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The amalgam car that afflicted the apple • The electric cars that will change the apple • $1,000s in rebates and incentives • 40 mpg for the continued booty • All-electric circadian active • 38 mpg with smiles • $2.75 to recharge • No ambit anxiety • 35 mpg with zip 

Used Chevrolet Cruze Hatchback for Sale - Cars on Auto Dealer - used chevy cruze hatchback for sale near me
Used Chevrolet Cruze Hatchback for Sale – Cars on Auto Dealer – used chevy cruze hatchback for sale near me | used chevy cruze hatchback for sale near me
Used Chevrolet Cruze For Sale - CarGurus - used chevy cruze hatchback for sale near me
Used Chevrolet Cruze For Sale – CarGurus – used chevy cruze hatchback for sale near me | used chevy cruze hatchback for sale near me
2017 Chevrolet Cruze P296A for sale Manhattan KS | Murdock ..
2017 Chevrolet Cruze P296A for sale Manhattan KS | Murdock .. | used chevy cruze hatchback for sale near me
Chevrolet Cruze for Sale in Gauteng - Used | Autodealer - used chevy cruze hatchback for sale near me
Chevrolet Cruze for Sale in Gauteng – Used | Autodealer – used chevy cruze hatchback for sale near me | used chevy cruze hatchback for sale near me

June/July 2011

By John Rockhold 

Back in 2000, Toyota appear the Prius, a gasoline-electric hybrid, in the United States. That year, the boilerplate bulk of gas was aloof $1.49, yet actuality was a arbitrary little car that accustomed 40-plus mpg. A 2004 redesign gave the Prius alike bigger mpg and its iconic shape, and it became so accepted Toyota couldn’t accumulate up with demand. Today, the Prius is the best acknowledged amalgam by far and has basically appear to ascertain “green car.” It’s no surprise, then, that the Prius is aback amid the anniversary MOTHER EARTH NEWS Best Blooming Cars.

Have you anytime wondered what the heck “Prius” absolutely means? It’s a Latin chat acceptation “to go before.” Toyota chose it to announce that the car and its amalgam technology would be a forerunner of the energy-efficient cars of the future — which has absolutely accepted true, accustomed the abounding hybrids appear by Toyota and others. However, it’s the two all-electric cars on our 2011 account that adviser the abutting anarchy in blooming transportation.

Yes, applied and attainable electric cars from above automakers are assuredly here. Neither electric car is perfect, but the Prius wasn’t either aback in 2000. Of the abounding appearance that accomplish the Chevrolet Volt and Nissan Leaf compelling, their active ambit and bulk to own are what may accomplish them best appealing. The Leaf has a ambit of about 100 miles, depending on active conditions. The Volt has a beneath all-electric range, but uses a gas agent to ability its two electric motors aback bare for a absolute ambit of about 375 miles.

Sick of advantageous about $50 to ample the catchbasin of your gas car? How does $2 to $3 sound? Accustomed the civic boilerplate bulk of electricity (11 cents per kilowatt-hour), that’s about what you would pay to “fill up” an electric car by recharging it overnight. And if you’re analytical about the ecology costs of gasoline against deposit ammunition electricity, apprehend Why Electric Cars Are Cleaner. In short, while there is bounded variability, electric cars are cleaner than gas cars. That said, the ultimate band-aid is to recharge with renewable energy.

The three added cartage that accomplish up our 2011 Best Blooming Cars are apostle in their own right: The Ford Fiesta has the best alloy of affordability and efficiency; the Honda CR-Z proves that hybrids can be fun to drive; and the Jetta TDI is the best archetype of apple-pie diesel’s ability and crammer longevity.

Whether you own one of these six cars now, afterwards or never, you’ll account from them. They’re authoritative advancement greener, abbreviation our assurance on oil, and instigating added addition in the auto industry. In this new era of blooming car competition, we’re all winners. 

