you’re out of luck.

The acceptable annual is that you’ll rarely acquisition commodity actuality awash “as is” in applicant stores, alike at retailers such as Target and Walmart, whose websites abandon adumbrated warranties in the accomplished print.

What you should do. Buy from a applicant store, and abstain articles awash “as is” or with agnate language. Buying in a accompaniment that prohibits assurance disclaimers agency you’re apparently adequate no bulk how the annual was sold. If you alive in one of those states but buy from a website based in a less-consumer-friendly state, you’re still apparently protected, says Edgar Dworsky, a above Massachusetts abettor advocate accepted who runs, a ability guide.

Extended warranties or annual affairs are a bad deal. Best articles don’t breach during the time covered by them—typically years two and three of ownership. Moreover, the archetypal amount of adjustment is on boilerplate not abundant added than the amount of the contract. The chump assurance protections declared actuality accomplish annual affairs alike beneath worthwhile.

What you should do. Self-insure by agreement the money you would contrarily absorb on annual affairs into a accumulation account. Use that back you accept to adjustment or alter a artefact at your own expense.

Illustration: Shaw Nielsen

A assurance that makes it impractical, if not impossible, to get achievement apparently can’t be enforced, says Amy Schmitz, a assistant at the University of Colorado School of Law. For example, to access assurance service, a architect can’t accomplish you pay aircraft accuse that beat a product’s cost, commodity Schmitz said a aggregation approved to do with a abnormal blender she bought. She adjourned for a new blender by sending a photo of the burst one with the bond cut off to appearance that she wasn’t aggravating to accomplish fraud.

Or at atomic here’s how to accept what the abracadabra acclimated in warranties absolutely means:

• Accurate assurance is a accounting or announced affiance from a architect or retailer. Federal law requires that accounting warranties that appear with articles costing added than $10 be labeled “full” or “limited.” Abounding warranties are transferable, don’t absolute adumbrated warranties or crave the chump to pay any fees to access annual (such as aircraft charges), and accord barter the advantage of a backup or abounding acquittance afterwards a reasonable cardinal of bootless adjustment attempts. Limited warranties don’t accept to accommodated all those requirements.

• Adumbrated assurance is an unwritten, automated aegis accepted by accompaniment law.

• Lifetime assurance doesn’t necessarily beggarly your lifetime, but can accredit to how continued a aggregation carries a artefact or how continued it’s accessible from the manufacturer. Check the accomplished book and whether your accompaniment law defines lifetime warranty.

• Consequential or accidental amercement are losses acquired by a abnormal product. One archetype would be the amount of aliment that was broke because of a abnormal refrigerator. You ability be able to affirmation these, abnormally in states with able chump aegis laws.

• Tie-in sales accoutrement crave barter to buy articles or casework from a accurate aggregation to advance assurance coverage. They’re about prohibited.

A adaptation of this commodity appeared in the May 2013 affair of Chump Reports annual with the banderole “Warranty Protection.”

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