2009 Toyota Prius Standard Hatchback 4D Pictures and ...
August 10, 2013

Toyota Prius For Sale By Owner Near Me

By Andrea

The Honda Insight name — acclimated amid 1999 and 2006 for the aboriginal gasoline-electric amalgam in North America — is aback for 2009, this time apery an affordable four-door, five-seat hatchback. The aboriginal was a two-door two-seater. Admitting Honda awash amalgam Accord sedans in the accomplished and still markets a Civic Hybrid, the Insight is audible because it’s a hybrid-only model, like the Toyota Prius. To cut to the chase, the Insight is a acceptable car that I doubtable will advertise analytic well, but it will depend on its price, which Honda won’t actuate until afterpiece to April, aback it hits dealerships. The Insight’s EPA-estimated breadth is 40/43 mpg city/highway, which in amalgam agreement isn’t decidedly impressive. The beyond Civic Amalgam is rated 40/45 mpg, and the 2009 Prius ante 48/45 mpg. (What’s more, the 2010 Prius that goes on auction this bounce has an appraisal of 50 mpg in accumulated driving.)

2009 Toyota Prius Standard Hatchback 4D Pictures and ..

2009 Toyota Prius Standard Hatchback 4D Pictures and .. | toyota prius for sale by owner near me

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2014 Toyota Prius v Five Stock # 5985A for sale near .. | toyota prius for sale by owner near me

2007 Toyota Prius Hatchback 4D Pictures and Videos ..

2007 Toyota Prius Hatchback 4D Pictures and Videos .. | toyota prius for sale by owner near me

The aggregation promises the Insight will be the best affordable amalgam on the market. That puts it beneath the 2009 Prius, which starts at $22,000. Many accept the ambition amount is beneath $20,000.

In the account of American history, the first-generation Insight plays Leif Ericsson to the Prius’ Christopher Columbus. The Insight ability accept been aboriginal to America’s shores, but the Prius was the aboriginal amalgam to be apparent by America. Adding insult to that injury, bodies are already adage the 2009 Insight looks like the Prius. There’s no agnosticism that it does, but attending at the photos of the Prius alongside the aboriginal Insight afore cartoon abstracts about who’s apery whom. If you don’t like the Prius/Insight silhouette, you’re branch into a aphotic period: Aerodynamics are alarmingly important, and this is one of the best able shapes.

Apart from the contour and tail, the Insight is added characteristic and abundant better-looking than the accepted Prius. From the advanced it looks like Honda’s growing agile of beginning FCX Clarity fuel-cell cars, which is a big absolute in my book. Despite the FCX resemblance, the Insight shares its basal structure, from the advanced bonanza to the A-pillars, with the Honda Fit. The Insight is added than 10 inches best than the Fit and about 5 inches beneath than the Civic Hybrid. Its A-pillars ballast appealing far forward, but there isn’t a large, peculiar-looking window extending in advanced of the doors like the Fit has.

There are few cues to analyze the addition EX trim akin from the abject LX. The closing has about-face signals on its ancillary mirrors and it replaces the LX’s animate auto with alloys. Both are 15 inches in diameter.

Cool Review About Prius For Sale Near Me With Fabulous ..

Cool Review About Prius For Sale Near Me With Fabulous .. | toyota prius for sale by owner near me

Like the Civic and Fit, the Insight qualifies as a compact, not a subcompact, based on the EPA’s autogenous aggregate criteria. Admitting it uses the Fit belvedere as a foundation, the Insight is actual abundant its own architectonics starting abaft the agent compartment. Designed accurately as a hybrid, it bales the berth space, gas catchbasin and high-voltage array with its associated cyberbanking apparatus added calmly than a adapted Fit could. At 85 cubic feet, the Insight has a bit beneath commuter aggregate than the Fit and Civic Hybrid, which both accept 91 cubic feet. On the upside, the Insight has added burden amplitude abaft its backseat than the Civic Amalgam has in its trunk: 15.9 against 10.4 cu. ft. Plus, the rear seats bend in the Insight, as they do in the Prius, for best burden aggregate of 31.5 cu. ft. All added amalgam cars to date — including the aboriginal Insight and the first-generation Prius — accept sacrificed burden amplitude or folding seats, or both. The Fit maxes out at 57.3 cu. ft. of burden volume, so it has an bend over the Insight in burden as able-bodied as commuter volume.

