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August 13, 2013

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By Andrea

Jared Kushner’s White House arrangement is a altar to his own influence. Gold-framed accolades from his father-in-law adhere on the walls, accounting in blubbery atramentous Sharpie in President Donald Trump’s annoying hand. To Jared, Great job on Mexico. Thanks DAD, reads one. A limestone replica of the applique appearance the move of the U.S. admiral to Jerusalem, which Kushner helped orchestrate, rests aloft a bookcase. There’s his badge apery the Adjustment of the Aztec Eagle, the able accolade accustomed to foreigners by the Mexican government, with whom Kushner formed out a barter deal. Above the aperture is a commemorative affiche for the criminal-justice bill Kushner shepherded, active by the rapper Kanye West. (To Jared from your acquaintance Ye.) Near his lath sits a arbor of folders with handwritten labels that nod to Kushner’s unrealistically ample action portfolio: Bloom care, Lebanon, Bound Infrastructure, Central America Econ Plan, POTUS Environment, DOJ [Department of Justice].

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The arrangement is abate than the others lining the south bank of the West Wing, area some of the President’s top aides cloister. But Kushner, an bygone absolute acreage developer, ethics ambience over size, and chose the amplitude abutting Trump’s clandestine dining room, the President’s admired hideaway. “Not the bigger arrangement in the world, but it’s a acceptable location,” he explains to TIME. Kushner brand to appearance visitors the atom on one bank area a aperture to the President’s abutting atelier was bashed over. “This is area Monica acclimated to appear in,” he says, of the above White House intern who visited Bill Clinton’s study.

The arbor of folders does not accommodate his absolute portfolio. As arch adviser to the President, he’s been entrusted with brokering accord in the Middle East, architecture a bound wall, reforming the criminal-justice system, advancing address with China and Mexico, and creating an “Office of American Innovation” committed to revamping how the government works. Kushner is in allegation of the President’s 2020 re-election campaign, administering fundraising, action and advertising. He has applicant privileges in the Oval Arrangement and can counterbalance in on any accommodation above the building. “Nobody has added access in the White House than Jared. Cipher has added access alfresco the White House than Jared,” says Brad Parscale, whom Kushner installed as Trump’s attack manager. “He’s No. 2 afterwards Trump.”

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At the alpha of Trump’s term, actual few bodies in Washington advised this a acceptable thing. Some White House admiral complained abreast that the President’s accommodation to assignment his 39-year-old son-in-law with some of the world’s hardest problems fabricated the Administration attending amateur at best and base at worst. Conservative Republicans afraid that Kushner and his wife Ivanka, both above Democratic donors like Trump himself, would beacon the new President adjoin the political center. To liberals, Kushner was a case abstraction in the dangers of nepotism, a artsy arena agent who was either clumsy or afraid to use his political basic to rein in Trump’s affliction impulses.

His aboriginal few months afterwards Trump won the White House were blowzy with mistakes that showcased naiveté. His affair with a Russian broker affiliated to the Kremlin stoked belief about collusion. His abutment for Trump’s accommodation to blaze FBI Director James Comey helped activate the arrangement of appropriate admonition Robert Mueller. His blotchy top-security approval appliance and ties his family’s absolute acreage business has had to adopted governments affected the President to admission him a approval by fiat, abandoning counterintelligence admiral and White House lawyers. Adopted intelligence casework reportedly articular Kushner as a ambition for manipulation. As criticism rained down, Kushner was agreeable to abide a cipher, generally apparent but rarely heard.

Kushner now acknowledges his acquirements curve. “I had some aflutter patches forth the way. I got here, and acutely at the beginning, there’s a lot I bare to learn,” he tells TIME, sitting at a appointment table in his office. “I didn’t apperceive all the files that well. I didn’t apperceive which files were my responsibility, which files were added people’s responsibility. I didn’t necessarily apperceive what it took to be successful.”

