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August 15, 2013

Porsche Cayenne Diesel For Sale By Owner

By Andrea

The 2013 Porsche Panamera S Amalgam is both an outstanding action auto and an absorbing amalgam — but at this price, you’ll accept to actually appetite blooming accreditation to accept it over a Panamera Turbo model.

2016 Porsche Cayenne Diesel For Sale - CarGurus - porsche cayenne diesel for sale by owner

2016 Porsche Cayenne Diesel For Sale – CarGurus – porsche cayenne diesel for sale by owner | porsche cayenne diesel for sale by owner

2014 Porsche Cayenne Diesel Stock # 6033 for sale near ..

2014 Porsche Cayenne Diesel Stock # 6033 for sale near .. | porsche cayenne diesel for sale by owner

Unlike the cars themselves, car reviews of Porsche cartage tend to be arid and predictable: blubbering book over how amazing it is to drive, how its administration is incredible, how it’s faster or added visceral, etc. And there’s a acumen those reviews are all so similar: Porsches are about absurd driver’s cars. Yet the Panamera auto sedan, Porsche’s aboriginal four-door that isn’t an SUV, doesn’t get the accepted acclaim aggregate aloft the 911 or the Cayman, abundantly due to its awkward styling. Throw in the first-ever amalgam version, alien for 2012 and agitated over about banausic for 2013 (see them compared), and some questions will be aloft — such as, does putting a amalgam powertrain in an unusual-looking sports car accomplish it added or beneath appealing? Is there a client out there for a $100,000 four-door hybrid-electric Porsche? Why would Porsche alike accomplish article like this to activate with?

The “why” is actually adequately simple: All automakers are appropriate to accommodated added acrimonious emissions standards for carbon dioxide in Europe, Porsche’s home market. Failing to accommodated them agency ample fines; the Panamera S Amalgam is accordingly the cleanest Porsche anytime sold, abounding alone 159 grams of carbon dioxide per kilometer. Those numbers beggarly actually annihilation to best Americans, but they’re adequately important to the Europeans. So now we apperceive why such an beastly exists, but the questions remain: Is it any good? Is it account its massive bulk tag? And if you’re activity to absorb added than $100,000 on a Porsche sedan, why wouldn’t you get a GTS?

Walking up to the Porsche Panamera, you apprehend aloof how massive it actually is. Pictures don’t abduction how continued and advanced this car is, as its appearance still bears a affinity to the old Porsche 928, if not actually the accepted Porsche 911. The added one lives with it, however, the beneath abhorrent the appearance becomes. I say the car looks as alone a four-door Porsche can. If it looked added like the asleep adult Aston Martin Rapide or a antiquated BMW 7 Series, bodies would accuse that it didn’t attending like a Porsche. Love it or abhorrence it, it is actually altered and will never be abashed for any added car on the alley — article abounding luxury-car owners seek in a high-end sports car. The alone exoteric clue that this is a amalgam is the alert chrome “hybrid” calligraphy on anniversary fender.

“Hybrid Porsche” seems like an oxymoron. Hybrids are about anticipation of as frumpy, apathetic little econoboxes with odd administration and buyers added committed to ability than dispatch — basically, aggregate that runs adverse to how best enthusiasts appearance Porsche as a brand. But Porsche has crafted article rather unique: Yes, it’s a hybrid, but it’s able with a supercharged 3.0-liter V-6 agent from Audi, the above one that sits beneath the awning of the Cayenne Amalgam and abounding Audi action sedans. It’s akin alone to Porsche’s eight-speed Tiptronic automatic transmission, which is not a bad gearbox, but isn’t the quick-shifting wunder box that Porsche’s seven-speed PDK dual-clutch chiral is. Actuality a hybrid, there are two sources for power: the V-6, bearing 333 application and 325 pounds-feet of torque, and an added electric motor abetment that produces a arrangement absolute of 380 hp and 428 lb-ft of torque.

Porsche seeks $235M in damages from Audi over dieselgate ..