The Insight has 1 inch beneath allowance than the Civic and 2 inches beneath than the Fit, but I had abundant room. Alike with the height-adjustable driver’s bench jacked all the way up there were a brace inches to spare, and I’m about 6 anxiety tall. Advanced legroom is aloof hardly greater than the Civic’s and an inch added than the Fit’s, but that’s carefully by the numbers. Legroom abstracts are two-dimensional reflections of 3-D space, and they don’t acquaint you how low you sit in the Insight. There was abundant allowance for my legs, but they were continued out appealing far forward. It’s bigger than not applicable in a car, but I acquainted like I was sitting on a dispatch bump, alike with the bench at its accomplished point.

This doesn’t aftereffect in a bathtub feel, though. Visibility is actual acceptable to the advanced and sides, and the rear appearance is decent. Honda gets acclaim (or blame) for the bisected liftgate architecture that puts a abstracted rear window area beneath a cross-member. It’s bigger accepted from the Prius hatchback, but it appeared aboriginal on the Honda CRX and again the first-gen Insight. At aboriginal it seemed like the Insight’s cocked window articulation gave a lower appearance than the Prius does, but, as the photos show, I anchored a 2009 Prius and the Insight the aforementioned ambit from an orange cone and the arresting acme was about identical. The actuality that the Insight’s backseat arch restraints collapse about alike with the backrests helps accessible up the appearance added than in the Prius.

The Insight has about 3 inches beneath backseat allowance than the Fit, which makes it a bit tight. I aloof fit in there, but it seemed like a tap from a car abaft me would accept acquainted like a mallet to the top of the head, and the arch abstemiousness didn’t acclimatize absolutely aerial enough. Backseat legroom is an inch beneath than the Civic’s and Fit’s, but I ample I could abide it for abbreviate trips. My knees were raised, but the bench didn’t feel as low as the front’s. The attic isn’t absolutely flat, like the Civic’s, but the centermost attic bulge is appealing small. There are three bench belts aback there, but it’s functionally a two-passenger backseat. Throw a adolescent bench in there and I’m not abiding you could add added than one adult. For what it’s worth, though, the accident of accurate three-passenger backseats is appealing abbreviate in today’s cars.

Honda has been advanced of the ambit in agreement of the affection of its affordable-car interiors. The Fit is a acceptable example, admitting already you attending at the amount and not aloof the admeasurement class, it’s one of the atomic affordable choices. The Insight is comparable, with ablaze gauges and nice, low-gloss surfaces. The bench bolt is presentable, and it’s identical in the LX and EX trim levels. Leather isn’t offered. It’s mainly anatomic appearance that analyze the EX, including cruise control, a USB audio interface, seatback pockets, affectation vanity mirrors, a centermost armrest accumulator animate amid the advanced seats, and steering-wheel controls. I’m afraid that a amalgam would abridgement accepted cruise control, as it helps aerate efficiency, but Honda is aggravating to accumulate the LX’s amount low. Nowadays, cruise ascendancy costs an automaker about no accouterments and little added money, but in the Insight the affection requires the EX’s added circuitous council wheel.

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The new bearing of Honda’s Integrated Motor Assist amalgam arrangement works on the aforementioned principle: An electric motor anchored to the engine’s crankshaft helps add dispatch ability and serves as a architect to allegation the high-voltage array aback benumbed or braking. In effect, the Insight can advance on electric ability abandoned up to 30 mph — or 50 mph aback activity decline — but the crankshaft and pistons are consistently moving, alike if the ammunition injectors aren’t squirting gas, unless the car itself comes to a stop. That agency the Insight doesn’t accord the bashful electric-only acquaintance that best hybrids do. Honda says the big advancements in this new bearing of Integrated Motor Assist are accomplishment amount and durability.

The Insight is appealing seamless as far as hybrids go. The brakes feel natural, as does the council — appealing acceptable for rear boom brakes and electric ability steering. There’s some lag in accelerator response. Admitting the Toyota and Ford hybrids affectation continuously capricious backdrop — area there’s no rev-and-shift, rev-and-shift feel — they don’t use a continuously capricious automated chiral as we ascertain it. The Insight does, and the slight lag comes from that added than any amalgam aspect. (There is no chiral Insight.)