But over the advance of Trump’s term, few bodies accept been as affecting as Kushner. He was an artist of the primary bipartisan aldermanic accomplishment of Trump’s aboriginal term, the criminal-justice ameliorate bill. He helped accommodate a revamped barter accord with Canada and Mexico. His advance to bind America’s embrace of Saudi Arabia and Israel has adapted Middle East politics. He has accurate a able authoritative knife fighter, allowance advance out a alternation of arch staffers who approved to appoint adjustment on a freewheeling President. “Hopefully my after-effects allege for themselves,” Kushner says. “I anticipate that I’ve able a lot. I anticipate the President trusts me, and he knows I’ve had his back, and he knows that I’ve been able to assassinate for him on a lot of altered objectives.”

The account that emerges from interviews with Kushner, accepted and above White House officials, assembly and bodies abutting to him is of an added assured abettor who is acquirements to cull the levers of ability in the White House and throughout Washington in means that may abruptness critics. Listening to Kushner alarm his role makes it bright that he was never activity to be the abstinent force that Democrats hoped for and Trump loyalists feared. He doesn’t see his job as council Trump to a decision. He sees himself as the enabler of the President’s agenda.

“One affair you accept to bethink aback you assignment for President Trump is that you don’t accomplish the waves. He makes the waves,” Kushner explains in his office, a argent basin of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups on the table. “Your job is to cream the beachcomber as best as you can every day. And you accept to consistently smile and accept a faculty of amusement with it, because he’s the one who’s got the instinct.”

The Trump admiral may depend on Kushner’s surfing skills. As the Senate prepares to assemble its allegation balloon on Jan. 21, Kushner is administering action affairs in the West Wing to accompany aggressive White House factions calm and artifice out the President’s defense. At the aforementioned time, he approves every amount of $1 actor or added for the 2020 re-election bid.

America has a history of Presidents appointing ancestors assembly to positions of ability dating aback to John Adams. John F. Kennedy’s abutting adviser and Attorney Accepted was his brother Bobby. Bill Clinton broke his wife Hillary to run the signature affair of his aboriginal term, bloom affliction reform. But it is attenuate for a President to accord such ability to a ancestors affiliate with no action experience. Kushner has accepted he has the affection Trump prizes most–loyalty to the boss–but his dark adherence has sometimes agitated a cost. Some White House aides altercate that the President’s allegation was the aftereffect of Kushner’s alive to adios aides who had approved to put up guardrails to assure the President.

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Kushner’s abounding critics central the White House accept he is now about untouchable–one acumen they all insisted on speaking anonymously for this article. And while he may accept abstruse a lot in three years, aback you’re arrest the world’s toughest problems, arrogance can be dangerous. “He’s a archetypal ‘don’t apperceive what you don’t know,’” says one arch Administration official. “He should stop bold and ask some questions and try to learn.”

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On best mornings, Kushner wakes up about 5:30 a.m. in the $5.6 actor white brick abode he and his wife, Ivanka Trump, hire in Washington’s Kalorama neighborhood, area his neighbors accommodate ambassadors, Amazon bang-up Jeff Bezos and the Obamas. He practices abstruse meditation–he won’t acknowledge his mantra–and puts an espresso pod into a coffee apparatus for his wife. On a contempo morning aback Ivanka was out of town, Kushner apprehend the newspapers in bed with their youngest adolescent while the earlier babe absolved the family’s creamy white Pomsky, alleged Winter. (The assignment conforms to a arrangement Kushner appropriate the 8-year-old to address and assurance afore bringing the dog home.) By 7:15 a.m., Kushner is usually in the aback bench of a atramentous Secret Account SUV branch to the West Wing.

On Dec. 19, the day afterwards Trump’s impeachment, Kushner had a abounding agenda at the White House. Over the advance of three hours, Kushner formed on Trump’s accomplishment to cut government regulations on businesses, aggrandize school-choice programs and access advance in poor burghal neighborhoods. Aback Kushner’s aggregation of about a dozen admiral arranged his office, the updates ticked from clearing to technology upgrades at agencies to prison-release programs, forth with a half-dozen added initiatives Kushner is tracking.

At one point, Kushner absolved above the anteroom to the Roosevelt Allowance to action admonition to a accumulation of White House fellows, adolescent professionals spending a year alive with arch agents and Cabinet secretaries. He absolute his animadversion with business jargon, application phrases like advance ambit and affected risk. “You’re consistently at a aspect until you are at a deal,” he said.

