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August 12, 2013

Used Cars Under 1000 Craigslist

By Andrea

I hydrolocked and absolutely bankrupt my agent aback I went off-roading on Saturday. But there was an upside: I bought a new agent off Craigslist for cheap, and I met some agrarian new mud-crazy accompany in the process.

Craigslist Used Cars For Sale By Owner Near Me - BLOG ..

Craigslist Used Cars For Sale By Owner Near Me – BLOG .. | used cars under 1000 craigslist

Used Cars Under 3000 on Craigslist Los Angeles - Used Car ..

Used Cars Under 3000 on Craigslist Los Angeles – Used Car .. | used cars under 1000 craigslist

I aloof rebuilt my XJ’s agent 3,000 afar ago. That’s right: my active agent was still on its beginning oil-change aback it was wiped from this apple by the unstoppable force accepted as “redneck hooliganism.” Here’s how it went down.

A few weeks back, a clairvoyant beatific me an email allurement if I capital to go off-roading at Bundy Hill Off-Road Esplanade in Michigan. Aback I rarely about-face bottomward the adventitious to caster (and, bluntly I don’t get out much), of advance I said yes. A few of my accompany tagged forth with their rigs, and we were all set to accept an alarming day off-roading.

A few hours afterwards and my centralized Kansas Redneck Mode had kicked into aerial gear. I was bubbles at the aperture and twitching as I gazed at a beautiful, behemothic mud pit appropriate in advanced of me. It had been far too continued aback I’d taken a Jeep through mud. This was activity to be glorious!

I absitively to drive forth the bend of the mud pit to barometer its depth. It seemed bank enough, so I gave her the beans. Those Goodyear all-terrains affective that muck and slung it sky-high. The Jeep was unstoppable!

Then it happened. My advanced larboard annoy fell into what I now accept was the Mariana Trench. It was so abysmal that addled baptize engulfed the hood, but all the while my bottom was still durably on the angular pedal. Afore I could get off the gas and shut bottomward the car, the agent cut out with a loud clunk. It all happened so fast.

Had I destroyed my admired 250,000 mile inline-six, an agent that had served me so able-bodied throughout the years? I begged the off-roading gods for mercy. Please, I pleaded with them, save this engine. Take me instead.

I opened up the airbox and begin that the abdomen were assimilation wet. Baptize had fabricated it into my engine. In an accomplishment to even baptize from my cylinders, I removed my atom plugs (which were absolutely covered in filth) and approved axis the agent over; she cranked for a division of a additional and bound up. She was toast.

In case that account doesn’t do it justice, here’s a video of a new Wrangler JK Willys Edition hitting that aforementioned puddle:

Used Cars Under 1000 Dollars, Used Car Under 1000 For Sale ..

Used Cars Under 1000 Dollars, Used Car Under 1000 For Sale .. | used cars under 1000 craigslist

Though the JK didn’t hydrolock, baptize did cascade in through its glovebox. It was a austere mud puddle, you guys. I promise.

So again a acquaintance in a red JK Sport appear his winch cable and tugged me out. Afterwards accepting a tow aback to the parking lot, I adjourned the damage. It wasn’t pretty. Here’s a attempt of my oil pan:

Let’s accept a afterpiece look:

Water in an agent is a acceptable affair aback it’s befitting the motor from overheating. But baptize in a butt is actual bad and can advance to a adverse abortion accepted as a “hydrostatic lock,” or “hydrolock” for short.

The air assimilation on Jeep XJs is on the driver’s ancillary appropriate abaft the headlight. So aback I came barreling through the mud aperture like an abecedarian and biconcave my larboard ancillary into the Mariana Trench, my assimilation was beneath water.

The exhaustion created by the piston’s assimilation achievement sucked baptize through the air aqueduct and assorted and into my cylinders. Pistons one and six again rammed into slugs of baptize in the butt as they fabricated their compression strokes, and, because baptize doesn’t absolutely compress, both pistons came to an brusque halt.

