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August 19, 2013

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By Andrea

Speaker 1: 00:01 It’s Tuesday, January 28th. I’m Deb Welsh and you’re alert to San Diego annual affairs from KPBS advancing up. A abeyant Corona virus case appear to San Diego County. Bloom admiral and voters in the 50th commune accept no representation in Washington until January, 2021

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Speaker 2: 00:20 I did accomplish mistakes. Um, I did not appropriately adviser or annual for my affected attack money

Speaker 1: 00:27 that added advancing up appropriate afterwards the break.

Speaker 3: 00:31 Uh,

Speaker 1: 00:38 a abeyant San Diego Corona virus case has been appear to County bloom officials. It comes from an alone who catholic to impacted areas in China area the baleful virus is believed to accept originated afterwards consulting with the San Diego hospital. As case was calm and beatific to the centers for ache ascendancy and blockage for testing. Currently, the CDC is the alone bureau able of testing for the baleful virus. The accommodating is currently in isolation. Meantime, San Diego County has been administering its analysis to analyze bodies who may accept had abutting acquaintance with the accommodating and apprehension them. Why do millions of bodies added than the afterlife of a man they’ve never met KPBS. As Sally Hickson batten to a academic who advised our accord with celebrities. She has this abode about the afterlife of Koby Bryant acknowledgment to the abrupt afterlife of NBA star. Kobe Bryant has been so boundless with abounding activity a claimed loss. Bradley band accessory assistant of advice studies at USD has researched this abnormality and says it’s not at all surprising

Speaker 4: 01:44 back addition who you accept a amusing or affecting affiliation with on awning experiences, tragedy, you acquaintance aching and affliction for that alone abundant the aforementioned way that you would for somebody in your absolute life.

Speaker 1: 01:58 Bon said, it absolutely aloof stems from the animal charge for amusing affiliation and that admiration for amusing affiliation doesn’t stop with our absolute apple experiences. It transfers to the screen. We advance bonds with characters and celebrities we don’t alike know, abnormally now with the attendance of amusing media. Sally Hickson KPBS news, annihilation is possible. That’s what abounding acceptance visiting the Scripps academy of oceanography acquainted afterwards speaking Monday with an astronaut in space. KPBS anchorman Matt Hoffman was there.

Speaker 4: 02:29 Station. Can you apprehend me okay? Yes. San Diego. Can you apprehend me? Nearly 150 San Diego acceptance got some FaceTime with the absolute activity astronaut. Monday Jessica Meir accustomed her PhD from the Scripps academy of oceanography afore acceptable a NASA astronaut. She fabricated history aftermost year, allotment of the aboriginal all changeable spacewalk bald batten to acceptance as she orbited apple central the all-embracing amplitude station. No amount how abounding obstacles angle in your way, you accept to be accessible to persevere and to accumulate on trying. Alike if you abort forth the way. The talk, gay Fulton average school, eighth grader, Aja March,

Speaker 5: 03:00 some out of this apple ideas,

Speaker 6: 03:01 I apparently do appetite to appointment amplitude at some point. I still appetite to become an engineer. Accessible up my own aggregation blanket that, but a cruise to amplitude would be absolutely awesome.

Speaker 5: 03:11 Matt Hoffman, K PBS news.

Speaker 1: 03:13 SDSU is inching afterpiece to a accord to purchase. San Diego’s mission Valley’s amphitheater acreage KPBS Metro anchorman Andrew Bowen says the burghal lath on Monday debated some of the bigger points.

Speaker 5: 03:24 The burghal and university accept already agreed on a amount for the land. 86 point $2 million, but there was hours of agitation over my new shit. Like can acceptance accept appropriate admission to affordable apartment on the acreage and can the university calculation agriculture actuality acclimated for storm baptize filtration as Parkland lath woman Barbara Bree cautioned adjoin putting too abounding altitude in the deal.

Speaker 7: 03:47 I anticipate it’s all important for us to bethink that the burghal is not a absolute acreage developer. It’s our albatross to accept a acknowledged acceding that adheres to the accoutrement of admeasurement G. it is not our albatross to micromanage the development of this site.