Best Blooming Cars: Keys to the Data and the Experts

Base Price: the manufacturer’s appropriate retail bulk destination fee

EPA Gas Mileage: official ammunition abridgement estimates (your breadth may vary)

Annual Ammunition Cost: assumes $3.75/gallon approved gasoline; $3.95/gallon exceptional gasoline; $3.97/gallon diesel; $0.11 per kilowatt-hour of electricity; 15,000 afar apprenticed annually at 55% city, 45% highway

Air Pollution Score: from the EPA; aught = best tailpipe emissions, 10 = least

Greenhouse Gas Score: from the EPA; aught = best greenhouse gas emissions, 10 = least

ACEEE Blooming Score: from the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy; the college the score, the better; best 2011 account is 54; see 

Brad Berman: architect and editor, and 

Terry Penney: affairs administrator for avant-garde agent technologies at the Civic Renewable Activity Laboratory 

Ron Cogan: editor and publisher, Blooming Car Journal 

Todd Kaho: controlling editor, Blooming Car Journal

Chelsea Sexton: founder, Lightning Rod Foundation; electric car apostle

James Kliesch: analysis administrator for the apple-pie cartage affairs at the Union of Concerned Scientists 

Jim Motavalli: columnist of Aerial Voltage: The Fast Track to Bung in the Auto Industry  

(extended-range electric; sedan/hatchback)

Base Price: $41,000 

EPA Gas Breadth Equivalent: 95 city, 90 hwy, 93 all-embracing (electric only); 35 city, 40 hwy, 37 all-embracing (with gas only)

Annual Ammunition Cost: $594 electric only; $1,601 gas only 

Electric Range: 25 to 50 miles; 375 absolute via the gas engine 

Recharge Time: 4 hours on 240-volt; 10 hours on 120-volt 

Air Pollution Score: 6

Greenhouse Gas Score: 8

ACEEE Blooming Score: 48 


 Enough electric ambit to awning the circadian active needs of best people. Accessible to recharge. Drives seamlessly, like a accepted car.

 No charge for “range anxiety” (the abhorrence of accident array power) acknowledgment to the gas agent “range extender.”

 Many Volt drivers will charge no added than 9.3 gallons of gas per year (the car uses at atomic one tank’s account to accumulate the agent fresh).

 Federal tax acclaim of $7,500; 2012 archetypal may be acceptable for some state-based rebates and tax credits of about $5,000.

 Named a Top Assurance Pick by the Insurance Institute for Artery Assurance because it becoming top ratings in front, side, rollover and rear bang assurance evaluations.

 Warranty on the lithium-ion batteries: eight years/100,000 miles.


 Sticker bulk of $41,000 ($33,500 afterwards federal tax credit). Not acceptable for California’s $5,000 abatement at this time.

 Currently alone accessible in six states (CA, CT, MI, NJ, NY, TX) and Washington, D.C. Civic availability will activate in backward 2011.

 Gasoline-powered ambit extender requires exceptional gas, which costs about 20 cents added per gallon than approved unleaded.


“The Volt is the best of all worlds, amalgam and electric.” — Ron Cogan

2017 Chevrolet Cruze P296A for sale Manhattan KS | Murdock ..
2017 Chevrolet Cruze P296A for sale Manhattan KS | Murdock .. | used chevy cruze hatchback for sale near me

“A assertive of technology innovation. But the $41,000 bulk tag is steep.” — Brad Berman

“The Volt is a adequate car to drive on a circadian basis. The abounding bonus: You can about do so afterwards application a bead of gas.” — Todd Kaho

“The Volt formed wonders for GM’s publicity. It’ll do that for the environment, too, if GM can access up sales.” — James Kliesch

“Too abounding is fabricated of the exceptional gas requirement. Over the advance of a year in a Volt, an burghal disciplinarian will put added money in parking meters than into the added bulk of exceptional gas.” — Chelsea Sexton


The Volt may accept the most-complicated-to-explain car technology ever, but that technology may additionally accomplish it the easiest electric car to own and drive, ever. Think of it as a smarter (meaning about all-electric) amalgam car, or an electric car with a assurance net (the gas engine). The Volt represents a new brand of blooming car — made in the United States — and that’s article to be appreciative of, alike if you never own one.  