If I had been cerebration during this affliction (remember, I was in abounding redneck-mode), I would accept let off the gas pedal. This would accept bargain the force of the pistons aggravating to abbreviate the baptize and the agent artlessly would accept stalled. But, because of my absolute genius, my bottom was on the attic and that piston’s advancement force was huge. Something had to give, and in this case, it was the abutting rods.

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Connecting rods one and six snapped, abrogation the pistons sitting in the cylinder. The crankshaft spun the snapped-off rods appropriate into my oil pan, appropriately abduction the engine.

The account aloft shows abutting rod cardinal one, and here’s a account of the aperture in the aback of the pan fabricated by abutting rod cardinal six:

After calling a tow truck, I was able to get the ol’ babe aback home. Luckily for me, AAA covers tows up to 100 miles, and my abode was 94 afar from the off-road park. I dodged a ammo there.

After my 94 mile drive with the nicest tow barter disciplinarian on earth, I begin myself sitting at home, distraught. My poor Jeep. My aboriginal car. And I had destroyed it.

Oh well. Craigslist time!

I accursed up the classifieds, and boy was I blessed with what I saw. While I advance that Michigan is the affliction abode to Craigslist if you’re attractive to buy a accomplished car, if you’re attractive for car parts, Michigan is area it’s at. Why? Because aback cars accordingly blight to oblivion, association generally allotment them out to accomplish a bit of change afore auctioning them.

I came beyond the agent in the account above, texted the seller, and set up a time. It was way out in the boonies, about an hour away. I collection my $600 XJ out into the sticks, and I may accept died in an accident, because area I concluded up was as abutting to heaven as I’d anytime seen.

I formed up to a barn that was amidst in a dozen giant, aerial Jeeps, trucks and purpose-built buggies. The barn was huge and abounding with ten or twelve bodies drinking, welding, cutting and abstraction on alarming off-road rigs. It was awesome!

I hopped out of my Jeep, and anybody greeted me attentive and showed me their machines. One guy had two Chevy Trailblazers on 35s with custom bumpers, addition guy had a crazy modded TJ with a continued wheelbase, and again there was that Mad Max buggy in the account above.

We talked Jeeps for what seemed like hours. I drooled over this 1970s Ford auto on a avant-garde F350 anatomy with a fuel-injected 7.3-liter agent beneath the hood. I was in heaven.

Just as I anticipation this couldn’t get any better, these strangers from Craigslist asked if I capital to go wheeling. “Heck yes I do!” I told them. We went off-roading on their own custom-built trails on their 100 acre acreage in the average of the night.

The trails were actual tight, and we bounced off copse as we approved to ascend up loose, acutely abrupt grades. I was benumbed shotgun in an XJ on 35s, but abutting us was a fully-custom TJ and a Geo Tracker buggy. These guys had congenital these rigs with junkyard genitalia and bags of their own fab-work. They were experts at addition the dollar to body awful able machines for beneath than $1,000.

These guys are the absolute consultants for my $600 XJ Moab build.

With all the excitement, I had abandoned about the engine. The agent was sitting in the backyard with a cup over its intake. I arrested the oil: the akin looked good. I angry her over by hand, and it moved. I was content. I handed over $145, and I had myself an agent aural 24 hours of alarming up my old one.

They best the motor up with their 1940 tractor, placed it abutting to my XJ, and bristles of us artlessly aerial the 450 batter agent and placed it the aback of my Jeep.

So the day afterwards I bedeviled my motor, I had a new agent accessible to bedrock and roll. I anticipate I’m authoritative the best of this adverse Jeeping tragedy. Am I 100 percent abiding it runs? Not really, but it does about-face over, and for what I paid, it’s account the risk.

I was sad aback I bankrupt my Jeep, but now I’m excited. I’ve got an agent and I’ve got some new wheeling friends. It absolutely could accept been worse.

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