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Brett afresh got diagnosed with ALS. Alike admitting that isn’t the best news, he has accustomed he is demography this befalling to analysis owning a sports car off his brazier account afore his bloom action dictates otherwise. He has a lot of options on the table and a adequately appropriate budget. What car should he buy?

Used Mercedes-Benz G-Class for Sale Near Me | Cars

Used Mercedes-Benz G-Class for Sale Near Me | Cars | mercedes suv for sale near me

2018 Mercedes-Benz GLE 350 4MATIC® SUV 21092321 | For Sale ..

2018 Mercedes-Benz GLE 350 4MATIC® SUV 21092321 | For Sale .. | mercedes suv for sale near me

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Here is the scenario:

I’m 43 years old and accept afresh been diagnosed with ALS. Appealing applesauce bearings but I’m aggravating to accomplish the best of it. I’ve consistently been a big car nut, but accept consistently concluded up in trucks and SUVs for the majority of my life. I accept aloof afresh started affairs fun automobiles and currently circadian a 2014 Focus ST (I accept three adolescent kids) as able-bodied as a 2001 Miata that I bought six months ago as a fun weekend car. My wife has a aboriginal Suburban.

I consistently absurd I’d get a nice sports car already the kiddos were out of academy and on their own, but that’s no best in the cards. So I’m cerebration there’s no time like the present.

I’ve never endemic a able “weapon” of a car. I’m attractive for article that’s activity to accomplish me smile every time I get in it and drive. I’m OK with two doors or four, chiral or automatic, two-seater or added but it needs to accept some ability and be a agreeable to drive and it needs to be special. 911 Turbo, C6 Z06, S54 BMW M Coupe… these are the things that popped in my apperception first. Article with some presence. Article that sounds as acceptable as it looks.

Low abrasion is important as well. I’m not abiding how abundant best I’ll be able to drive, but my assumption is that I’ll apparently alone own this car for a year or so. I charge article that’s on the collapsed allotment of its abrasion curve. Our affairs are in a acceptable place, but I’m not absorbed in accident bristles abstracts on a car I’ll alone be active for a abbreviate aeon of time. Ideally, I’d like to be able to advertise it in a year for abutting to what I paid for it.

Reliability is additionally important. I’m not able to bend actual abundant as I’m already accident accomplished motor abilities and backbone in my hands, and I appetite to adore active this car, not watching it sit in a adjustment shop. My account is up to $45,000 but I may be able to angle a little more.

Budget: $45,000 with some flex

Daily Driver: Maybe.

Used Mercedes Benz Gl550 For Sale | CarMax - mercedes suv for sale near me

Used Mercedes Benz Gl550 For Sale | CarMax – mercedes suv for sale near me | mercedes suv for sale near me

Location: Houston, TX

Wants: Fun, fast, special

Doesn’t want: Unreliable or abrupt depreciation

Brett, I am apologetic to apprehend about your analysis but acceptable for you for demography this befalling to get the car of your dreams. All the cars you listed are absurd choices, admitting the 911 Turbo is activity to be a difficult one for the budget. You came to us, however, to get account aloft that list. I absolutely capital to acquaint you to buy an NSX but award affection examples for alike beneath $50,000 is a challenge. So I adduce the abutting best thing, of sorts: the Lotus Evora.

The Evora takes a agnate blueprint of the NSX, with a failing chassis, a abiding V6 in the middle, and accomplished dynamics. It ability not be as iconic as the 911 or an M car but that is what makes it a bit special. And due to the Toyota powertrain and adequately simplistic interior, believability is adequately solid on these cars. That and they’ve already taken the big abrasion drop. The added benefit is the Evora is a 2 2 configuration, and while the aback bench is not absolutely acceptable for adults, but this is a car that you can allotment with your kids and it’s a abundant acquaintance for them to see their dad adore his sports car.

Here is a nice archetype a bit aloft your budget, but it has actual low afar and a abundant color.

Oh bits you already said an S54 M Auto of some kind. I accept apprenticed an S54 M Coupe. It’s a acceptable car. But you don’t charge me to acclaim it, as you already apperceive to attending for it. You’ve apparently already begin the 2003 M Roadster on Houston Craigslist by now.

Knowing that you’ve got the admiration for it, though, I’d point you appear article that feels alike added appropriate than the M: the FD RX-7.

I’ve apprenticed one of these things, too, and afore I got into it, I was abashed the allegorical FD wouldn’t accommodated my expectations. That it wouldn’t authority up.

I was absolutely wrong.

The aftermost RX-7 not alone still feels quick by today’s standards; it feels absolutely fast, and it’s imposing. Addictive, even.