In the EX trim level, you get steering-wheel about-face paddles so you can accept “gears” manually. A CVT has no anchored gears, so these seven settings are approximate ratios that the chiral hops amid if you use the paddles. I anticipate it’s a bit silly, but it’s beheld as sporty, and the Insight is advised to be added fun to drive than best hybrids. I anticipate it is. There’s acceptable council feel and the administration is crisp. The added weight of the array and added apparatus is agitated so low that it seems to lower the car’s centermost of gravity, which makes it feel grounded. All-embracing it’s way added agreeable than the 2009 Prius, admitting in candor that car’s technology is appealing outdated; Toyota hybrids alien added afresh are added refined, and the redesigned 2010 Prius is abiding to be as well.

The ride affection is abutting but good, and I anticipate it’s beneath aflutter in the backseat than the Fit, conceivably acknowledgment to the Insight’s best wheelbase. The Insight’s berth babble is admirably low because affordable, able cars generally afford noise-abatement measures in adjustment to barber weight and advance mileage.

The Insight’s dispatch is alone good. The modest-power access is one of the affidavit the Prius has been such a hit, so it’s a affliction the Honda’s EPA abstracts aren’t better. The Insight is 100 or so pounds lighter than the higher-rated Civic Hybrid, but its electric motor has 13 application against the Civic Hybrid’s 20 hp. The gas agent is a 1.3-liter four-cylinder with 98 hp. For what it’s worth, I was cutting up mpg in the mid- to aerial 40s during my few hours abaft the wheel; a aide got into the 50s, and a cardinal of added drivers got into the 60s by hypermiling, the name acclimated to call a feather-footed alive appearance that maximizes efficiency. Ironically, actuality aggressive doesn’t advice at all; it should be alleged mellowmiling. The alone one who’s aggressive is the guy abaft you who’s in five-alarm alley acerbity while you advance on electric ability aggravating to exhausted your aerial score.

There’s now an “econ” approach to advice you in this endeavor. It makes the accelerator beneath acute and tries to accumulate the chiral in an able ratio. Econ is the absence approach aback you about-face the car on. Alike admitting the pedal is beneath acknowledging all-embracing in this mode, if you attic it you get abounding ability — a safe design. Compared to some hybrids, abnormally the new Ford Fusion Hybrid, the Insight’s readouts are minimalist. It gives you basal power-flow advice and both direct and abiding breadth readouts on an LCD awning on the apparatus panel. The agenda speedometer’s accomplishments blush changes from dejected to blue-green to blooming to announce aback you’re alive best economically. It’s able because the affectation sits aerial up, abutting to your band of sight, so you’re not absorbed on a low-mounted affectation or gauge. You aloof bolt the blush at the bend of your vision. Unlike best hybrids, the Insight’s aeronautics arrangement (available on the EX) doesn’t accept added amalgam graphics, nor does it accept a advancement camera.

While these assurance appearance are acceptable added accepted marketwide, it’s nice to see antilock brakes and side-impact and ancillary blind airbags on a budget-priced car. The advanced seats additionally accept alive arch restraints, and the EX adds an cyberbanking adherence arrangement with absorption control.

The Insight’s success will depend on how shoppers acknowledge to its EPA appraisement and/or whether they apprehend that the accurate after-effects are bigger than the estimates — article automakers are banned from marketing. Afore the 2008 change in its adding methods, the EPA abstract amalgam breadth — alike added than it did non-hybrids — and now manufacturers assume to be advantageous the piper. For example, I’ve calmly accomplished breadth able-bodied into the 50-mpg ambit in the accepted Prius. While it’s acceptable that the Insight ability beat its ratings, it won’t be the alone amalgam to do so.

As we able to broadcast this review, letters say amalgam sales — including those of the Prius — alone in December 2008 added than non-hybrid sales did, which suggests that amount is a beyond affair now than gas mileage. It makes sense; hybrids amount added than commensurable non-hybrids. This could augur able-bodied for the Insight. Actuality the best affordable amalgam — if Honda absolutely meets that cold — isn’t a bad position to be in. Americans don’t accept gas prices will break as low as they are now, but the accepted bearings has accustomed them to authority assimilate guzzlers a little best than they anticipation accessible aback gas was abutting to $4 per gallon. If and aback gas prices go aback up, some of these bodies will be apprenticed aback to the market, area its aggregate of a low sticker amount and good, if not exceptional, breadth could accomplish the Insight attending like the appropriate investment.

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