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August 16, 2013

Used 2017 Kia Sedona For Sale Near Me

By Andrea

I purchased my Sedona in October 2016. It was a banker agent that had 7,000 afar on it. I was told I would accept the aforementioned assurance as if it was cast new. Now the acrylic on the roof is advancing off. You can run your duke forth the top and your duke will about-face argent (the van is silver). I took my van in for account on 2/26/19. Genitalia were ordered as they did not accept them available. I had aggregation so did not accomplish a aftereffect arrangement until 3/25/19. 3/22/19 Texted my account adviser that I additionally capital them to analysis my acrylic as it was advancing off on the roof as able-bodied as a active babble in my engine. He declared that it would be addressed aback I alone it off on Monday.

2014 Kia Sedona | Read Owner and Expert Reviews, Prices, Specs - used 2017 kia sedona for sale near me2006 Kia Sedona | Read Owner and Expert Reviews, Prices, Specs - used 2017 kia sedona for sale near me

3/25/19 I alone my van off at noon. At that time, I was told that the anatomy boutique administrator would attending at the acrylic on the roof. I accustomed a argument on 3/28/19 apropos my paint. It was not covered beneath warranty. I asked if the 36 months was from the time I purchased, or they accustomed it. I was told that it was 36 months OR 36,000 miles. I was never absolutely told one way or the added aback the 36 months started.

The agent does not accept 36,000 afar on it, so I am bold the 36 months is from aback THEY accustomed it not aback I purchased it. I was additionally told by my account adviser to acquaintance Consumer Affairs which I did. I was told that the genitalia for the active babble were ordered and should be in on 4/3/19. 4/3/19 Was contacted by Consumer Affairs (Nikki). She was activity to do some analysis and alarm me back. On 4/4/19 I texted my account adviser afresh to acquisition out the cachet of my van. Was told at that time that they had larboard me messages, but I accustomed none of them. The agent was still authoritative a noise, so the administrator was accepting the adept tech attending at it. Was told it would be Friday or Monday.

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4/5/19 Nikki alleged and larboard me a articulation message. She alleged and talked to Pierre (the anatomy boutique manager) and explained that we bare an appraisal to move forward. My account adviser texted that he would blow abject with him (Pierre) that morning to ensure it was done. Supposedly on 4/8/19 Pierre had the van and would accept an appraisal for me by 10:30. Was told by my adviser on 4/9/19 that my agent was there now and should accept an appraisal shortly. On 4/10/19 I kept texting my account adviser with no response. I assuredly got ahold of a addition in account (Travis I think) and was told that Brandy was administration my agent and I would be alleged back. Brandy did not alarm back, so I alleged afresh at 5:28 and larboard addition message.

On 4/11/19 I still did not accept a alarm so at 8:51 am I alleged afresh and talked with Brandy. At that time, she let me apperceive that Johnny (my account advisor) was let go. She was abashed that Johnny had not offered me a loaner car. I explained that it was not declared to booty this long, and we had 2 vehicles. She was activity to acquisition out what was accident with my van and alarm me back.

4/12/19 Brandy did not alarm me so at 9:53 I alleged her. Was told at that time that the agent was still authoritative babble and no appraisal for the paint. Asked her to acquaintance me and let me apperceive an update. Larboard 2 articulation mails allurement for an update. Did not apprehend from Brandy so at 5:06 I alleged again. Was told I could accept a loaner that would not amount me anything. Still, no appraisal for acrylic and the adept tech was cat-and-mouse to allocution with Kia techline about the noise. 4/13/19 Alleged Brandy at 8:12 and told her I would be there aural an hour to get the loaner. Got there and had to delay about 40 minutes. I did accept a loaner. 4/19/19 Larboard addition bulletin for Brandy allurement for an update.

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4/20/19 Did not apprehend from Brandy so at 10:25 I alleged again. Did get ahold of Brandy. Was told that the anatomy boutique was acutely backed up and the appraisal had still not been done. Was told that Kia Techline did allocution to the adept tech and the babble in the agent was bent to be “normal”. I asked why it is accomplishing that now aback it was not before? Was told that the tech did say that it was louder than others, but it was accustomed and if they replaced the ammunition pump afresh it would still accomplish that noise. That was aback my bedmate got on the phone. Was told the aforementioned thing. He asked to allocution to the manager. Brandy offered to accept him alarm us. My bedmate capital his absolute line. Brandy gave him the manager’s name and absolute number.

4/20/19 He larboard a bulletin for Jim ** at 10:31 to accept him call. 4/20/19 Jim the Kia account administrator did alarm back. He declared that the agent was still authoritative a babble that he did not anticipate was normal. He was activity to allocution with the rep for this commune and see what could be done. 4/23 10:09 am Jim phoned and declared he had talked to his higher-ups and he explained that he did not accede with the tech’s accommodation from Kia Tech Line. He was activity to put addition ammunition pump on and see if that took affliction of the noise.

4/30 Spoke with Brandy and she declared that the painting appraisal was back. The anatomy boutique additionally begin that the awning bare to be repainted. It would amount $2300 to repair. She had not heard from Kia Consumer Affairs. The agent was still authoritative babble afterwards the new ammunition pump was put on. The rep for the breadth would be there the afterward week. They were activity to accept him appear by and accept to the babble in person. 5/6 Spoke with Jaimie at Kia Consumer Affairs. My affirmation was not accustomed so I would not be accepting any abetment to repaint my van. At this point, I am above afflicted about my vehicle. As of 5/6/19 they accept had my van 6 weeks.

Used 2017 Kia Sedona For Sale Near Me – used 2017 kia sedona for sale near me
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