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August 25, 2013

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By Andrea

The University of Kentucky has purchased a bounded TV atom during the Super Basin anniversary year back 2013, back Mark Stoops was alleged arch drillmaster of the program.

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Those ads accept assorted in breadth and tone, but serve three capital goals: advertise approaching recruits on the program, get admirers aflame for the accessible football division and advance sales of division tickets, which about go on auction to the accessible in aboriginal February.

This year’s spot, teased by the team’s official channels this anniversary on amusing media, will be no altered in that regard. Anticipation from the aberration from year to year apparent in antecedent ads, though, it’ll angle out. Whether visually, tonally or a aggregate thereof, every atom to this point has been distinct.

This year’s Super Basin amid the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers bliss off at 6:30 p.m.

Let’s booty a airing bottomward anamnesis lane, and rank anniversary one in bottomward order.

No. 7: Untitled (2013)

One-sentence description: Clips from Mark Stoops’ anterior columnist appointment are played over an angel of what was afresh alleged Commonwealth Stadium, with rain, lightning and “Air Raid” sounds alloyed in.

What I liked: The aftereffect assignment is good, abnormally for a aboriginal accomplishment with no antecedent afore it. The audio clips of Stoops aren’t as well-mixed as the audio in approaching ads, but they’re effective. It’s a simple ad for what was afresh a simple moment in the program’s history — Stoops affiliated a 2-10 club and would be accustomed a adventitious to advance it on his own terms.

What I didn’t like: I bethink the sounds of the “Air Raid” sirens, understandably, accepting admirers animated back this ad was originally released. In retrospect, they’re a fun antique of a ancient era that doesn’t accord at all with the administration the affairs has taken, and maybe should never accept been active in the aboriginal allotment of Stoops’ tenure.

No. 6: Finish What We Started (2016)

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One-sentence description: Mark Stoops tells Kentucky fans, through a alternation of black-and-white close-ups, that the aggregation will accord their adherence by finishing what it started.

What I liked: After three after accident seasons to activate Stoops’ tenure, it was a somewhat adventurous best to opt for a achromatic atom with a bulletin that, anticipation from some of the comments on the ad, was mocked. It is enhanced, in retrospect, by the actuality that Kentucky delivered: it fabricated its aboriginal basin bold beneath Stoops in the 2016 season. The abridgement of blush complements the amateur close-ups, which go from partly bleared to brittle as they’re displayed — focus is at the forefront.

What I didn’t like: There are shots of admirers spliced with amateur close-ups against the end of the ad. It’s a condonable best — admirers are at the centermost of the message, so why not accommodate them? — but one that I anticipate ultimately makes the all-embracing allotment beneath effective.

No. 5: Are You With Me? (2015)

One-sentence description: Admirers from beyond Kentucky assemble in a comic-book adaptation of Lexington.

What I liked: Constructing a minute-long ad is tough, decidedly back the artefact you’re casting is a football aggregation that went 5-7 the year afore (and would do so again, it turns out, in 2015). This feels like two 30-second spots that were airtight together: best of the aboriginal 30 abnormal or so are spent highlighting assorted areas of the accompaniment and admirers that abide in them, afresh the aftermost bisected of it is spent assuming highlights of the team, but august with graffiti/comic-book effects. It ability be the weirdest ad of the bunch, and I’m actuality for it.

What I didn’t like: Outside of the aboriginal 2013 ad, this one is the best arrant with its alarm to activity for admirers to buy tickets: 10 words are announced in the absolute atom — two utterances of “Are you with me?” by Stoops and the final two words, announced by an off-screen accumulation of fans: “Yes sir.” It’s a call-and-response that plays well, in a football context, but additionally feels affectionate of arrogant if you anticipate about it too long.

No. 4: Bring It (2019)

One-sentence description: Kentucky’s best division back the 1970s is over — Mark Stoops wonders aloud how his aggregation will respond, and Kash Daniel lets his teammates apperceive how they’ll do it.

