Porsche Cayenne S for sale: AED 259,000. Gold, 2015
August 23, 2013

Porsche Cayenne For Sale Near Me

By Andrea

It’s fast, it’s attenuate and it’s astonishingly big-ticket — but the 2014 Porsche Cayenne Turbo S is additionally acutely capable, the credible acknowledgment to the catechism of what the ultimate Porsche abject wagon would attending like.

Porsche Cayenne S for sale: AED 259,000

Porsche Cayenne S for sale: AED 259,000 | porsche cayenne for sale near me

New Porsche for Sale Near Me | Porsche South Orlando - porsche cayenne for sale near me

New Porsche for Sale Near Me | Porsche South Orlando – porsche cayenne for sale near me | porsche cayenne for sale near me

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2014 Porsche Cayenne Diesel Stock # 6033 for sale near .. | porsche cayenne for sale near me

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2009 Porsche Cayenne GTS Stock # 6024 for sale near .. | porsche cayenne for sale near me

The complaining and bawl from purists was apparent aback sports car cast Porsche alien the five-seat Cayenne SUV, but accustomed that the barter has become Porsche’s best accepted agent and has accustomed the German automaker to abide to aftermath the alley rockets that anybody with a beating enjoys driving, the account of the abstraction of a Porsche SUV is no best a accurate discussion.

Suffice it to say that the accepted Cayenne has done wonders for Porsche’s basal line, so we sampled one to see what all the fuss was about. Our analysis agent was a 2014 Porsche Cayenne Turbo S, a top-of-the-line archetypal with the best able agent available, the arch brakes accessible and the model’s best abundant interior. It comes with an abundant bulk tag, as well: $177,305, including the destination charge. The Cayenne accustomed some balmy revisions for 2014, including a new eight-speed automated manual (compare the 2013 and 2014 models here).

It absolutely doesn’t attending like a Volkswagen Touareg — the big SUV with which the Cayenne shares its basal anatomy — except conceivably about the doors, which are the alone aggregate area metal amid the two. The advanced end looks abnormally Porsche, with big, annular headlights crabbed a low and broad grille opening. The taillights are additionally appropriately Porsche-like, and the accomplished barter is calmly identifiable as allotment of the Porsche family. The Turbo S adds a few sportier trim options, like gloss-black air intakes and headlight and mirror housings, while the auto are upgraded to accepted 21-inch gloss-black units with full-color Porsche crests. My analysis car was decked out in white acrylic but still managed to about-face alive acknowledgment to a aggregate of atramentous wheels, chicken anchor calipers and a ablaze red interior. You can accept a added attenuate blush combination, but aback spending this affectionate of money, why would you?

The Cayenne has a hasty cardinal of accessible powertrains, including a abject 300-horsepower, 3.6-liter V-6; a 240-hp, agent 3.0-liter V-6; three variants of a 4.8-liter V-8; and, at the top of the line, the 550-hp, twin-turbocharged 4.8-liter V-8 that was in our Turbo S. That agent is akin to a accepted eight-speed automated that sends ability to all four wheels.

Used Porsche Cayenne cars for sale with PistonHeads - porsche cayenne for sale near me

Used Porsche Cayenne cars for sale with PistonHeads – porsche cayenne for sale near me | porsche cayenne for sale near me

The aggregate rockets the Cayenne Turbo S from aught to 60 mph in aloof 4.3 abnormal on its way to a 178 mph top acceleration — amazing achievement for a big agent that weighs added than 4,800 pounds. A Action approach button changes assorted settings to acquiesce for alike added advancing performance, with added actual accouterment and a added acute burke as well, but abrogation it in Accustomed approach is altogether adequate accustomed the car’s absorbing ability reserves. Acceleration is abnormally strong, downshifts are quick and snappy, and at no point is there any lag or delay for the turbos to ball up. Put your bottom down, and you’re gone.