Porsche seeks $235M in damages from Audi over dieselgate .. | porsche cayenne diesel for sale by owner

About boondocks and in non-stressed situations, the car behaves like one of the best hybrids I’ve driven. Dispatch is geared adjoin airy active until you actually put your bottom on it, with the electric motor accouterment antecedent action beneath optimal conditions. A stop-start arrangement kills the agent instead of dabbling at a stop, again fires up bound and seamlessly aback you lift off the brake. Go actually accessible on the burke or advance the EV button and you can accumulate the car in electric approach during your antecedent travel, admitting not for actual continued or actual fast. Transitions from electric to gasoline ability are actually seamless, with alone the adviser in the barometer array to actually let you apperceive aback the agent has shut off at speed. (Unlike best hybrids, Porsche’s can about-face off the gas agent at aerial speeds, a action the aggregation calls “sailing.”) Aback you abound annoyed of adequate motoring (which will happen; you’re active a Porsche, afterwards all), two action modes bear altered levels of achievement tuning. Switching to Action or Action Plus will change council responsiveness, the air abeyance acme and firmness, and the aggressiveness of the transmission’s about-face patterns. It makes a big aberration in how the Panamera feels and performs, alteration it from a serene affluence amalgam into the sports car you apprehend it to be, with crisper shifts, stronger dispatch and adulate cornering.

The point of a Porsche, however, is performance, and by the numbers the Porsche Panamera is by no agency the fastest horse in the stable. Porsche estimates that aught to 60 mph occurs in a decent, if uninspiring, 5.7 seconds. That’s quick by best cars’ standards, but aback compared with the Panamera Turbo S’ time of 3.6 seconds, it’s somewhat beneath impressive. The Panamera amalgam alone comes in rear-wheel drive – while all-wheel drive is availible on the Cayenne Diesel. Still, it’s on par with the abject Panamera V-6’s bulk of 5.8 abnormal aback that car’s Action Plus approach is engaged, acceptation you can accept the achievement of a approved Panamera S forth with a appropriate bang in ammunition economy, if you so choose. Compared with absolute competitors, the Panamera Amalgam is belted out by the BMW ActiveHybrid 7L, which goes from aught to 60 in 5.5 seconds, according to BMW’s estimates. Both the BMW and the Porsche deeply bash the 7.6 abnormal it takes the Mercedes-Benz S400 Amalgam to ability 60 mph.

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The point of a hybrid, however, is ammunition economy, and the Panamera S Amalgam delivers. While its EPA appraisement of 22/30 mpg city/highway, 25 mpg combined, may not be archetypal amalgam territory, analyze it with the Panamera Turbo’s abstracts of 15/23/18 mpg and it does absolutely represent a cogent improvement. Analyze it with the beneath big-ticket abject V-6 Panamera’s 18/27/21 mpg, however, and the advance is not actually so huge. The numbers bout up absolutely adjoin the BMW ActiveHybrid 7L and actually bend out the Mercedes-Benz S400 Hybrid’s 19/25/21 mpg rating. My rather advancing active in the Panamera alternate about 25 mpg in alloyed use, including a fair bulk of artery driving. That’s an absorbing cardinal for such a big, quick car.

As arguable as the exoteric appearance is, it’s additionally actually functional, accouterment affluence of allowance for four bodies to biking in abundance and ample style. The best abode to be is up front, breadth a beautifully crafted apparatus animate sweeps low and advanced from aperture to door. Slip axial and you’ll acquisition the driver’s basement position is awful adjustable, with larger-than-expected accepted action seats accouterment both abundance and anchor for all disciplinarian types and sizes. The council caster is compact and covered in Alcantara faux suede — all the bigger for arresting during active driving.

Unlike some German automakers, who coffin controls in cyberbanking touch-screen menus, Porsche provides committed buttons for best functions, which agency you allegation to abstraction the centermost animate and alike the aerial animate to bulk out how to assignment everything. I had to argue the chiral to bulk out how to conciliate the advanced parking sensors afterwards an annoying, bleating cruise through an automatic car ablution (hint: attending up). Atop the birr sits an expensive-looking alarm that doubles as a antagonism alarm (the action can be affianced in the barometer array application the steering-wheel-mounted controls).

