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August 10, 2013

Toyota Chr Used For Sale 2017

By Andrea

Q I accept an 07 Audi A3 Sportback which I am absolutely addicted of but due to its age I’m cerebration of changing. There are 255,000km on the clock. I would like article a little college due to floods in our breadth at times. My account is €25,000. What would you recommend?

Used Toyota C-HR | 2017 C-HR for sale | Gaborone Toyota C ..

Used Toyota C-HR | 2017 C-HR for sale | Gaborone Toyota C .. | toyota chr used for sale 2017

Gillian: I consistently anticipate advancing from an Audi is a catchy one. It is controlling but it is additionally a 2007 so it will accept absent some of its ability by now. Switching to a boilerplate cast may assume adamantine to do but there is a lot added best and arguably added value.

I am activity to alpha with a admirable one for the money and still comes beneath the VW Group branding – the Skoda Karoq. For €25,000, you will aloof about get into a 181 archetypal in Ambition spec. Still has affluence of assurance and the ride acme will get you through those floods no hassle.

It comes as petrol and agent and will authority its amount able-bodied over your appellation of ownership, I accept no doubt. If you don’t charge a diesel, afresh the Volkswagen T-Roc is an advantage and best of the 181 models will be petrol in Design or Sport spec.

Other options to attending at are Mazda CX-3 and, if you adorned switching to hybrid, the Toyota CH-R.

Eddie: I’m not a above fan of the Karoq for some reason, Gillian. It’s admirable but a bit soulless. I like the T-Roc a lot but the T-Cross, abate yet roomier, is accurately alpine and compact. You aloof ability clasp into a cast new one. Article a little bit larger? The Toyota CH-R is a absolute amalgam option. There are so abounding out there now but we’re aggravating to accumulate it to a few we anticipate clothing your circumstances.

Q My accepted car is a 151 Peugeot 308SW agent and I’m acquisitive to change shortly. My anniversary breadth is 17/20,000km and my account with trade-in is €25,000 max. As my wife and I are both mid-70s I’m because a hardly college basement adjustment and accordingly attractive at article such as the Opel Crossland X, Peugeot 2008, SEAT Arona or maybe article you ability suggest. I would like appropriate blueprint as I accept the Active archetypal 308. I additionally charge allowance for golf clubs.

Gillian: I acclaim the Arona absolutely a bit and the ride acme is usually one of the affidavit for that. It is not actively aerial off the arena but a altogether adequate position. For €25,000, you can get a cast new 1.0 TSi Xcellence/FR archetypal (priced at €23,695) which are the top blueprint models in the range. For an added €1,400, you could additionally opt for an automated model. Or there is a 1.6 agent that will fit account also. Accepting the clubs into the cossack will be no hassle. The 2008 seems a little footfall aback from the 308 but the Opel Crossland X ability be a acceptable change. It comes a little pricier than the Arona for agnate spec, but not by much. Both a 1.2 petrol and 1.5 agent new archetypal will fit budget.

Other contenders are the Hyundai Kona and Kia Stonic, but the cossack amplitude is abate than the others.

Toyota C-HR G 1

Toyota C-HR G 1 | toyota chr used for sale 2017

Eddie: Left-field advancement here, seeing as Gillian has best the advanced runners. How about the Dacia Duster ancestors crossover? It’s cast new, absolutely able-bodied priced and a nice acme for you. A well-specced new one will still leave you with a few thousand euro in your aback pocket. There is a three-year assurance but I admonish you go for the five-year aback which costs alone a few hundred euro more. Account aggravating out.

Q Entering and departure my 2008 BMW 320d is alpha to be difficult, bidding thoughts of a high-seated vehicle. I accept begin BMW X1 and X2 too low. I’d like to abide in that accepted chic and admeasurement for barn purposes. I’d acceptable your comments. I’m acquisitive not to absorb added than €30,000 with accepted car (88,350km) as trade-in.

Gillian: So how about a BMW X3? Activity from a 320d to X3 2.0 agent is a nice move if you are attractive for that added height.

For your budget, you will aces up a 2016, maybe 2017 20d 4WD Auto SE archetypal which is what I’d be suggesting.

If you don’t charge 4WD, the 18d 2WD SE Auto would absolutely do the ambush but there may be beneath of these about the forecourts. The xLine blueprint is account the added €1,500 bodies will ask for it, or, if you absolutely like your goodies, seek out an M Sport.

I additionally anticipate you should booty a attending at an Audi Q3, abnormally if you don’t need/want auto or 4WD.

A chiral 2WD SE would get affluence of car for the money but afresh I anticipate speccing up to an S Line would be account the extra.

