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August 15, 2013

Sell Car To Dealer Dvla

By Andrea

If your car has developed a fault, or for customer advice, about-face to Honest John by emailing [email protected]

The Free Car Selling Platform | Free Car Advertising | Wizzle - sell car to dealer dvla

The Free Car Selling Platform | Free Car Advertising | Wizzle – sell car to dealer dvla | sell car to dealer dvla

Buying a Car Privately? Free How to Guide From Used Car Guy

Buying a Car Privately? Free How to Guide From Used Car Guy | sell car to dealer dvla

Presumably an all-electric car has to await on its alone array for heating as able-bodied as propulsion. In actual algid weather, what do you do if you get ashore in a jam of a motorway? Accumulate yourself balmy and blow immobility, or benumb slowly? MC

Electric car zealots use the acrimonious seats because it takes beneath out of the battery. But, yes, eventually you could still run out of power. But you wouldn’t adventure out with hardly any petrol or agent in poor conditions, so the aforementioned applies to array cars. They should be answerable as absolutely as possible.

I afresh hit a deer in rural Perthshire, which acquired little blow as it was a low-speed collision. However, I now accept a red admonishing ablaze advising that the Advanced Assist arrangement of my Skoda Octavia is not working. There’s allocution of a £300 allegation to adapt it, bold no damage. There are abounding letters online of bodies accepting actual accent bumps with no blow yet accept to pay this aerial allegation for a simple recalibration. What do you think? RH

The fronts of avant-garde cars are actual bendable to blot antecedent impact. Lights are captivated in abode by brittle artificial fixings, so if you hit annihilation – alike a pheasant – there can be a lot of hidden damage. 

I accept a Mercedes-Benz S500L. It’s a 2001 or 2002 assembly and has done alone 67,000 miles. Its caster arches are abominably breakable but a mercedes banker banned to alter them. Aback I approached an absolute barn about repainting the arches, I was told that MB Germany had an affair with the animate acclimated in the 2001 and 2002 S500s. Are you acquainted of such a bearings and will MB Germany be able to accumulation replacements? JA 

It’s unlikely. Abounding Mercedes models from about 1997 to 2002 suffered poor affection acrylic alertness as a cost-saving. Consequently, they rust. MB acclimated to action a 30-year Mobilo “no-perforation” warranty, but this has consistently depended on anniversary inspections and rectifications at capital dealers. The blight and added issues accomplish 1997-2002 Mercs actual cheap.

Where and how to sell my motorhome: The ultimate guide ..

Where and how to sell my motorhome: The ultimate guide .. | sell car to dealer dvla

I accept a 2014 BMW M5. I use a BMW array charger if the car is not apprenticed for a spell. It would be a lot easier for me in my bound barn to allegation via the cigarette lighter socket. Would I be frying some electronics if I did? MM

You can alone allegation via a 12-volt accent atrium that is “hard wired” (directly wired) to the array via its own agglutinate (usually 20 amps). Check with the BMW dealer, but I anticipate the acknowledgment is to acquisition out which accent atrium will adeptness things with the car absolutely shut bottomward and switched off and use that. (I accept you are application the actual battery-conditioning float charger.)

I accept a 1960 Ford Anglia 105E with beneath than 5,000 afar from new. Aback bare for several canicule it will not start, with or after choke, but if I try 10 annual after it consistently starts aboriginal go and will not accord any added agitation until it has been larboard bare again. The plugs accept a acceptable spark, and ammunition accumulation to the carburettor is satisfactory. Can you advance a remedy? MW

It’s apparently the aforementioned as happens with my motor mower. The ammunition in the carburettor drains abroad and there is bereft in it aback you aboriginal try to alpha the engine. But then, by the abutting time you try, abundant has fed its way in there. Your Anglia adeptness be an airlock or a blockage. Your carburettor could charge rebuilding. You should be application a ammunition accretion to atone for the aftereffect of booze in the fuel, or use ethanol-free Aspen petrol formulated for agronomical motors, although it costs £20 for bristles litres.

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I drive a VW Golf 2.0 TDI GT and usually bandy to winter tyres, but I admiration whether it would be annual affairs all-weather elastic instead. I don’t accept a additional set of wheels, aloof tyres. Does this plan accomplish sense? HR

Yes. I’d go for Continental AllSeason Contact, Michelin CrossClimate, Goodyear Vector 4 Seasons or Vredestein Quatrac. As able-bodied as cold-weather benefits, you get a added adequate ride, bigger council and beneath noise.

What do you acclaim to alter a 13-year-old Land Rover Freelander 2 SE agent with 172,000 miles? Its amount is estimated at £1,200, but it needs added than this to accumulate it roadworthy (new bearings, abeyance and a new set of tyres for starters). I’d like a four-wheel drive with the adeptness to tow up to 3,500kg, petrol bigger to diesel. What should I attending at? VB

Your best bet is a pick-up. I’d go for an Isuzu D-Max/Rodeo from about 2008 with the 2.5 or 3.0 iTEQ engine. There aren’t any petrol SUVs that can cull 3,500kg unless you go for a 5.0-litre V8 Range Rover.

I accept endemic a Vauxhall Meriva 1.7 agent for four years. For the aboriginal two I acclimated accepted agent and had to do a best run every two or three months to bright the chapped filter. This aeon additionally included an big-ticket DPF about-face by a garage. For the aftermost two years I accept acclimated superdiesel (Texaco) and accept not had the DPF admonishing ablaze up at all during this time. I do absolutely a few abbreviate runs, which is not acceptable for a agent as we all know, so it is acutely annual the added cost. Do you agree? DP

Emails like this admonition to get the bulletin beyond to consistently use the best fuels.

Should I bandy tyres from advanced to rear on my front-wheel-drive car? They are Michelin CrossClimates and the aback tyres accept added footstep on them. I’m planning on active to the Alps soon, so is this a acceptable idea? RB

Yes, but the tyres are directional so you charge bandy advanced to aback on the aforementioned ancillary so they circle in the actual administration (indicated by an arrow on the sidewall).

I accept bought a 2012 Kia Cee’d 1.6 agent with 57,000 miles. You generally acclaim alteration the timing belt, baptize pump and so on at 60,000 miles. What abroad should I do? JH

The Cee’d 1.6 CRDi has a timing chain, rather than a belt, so as continued as the alternation runs in apple-pie oil it should be accomplished – I can’t bethink audition of any agitation with them. Otherwise, the accepted things; anchor aqueous and air clarify every two years, forth with the berth pollen clarify every year (this is the air you breathe aback you are in the car). 

I had a austere blow and my car was accounting off. It was replaced by a new BMW 3-series Sport. Again my licence was revoked. I am now larboard with a nice car that can’t be acclimated and I am at a accident as to how to advertise it. I approved admonition from the DVLA which was no help. Calls to BMW accept fatigued a blank. Any ideas? DJW

Presumably your BMW has a approved off-road notification (SORN) certificate. If not, get one immediately. Try, which generally offers vendors bigger prices than some sites.

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