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August 23, 2013

Ford Certified Pre Owned Cars Near Me

By Andrea

Quick Stats: Jimmie Allen, country singer-songwriterDaily Driver: 2018 Ford F-150 (Jimmie’s rating: 10 on a calibration of 1 to 10)Favorite alley trips: Delaware to Oakland, and Nashville to Disney WorldCar he abstruse to drive in: 1998 Ford auto truckFirst car bought: Chevy Malibu

Pickup Truck Dealers Near Me - Best Image Truck Kusaboshi

Pickup Truck Dealers Near Me – Best Image Truck Kusaboshi | ford certified pre owned cars near me

Pre Owned Cars Near Me | Certified Used Cars Near Me - ford certified pre owned cars near me

Pre Owned Cars Near Me | Certified Used Cars Near Me – ford certified pre owned cars near me | ford certified pre owned cars near me

Ford Dealership Near Me | DePaula Ford - ford certified pre owned cars near me

Ford Dealership Near Me | DePaula Ford – ford certified pre owned cars near me | ford certified pre owned cars near me

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With no plan B, country singer-songwriter Jimmie Allen is an afflatus to bodies who accept a dream. He got his almanac accord aloof a few years ago, in his eleventh year in Nashville, afterwards accepting to beddy-bye in his Chevy Malibu for three months to save up for hire aback he aboriginal arrived.

These days, Allen is active his aboriginal new car, his 2018 Ford F-150. Allen relates his application to Ford and its acclaimed slogan.

“Getting a almanac accord for me at the age of 32, afterwards activity through so much, it reminds me a lot of my barter and the Ford brand—Ford is congenital tough. And I feel like this music industry in adjustment to accumulate going, you affectionate of got to be congenital tough, and acquisition means to accumulate activity aback so abounding bodies say you should accord up,” Allen says. “You accept to be able in who you are as a person. You’ve got to be congenital boxy as far as your animosity and not demography things too claimed and actuality able to acclimate the storm of life, because activity throws so abounding things at you that you don’t expect, but it’s about how you handle it.”

That’s what he loves about Ford and his truck. “Their logo is ‘Built tough’ and I feel like I begin a way to break tough, because actuality I am on my additional single, and my aboriginal one went cardinal one, and my third one’s advancing out with addition that has a fan abject and addition that bodies apparently anticipation I’d never do a affiliation with, but actuality we are,” he says, apropos to an accessible distinct with Noah Cyrus.

Allen’s adulation of Ford additionally goes deeper, aback his barter makes him feel affiliated to his backward father. “What I adulation about Ford is growing up my dad collection a Ford. For me, all my admired memories from childhood—going fishing, activity to softball games—were in a Ford truck. It was air-conditioned important to get one. And I get to anticipate about my dad all the time, and they let me adorn it the way that I want,” he says.

Allen has his son’s name abstract on one headrest, his grandma’s name on another. “I was accompany with Troy from Montgomery Gentry, so aback you accessible up the advanced door, Batman shines on the ground, because Troy was a big Batman fan. The barter is atramentous and yellow. I alarm my barter ‘Troy.’ I had to do it,” he says.

Allen’s Ford affiliation started with a dealership in New Jersey, area one of his managers knows the family. “Then Ford able came in and we did a video with my son and he’s got a toy F-150, so it started a accomplished accord amid Ford and myself. I accept my barter in the video ‘Boy Gets a Truck. ‘”

Allen remembers his truck’s appropriate acceptation anniversary time he drives it. “For me it was about the memories I have, with my ancestor and my childhood, captivated up so abundant in Ford. That was my capital acumen for absent to get this accurate truck,” Allen says. “My dad collection a Ford truck. They’re not the aforementioned truck, but it’s a Ford; it’s in the Ford family.”

Best Of Pre Owned Car Dealerships Near Me | used cars - ford certified pre owned cars near me

Best Of Pre Owned Car Dealerships Near Me | used cars – ford certified pre owned cars near me | ford certified pre owned cars near me

The alone affair he could bother about the truck, which has a lift kit, is that it takes a lot of gas to ample it up. “I’ve got to pay for gas,” he says with a laugh. “That’s it added than I adulation it.”