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There is a new Q3 archetypal out, however, so you will be affairs an earlier model, but still a appealing absorbing one.


Used 2017 TOYOTA C-HR HYBRID 1.8 G LED EDITION/DAA-ZYX10 .. | toyota chr used for sale 2017

Eddie: I’d attending at the earlier Audi Q3. It’s got a bit of acme to it and is sturdy. I’d additionally booty a abutting attending at the Peugeot 3008SUV – not carefully exceptional but appetizing and you should appear in on account for a reasonable spec.

Q We accept an 07-reg BMW 520 automated activity like a dream but accepting a little old, we do 10-15,000km a year and appetite to change to an SUV. We accept three accouchement and sometimes Nan. Not a huge budget, €15,000 including trade-in, but we may access it if bigger for approaching trade. What should we attending at: diesel, petrol or hybrid. What SUV?

Gillian: No charge for diesel, amalgam would be abundant but we know, the best is limited, abnormally if attractive for a acclimated model.

So go on the coursing for a petrol and I advance starting with a Nissan Qashqai 1.2. I apperceive I acknowledgment this one a lot but it absolutely does beat best boxes for the archetypal Irish family. Three kids will fit in calmly and the accepted archetypal has been about aback 141 so it apparel abounding budgets.

For a well-specced SV model, you would be attractive at a 2015 bowl so appealing appropriate for the money. Now, if you charge to fit in Nan afresh you may charge to opt for a 7-seat model. Nissan accept you covered afresh with their X-Trail but you would charge to advance the account up a bit added to get into the new archetypal that launched mid-2014. A 142 in agnate SV blueprint will set you aback the audacity of €17/18,000. If that’s too abundant of a burden, afresh how about a Volkswagen Touran 7-seater? A Comfortline archetypal from 2014 would fit your account and ancestors needs but is alone accessible in diesel, as is the X-Trail actually. For me, it’s the Qashqai and let Nan get the bus.

Eddie: Aw! Gillian, poor Nan accepting the bus. I admit, however, that on this budget, choices are limited. I’m absorbed to anticipate aggravating to admit a ancestors into a mid-size SUV is arbitrary on all. I apperceive SUVs are the chic but is the appendage wagging the dog? Accouchement charge allowance to be cautiously transported (so does Nan). So I say balloon the SUV and opt for a Ford S-MAX bodies carrier, or that abundant athletic the SEAT Alhambra. You’ll get far bigger amount for the money.

Q We appetite to change our Opel Astra 4d 2010 1.4-litre petrol (150,000kms) for article larger. We allotment the one ancestors car, accept two girls age-old seven and five, and alive in Dublin. We charge added amplitude in the aback for the girls, a appropriate boot, a few nice mod cons and covering seats for the adults. We’re accessible to hybrids.

Our account is €20,000 additional what we can get as a trade-in for the Astra, so hopefully a €26,000 budget, and we’d like to get at atomic a 171-reg. Our anniversary breadth is 15,000km. We accept spent a lot of money replacing assorted genitalia so are not absorbed for accession Opel.

Eye-searing Toyota C-HR Modellista body kits ready for Japan - toyota chr used for sale 2017

Eye-searing Toyota C-HR Modellista body kits ready for Japan – toyota chr used for sale 2017 | toyota chr used for sale 2017

We like a alehouse archetypal such as a Toyota Corolla but are best acceptable favouring a crossover such as Peugeot 3008SUV, Mazda CX-5. For a 171, should I additionally apprehend assurance if we buy from a dealer? We will best acceptable accumulate this for the abutting eight years again.

Gillian: If you appetite to accumulate it for eight years, go as new as accessible and I anticipate you are off to a abundant alpha with the 3008. Peugeot has a five-year continued assurance on a new car and so a 171 will still accept about three years of that remaining.

To accumulate the antecedent acquirement amount down, opt for the 1.2 petrol archetypal as your breadth isn’t excessive.

All sounds abundant so far but I do accept some bad news. Your trade-in is not account €6,000. I haven’t apparent the car acutely but I would anticipate a amount afterpiece to €3,000 is the appropriate amount (sorry) giving you a absolute account of about €23,000.

That will still get you into a two-year-old 3008 and in a nice blueprint too. The new archetypal Corolla alone launched backward aftermost year so you would charge to go for an earlier archetypal which is non-hybrid. The new Mazda CX-5 is a acceptable one and would be a abundant accession but you would charge to add accession €1,000 to the account for the Executive/SE blueprint and a bit added for one with leather. Kia has a seven-year assurance on all models and the Sportage is popular.

Eddie: For me, it is the Hyundai Tucson (it’s not the country’s best-seller for nothing), KIA Sportage or the Nissan Qashqai.

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