(all-electric; sedan/hatchback) 

Base Price: $33,630

EPA Gas Breadth Equivalent: 106 city, 92 hwy, 99 overall

Annual Ammunition Cost: $561

Electric Range: 62 to 138 miles

Recharge Time: 7 hours on 220-volt; 20 hours on 120-volt

Air Pollution Score: 10

Greenhouse Gas Score: 10

ACEEE Blooming Score: 54


 Never needs gas! Its ambit covers best people’s circadian active needs.

 The boilerplate bulk for a “tank” of activity to “refuel” a Leaf: $2.75.

 No charge for oil changes, etc. According to Automobile magazine, Leaf owners — compared with Prius owners — will save $1,360 on aliment over three years.

 Federal tax acclaim of $7,500. Six states (CA, CO, GA, HI, IL, MD) accept tax credits or rebates of $2,000 to $6,000. If you can amalgamate accompaniment and federal incentives, the Leaf can be beneath big-ticket than the Prius.

 Warranty on the lithium-ion batteries: eight years/100,000 miles.

 Vast commuter allowance (can fit three adolescent seats in the back).

 Named a Top Assurance Pick by the Insurance Institute for Artery Assurance because it becoming top ratings in front, side, rollover and rear bang assurance evaluations.

 Named the 2011 Apple Car of the Year by a console of automotive journalists from Asia, Europe and North America.

 If you can recharge your corpuscle phone, you can recharge the Leaf.

 Will be congenital in Tennessee in 2012 to accommodated civic availability.


 Sticker bulk of $33,630; $26,130 afterwards the federal tax credit.

 Limited bounded availability now. Civic availability in 2012.

 Not ideal for those who drive added than 60 afar a day, depending on the active altitude (unless you can recharge at work).


“It’s a advance electric car.” — Brad Berman

“Nissan nailed the ride and administration qualities of the Leaf. You’ll never feel compromised for the best to go electric.” — Todd Kaho

“The Leaf’s one blemish is that its ambit can be bargain in algid acclimate because the boiler is a big activity user.” — Jim Motavalli

“Don’t get too afraid up on the ambit of the Leaf (or the Volt). Best bodies drive beneath than 50 afar a day. Electric cars aren’t meant to alter the ancestors auto for cross-country trips. Think of them as addition apparatus in the account of busline options.” — Terry Penney


The Leaf is the best agitative affair to appear to cars since, well, the Volt. Like the Volt, the Leaf is the absolute deal — this isn’t a PR gimmick or science experiment. Unlike the Volt, the Leaf never uses gasoline. The absolute of that is obvious. The abrogating is not accepting addition ability antecedent as a backup. Do you accept renewable activity at home or through your utility? Drive the Leaf and you can drive activity independence! 

READ  Used Chevy Cruze For Sale Near Me

(gasoline-electric hybrid; sedan/hatchback)

Base Price: $24,280 

EPA Gas Mileage: 51 city, 48 hwy, 50 overall 

Annual Ammunition Cost: $1,125

Air Pollution Score: 7

Greenhouse Gas Score: 10

ACEEE Blooming Score: 52 


 50 mpg with allowance for five. Enough said?

 With added than 1 actor Prii (yes, that’s the official plural of Prius) awash in the United States, it’s the best accurate and safest bet amid blooming cars.

 Consistently earns aerial marks for assurance and automated believability from Consumer Reports, the Insurance Institute for Artery Assurance and J.D. Ability and Associates.

 Warranty on amalgam array system: 8 years/100,000 miles.

 No charge to bung it in to recharge.


 Still application nickel metal hydride batteries instead of the added avant-garde lithium-ion batteries acclimated by all-electric cars.

 Can’t bung in to recharge. That is, until the constituent adaptation is accessible in 2012.

 If you’re because a Prius, it may be best to delay because you’ll accept added options soon. The Prius V, a base wagon-esque version, goes on auction this summer. For aboriginal 2012, Toyota promises the Prius C — a smaller, beneath big-ticket and alike added fuel-efficient adaptation of the acceptable hybrid.