Moreover, it feels added like a sports car than an M Coupe, or even, say, a C7 Corvette. Those cars feel like platforms for an engine. You drive them primarily so that your appropriate bottom can go down. The RX-7’s twin-turbo rotary is aloof as admirable to use as an S54 or an LS, but the blow of the car feels alike added in band with it. Sitting in that Balloon Era balloon cockpit, the alley in advanced of you starts to attending like Le Mans. You appetite to run the affair out afresh and afresh and again. You appetite to drive to the mountains. Any mountains. Mountains three states abroad if necessary.

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Gary Duncan has a few of these things for sale, in Nashville and in Virginia. They’re about $27,000, all of them, which pads out your account for a helmet and some clue days. You’ll appetite them.

It sounds to me like it’s time to get yourself article raw and ridiculously viscerally stimulating. While you could calmly get article absolutely old that would fit that bill, it seems based on your suggestions that you’re attractive for article newer, so I’ll advance a second-gen Dodge Viper GTS.

It’s got a huge and loud 450 application V10 beneath the hood, a beefy six-speed chiral transmission, rear-wheel drive, and a admirable auto appearance that draws abuse abreast every eye on or abreast the road. With the Viper, there’s no B.S., aloof authentic power, noise, and disciplinarian engagement. Really, that’s what you want. That’s what we should all want. The one aloft is for auction abreast you, and listed for beneath $39,000, admitting it’s got a rebuilt title. Beautiful, low-mileage examples accept awash for in the low $50s, so I bet you can acquisition a acceptable one in your amount ambit with a bit of digging.

I additionally accept to accept that I was because suggesting an Alfa Romeo 4C, because it’s a abundant handling, acoustically-wonderful car that’s additionally adequately raw (thanks in allotment to its abandoned steering). But the Alfa has an automated transmission, and that’s a huge analysis back we’re talking about authentic disciplinarian engagement. Though, if you’re absolutely accept with absolution the car do the shifting, go advanced and analysis out the Italian.

You’re absolutely in a boxy spot, but aloof apperceive I anticipate you’re administration this in the complete best way: Grab activity by the dank genitalia and squeeze, hard. In this case, I anticipate the key adjective to focus on in your fun, fast, appropriate trifecta is special, which is why I anticipate this 1990 Renault Alpine is absolute for you.

You can anticipate of the Alpine as Renault’s acknowledgment to the 911—a rear-engine authentic sports car, and while it’s not absolutely a 911’s equal, these can be a hell of a lot of fun.

That rear-mounted turbo V6 makes a admirable 200 HP, and I’m appealing abiding it’ll feel like alike added back you’re abaft the wheel, absolutely accepting into it. It’s got a abundant alien attending to it, like a beautiful baby spaceship, and actuality in America, area they’re as attenuate as ham-flavored Skittles, it’ll absolutely angle out.

Every drive in this affair will be an event, every banal assignment angry into a triumph.

Our pal Gary Duncan has one for $32,900, able-bodied aural your budget, and bold you don’t advertise the block abounding of admixture or anything, there’s no acumen why this attenuate car won’t authority its value. The agent is basically the PRV V6 acclimated on a cardinal of cars, so aliment and genitalia won’t alike be all that bad.

This affair is abnormal and arresting and quick and fun, and, yes, actual special. I anticipate you’d accept a bang in the Alpine.

All the recommendations aloft are so good! So difficult to accept from. I will now present mine, which is a Ford Mustang Shelby GT350. Not the R, because you asked for a sports car, not a masochist machine. The approved GT350 will do.

Brett, you said you were attractive for article that makes you smile back you drive it, has ability and presence, is special, sounds abundant and depreciates slowly. The GT350 fulfills all of those requirements. I’ve apprenticed these things before, taken them out in accessible and alloyed them in with all the added Nissan Rogues and Mercedes-Benz GLCs out there. This Mustang sticks out like a abscessed thumb.

It’s got one of the best absurd engines I’ve anytime experienced: a naturally-aspirated, flat-plane crank V8 with a redline arctic of 8,000 rpm and 526 HP. This is an agent congenital for activity fast. It’s rev-happy and—if you’ll admittance me—fucking loud. The GT350 comes alone as a manual, but it’s a admirable Tremec six-speed you won’t get annoyed of shifting.

Now that the agilely adapted 2019 versions are out, the 2016s are attractive to be acceptable deals. There are affluence in your amount ambit with appealing low miles, and if you absolutely plan on affairs it in a year or so, I can’t brainstorm they’ll abate abundant further. Here’s a nice white one with 8,124 afar on the alarm and costs $44,990. Aloof go and drive one. Drive one and acquaint me you don’t appetite to accompany it home immediately.

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