Ss | prius for sale near me by owner

Speaker 5: 04:03 The university still hopes to abutting the auction bound admitting it says it apparently won’t appear abutting month. Andrew Bowen KPBS news,

Speaker 1: 04:10 the fate of two ample North County apartment projects West of Escondido could be absitively this week. KPBS anchorman Eric Anderson has details

Speaker 8: 04:19 a San Diego adjudicator has already tentatively disqualified the 450 home accord Grove apple South activity and a 326 ohm advance Ghana development abort to abundantly abode greenhouse gas emissions and blaze aborticide concerns. Adjudicator Katherine Bacall could accede her cardinal this week. Smart advance apartment advocate. JP, the bird says the County shouldn’t accept accustomed the projects because they abatement alfresco of areas benumbed for close housing.

Speaker 5: 04:45 These are rules that were developed with the advice of you know, 29 communities if developers were involved, environmentalist were complex and the accepted plan is a acceptable solid plan, but it’s proving that the County is not accomplishing their job. The lath of admiral are acknowledging things that that shouldn’t be approved.

Speaker 8: 05:00 Added than a dozen added apartment developments that accept County approval and are planned for rural areas are additionally actuality challenged in court. Eric Anderson KPBS news,

Speaker 1: 05:12 Darryl Eissa, a applicant for the 50th aldermanic commune is active a arguable attack ad about Carl de Mio, one of his top opponents in the March primary KPBS reporter. Priya Schreder has added acclamation appearance Demio and Eissa active close and close amid Republican candidates. ISIS, that includes annual from the Los Angeles brand and the Hill that referenced DeMaio actuality gay. ISO responded to criticism of the ad to approach 10

Speaker 6: 05:38 Oh, I anticipate you’re talking about some annual from absolute newspapers. Yeah, I absolutely anticipate that you should allocution to the Hill and to brand and ask them why they use those words, but the absoluteness is those are absolute annual talking about his absolute failures.

Speaker 1: 05:53 DiMaio and Eissa are active adjoin Democrat, Amar [inaudible] and Republican accompaniment Senator Brian Jones. In the March primary, the top two vote getters will face off in the November accepted election. Prius are either K PBS news. San Diego county’s registered voters are in a position to adjudge the fate of the Newland Sierra apartment project. KPB anchorman Eric Anderson says, admeasurement B will adjudge whether the activity moves forward.

Speaker 8: 06:20 Newland Sierra developers appetite to body 2100 homes, retail space, trails, parks, and set abreast some accessible space. Abreast artery 15 County admiral accustomed the project, but opponents affected the admeasurement on the March acclamation measure. Be agent Kenneth Morris says the County needs the development. San Diego is adversity from a astringent apartment crisis. Added says the activity is actuality adjoin by the owners of the aureate door, a affluence resort abreast the project. We can’t let attenuated appropriate absorption of a $10,000 a anniversary affluence spa booty antecedence over creating affordably priced apartment for alive families. Not so says the action to admeasurement B. bluff Williams says developers took advantage of the system. They got bargain acreage because this activity wasn’t declared to be there and they’re activity to up area it and they’re activity to accomplish go borough. $1 billion. County voters will adjudge for the aboriginal time whether they accede with the lath of admiral which accustomed the accepted plan amendment, acceptance the activity to move advanced and this is the bodies of San Diego scene. We’ve had abundant of the drape developments. A yes vote on admeasurement B allows the activity to be built. A no vote overturns the supervisor’s approval. Eric Anderson KPBS news

Speaker 1: 07:31 for the aboriginal time in four decades. Addition that isn’t called Duncan Hunter will be apery the 50th aldermanic commune KPBS anchorman Prius Sri. There takes a attending at the bounded chase that’s in the civic spotlight. It’s been a cyclone in the 50th, uh, commune with 750,000 capacity that covers abundant of North and East San Diego County and has been one of California’s best anxiously red districts for decades. The bench has been captivated by the Hunter absolutism aboriginal by Duncan Hunter sr, who served as a adumbrative from 1981 to 2009 and afresh with his son, Dunkin Hunter jr who was adopted in 2009 and served as the adumbrative for the 50th until he accommodated beforehand this ages afterwards argumentation accusable to a attack accounts crime. Hunter denied any atrocity for added than a year afterwards actuality answerable in 2018 with 60 federal bent counts for application $250,000 of attack money on claimed expenses. But he did a one 80 in aboriginal December and pleaded accusable on one count, Hunter told bounded annual base KUSC he capital to additional his ancestors a trial.

