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MAYBE YOU’RE NOT LIKE US. MAYBE YOU DON’T SPEND hours—when you should be working—trolling the Dallas Axial Appraisal District’s web site, indulging your basest voyeuristic urges, adorable up your neighbors’ houses and your friends’ houses and your enemies’ houses, seeing how abundant they’re worth. It’s accessible you’re added blameless than us. But we agnosticism it. So go ahead. Indulge.

A few words, though, about methodology, if you care. Whiskey makers accept a appellation for the aqueous that is absent to dehydration as a whiskey ages in its barrel. It works out to about 2 percent of a barrel’s capacity per annum. They alarm it the “angels’ share.” Well, anticipate of this account as a accomplished whiskey. Some information, we know, has able us. That’s our angels’ share. Surely there is a name that should be on this account but isn’t. And for a few names that are on the list, we could administer but the barest biographical details. Despite owning a $6 actor house, these bodies administer to leave hardly a brand on the accessible record. They accomplish through cavalcade appointment boxes, and they abstain any press. Their abundance seems to accept no provenance. To them we say, Acceptable move.

Finally, as for the baronial itself, TaxNetUSA did it, application abstracts apery distinct accounts with the Dallas Axial Appraisal District. For example, Kenny Troutt has cobbled calm several properties, listed beneath several accounts. Added together, they would put him at cardinal two on our list. But we ranked him based on the bigger of his accounts, which put him at cardinal 26. So there.


Tom Hicks is administrator of the advance close Hicks, Muse, Tate & Furst, and he owns the Stars and Rangers. He and his wife alive in the celebrated Crespi estate, congenital in 1938, off Walnut Hill Lane and the Tollway. The Appraisal District lists the address at 24,438 aboveboard feet, sitting on 20 acres. But this doesn’t accommodate the abutting accoutrements that are listed alone and that Hicks has added to the acreage (as allotment of a appear $50 actor to $70 actor amplification and adjustment accomplishment that was afresh completed). The additions are listed for accession 5 acreage and $4,047,200. And don’t balloon Hicks’ added address on Beverly Drive. It’s admired at $4,620,000 and is for sale.

2. Lyn and John Muse


John Muse is the arch operating administrator of the advance close Hicks, Muse, Tate & Furst. Admitting Muse has been based in London of late, his Highland Park pad is a nice address to appear home to. Aloof off Preston Road, it was already the home of aloft governor Bill Clements. The Appraisal District has it at 24,932 aboveboard feet, on 8 acres. Muse additionally owns accession address on Beverly Drive, which is listed at $3,629,709.

3. Ed Cox


This is the ancient Ed Cox, oilman and angel of the arts (he’s a trustee for the Dallas Museum of Art and a lifetime honorary affiliate of the National Gallery of Art’s lath of trustees). SMU’s business academy bears his name. The 19,650-square-foot address was congenital in 1912. It sits on 7 acres, off Beverly Drive.

4. Joyce and Larry Lacerte


With his brother Phil, Larry started Lacerte Software, which they awash in 1998 to Intuit (the artist of Quicken) for $400 actor in cash. His 23,777-square-foot Park Lane address was congenital in 1992.

5. H. Ross Perot


To apperceive him is to adulation his pie charts. In 1962, Perot’s wife Margot loaned him $1,000 to alpha a one-man abstracts processing aggregation alleged EDS. In 1984, he awash that aggregation to Accepted Motors for $2.5 billion. Perot retained buying until 1986, again broke a non-compete to alpha Perot Systems, which additionally fabricated him a array of cash. He’s account an estimated $3.7 billion. He ran for admiral twice. He wrote a book. His 9,462-square-foot Strait Lane address sits on 17 acres.

6. Roxanne and Gene Phillips


Those who anamnesis the S&L crisis of the 1980s apperceive Gene Phillips as the man who oversaw the amazing collapse of Southmark. His bright accomplished includes actuality accusable alongside associates of Mafia families (he was acquitted in 2002). Phillips can beam at it all from his 13-acre Preston Hollow acreage whose aloft association were LTV artist Jim Ling and Lamar Hunt. The advanced gates already bore ample gold L’s for “Ling.” The thrifty Hunt larboard them up, but Phillips reportedly replaced them with P’s.

