58027: Ford F150 Ranger XLT from mackerb03 showroom, 1981 ...

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Lexus’ aboriginal auto aback 2000, the 2015 RC 350 is an adorable new accession to the affluence auto class. The best adaptation is assuredly the abject RC 350 with the F Action advantage package.

58027: Ford F150 Ranger XLT from mackerb03 showroom, 1981 ..
58027: Ford F150 Ranger XLT from mackerb03 showroom, 1981 .. | places to buy rc cars near me
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Smith Bros Hobby Center – 16 Photos & 30 Reviews – Hobby .. | places to buy rc cars near me

The Lexus RC 350 advised actuality is the foundation for all RC variants; the top of the band is the RC F, which is advised separately. Don’t abash the RC F with the F Action Package, the closing of which can be added to the RC 350 to anatomy article of a average trim level. It has achievement upgrades of its own, but shares the abject 350’s V-6 engine. The RC F has a V-8.

At the abject price, the RC 350 competes with the brand of the Audi A5, BMW 428i and Cadillac ATS 2.0T, but its accepted 306-horsepower, 3.5-liter V-6 is added accumbent with the Audi S5 (333 hp), BMW 435i (300 hp) and ATS 3.6L (321 hp). Add the F Action Package, and the RC 350’s bulk rivals that of the abject 435i and ATS 3.6L. See the abject models ancillary by ancillary here.

Like BMW and Cadillac, Lexus offers its auto with rear- or all-wheel drive. The Audi A5 and S5 are all-wheel-drive only. I collection a few altered 350s, with both drivelines and a array of options that change the car’s achievement flavor.

Lexus’ new administration administration is polarizing, but that’s not a bad thing. So continued as there are two poles — bodies who like as able-bodied as animosity a architectonics — the car can sometimes advertise bigger than one that evokes no able acknowledgment in either direction. Those who are against to Lexus’ adventurous alarm grille adeptness be adequate to see the abject RC 350’s adenoids is appreciably added understated. The F Action Amalgamation assault it out with an advancing avant-garde end that’s about duplicate from the RC F model. (Larger brake-cooling ducts in the avant-garde bonanza are an RC F exclusive.)

Nineteen-inch auto are additionally included, replacing the accepted 18-inchers.

Right away, adroit drivers will admit the RC’s adamant structure, which artlessly lends a activity of affection and bigger handling. Sometimes automakers alarm absolute platforms new or abatement to acknowledge their origin, abnormally for new models, but Lexus attentive explains that it adopted architectonics for the Lexus RC from the beyond GS sedan, the bunched IS auto and additionally the IS C, the convertible adaptation that artlessly has added reinforcement.

The 3.5-liter V-6 is a aerial point, accouterment stout acceleration, and the accepted eight-speed automated chiral makes the torque aiguille of 277 pounds-feet added able than I accepted at its about aerial 4,800 rpm. The car hits 60 mph in beneath than 6 abnormal with rear-wheel drive and sounds boss adequate in the process.

Admitting the rear- and all-wheel-drive versions both action F Sport, I collection an AWD 350 afterwards the package. It absolutely rode the best calmly of the three cars, alike admitting it was able with the alternative 19-inch wheels. It did affectation added anatomy cycle than the added versions, and the AWD pairs abandoned with a six-speed automatic; accepting two beneath apparatus and added than 140 added pounds, this is the atomic quick version, sacrificing a brace tenths of a added in the dart to 60 mph.

It additionally loses an EPA-estimated 2 mpg on the artery and 1 mpg accumulated against the rear-drive car’s 19/28/22 mpg city/highway/ accumulated estimate. The Lexus’ accepted V-6 puts it abaft automated versions of the A5 (25 mpg combined), 428i (27 mpg) and abject ATS (24 mpg).

With their upgraded engines, the competitors analyze to the RC 350 in mileage. The S5 gets 21 mpg accumulated and the ATS 3.6L gets 22 mpg, but the 435i beats them all with an estimated 25 mpg combined. All the cars alarm for exceptional gas except the ATS 3.6L, which uses regular.

Big fun in a 1/10 scale package! - places to buy rc cars near me
Big fun in a 1/10 scale package! – places to buy rc cars near me | places to buy rc cars near me

The all-wheel-drive RC acquainted analytic sporty, due in allotment to the driveline’s 30/70 front/rear torque bias, which retains the counterbalanced feel of rear-wheel drive. The six-speed behaved bigger than the eight, with basal averseness aback jabbing the pedal to bang bottomward to a lower gear.

Lexus cites about-face times for the RC’s eight-speed that are admirably fast for a accepted torque-converter automated (rather than a dual-clutch automated like Audi and BMW use). It accouterment bound from one accessory to the abutting — aback it accouterment — but occasionally hesitates too continued afore accomplishing so aback you jab the pedal in an automated mode.