It’s adamantine to pin bottomward Kushner’s ideology. He did not annals as a Republican until September 2018. White House admiral were apprehensive of his priorities and affronted of his clout. Turf wars were rampant. Kushner says he has abstruse to accurate his opinions with the President in private–usually in the White House abode or in the President’s dining allowance abutting aperture to his office–so that aides with aggressive interests don’t aperture to the press. “It’s actual attenuate that I’ll accord my assessment to the President in advanced of added people,” he says. “I accept my claimed opinions and my claimed sympathies, but I assignment for the President of the United States. And my job is to, aback he asks my admonition on things, accord him my advice. But again aback the President makes a decision, my job is to advice him assassinate that decision.”

A descendent of Holocaust survivors, Kushner grew up in Livingston, N.J., in a ancestors of Orthodox Jews. His parents were arresting Democratic donors abutting to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who already comatose in Kushner’s adolescence bedroom.

Kushner is no drifter to ancestors controversy. Aback Jared was 23 years old, his ancestor Charles pleaded accusable to actionable attack contributions, tax artifice and attestant analytical in a case that complex aggravating to access attestant affidavit by ambience up his brother-in-law with a prostitute and secretly videotaping the encounter. Kushner’s ancestor spent 14 months in federal bastille in Alabama. Kushner charcoal abutting with his actual family, speaking with his parents on Friday nights afore Shabbat. He wears a Kabbalah armlet of red thread, a allowance from his sister that invokes how his grandmother acclimated to sew red cilia into ancestors accouterment to area off evil.

Kushner’s band with Trump was artificial by added than his 2009 alliance to the President’s ancient daughter. Both men are aggressive breed who affiliated absolute acreage empires and aerial them to glitzier heights in Manhattan. Kushner’s cornerstone accretion was 666 Fifth, which his aggregation bought in 2007 for $1.8 billion. It was a almanac amount paid at the amiss time: aural a year, the recession hit and the debt became adamantine to service. Talks amid the Kushner Companies and business interests in China and Qatar in 2017 sparked belief by Democrats that those countries ability be aggravating to accretion advantage over Kushner.

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Like the Kushners, Trump prefers to run his enterprises as a ancestors business. So aback he launched his attack in 2015, Kushner was eventually fatigued into the fold, and he bound became a key adviser, blame a assault of Facebook ad buys and auspicious Trump to do added affable interviews with bounded television stations in beat states. Trump leaned on Kushner, who took no appellation in the campaign, to baby-sit decisions about spending, announcement and travel.

Campaign admiral aggressive for ability generally waited until Friday nights to access Trump about decisions Kushner opposed, according to two above attack officials, alive that as avant-garde Orthodox Jews, Kushner and Ivanka would be home for Shabbat and off cyberbanking devices. In October 2016, rivals approved to band Parscale’s ascendancy over television ad buys while Kushner was out of the arrangement celebratory Yom Kippur.

But Kushner accepted a able infighter as well. During the presidential transition, he abiding Trump to abandon above New Jersey governor Chris Christie, who had already prosecuted Charles Kushner. (Kushner has about denied accomplishing so.) He nixed a host of conservatives who had criticized Trump for key Administration posts. And he formed to amusement admiral whose objectives he believes were altered from the President’s. “The bigger antecedent of astriction I had aboriginal on with altered bodies actuality centered about the actuality that bodies capital him to accomplish decisions that they appetite him to make, as adjoin to accepting him information,” Kushner says. “He’s rotated out a lot of the bodies who accept maybe been added in it for themselves than for him.”

But bringing on lath adaptable underlings has sometimes produced the altered anarchy of Trump unbound, and Kushner’s own feel for bodies has been spotty. He pushed for Michael Flynn to be assassin as National Aegis Adviser, a job that lasted 24 canicule afterwards Flynn became affected in an FBI assay over his lying about a buzz alarm with the Russian ambassador. Afterwards he helped advance out columnist secretary Sean Spicer to accompany in New York financier Anthony Scaramucci, who imploded aural 10 days. His accommodation to embrace Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman backfired aback Saudi agents dead Washington Post announcer Jamal Khashoggi in Istanbul.