7. Gerald Ford


Broker and SMU lath administrator Gerald Ford is account an estimated $1 billion (Ford Stadium brought the account bottomward aloof a skosh). His 10,156-square-foot address is the bigger residential acreage in University Park and was aforetime the home of oilman Algur Meadows. Interestingly, the Appraisal District deems the action of the address “very poor.”

8. Gene and Jerry Jones


The man from Arkansas fabricated his money in oil and gas, and again he bought the Cowboys. Today he’s account $900 million, accord or take. Afterwards a aloft facelift, his two-story, 14,044-square-foot Mediterranean-style alcazar on Preston Road appearance marble floors and 30-foot ceilings.

9. Mark Cuban


He awash to Yahoo in 1999 and today is account about $1.5 billion. He owns the Mavericks. His Preston Hollow address is on the rolls for 20,751 aboveboard feet, but don’t balloon the address in Palm Beach; the $13.74 actor address in Manhattan; and the $3.35 actor three-bedroom accommodation appropriate abutting aperture to that condo.

10. Fred Baron and Lisa Blue


Balloon advocate Fred Baron founded the close of Baron & Budd, breadth he basically invented the asbestos accountability case and breadth he additionally met his wife, Lisa Blue, one of the firm’s top attorneys lawyers. The brace lives in a 15,254-square-foot address appropriate bottomward the artery from Mark Cuban. It was advised by acclaimed New York artist Robert A.M. Stern, who has declared it as a “20th-century estimation of English Georgian.” 

11. Nathalie and Jean-Raymond Boulle


Globetrotting design magnate Jean-Raymond Boulle has his 32,153-square-foot Strait Lane address registered beneath his advance company, Texas Treasure Fields. Before the Chateau du Triomphe was gutted by a blaze aftermost summer, it was on the bazaar for $44.9 million, and—with its bedfellow dwellings, agents quarters, and whatnot—probably comprised afterpiece to 73,000 aboveboard feet, authoritative it one of the bigger homes in the country. Nice! (Well, except for the fire.) 

12. Suzanne and Patrick McGee


Suzanne’s average name is Perot and her mom is Margot. Patrick is a arch in Brazos Advance Partners, a merchant coffer affiliated with the Wyly family. Suzanne’s 17,913-square-foot University Park home appearance two wet bars. 

13. Mary and Stan Finney


The alone affair we could apprentice about the Finneys is that Stan is a stockbroker, and Mary Clare is on the lath of the Crystal Alms Ball. Their 14,215-square-foot address is in University Park. 

14. Scott Ginsburg


Scott Ginsburg was the aloft arch controlling of radio alternation Evergreen Media. He owns a Porsche dealership in Plano and the restaurant Bamboo Bamboo (formerly Voltaire). In March, Ginsburg was affianced to adherent Melissa Stevens. His Park Lane address does not accept a basement. 

15. Linda and Allen Meyer


Allen Meyer is a antisocial dairy magnate. Rarely photographed or accounting about, Meyer is the carnality administrator of Dallas’ National Dairy Holdings, the second-largest dairy processor in the country (after Dallas’ Dean Foods). His 11,846-square-foot University Park address appearance servants’ quarters, a spa, and a gazebo. 

16. Debbie and John Tolleson


First USA acclaim agenda artist John Tolleson and his wife Debbie generally authority alms receptions and functions at their 1946 home on Hunters Glen Road. The two-story, 13,185-square-foot address has six bedrooms, six bathrooms (two half-bathrooms), and seven fireplaces. 

17. Elaine and Trevor Pearlman


Trevor Pearlman was a balloon advocate and accomplice with Silber Pearlman, but the big-time Democratic donor is now an advance banker. He and his wife alive in a 15,338-square-foot Preston Hollow home. 

18. Sharon and Terry Worrell


Terry Worrell was the co-founder, president, and CEO of Sound Warehouse until Blockbuster bought the company. He’s now the admiral of Worrell Investments. The University Park address that he shares with wife Sharon was congenital in 1946. 

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2017 Porsche 911 Carrera S Cabriolet For Sale in Dallas .. | porsche for sale by owner dallas

19. Carol and Steven Aaron


In 1980, Steven Aaron founded Stevens Transport, a air-conditioned trucking company. He and wife Carol own a 1996 address in Preston Hollow that has a ample aboideau on its driveway. 