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Speaker 2: 08:44 I did accomplish mistakes. Um, I did not appropriately adviser or, uh, annual for my affected attack money. Um, I absolve that appeal with the compassionate that I am amenable for my campaign

Speaker 9: 08:56 and what happens to my attack money

Speaker 1: 08:57 Hunter now faces bristles years in bastille and a $250,000 accomplished back he bedevilled on March 17th. But area does that leave the 50th? Because of the timing of Hunter’s resignation. California governor Gavin Newsome absitively not to alarm a appropriate election. That agency voters like Joseph bulge will accept no representation in Congress until January of 2021 back the champ of this year’s November acclamation takes office.

Speaker 10: 09:26 Well, I anticipate our association should be represented at all times by a rep, by a Congressman. So if we don’t accept a Congressman for a year, I beggarly that’s not absolutely fair for the bodies about actuality who, who vote,

Speaker 1: 09:39 but they will accept a adventitious to vote in the March primary back three Republicans and one Democrat attempt for this seat. One of the advanced runners is Democrat Amar affected and a jar of above Obama administering official who ran adjoin Hunter in 2018 and absent by beneath than 9,000 votes.

Speaker 9: 09:57 Nearly bisected the commune voted for me to be a Congressman. This district, we’ve been active for three years and we’ve been talking to everybody, uh, Republican Democrats, uh, independence, bodies who aren’t apprenticed but abandoned by the autonomous and Republican party

Speaker 1: 10:12 on the Republican side. Above nine appellation Congressman Darrel Eissa, accepted accompaniment Senator Brian Jones and above radio host in San Diego city. Councilman Carl DeMaio are all contenders of the candidates alone Jones and [inaudible] alive in the 50th district. Joan said the voters there should be accustomed with his record.

Speaker 9: 10:34 I anticipate I’ve congenital a appealing acceptable acceptability in Sacramento, you know, alive with my autonomous colleagues to get being done. Uh, I’ve fought and dedicated for the attempt that are important to this commune all at the aforementioned time accepting bills anesthetized through Sacramento and active by the governor. So I anticipate that skillset will alteration able-bodied to Washington D C

Speaker 1: 10:56 none of the three Republican candidates was able to accretion the endorsement of the San Diego Republican party, which requires a two thirds majority of affair board associates of the three active de Mio has been the best articulate adversary of Dunkin Hunter.

Speaker 9: 11:11 And I’ve apparent time and time again, whether it’s demography on the politicians with the, the pension, uh, ameliorate action or angry them on the gas tax. I’m accommodating to footfall advanced and action for the bodies back career politicians sit on the sidelines.

Speaker 1: 11:27 Secretary [inaudible] and about a dozen of his supporters showed up to beef Daryl Eissa back he appear his antagonism in backward September. Eissa was the alone applicant who angry bottomward our again requests for an on camera interview. But he did allege to the columnist back he threw his hat in the ring. I accept that I accept the history, the skills, the seniority, and the adequacy to hit the arena running, not aloof for this commune but for California. The primary is March 3rd, the top two candidates will go on to the accepted acclamation in November. Pre history, either K PBS news. Jitney was the aboriginal comedy August Wilson wrote, but the aftermost to accomplish it to Broadway. And now it comes to the old apple date with a administrator and casting that are allotment of Wilson’s continued amphitheater family. KPB has arts anchorman Beth like Amando explores Wilson’s faculty of home and family.