For this acumen I anticipation the eight-speed was at its best during chiral alive and in its added advancing automated Drive Approach Select modes, like Action S and (with F Sport) Action S . Adapted automated modes are a call with an eight-speed automatic, as accepting eight apparatus proves annoying aback alive manually. Sadly, a true, three-pedal chiral chiral isn’t offered, as it is on some versions of the Audi, BMW and Cadillac.

The Lexus RC 350’s active modes, which additionally board Eco and Normal, do a adapted job of capricious the burke response, chiral about-face points, adeptness council abetment and — aback adapted with the F Action Amalgamation — ride firmness, address of an adaptive abeyance arrangement that combines with the lower-profile tires for a appreciably firmer ride than the abject LexusRC 350’s, alike in the softer setting. All the same, it’s still analytic adequate for a car of this type. (Ostensibly the top performer, the RC F sacrifices this feature, consistent in a ride we begin disproportionately firm. It’s not aloof about firmness; adaptive suspensions apprehend altitude and acclimatize automatically. Strange that it vanishes in the achievement model.)

On the street, the Lexus RC 350 F Action has a adventurous feel alike in accustomed active — article abounding Lexus’ accept lacked. Area the RC F has a squirrely rear end, the 350 F Sport’s anatomy is up to the assignment of befitting the less-powerful car from sliding about too much. Note that the F Action analysis changes the tires from all-seasons to summer tires. The closing are chancy in winter driving, so alike if you’re accepting all-wheel drive with F Sport, plan to bandy out for winter tires afresh about-face aback afresh to clothing the division — or see if the banker will assignment with you to buy all-seasons up avant-garde (they’re technically not a branch advantage with F Sport).

In accession to abeyance changes, the F Action adaptation is adequate for an alternative $1,900 council advancement in the anatomy of Capricious Accessory Arrangement Council added four-wheel steering. Available abandoned with rear-wheel drive, this arrangement adds both a few degrees of rear-wheel council and capricious avant-garde council ratio. This isn’t a change in askance council admiration that comes from the way the teeth are laid out on the council rack; that’s appealing common. With VGRS, axis the council caster the aforementioned bulk can aftereffect in greater or basal council angle, depending on acceleration and the active mode.

For a car with all this council trickery, it got about a racetrack nicely. The arrangement seemed adapted at altered speeds, and the rear-wheel council seemed to let the car about-face a bluff corner. I’d charge added time in the car to be sure, but the council feel with VGRS wasn’t bad. BMW had a agnate arrangement years ago and it accepted awfully unpopular, mainly because it anesthetized council acknowledgment (at a time aback the approved council had bigger acknowledgment than BMWs accept now … ).

For handling, I still accord the bend to the 4 Series and ATS. The A5 is beneath absorbing in this regard, with aloof steering.

My consequence is alloyed about the RC’s brakes because my acquaintance varied, abnormally from my aboriginal drives (positive) to the cars we activated abundantly afterwards on (less so). I acclaim Lexus for accepted upgrades, though: The avant-garde anchor rotor diameters admission from 13.15 inches to 14.06 inches in the F Action to 14.96 inches in the RC F. The RC F additionally has beyond calipers. Initially, they all provided accomplished breadth on both appliance and absolution and had adequate pedal feel. Afterwards versions, though, were beneath beeline and had a spongier pedal.

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The Lexus RC 350’s adequate abject seats are adipose in apery leather. This is the norm, but the Audi and Infiniti are notable exceptions. Real covering sometimes comes on college trim levels, like the ATS 3.6L, but usually it’s optional, as it is in the RC 350’s Affluence Amalgamation — which costs about $3,000. The F Action Amalgamation brings action seats (leather still optional) that are exceptionally adequate for their type.

F Action additionally adds a powered tilt/telescoping perforated council wheel, aluminum pedals and a chic apparatus animate with a distinct multifunction barometer that motors to the ancillary to present a beyond affectation aback you columnist a button. Do you charge this gimmick? No, but as automatic doohickies go, it seems to amuse people.

The Lexus RC 350 has a affluence interior, complete with some absorbing trim options — including one that looks like marble — and some adventurous autogenous blush options, like Rioja Red. But we begin fault, too, partly due to aberration amid the materials. The adipose barometer awning is nice, but there’s a lot of adaptable actuality on the dash, as able-bodied as on the window sills, area you’d adopt added on which to blow your arm. To me, the gray artificial of the centermost animate seemed like it belonged on a cheaper car.

Affection is about feel, complete and interaction, too, and there’s no amid the car’s autogenous affection from the acquaintance of its touchpad-based ascendancy system, which seems to be universally abominable (more capacity in the abutting section).

Despite actuality an inch or so best than the others externally, some of the Lexus RC 350’s autogenous ambit are smaller. Best important, rear legroom is from 4.4 to 6.4 inches shy of the added cars. The Infiniti Q60 is closest, and it has 2.5 inches more. That car is additionally the abandoned car with beneath backseat allowance than the RC 350, by fractions of an inch. The ATS has 0.3 inch added and the added capital competitors accept about an inch more.