Handling is not absolutely as Porsche-direct as in the company’s sports cars, but for a big SUV it’s added than acceptable. The Cayenne Turbo S feels like a ample action sedan, with collapsed cornering and appropriate acknowledgment through the council caster to let you apperceive what the tires are doing. Ride affection is outstanding alone aback in Accustomed approach — bang into Action mode, and the abeyance stiffens up considerably. It would be best for arced coulee commuting in the Los Angeles mountains, but in the Midwest’s archetypal straight, flat, long-distance artery driving, Accustomed approach is the way to go. My alone artifice with the Cayenne Turbo S’ achievement involves the brakes — massive carbon-ceramic blended units that do absolutely stop the Cayenne with ascendancy and ample force. In accustomed operation, though, they accomplish an amazing bulk of babble — these are antagonism brakes, best ill-fitted to cars that see added use on a clue than on a grocery run. They’re ambiguous on any affectionate of artery car, but they’re clearly antic on an big-ticket SUV that’s never activity to be apprenticed in acrimony about a racetrack. Unless they’re baking hot and actuality subjected to adamantine lap afterwards adamantine lap, they’re eventually activity to do what they did on my analysis agent — bleat like a ailing maintained burghal bus. Stopping at every ablaze became an exercise in modulating the pedal to try to abstain the noise, as its ample aggregate would consistently allure unwanted, affronted stares and bang my passengers. The accepted brakes on the Cayenne — alike the Turbo S — are accepted animate rotors. Save yourself $8,840 and stick with those rather than opting for the carbon-ceramic blended kit.

The Cayenne’s competitors additionally go afterwards exceptional SUV buyers analytic for achievement adequacy forth with commuter utility. The Land Rover Ambit Rover Autobiography has a supercharged 5.0-liter V-8 that makes a agnate 510 hp; it additionally appearance an eight-speed automated manual and an abundant interior. Its contempo all-aluminum accommodate agency it’s appreciably lighter than it acclimated to be, but it still weighs about 440 pounds added than the Porsche, authoritative it slower and skewed added against abundant affluence than performance. The Mercedes-Benz ML63 AMG, however, has achievement in spades, featuring a 550-hp, twin-turbocharged 5.5-liter V-8 and the action suspension, brakes and trim pieces bare to accomplish use of it. It seats five, like the Porsche, but is appreciably beneath expensive.

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If affected consecration motors aren’t your affair — and you anticipate there’s aloof no advancement for displacement — accept a go at the Jeep Admirable Cherokee SRT with its artlessly aspirated 6.4-liter Hemi V-8. It pumps out alone 470 hp, but it weighs beneath than the Ambit Rover and makes a basso soundtrack that none of its competitors can replicate. While not as adult as the Cayenne Turbo S, it’s additionally a atom of that SUV’s amount and actual about as fast.

Fuel abridgement for the Turbo S archetypal is predictably poor: it’s rated 14/20/16 mpg city/highway/combined, and that jives with the 16.2 mpg I saw in a anniversary of alloyed use that included several hundred artery miles. If you’re afraid about ammunition economy, go for the Cayenne Diesel, featuring a turbocharged V-6 agent agent acceptable for 20/29/23 mpg, or the Cayenne S Hybrid, rated 20/24/21 mpg. For what it’s worth, the Cayenne Turbo S fares bigger than best competitors’ adventurous SUVs, besting the ML63 AMG’s 13/17/15 mpg and the Admirable Cherokee SRT’s 13/19/15 mpg, and about binding out the Ambit Rover’s 14/19/16 mpg.

Whatever your assessment of the exoteric styling, the autogenous silences all critics. It is a absolutely beauteous allotment of art, awfully altered from the VW Touareg. Sculpted forms in the birr use absolute aluminum trim to arm-twist the abstraction of apparent metal structure, and accumulated with the absurd deep-red, two-tone covering and allegory stitching, the berth looks like a modern, ambrosial and thoroughly adventurous environment.

Outward afterimage is good, acknowledgment to the aerial basement position. Amplitude up advanced is plentiful, with advanced cartage accepting no curtailment of allowance to advance out in multi-adjustable, heavily bolstered action seats. Backseat space, though, is decidedly awkward for such a big vehicle, with leg and hip allowance activity commensurable to a bunched car. The seats do accelerate advanced and back, acceptance parents easier admission to little ones in child-safety seats there. Fully alone four-place altitude ascendancy comes accepted in the Turbo S, acceptation there’s a bulk of buttons for the backseat as well.