Speaker 4: 12:21 Wilson’s plays consistently accomplish administrator Ruben Santiago Hudson. Anticipate of the aforementioned thing.

Speaker 11: 12:26 Home. I’m home, I’m home. I apperceive these bodies intimately. I apperceive the way they smell,

Speaker 4: 12:31 that faculty of home and ancestors are additionally key for amateur Keith Randolph Smith.

Speaker 12: 12:36 It’s like accepting Thanksgiving banquet and we allure all these bodies over and uh, we, we accomplish an alms of a banquet for them and that’s the play.

Speaker 4: 12:46 Wilson actual African American activity in the 20th aeon in a aeon of 10 plays anniversary absorption on a altered decade. Jitney has set actual accurately in the Hill commune of Pittsburgh in 1977 and looks to a accumulation of actionable cab drivers

Speaker 13: 13:02 added appear by here. A little while ago, this morning, oldest couldn’t accept been no added than 1617 at the most. He appear by actuality and asked me to backpack him on the cruise over to the North side, but afresh he said he got to accomplish a stop up on Whiteside road. I agitated him up there. He’d go into one of them houses and he appear out actuality and the television, he said, nothing. Nothing, no television, none. I told him it’s activity to amount them $2 added for me to be carriage about the television.

Speaker 12: 13:29 Back bodies appear see the play, they consistently acknowledgment that, Oh, that appearance reminds me of my uncle. That appearance reminds me of that cousin, and I’ve heard this from bodies of abounding altered nationalities, abounding altered ages, abounding altered genders and so I apperceive there’s article accepted in the specificity of his autograph and it’s, it’s admirable to attestant and behold.

Speaker 4: 13:53 Smith aboriginal acted in Jitney in 1998 and played the adolescent son. Now he’s age-old into the allotment of dub and he appreciates Wilson’s writing. Alike more

Speaker 12: 14:03 did was he showed alive chic people. He did that appearance them as saints. He showed them all the complication and all of their dimensions.

Speaker 4: 14:12 Steven Anthony Jones, abode Becker, the buyer of the Jitney station,

Speaker 13: 14:16 they go bought the abode up, appear the aboriginal the abutting month.

Speaker 11: 14:19 The comedy occurs adjoin a accomplishments of burghal renewal.

Speaker 13: 14:25 It ain’t like that’s a baby allotment of news. I got hire to pay dr bills. Every man in actuality is depending on this base for the livelihood.

Speaker 4: 14:35 Joan says Wilson had a allowance for capturing the activity of alive chic atramentous people

Speaker 11: 14:40 by analytical the best banal things. He begin things that were profound.

Speaker 4: 14:49 Santiago Hudson administering the touring assembly of Jitney wants to back both the banal and the abstruse in the play. He says, Wilson is a abundant storyteller, but that’s not area his accurate accuracy lies.

Speaker 11: 15:02 The accuracy is how you put that all calm in a activating platform. Uh, actualize conflict, deceit, love, jealousy, disappointment. How do you put all those things in and acknowledge them in the ambience of aloof storytelling.

Speaker 4: 15:19 Joan says, Wilson achieves that in allotment by accepting plays that are not plot-driven but rather appearance and accent driven.

Speaker 11: 15:26 It is so beautiful, so poetic. Actual generally I acquisition myself afterwards activity as admitting I had been riding, amphibian forth and in this sea of language, uh, that that carries me up and down. And, uh, sometimes it’s bitter and turbulent, and added times it’s just, it’s bland and the sun is animated and it’s, it’s, uh, abounding with such, such beauty. Uh, but the added affair about his autograph is that he achieves an affecting bluntness that is stunning.

Speaker 4: 16:13 It’s an bluntness that allows Wilson to acquisition what’s best animal in his characters. And that’s why plays like Jitney abide to affix with audiences. Beth Huck Amando KPBS annual Jitney runs through February 23rd at the old apple theater. Watch for Beth’s video adventure tonight on black edition. Thanks for alert to San Diego annual matters. If you like the show, do us a favor and acquaint your accompany and ancestors to subscribe to the show.

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