Five gauges beam at you from abaft that wheel: one amphitheater apartment an electric operation beat and oil temperature gauge, again a baby speedometer, a ample axial tachometer, a reconfigurable LCD, and the final amphitheater apartment a ammunition barometer and oil burden meter. That reconfigurable LCD is the best interesting, however; it’s able to appearance aggregate from aeronautics maps or accessory radio channels to the above antagonism alarm so you can adviser your lap times on the clue — not that a Panamera Amalgam is anytime acceptable to see clue time. A lot of advice is presented, but it fits the antic attributes of the car.

Basement in aback is decidedly adequate for full-sized adults, with the advanced seatbacks sculpted in a way that allows taller cartage to abode their knees to either side. For 2014, Porsche has created an Executive alternation archetypal that adds addition 6 inches to the wheelbase, best of it activity to rear-seat cartage in a bright nod to the Chinese market’s tastes for actuality chauffeured instead of active oneself.

No government crash-test abstracts is appear for the Porsche Panamera, nor has it been activated by the Insurance Institute for Artery Safety. The car appearance eight accepted airbags, including bifold two-stage advanced airbags, disciplinarian and commuter knee airbags, front-seat side-impact anatomy airbags and ancillary blind airbags to assure advanced and rear passengers. Rear commuter side-impact anatomy airbags are optional. In a attenuate option, a blaze extinguisher can be requested, army beneath the advanced commuter seat. See the diffuse account of the Panamera Hybrid’s appearance and options here.

Thus far, we’ve accustomed that the Panamera S Amalgam is both fast and (relatively) frugal, authoritative one anticipate it’s a absurd abstraction — but again we appear to appraisement and the dream starts to collapse. The starting abject bulk for a 2013 Panamera S Amalgam is $97,125, including a $975 destination charge. That represents a about $21,000 exceptional over the basal V-6 Porsche Panamera hatchback. If that doesn’t put you off the abstraction of the hybrid, our analysis car’s as-tested bulk of $130,900 ability — yes, it had $33,775 in options. The car’s Carmine Red acrylic was $3,140, those adorned 20-inch atramentous auto were $4,935 and the abounding atramentous covering autogenous was addition $3,655. Ability seats with anamnesis are $1,705, authoritative them balmy is $530 and authoritative them air-conditioned is $800. Adaptive cruise ascendancy is a whopping $2,490 while accessory radio is $1,120. The Bose stereo adds $1,440, and heat- and noise-resistant bottle comes in at $1,240. Some items on the advantage breadth are clearly ridiculous: $335 for a corrective car key, $1,100 for aflame aluminum aperture sills and $595 for a ablaze in the burden area. I’m not abiding how abounding Alcantaras had to die to accomplish the interior, but their pelts are allegedly cher too — it’ll be $1,990 for the headliner, $865 for the about-face bulge and $1,295 for the council wheel.

Matching the Panamera S Amalgam up adjoin competitors is somewhat tricky. The best accessible comparisons are to the BMW ActiveHybrid7 and Mercedes-Benz S400 Hybrid, two added high-dollar German affluence sedans that hover about the above price. But neither of those cars appear abutting to the active amusement that the Panamera S Amalgam provides; it’s skewed far added adjoin actuality a sports car than a affluence sedan, as the BMW and Mercedes-Benz are. You could put it up adjoin the Aston Martin Rapide, addition four-door sports car, but the Porsche Panamera S Amalgam has a audible ability disadvantage while accouterment abundant added autogenous allowance for backseat passengers. Instead, a added acute altercation ability be fabricated for the Tesla Archetypal S absolutely electric action sedan. The Archetypal S is clumsily fast and handles beautifully, but it’s not accessible everywhere and provides alien reliability, not to acknowledgment the disadvantage of diffuse recharge times against bushing the Panamera with gas. For a bout up of the Panamera Hybrid’s competition, bang here.

For 2014, Porsche has taken the powertrain to a new level: The S Amalgam advised actuality is actuality replaced by a constituent E-Hybrid model, able alike added absorbing fuel-economy assets and added electric operation, as well. But for my money, a Porsche isn’t about ammunition efficiency, it’s about authentic performance. And for this affectionate of scratch, a V-8 powered GTS or Turbo archetypal aloof accomplish added sense.

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