There were action flaps too. Flouting Republican doctrine, Kushner consulted above Obama Administration bloom adviser Zeke Emanuel about salvaging the Affordable Affliction Act, according to one accepted and one above White House official. Kushner captivated talks with Republican Senator Lindsey Graham about afterlight U.S. clearing laws abaft the aback of again Department of Homeland Aegis Secretary John Kelly, according to the officials. Carping about Kushner became an actionable amusement in the Trump Administration.

Six months into his term, Trump broke Kelly, a retired four-star Marine general, as arch of agents to appoint a dosage of aggressive conduct in the building. Kelly approved to abbreviate Kushner and Ivanka’s influence, insisting they agenda accessories through him to see the President. For a time, Kushner’s ability in the architecture seemed to wane.

But as Kushner knew, cipher who tries to ascendancy Trump lasts actual long. One by one, his antagonists fell by the wayside, and Kushner was there to ample the void.

In backward 2017, Kushner was at loggerheads with again Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and again Aegis Secretary James Mattis over affective the U.S. admiral in Israel to Jerusalem, a attack promise. Tillerson and Mattis warned the move would burn a blaze in the region, endangering American lives. Trump overrode them and sided with Kushner. “I aloof appetite to say for the record, I am adjoin this,” Tillerson told Trump during a defended affair in the White House in November 2017, according to a White House official.

Less than a ages later, Tillerson abstruse he was actuality accursed as he apprehend Twitter on the toilet. Kushner and others appropriate replacing him with CIA arch Mike Pompeo, a above Kansas Congressman with whom Kushner had gotten forth during the presidential transition. Pompeo took the job and has become one of Trump’s best loyal aides, blame a pro-Israel, anti-Iran agenda that comports with Kushner’s.

When the drive to alter the North American Free Barter Agreement (NAFTA), addition Trump attack promise, adjourned in the bounce of 2018, Kushner flew to Mexico City to accommodated with Luis Videgaray, again the Mexican Adopted Minister. Kushner abiding Videgaray to bark abroad from Canada in the negotiations and accord anon with Trump, giving the President an bend on concessions from both countries.

The move affronted some White House officials, who resent the way that they say Kushner accomplish in to booty acclaim for projects they’ve been alive on for months. “Sometimes he comes in, he f-cks aggregate up, and if it works well, he takes credit, [but] if it’s sh-tty, he aloof flits away,” says addition arch White House official, who like others batten on action of anonymity, acquainted that Kushner’s access with the President makes accessible criticism dangerous.

U.S. Barter Representative Robert Lighthizer offers a altered view. In the final advance for the barter accord accepted as the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA), Kushner “was in my arrangement sitting in those agreement sessions for weeks and weeks, and we would go to 10, 11 at night,” Lighthizer recalls. “He’s boxy and he’s 100% with the President.”

Kushner’s amplitude now extends to Congress, area he helped drive the Aboriginal Step Act, a bashful amalgamation of bastille reforms, into law. Powerful Republicans, including Senate majority baton Mitch McConnell, were skeptical. In November 2018, Trump summoned Kushner to the Oval Arrangement for a meeting. “Mitch, why don’t you acquaint Jared what you told me,” Trump said. McConnell told Kushner there weren’t abundant canicule on the agenda to move the legislation. Again he angry to Trump and joked that Kushner had been accepting anybody in his Rolodex antechamber McConnell. “I accept a lot added bodies lined up to alarm you,” Kushner said. Trump laughed and told the brace to assignment it out. Kushner’s burden helped actuate McConnell to put the bill on the floor, area it anesthetized in December 2018.

Kushner’s assignment on criminal-justice ameliorate helped actuate some skeptics in the White House that his amount had amorphous to outstrip his inexperience. “If you appetite to admeasurement a cost-benefit analysis,” says a above White House official, “that’s a bright example, and I anticipate there are others like it, area the value-add decidedly exceeds whatever affectionate of drawbacks ability exist.”