20. Myrna and Robert Schlegel


Robert Schlegel was annoyed of actuality a CPA in Toronto, so he confused to Dallas to begin Pavestone, a aggregation that makes and distributes concrete. He lives with his wife Myrna in a address that has 10 bedrooms and 12 bathrooms (five half-baths). 

21. Tandy and Lee Roy Mitchell


Tandy and Lee Roy Mitchell like movies. He’s the administrator and CEO of Cinemark and she’s carnality chairperson, EVP, and secretary. Plus, their address has a private, 21-seat home amphitheater that has a advanced projector. 

22. Lillie and Phil Romano


Phil Romano started Fuddrucker’s, Macaroni Grill, Eatzi’s, and Nick & Sam’s, to name a few. He and wife Lillie alive in Preston Hollow in a address congenital in 2001.

23. Candice and Robert Haas


Robert Haas, the aloft accomplice of Tom Hicks, is now administrator and co-founder of Haas, Wheat, & Partners, a Dallas-based clandestine advance firm. The couple’s address has four bedrooms and 10 fireplaces. 

24. Cayla and William K. Woodruff III


Cayla and William K. Woodruff III own a Mediterranean-style Preston Hollow home on 3 acres. At atomic they did according to the 2003 tax rolls. William is a clandestine advance banker, best afresh administrator and CEO of Optical Switch Corporation. 

25. Caroline and Charles Wyly


Charles Wyly and brother Sam (see cardinal 61) awash the family’s computer companies—Sterling Software and Sterling Commerce—for $8 billion in 2000. Two years ago, Charles replaced brother Sam as administrator of the Michaels alternation of ability stores. He and his wife Caroline alive in a 4,666-square-foot home that the Appraisal District deems to be in “good” condition. Granted, it’s on 3 acres.

26. Lisa and Kenny Troutt


Officially, the artist of Excel Communications and his wife Lisa alive in a 13,092-square-foot home on 3 acreage in Preston Hollow. But that’s not counting the abutting 2 acreage on the tax rolls for $1.36 million, not to acknowledgment the 12 added backdrop the billionaire owns. Altogether, Troutt has accumulated added than $20 actor in property, 30 acreage of prime absolute estate. Nice!

27. Dominique and George Perrin


George Perrin, artist of broke PageNet, is added acclaimed for the address he acclimated to own, the Boulle address listed above. But these digs, which he shares with his wife Dominique, aren’t too bare either: four bedrooms, four baths, servants’ quarters, tennis court, and bedfellow house. The accomplished bit.

28. Cathy and Ralph Oats


In 1992, Ralph Oats started Wellness International Network, a multilevel-marketing accouterments affairs comestible products. Some distributors accept said in cloister abstracts that it’s an actionable pyramid scheme. Regardless, Ralph and his wife Cathy refurbished their 16,041-square-foot Preston Hollow home to attending absolutely like the White House.

29. Ann and Cary Maguire


Oilman and SMU benefactor Cary Maguire and his wife Ann alive next-door to Scott Ginsburg in analogously chaste breeding (see cardinal 14). But not too understated: Maguire, an enthusiast of American history, has recreated the egg-shaped appointment and presidential library in his home.  

30. Mary and Albert Huddleston


Albert and Mary who? Mary’s beginning name is Hunt. That’s who. Interestingly, the amount of the 14,551-square-foot home is alone hardly added than the Highland Park acreage that it sits on. 

31. Henrietta Schultz


All that could be abstruse about added Schultz is that her 8,822-square-foot Preston Hollow home was congenital in 1930, authoritative it 14 years her junior.

32. Jimmy and Carl Westcott


Carl Westcott congenital a abundant accumulation of car dealerships and again went on to begin a accessory aggregation alleged Westcott Communications, which he awash in 1996 for $422 million. His added fortunes accept appear from such ambitious ventures as 1-800-FLOWERS. His University Park home has 14,677 aboveboard anxiety and a tennis court. 

33. Karina and Robert Woolley


Robert Woolley invented the all-suite abstraction in the auberge business. He founded Crown Sterling Suites in the 1970s (the antecedent of Embassy Suites). Woolley additionally bought the old Clint Murchison acreage in 1989 for $8 actor and angry the breadth into a home development armpit of 19 lots priced from $650,000 to $1 actor each. His home in Lobello Estates on Inwood Road is 15,676 aboveboard feet.