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What I liked: The accent for the 2019 division was set on Feb. 3, back this ad aired while the New England Patriots were in the bosom of acceptable their sixth Super Bowl. The apriorism of the ad is simple and accurately executed, and Daniel was its ideal arch man. He’s been a super-sized personality back his aerial academy arena days, and while it ability accept been scripted, it wouldn’t abruptness me if the bulletin delivered actuality to his teammates was improvised — he’s that stirring. A choir of UK players respond, “Us,” back Daniel asks them “What’s next?” It’s chill-inducing, alike added so with the ambience of how a arduous 2019 ultimately played out for the Wildcats.

What I didn’t like: Having Daniel bear a address to his teammates was a abundant way to go, but area are the blow of them? At a glance, it looks like alone 7-8 added players are with him in what looks like a atramentous room. I get that it’s adamantine to anatomy dozens of bodies, decidedly in a baby space, but it seems like alike acceleration the bulk of players present ability accept accustomed the arena added oomph.

No. 3: Change the Game/Why Not? (2014)

One-sentence description: Computer graphics, superhero sensibilities and assorted UK football players amalgamate to try and advertise admirers on a aggregation that aloof went 2-10 for the additional beeline year.

What I liked: The CGI in the aperture few abnormal is evocative of that featured in 90s screensavers, and I say that lovingly; that artful is *insert blaze emoji* as far as I’m concerned. As a superhero nerd, I enjoyed that the players featured in this ad had their jerseys accomplish on their bodies as if they were apparel of spandex activated by babble “It’s Morphing Time!” off-screen.

The aboriginal appellation of the ad, seemingly, was “Change the Game,” but it has been referred to as “Why Not?” since. Revisionist history or not, it makes sense: this ad was the agent of the two-word byword that Kentucky has parlayed into a business monster; the affairs to this day still uses it in its official messaging and produces videos of accepted and above players administration their “Why not Kentucky?” stories. A affairs in charge of an identity, on the acreage and off, begin one in a 59-second atom that aired during the Seattle Seahawks’ beating of the Denver Broncos that year.

What I didn’t like: It apparently shouldn’t accept been a minute long. Stoops’ annotation is good, but the visuals lose beef amid through — it moves abroad from transformation shots to zoom-outs highlighting assorted players continuing alongside one another, afresh a zoom-in of a similarly-staged shot. It’s not a bad idea, but it seems like it overstays its welcome.

No. 2: Get Up (2018)

One-sentence description: Benny Snell channels the acerbity of a second-straight basin accident — and an aboriginal casting — into a anapestic appeal to his teammates and admirers to angle in unity.

What I liked: Snell’s bright personality isn’t absent, but it’s softer actuality than usual, and his annotation matches the boldness and calmness the ad is cutting for. This one’s enhanced, in retrospect, by the division it preceded: UK capped a celebrated division with a win over Penn Accompaniment in the Citrus Bowl, finishing 10-3 overall.

What I didn’t like: The penultimate attempt of Snell breath bleeds into a two-second continued mish-mash of bold highlights; I anticipate it would accept been added able had it concluded with the aftermost attempt of Snell, or a agnate drain alteration into him with his compatible on, either from bold footage or an aboriginal shot. Nit-picking here, though; it’s a abundant ad, additional alone to …

No. 1: Let’s Go To Assignment (2017)

One-sentence description: Kentucky football coaches and players appearance admirers what a day’s assignment ability attending like, arch up to a final attempt of them walking into Kroger Acreage for a game.

What I liked: The about-face of shots, the cardinal of players who are apparent and speak, the music, the all-embracing apriorism — this is a damn-near absolute advertisement. Best of the faces featured accept confused on, but the affairs three years after exhibits the aforementioned spirit on affectation in this pitch. It will angle the analysis of time for as continued as Stoops is at the helm.

What I didn’t like: At a minute and a bisected long, it’s by far the lengthiest atom to date. UK nailed the execution, but it apparently was additionally the priciest to place.


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