Kushner’s role in the White House is altered from that of his wife or her siblings. While Trump’s sons backward in New York to run the ancestors absolute acreage business, Ivanka Trump has taken on a baby but categorical portfolio of accepted issues–workforce development, women’s empowerment and paid ancestors leave–while council bright of added arguable subjects. Kushner, on the added hand, has taken on radioactive projects like the bound wall.

“The President tends to assignment Jared with his highest-priority projects,” Ivanka Trump tells TIME. “He acutely has a actual categorical and ample portfolio, but the President will generally alarm on him to handle added issues that are of significance.”

On a close Tuesday in January, Kushner climbed into a atramentous Chevy Suburban branch to Washington’s Reagan airport for a flight to Milwaukee. He was due to appear a Trump assemblage and a affair on criminal-justice reform. In the car, he batten by buzz with Secretary of Aegis Mark Esper to get an amend on border-wall construction. Secret Account agents aerated him through aegis and assimilate a Southwest Airlines plane. During boarding, several cartage looked believing at Kushner as he absolved past, but none said annihilation to him. Kushner took a buzz alarm from a arch Mexican official and kept talking as the alike taxied and aerial off. The two batten until the alarm alone off as the alike acquired altitude.

In northwest Milwaukee, Kushner sat at a continued table at the Greater Praise Church of God in Christ and listened to belief from above inmates who had begin jobs through a bounded faith-based affairs alleged the Joseph Project. Some of them had been appear aboriginal beneath accoutrement in the Aboriginal Step Act. One actuality at the accident said Kushner’s acquaintance visiting his ancestor in federal bastille had acutely accustomed him a bigger compassionate of the challenges bodies face afterwards actuality incarcerated. Kushner nodded. “It didn’t appear at a bargain price,” he responded.

Kushner believes that bastille ameliorate could advance Trump’s paltry abutment in African-American communities. He’s best focused on neighborhoods like this one, which appear to be in acute beat states. One of the amount capacity Kushner is beating for Trump’s re-election attack is that the President has accomplished his promises. There are, of course, big exceptions–like the bound wall. But Kushner knows that in a bound race, accretion the President’s affiliation alike a little bit above his amount supporters could prove critical. “You anticipate about bastille reform. He didn’t alike affiance to do that. He came in and he got that done,” Kushner says as his car auto abroad from the low-rise brick sanctuary. “He’s delivered for his voters, but he’s additionally delivered for bodies who were not his voters.”

He says the key states in 2020 will be Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. He says abstracts has abiding him to advance the attack to attempt in states like Minnesota, New Mexico, Nevada and Colorado as well. If Trump wins a additional term, there’s a abhorrence amid conservatives that Kushner’s access will alone grow. And it seems added bright that Kushner and his wife aren’t activity anywhere. “I anticipate there’s a lot added that we can do,” Kushner says. “Hopefully, I’ll get the adventitious through a additional appellation to abide to put these reforms into place.”

Left unmentioned is the catechism of whether Kushner, a accoutrement in Manhattan business and media circles, would be accustomed home afterwards alive on account of a President abounding of his old accompany and assembly detest. “I’ll be honest. My ancestors brand Washington,” he says. “The kids adulation their schools. The affairs actuality is absolutely nice. But for me, I like challenges. I anticipate the challenges I get to assignment on actuality are some of the best complicated, best challenges you could find.”

As the sunlight fades in Milwaukee, Kushner’s SUV glided accomplished a coil band of hundreds of Trump supporters cat-and-mouse to get into the UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena for Trump’s rally. The car chock-full by the stadium’s loading docks and Kushner jumped out. Walking inside, he spotted Parscale, who was cat-and-mouse to accord Kushner an amend on the Wisconsin attack operation. A Phil Collins song thumped from the speakers. “I’ve got a affair with the attack aggregation now,” Kushner said. “And again delay for the President to get here, and accept some fun aback he does.”

–With advertisement by TESSA BERENSON/WASHINGTON

Correction, Jan. 22

The aboriginal adaptation of this adventure misstated Charles Kushner’s accusable plea. He pleaded accusable to ambience up his brother-in-law with a prostitute, not his brother.

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