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34. Claudia and Lee Trevino


As a lad, the Merry Mex acclimated to hustle golfers at Tennison. He went on to PGA fame, including 27 PGA Tour wins and 29 (and counting) Senior Tour wins. It all appears to accept paid off. His 9,778-square-foot Preston Hollow home, congenital in 1939, has a basin and a tennis cloister but, sadly, no putting green.

35. Karen and Charles Hansen Jr.


Charles Hansen stepped bottomward as administrator and CEO of the Dallas-based bedding aggregation Pillowtex Corp. in 2000, afterwards the aggregation appear its fifth-straight annual loss. His Highland Park home, congenital in 1990, has 10,328 aboveboard anxiety and six allegedly comfortable bedrooms.

36. Joni and Michael McCoy


Michael McCoy is carnality admiral of the architectonics and engineering close PageSoutherlandPage. He is additionally Jerry Jones’ business accomplice in accustomed gas ventures. McCoy’s Preston Hollow home comprises 12,797 aboveboard anxiety and was congenital in 1995.

37. Charles Cabe


Charles Cabe, it is believed, is or was a arch of Cabe Acreage Company, based in Arkansas. International Paper bought Cabe and accession barge aggregation in 1974 for $145 million. His 12,808-square-foot Preston Hollow home sits on 2 acreage and appearance an attic accumulator elevator.  

38. Tavia and Clark Hunt


Clark Hunt is Lamar Hunt’s second-youngest adolescent and is a administrator of Hunt Sports Entertainment, the administration aggregation amenable for administering the Hunt ancestors investments in able sports. He bought his 3-acre, 10,019-square-foot Highland Park home from Peggy and Leonard Riggs.

39. Terri and Bobby Brittingham


Bobby Brittingham is the son of Robert M. Brittingham, artist of Dal-Tile Corp., which was awash in 1990 for $650 million. Bobby’s Beverly Drive home has 13,722 aboveboard anxiety and a abandoned lot abutting aperture for his kids to use as a soccer field.

40. Sherry and Brooks Reed


Brooks Reed is administrator of Bestway Rent-to-Own and a arch of Phoenix Partners, a clandestine advance firm. His University Park home was congenital in 1936 and has 11,681 aboveboard feet. It sits on a brook and has a boathouse.

41. Mike Modano


Mike Modano plays centermost for the Dallas Stars. He afresh added on to his Highland Park home, which the Appraisal District has on the rolls for 6,733 aboveboard feet. He additionally has a tennis court, pool, and several servants’ address and bedfellow cabanas—for his guests.

42. Nancy and Clay Mulford


Clay Mulford is a lawyer, and his wife Nancy is Ross Perot’s daughter. Clay served as his father-in-law’s attack administrator in 1992 and afterwards as Perot’s accepted admonition during his 1996 bid for the White House. The Mulfords’ 9,383-square-foot University Park home was congenital in 1941 and has a guesthouse with exercise room. 

43. Trudy and Bob Ladd


Bob Ladd is the CEO of Duncanville-based Texwood Industries, which makes kitchen and ablution cabinets. His sprawling Highland Park home covers 19,252 aboveboard feet.  

44. Richard Bass


Oilman Richard Bass (no affiliation to the Fort Account family) was already affiliated to Rita Clements and was one of the founders of the Vail and Snowbird ski resorts. An ardent abundance climber, Bass has summited the seven accomplished peaks on the seven continents and is now the oldest man to accept climbed Mount Everest. His 11,312-square-foot University Park home is listed in “poor condition” by the Appraisal District.

45. Nancy and James Hoak


James Hoak founded Heritage Communications in 1971, congenital the aggregation into one of the bigger cable television systems in the country, and again awash it in 1987 for $1.6 billion. Hoak’s 9,679-square-foot University Park acreage additionally includes a $1.7 actor bindle that he annexed. 

46. Diana and Rick Strauss


Rick Strauss, admiral of Republic Acreage Group, was the Bank Artery Journal’s affiche adolescent for the S&L crisis of the backward 1980s. He was the primary developer of Stonebriar and Lantana. Rick’s ancestor is aloft agent to Russia and aloft DNC administrator Bob Strauss. The brace lives in a 11,331-square-foot, one-and-a-half-story home. 

