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August 12, 2013

Jeep Cj For Sale Craigslist Canada

By Andrea

“I absolutely appetite to apperceive what these bodies were smoking” reads a bulletin from a clairvoyant called Nick, whose email—eloquently blue-blooded “uhhh what.”—includes a articulation to one of the wackiest automotive (ish) accessories I’ve anytime apparent on Craigslist. It’s fabricated of a agglomeration of agent genitalia anchored and anchored and apparently taped together—let’s see if you can assumption which cartage those genitalia appear from.

Jeep Scrambler Craigslist: CJ8 For Sale, 1981, 1982, 1983 ..

I don’t absolutely accept the complete acknowledgment to this, admitting I do apperceive breadth some of the genitalia appear from. But afore I get into that, I’ll acquaint you about the abrupt chat I had with the seller, Avrom, who lives in the Tri-City breadth of Washington State.

He said he best the agent up locally because it looked like fun. “I had a lot of time on my hands. I was gonna get it aback on the road,” Avrom told me. Ultimately, he’s back accustomed up on the machine, which he says now has a cool agent block due to baptize accepting into the motor and freezing. Still, he told me, “There was no way I was gonna bandy it abroad because of what it is,” activity on to say he has two bodies who assume absorbed in purchasing the trike, which is for auction for $500 aloof alfresco of Richland.

I asked Avrom for a bit of advice on how this affair is put together. He said that powering the agent is a Honda Gold Wing in the rear, admitting it should apparently be replaced with addition bike back the motor is cracked. “The advanced forks on the Gold Wing were removed, and there’s a pin breadth the forks were that authority it together,” he says of how the motorcycle is absorbed to the blow of the contraption.

The accomplished advanced abeyance and council comes from a VW Beetle, and Avrom says the radiator, which comes from the Goldwing, is beneath the grille, which he says comes from a Ford Ranger (though I don’t anticipate that’s a Ranger grille—can you assumption breadth it’s from?):

Picture request, CJ5s with ACME hardtop - Page 70 ..

The wackiest affair is the actuality that whoever congenital this three-wheeler absitively to use a rear bear as a windshield. I’ve never apparent annihilation like it, and admitting the bottle is missing, alike if it weren’t, this wouldn’t absolutely be the safest agent to drive, as rear bear bottle isn’t as safe as windshield glass.

I accomplished out to clairvoyant Matthew Koppey, who works for high-tech electronics aggregation Gentex, a aggregation that makes electrochromic mirrors, agenda displays, dimmable aeroplane windows, cameras, and the account goes on. Matthew knows all about glass, so I asked him to go into why one wouldn’t appetite to use a rear bear as a windshield.

“Rear bear bottle would not accomplish a safe windshield, at atomic in agreement of a DOT certification,” he told me. “Rear glass, ancillary windows, and sunroofs are usually (but not always) fabricated from choleric glass. The being that bursts into a actor tiny pieces back it’s broken.”

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“Basically they angle blubbery bottle to shape, again run it through a about-face boiler breadth they get it hot and again anon air-conditioned it via absolute air as bound as possible. That leaves the alfresco of the bottle in a accompaniment of compression, while the central is in tension. This increases the backbone of the attenuate band of alien bottle in compression, but already you get accomplished that it releases all the astriction stored in the centermost bottle – appropriately the ‘explodey’ $.25 of bottle back you assuredly breach through.”

Jeep scrambler hard top for sale - jeep cj for sale craigslist canada

Windshields are a bit different.

“Windscreens are fabricated from laminated glass. This is about two layers of ~2mm bottle with a band of laminating actual in between,” he explained. “The laminating actual is about consistently [polyvinyl butyral] (PVB), but can additionally be [ethylene-vinyl acetate] (EVA) or [thermoplastic polyurethane] (TPU). Anticipate of these as bedding of hot glue, although they get candy a little abnormally from one another.”

“You accomplish a sandwich that goes glass-hot glue-glass. Again you bung this affair in an alter or oven to get it hot abundant to cook the cement and either exhaustion out the air or columnist the bottle calm with burden in the autoclave. What you’re larboard with is an optically bright laminated assemblage and the best important point of all this rambling.”

Koppey again went on to altercate how windshields accept to canyon appulse tests that alter based on region. “They’re usually article like bead a animate brawl or bound from x meters aloft it; article can’t penetrate,” he told me. “By laminating two pieces of bottle calm the alfresco bottle (and alike the inside) can breach and blot the activity of the impact, while the laminating actual prevents the projectile and bottle shards from aerial central the vehicle.”

Jeep Scrambler Craigslist: CJ8 For Sale, 1981, 1982, 1983 ..

In the end, he summarized, “If you stick rear bottle from a auto breadth a windshield belongs, you run the accident of a stone, baseball, walnut, etc. breaking through and hitting you in the face at 60mph.“

So basically the capital takeaway actuality is that this “trike” is cool and alarming with or after the rear bear bottle acting as a windshield, and the actuality that someone—anyone—actually anticipation to buy this as it is, baffles me.

Anyway, let’s see if y’all can amount out breadth the grille, seats, and rear bear appear from. Because I accept no clue.

Jeep Cj For Sale Craigslist Canada – jeep cj for sale craigslist canada
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Jeep Scrambler Craigslist: CJ8 For Sale, 1981, 1982, 1983 ..