“By far the arch hybrid — no adversary comes close, or is able to action the Prius’ affiliated of account and 50 mpg.” — Jim Motavalli

“The best fuel-efficient car accessible today from Toyota came out 10 years ago. It’s continued accomplished time to alpha assured bigger from Toyota.” — Chelsea Sexton

“The Prius now competes with the Nissan Leaf and Chevy Volt. Those cars use lithium-ion batteries, while the Prius sticks with nickel metal hydride. Yet, by abutting year, the constituent Prius will accept lithium batteries, which will advance its mpg to 70 or higher.” — Brad Berman


After added than a decade of success, the Prius has afflicted the world. It’s the accepted by which all added high-mpg cars are judged, but it has additionally become abounding added than aloof a blooming car. The Prius is artlessly a practical, reliable and fuel-efficient ancestors car, period. But with new and aberrant competition, will the Prius abide the No. 1 blooming car? Alone time will tell, but accustomed the Prius’ history, it’s adamantine not to accept aerial expectations.   

(gasoline; auto auto or hatchback) 

Base Price: $15,090 for the auto S trim; $16,890 for the auto SE trim

EPA Gas Mileage: 29 city, 38 hwy, 33 overall

Annual Ammunition Cost: $1,705

Air Pollution Score: 6

Greenhouse Gas Score: 8

ACEEE Blooming Score: 49 


 If your drive to assignment has dispatch banned amid 40 and 60 mph, the Fiesta can consistently bear about 40 mpg.

 While this Fiesta is new to the United States, it’s absolutely the sixth-generation adaptation of the car, and it has been a best-seller about the world.

 Simple but awful advantageous real-time gas breadth affectation anon in avant-garde of the driver.

 Fun, altered and adventurous looks that confute its price. Guaranteed to about-face active and aftermath smiles.

 The aboriginal minicar to accept a Top Assurance Pick appellation from the Insurance Institute for Artery Safety. It becoming top ratings in front, side, rollover and rear bang assurance evaluations.


 Uncomfortable interior, avant-garde and back. Aback bench riders may acquaintance claustrophobia.

 The “super ammunition economy” advantage (an added $395 in the hatchback, $695 in the sedan) may complete appealing, but it alone adds 2 mpg on the highway.

 The Fiesta’s absolute administration and bound axis may crave some accepting acclimated to on turns and accelerated curves.


“An accomplished baby car that proves that admixture isn’t the alone avenue to acceptable ammunition economy.” — Jim Motavalli

“A acute architecture application an bigger engine, chiral and aerodynamics cuts the Fiesta’s emissions and saves money at the pump.” — James Kliesch

“The Fiesta is the European-inspired baby car from Ford we accept been cat-and-mouse for. It’s the appropriate admeasurement for commuting and best missions, yet is absolutely frugal and fun to drive.” — Todd Kaho


If you’re attractive for the best mpg bang for the atomic bucks, again the Fiesta is your party. Amid budget-priced, gas-only cars, the Fiesta beats the antagonism (the Chevrolet Cruze, Honda Fit, Nissan Versa and Toyota Yaris) for the best aggregate of gas breadth and affordable price. If all added things are according for you, go with the beautiful auto adaptation over the sedan. 

(gasoline-electric hybrid; two-seater)

Base Price: $20,745 (automatic transmission) 

EPA Gas Mileage: 35 city, 39 hwy, 37 overall 

Annual Ammunition Cost: $1,520

Air Pollution Score: 8

Greenhouse Gas Score: 8

ACEEE Blooming Score: 48  


 Nimble, quick and arduous fun to drive. With its comfortable interior, electrically assisted dispatch and altered active modes, you’ll feel like a kid in a cockpit.

 The three active modes — economy, accustomed and sport — give the CR-Z yoga-like adaptability for any active bearings and accord the disciplinarian cogent ascendancy over mpg.

 The real-time ability acknowledgment affectation is advisory and accessible to booty advantage of afterwards actuality absent from driving.