47. Catherine Marcus and William Rose


Dallas Museum of Art artist Edward Larrabee Barnes advised this ability couple’s contemporary-looking, 10,398-square-foot house, congenital in 1983. Will Rose is the son of aloft Texas Rangers co-owner Rusty Rose. Catherine is the granddaughter of Stanley Marcus. Their address has axial heating and air. 

48. Martha and Donald Miller


Martha Wyly Miller, Charles Wyly’s daughter, affiliated Don Miller Jr., who served as a administrator of Sterling Software and a administrator of the Michaels food as well. Curiously, the DCAD lists aught bedrooms for this 9,752-square-foot University Park estate.

49. Karen and Kevin Crowder


Kevin Crowder and business accomplice Jim Von Ehr started Altsys in Richardson with $7,000. When the software aggregation awash to San Francisco’s Macromedia, it was account $70 million. The Crowders alive in a 13,092-square-foot, Preston Hollow home. 

50. Julie and Jim Turner


Dr Pepper CEO Jim Turner and his wife Julie alive in a five-bedroom home in Preston Hollow, but they are additionally listed as the owners of a 6,588-square-foot address in University Park account $1,784,480 and a 22-year-old address in North Dallas account $219,090.

BUT WHERE IS SO-AND-SO?  We know, we know. You’ve combed the list, and you don’t see that blunder at Inwood Road and Royal Lane. The 100th-most big-ticket address was acquainted at $4,690,970. That 10,532-square-foot affair at Inwood and Royal belongs to Dr. Lewis Frazee, and it’s alone admired at $2,929,138. Actuality are a few added names you ability accept accepted to see on the account but won’t:



The broker is one of the richest men in the country (see our Business cavalcade on p. 45), with about $1.7 billion. But his Preston Hollow address absent the cut by $716,262.



Maybe Nasher was extenuative his money for the Sculpture Center. His admixture abreast Inwood Road and Northwest Highway fell short.



Rowling is alike richer than Harold Simmons. Estimates put him at about $2.4 billion, mostly from hotels and investments.



Mark Cuban’s associate owns an absolute attic of La Tour Condos on McKinney Avenue. But that’s not activity to get it done.

51. Jeanne and Berry Cox


Berry Cox, a clandestine broker who serves on the lath of Home Depot, is son of oilman Edwin Cox. Jeanne Tower Cox is the babe of the backward U.S. Senator John Tower. The brace lives in a 14,787-square-foot home in Highland Park that has four bedrooms, bristles abounding bathrooms, and three half-baths. One kitchen.

52. Bill Ringer


Bill Ringer is a accomplice in the accounting close of DeGregori, Gormsen & Ringer. Curiously, that close is based in Stockton, California, which is additionally breadth Ringer accurately resides. But this home in Highland Park is an adorable 10,724-square-foot, five-bedroom, five-and-a-half-bath manse that absolutely seems habitable. And if it isn’t, he could consistently absorb the night in the 68-year-old, 8,879-square-foot acreage on three abutting Douglas Avenue backdrop accretion $5,890,000 that’s registered to a Bill Ringer Trustee. 

53. Jerry Freeman


According to accessible data, the accepted administrator of the Freeman car dealerships lives alone with his son, Jerald Wayne Freeman III. If so, the two of them allotment six bedrooms and eight abounding bathrooms.

54. Henry Billingsley


Billingsley and his wife Lucy are managing ally of Billingsley Company, a aloft absolute acreage developer. Speaking of absolute estate, their 8,169-square-foot address on Turtle Brook Boulevard was congenital in 1929.

55. Teresa and John Amend


John Amend is the artist of WorkPlace USA, a bartering absolute acreage casework firm. His mansion, which overlooks White Rock Lake, is a replica of George Washington’s Mount Vernon and was congenital in 1938 by H.L. Hunt. His next-door acquaintance is pastor T.D. Jakes of Potter’s Address acclaim (whose house, at $3.3 million, didn’t accomplish this list). 

56. Norma and Harry Longwell


Harry Longwell is the controlling carnality admiral of ExxonMobil and the ninth-highest-paid activity controlling in the country. Aftermost year, in absolute compensation, he fabricated $14,746,317. Nice! His 11,976-square-foot Preston Hollow home sits on 2 acres. 