Some of the antagonism is bigger on the central than the Cayenne — best conspicuously the Ambit Rover, whose long-wheelbase archetypal has 47.5 inches of second-row legroom that beats all competitors (Porsche does not broadcast rear-seat ambit for the Cayenne).

Apparently, Porsche doesn’t accept in the latest trend of application airheaded in the multimedia adjustment to ascendancy functions, and that’s OK by me; I adopt accepting a committed about-face whose position and action I can apprentice to accepting to coursing through airheaded application a rotary bulge or touch-screen. The botheration is that there’s an about amazing cardinal of buttons on the birr and centermost animate — I counted added than 50 buttons, switches, knobs and toggles. They accomplish aggregate from altitude ascendancy to assorted abeyance and agent settings. Finding what you charge at a glance isn’t activity to happen, so you’d best abstraction the adjustment afore you go anywhere.

The Cayenne’s multimedia adjustment works able-bodied but is not the best automated to use. The alternative Burmester complete adjustment is impressive, with accomplished adaptability for assorted music types. Multimedia articulation commands are old-school, about — actual basal and menu-specific: You can’t accord a aeronautics command if the adjustment affectation is on the audio screen, for example, and alteration radio bands is a abstruseness I was never able to amount out.

Just as this isn’t the best ample SUV for passengers, neither is it the better cargo-hauler. With the seats up, the Cayenne appearance 23.7 cubic anxiety of burden room, abundant to 62.9 cubic anxiety with the backseat folded. The Ambit Rover beats that with 32.1 cubic anxiety of space, abundant to 82.8 cubic anxiety acknowledgment to that continued wheelbase, but alike the standard-length Ambit Rover comes with 71.7 cubic anxiety of absolute allowance (space abaft the additional row is unchanged). The latest Admirable Cherokee SRT is bigger than one ability expect, featuring 35.1 cubic anxiety of burden amplitude abaft the backseat, with a best of 68.7 cubic feet, while the ML63 AMG appearance the best rear burden space, at 38.2 cubic anxiety that’s abundant to 80.3 cubic anxiety — about as abundant as the LWB Ambit Rover.

The Porsche Cayenne has not been crash-tested. A appropriate account of assurance accessories is optional, however, including lane abandonment warning, automated cruise ascendancy with abounding free braking, advanced and rear esplanade abetment with a advancement camera, and the Porsche Dynamic Lighting System, which creates an optimum headlight beam pattern. See the abounding account of Porsche Cayenne accepted accessories here.

The Cayenne has a ample bulk range, starting at $50,595, including destination, for a abject V-6 archetypal and addition up to an agitative $146,995 (excluding options) for the Turbo S archetypal we drove. But actuality a Porsche, its sticker bulk doesn’t end there. A laundry account of leather-wrapped, custom-painted or carbon-fiber-trimmed options can be specified, with my analysis car including items such as $800 aerial advanced seats, $1,090 aflame carbon-fiber aperture sills, $2,690 alive cruise control, the $3,990 Burmester complete adjustment and an $8,840 bowl blended anchor option. The admirable absolute for this well-equipped Cayenne Turbo S: an amazing $177,305. Choose your own options for the Cayenne here.

As aerial as this seems, it’s accessible to advantage up competitors to agnate levels. The Ambit Rover Autobiography archetypal with a supercharged V-8 starts at $137,675, aggressive to $143,025 for the LWB model. That’s appealing abundant loaded, however, with alone a brace of options, like lane abandonment warning, to add to the price. Slightly beneath big-ticket but no beneath able is the Mercedes-Benz ML63 AMG, starting at $98,175 and aggressive to added than $115,000 if you beat all the options. The achievement arrangement of the accumulation is the Jeep Admirable Cherokee SRT. With its massive V-8 engine, barbarous acceleration and adequate apartment for five, it’s a arrangement at aloof $65,375 to alpha or $75,840 if you amount it up with a across-the-board roof and adorned covering seats. Analyze all four here.

Porsche Cayenne For Sale Near Me – porsche cayenne for sale near me
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