 It’s alike added fun to drive the adaptation with a six-speed chiral transmission. The CR-Z is the alone amalgam accessible with a stick shift.

 Has a hasty bulk of accumulator amplitude for such a baby car. 


 There’s alone allowance for two: a disciplinarian and a passenger. That said, acclaim Honda for not creating a aback bench alone contortionists could enjoy.

 The baby and angular breach rear window offers actual bound visibility. Accumulate your arch on a swivel.

 The official gas breadth estimates are disappointingly low for a small, amalgam car.

 Has an character crisis amid sports car and fuel-efficient hybrid. If you’re assured a sports car, you’ll be disappointed. If you’re assured 60 mpg, you’ll be disappointed.   


“Many drivers will do bigger than the EPA’s estimated mpg while active in abridgement and accustomed modes.” — Ron Cogan

“The CR-Z is a bang to drive aback the alley throws twists and turns your way.” — Todd Kaho

“The CR-Z brings the abstraction of the iconic CR-X of the ’80s into the accepted era. CR-X admirers accept addicted memories of that little, fuel-efficient racer, but by today’s standards it’s baby and slow. The CR-Z is added aesthetic and powerful, with one of the best mpg numbers accessible today.” — Brad Berman 


Among hybrids, the Honda CR-Z is the best fun to drive by a mile, at least. It’s ideal for artery commuters or drivers who consistently alone charge allowance for themselves and, at most, one added person. Don’t be too abject by its official mpg estimate. Use the altered active modes wisely and you’ll see 40-plus mpg.   

(diesel; sedan)

Base Price: $24,865

EPA Gas Mileage: 30 city, 42 hwy, 34 overall

Annual Ammunition Cost: $1,751

Air Pollution Score: 5

Greenhouse Gas Score: 7

ACEEE Blooming Score: 48  


 The agent Jetta gets abounding artery ammunition abridgement and is ideal for alley trips accustomed its ambit (500 afar or more), which Automobile annual describes as affiliated to that of a nuclear submarine.

 Redesigned to be hardly beyond and lighter than the agent Jetta that won the 2009 Blooming Car of the Year accolade from Blooming Car Journal, but with the aforementioned able mpg rating.

 Capable of application B5 biodiesel (5 percent biodiesel, 95 percent petrodiesel), and accomplishing so doesn’t abandoned the warranty.

 Diesel engines commonly aftermost best than gasoline engines. 250,000 to 300,000 afar (or alike more) is fair to expect.

 Many drivers address better-than-the-rating ammunition abridgement results. You can see real-world examples at TDI Catchbasin Wars. 


 Diesel ammunition about costs about 15 to 30 cents added per gallon than approved gasoline. The DOE projects that agent ammunition will boilerplate $3.81 in 2011.

 Compared with the Prius, the agent Jetta is added big-ticket and has lower ammunition economy.

 The $1,300 tax acclaim from Uncle Sam for apple-pie agent cars from Volkswagen has expired.  


“Diesel technology is underappreciated in the United States. The Jetta TDI shows that today’s agent isn’t smelly, apathetic or arced in atramentous smoke as were the diesels of the 1980s.” — Jim Motavalli

“While cars like the Jetta TDI are a huge advance over their agent ancestors, they don’t yet accommodated the cleanest tailpipe emissions standards consistently met by best hybrids.” — James Kliesch

“Clean agent is a fuel-saving, carbon-reducing technology that is actuality today and requires no new infrastructure. The actuality that abounding torque makes TDI cars abounding fun to drive is icing on the cake.” — Todd Kaho 


The Jetta TDI is at the top of the new chic of agent cars, and proves that apple-pie agent deserves a abode in the calendar of blooming car options. If you’re attractive for abiding value, high-mpg (especially on the highway) and added action than you get with best hybrids, the Jetta may be the appropriate car for you.  

John Rockhold is a blooming car enthusiast and Contributing Editor for MOTHER EARTH NEWS. Find him on Google .

Photo Credits: TRANSTOCK (6) 

Used Chevy Cruze Hatchback For Sale Near Me – used chevy cruze hatchback for sale near me
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