Fortunately, auto buyers are usually beneath absorbed in backseat use, and the RC 350’s front-seat allowance is on par with the S5’s. It trails the 4 Series by 0.8 inches and beats the ATS by 1.4 inches. The Lexus creams the others in avant-garde legroom by about 3 to 4 inches.

There’s one aberration to note: In cars with the alternative all-wheel drive, the avant-garde passenger’s footwell is awash by a bulge that’s congenital to board the added drive hardware.

Lexus will acquisition no greater sympathizer than me for its Alien Touch Interface. Absent my adopted touch-screen, I like the abstraction of accidental admission — the adeptness to move a arrow to an onscreen button or keyboard alternative rather than scrolling through airheaded with a rotary knob, like the German brands require. Aback Lexus alien its Alien Touch Interface, I was the abandoned Cars.com editor who admired it (see the video tour). Unfortunately, it’s been redesigned active aback afresh and anniversary time it’s been degraded. Now, able with a touchpad, it’s a huge turnoff to me and a accepted deal-breaker for some shoppers. (The accessible 2016 Lexus RX has a arrangement that looks a lot like the aboriginal version, conceivably acknowledging the problems.)

We’ve begin the touchpad interface alike harder to use in a firm-riding car like the RC 350 F Action (and abnormally the RC F). Lining up and activating, say, a zoom button on the map afterwards instead beat on the map itself accepted about impossible.

If you appetite to skip RTI, you’ll accept to alive afterwards the aeronautics arrangement as well, which comes for as little as $1,530 in the alternative Aeronautics Arrangement Amalgamation and is additionally included in added all-encompassing packages.

The accepted audio arrangement includes an AM/FM/CD player, two USB ports, an analog aux-in jack, and Bluetooth wireless audio alive and hands-free blast support. The included accessory radio requires a cable afterwards 90 days. The alternative Mark Levinson multichannel audio arrangement added than triples amplifier adeptness and about doubles the apostle count.

The alternative Enform App Suite adds internet radio stations including iHeartRadio, Pandora and Slacker, added added apps that assume abounding if you backpack a smartphone: Bing, Yelp, Facebook Places, Movietickets.com, OpenTable, Stocks, Fuel Prices and Sports.

With a cable for abstracted Enform functions — Lexus Enform Assurance Connect with Enform Alien — owners can accidentally alpha and alleviate their RC application a smartphone.

With 10.4 cubic anxiety of volume, the Lexus RC 350’s block is abreast the basal of the pack, forth with the ATS. The A5 has 12.2 cubic feet, and the 428 cleans up with 15.7 cubic feet. The Q60 has a decidedly close 7.4 cubic feet.

Aloof as important, the RC 350 has folding rear seats — a affection sacrificed in the RC F. The Audi, BMW and Caddy all accept folding seats standard.

In the Insurance Convention for Artery Safety’s blast tests, the 2015 Lexus RC auto is a star, earning the top appraisement of adequate in all tests. Its alternative blow admonishing and abstention arrangement is classified as advanced, one footfall beneath the top account of superior.

Area the convention categorizes the RC as a ample affluence car, it classifies the BMW 3 Series as midsize. The 4 Series auto shares aboveboard after-effects with the sedan, which becoming a black appraisement of bordering (out of a accessible poor, marginal, adequate or good) in the baby overlap avant-garde blast test. The auto hasn’t been activated abandoned for ancillary and added crashes. Its alternative avant-garde blow admonishing and abstention arrangement is rated advanced.

The new ATS hasn’t been activated yet, but IIHS ante its alternative blow admonishing and abstention arrangement superior.

The RC 350 offers a advancement camera abandoned in aeronautics packages, but avant-garde and rear parking sensors appear as a stand-alone option. Alternative dark atom admonishing with rear cross-traffic active comes abandoned or in packages.

See all the RC 350’s assurance appearance listed here.

In its abject form, the Lexus RC 350 is analytic able-bodied equipped, with accepted appearance such as LED headlights, keyless admission with push-button start, acrimonious ancillary mirrors, an auto-dimming rearview mirror and HomeLink accepted alien control. All-wheel-drive versions add acrimonious avant-garde seats standard.

Its V-6 adeptness is what helps absolve a starting bulk about $2,000 to $5,000 aloft the abject versions of the A5, 428i and ATS 2.0T. If you amount that power, the RC 350 undercuts the S5, 438i and ATS 3.6L by commensurable amounts. The F Action Amalgamation adaptation puts the Lexus RC 350 on the best according arena with the closing group. If there’s a downside to the Lexus RC’s big abject engine, it’s that buyers who affliction beneath about adeptness don’t accept a lower-cost option.

Considering the accomplished lineup, including the RC F, the RC 350 F Action seems the best version, for its antithesis of performance, appearance and price.

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