57. Angie and David Azouz


David Azouz is a corrective surgeon who is, presumably, acceptable at what he does in a burghal that keeps corrective surgeons actual busy. Azouz’s 22,608-square-foot mansion, abreast Royal Lane and Inwood Road, was congenital in 1994. 

58. Christine and Dick Brown


In backward March, EDS arch controlling Dick Brown was ousted by the lath afterwards he appear that the SEC was investigating the company’s finances. His severance amalgamation amounted to $32 million. Brown’s 10,732-square-foot University Park home does affection a sprinkler system. 

59. Roberta and Dick Snyder


Dick Snyder runs the carefully captivated Snyder Capital, a leveraged-buyout close focused on the accomplishment sector. His 17,299-square-foot address at the bend of Park Lane and Inwood Road appearance an calm basin and an elevator. This amount does not accommodate the contempo accretion of the abutting property, reconstituting the old Ted Strauss estate, admired at $2.4 million.

60. Nancy and Jeffrey Marcus


Jeffrey Marcus founded Marcus Cable, at one time the nation’s bigger apart endemic cable company. When Paul Allen’s Charter Communications bought Marcus Cable for about $3 billion, Marcus pocketed abundant to accumulate up his 10,509-square-foot University Park home—though the Appraisal District deems its action alone “very good,” a bit abbreviate of “excellent.” 

61. Sam Wyly


Sam and his brother Charles (see cardinal 25) awash their family’s software apropos for $8 billion in 2000. At 7,579 aboveboard feet, Sam’s address is bigger than Charles’, and, according to the Appraisal District, it’s in bigger action (“very good,” as against to “good”). Yet the five-bedroom manse congenital in 1924 is allegedly account less. Maybe that’s because Charles’ address has a wetbar and Sam’s address does not.

62. Cynthia and Randall Murphy


In 1976, Randall Murphy founded Acclivus, a consulting close that coaches such heavyweights as AT&T, Ernst & Young, IBM, Xerox, and Federal Express. He and wife Cynthia alive in a 10,088-square-foot home in Preston Hollow that the DCAD lists to be in “average” condition. That’s understandable, because the address was congenital in 1934.

63. Diane Buchanan and Richard Andrew


The altruistic brace has been accepted to action Greenhill acceptance tours of their 10,094-square-foot, University Park home that includes a accumulating of mostly abreast changeable artists such as Georgia O’Keeffe and Helen Frankenthaler.

64. Debbie and Frank Branson


Debbie and Frank Branson convenance law together. They alive together, too, in a Turtle Brook acreage congenital in 1941. The 9,950-square-foot abode is listed in “average” condition.

65. Sandra and Thomas Rouse


Thomas Rouse is CEO of TransFirst, a Boulder, Colorado-based Internet credit-card processing accouterments that was spun out of Affiliated Computer Casework and whose controlling offices are in Dallas. He and his wife Sandra alive in a Preston Hollow address that, according to the DCAD, has 10,806 aboveboard anxiety but no bedrooms.

66. Susan and Claude Albritton


Businessman and broker Claude Albritton and his wife Susan are added acclaimed for how they absorb their money than how they fabricated it. The affluent arts assemblage started the MAC, in accession to added altruistic contributions. The brace lives in a 13,100-square-foot home on Beverly Drive.

67. Carole and Patrick Tolbert


In 1992, Patrick Tolbert became the CFO of Sky Chefs, the airline caterer based in Arlington. He and wife Carole alive in a 10,699-square-foot home that has six bedrooms and six bathrooms on Lakeside Drive.

68. Pamela and Gary Patsley


Gary Patsley has a history with Coffer of America and his wife Pamela was admiral and CEO of Paymentech, aforetime accepted as First USA Merchant Services, which was created in 1985 at the aforementioned time as its aloft parent, First USA (see John Tolleson, cardinal 16). The brace lives in a 10,604-square-foot abode amid in Highland Park. 

69. Karen and William Seanor


William Seanor is carnality admiral of Vanguard Plastics, makers of artificial bags. There’s a plastic-bag bulb actuality in Dallas. Seanor is actuality too, with his wife Karen. They alive in a address that’s 10,752 aboveboard anxiety abreast Walnut Hill Lane and Inwood Road. The home’s exoteric bank actual is listed as “multiple.” Plastic? Perhaps. 

70. Margaret and Shlomo Finn


Neurologist Shlomo Finn allegedly prefers to go by his average name, Sam. He and his wife

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