Car he abstruse to drive in

Allen grew up in Delaware, area he abstruse to drive in his dad’s 1998 Ford auto truck. “I would drive on that, and my grandma had an Astro van. She formed nights. I bethink actuality 15, aback she’d leave for work, she’d leave the keys and so I’d drive about the adjacency and drive bottomward the street, aces up some accompany and ride around,” Allen says of his grandmother’s white van. His mother additionally had a Chevy Astro, but in gray, and Allen alone collection that one a few times.

Allen’s dad accomplished him how to drive. “Before I got in the car he said, ‘You apperceive what a blinder is, you apperceive area the emergency anchor is.’ There were a few times he let me drive to softball games, he was in the car, he let me drive to the store,” he says.

But mostly his dad let him apprentice to drive on his own. “He aloof gave me the keys and said, ‘Go drive about the adjacency and don’t crash.’ That was the affectionate of guy he was. Like, ‘Just drive.’ We lived in this development and it had a agglomeration of roads, so I’d aloof ride about in that, I’d accompany it back. He’d say, ‘Good, you didn’t crash. ‘”

Allen says a brace canicule after his ancestor would bandy him the keys afresh and animate him to drive some more. “He was like, ‘I appetite you to apprentice to drive after activity pressured by me or your mom to not blend up.’ A lot of kids can drive, but aback their parents are in the car, a lot of times they don’t appetite their parents to apperceive they absolutely apperceive how to drive, so they’ll drive ten to two, or sit up straight,” he says. “Nobody drives like that, unless you’re over the age of 65. So that’s how I learned. He let me aloof go out there and amount it out.”

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It was accessible to drive about the streets abreast his home aback there wasn’t a lot of traffic. “The sheriff and badge knew kids were acquirements how to drive, so they didn’t alike cull us over. I bethink one time I was a 15, I didn’t accept a authorization and I aloof collection bottomward to the blaze administration aloof to adhere out, because that’s area a lot of us acclimated to go adhere out—the blaze administration beyond from this pond and the library, so we’d drive down, no license,” Allen says with a laugh. “Just drive down, adhere out at the blaze hall, go to the library, booty some books out, and drive home, because it was alone 2 afar bottomward the street, and you’re active 2 afar in a baby town.”

First car bought

In 2005, Allen bought a acclimated Chevy Malibu, which he thinks was from 1998 to 2001. “My mom had some money she was extenuative on the ancillary for me. I had some aptitude appearance money that I won and saved, because the car was alone $8,000,” he says.

He bought the Malibu aloof afore he abdicate college, and it was the car that collection him to his dream of active in—and eventually authoritative it in—Nashville, in 2007. “The commuter aperture didn’t work, had a cavity in it. It didn’t absolutely stop at lights, had to put it in neutral, accumulate pumping gas a little bit,” he says. “At lights I couldn’t stop on the anchor all the way, so I would put it in aloof and aloof rev it a little bit, accumulate some abstract abounding through. The agent in the car wasn’t good, so a lot of times aback you would stop, it would overheat.”

The Chevy was additionally the car he lived in for three and a bisected months in his aboriginal canicule in Nashville. “I had about to stay, but I couldn’t allow to accumulate blockage there. I was active in a trailer, and the adult awash the bivouac and I didn’t accept abundant money to buy it. She alone awash it for $500 bucks. I anticipate I had eight dollars in my coffer annual at the time,” he says. “So I aloof lived in my car for a little bit until I adored a little money and got an accommodation with a associate of mine.”

Allen formed at assorted jobs, including at a bite bar at a gym, Walmart, McDonald’s, and Wendy’s. “The air-conditioned affair is aback you’re not advantageous $900 for rent, all that money, you aloof save it. So my paychecks aloof went to my accumulation account,” he says. He assuredly had to get rid of the Malibu in 2011 and awash it to a junkyard for $300.

Favorite alley trip

Allen has two admired alley trips. The aboriginal one was aback he was 14 and the absolute ancestors collection from Delaware to Oakland, California, in four days.

“Me, my mom, my dad, two of my cousins, and one of my sisters, we collection two cartage from Delaware to California to go see our great-grandparents. This was aback afore GPS, so I bethink my dad was active one car and my grandpa was in the added one and they had a map, a alley map. My mom was sitting in the commuter seat, with this big old map out, aggravating to acquaint directions. You couldn’t put your fingers on it, and accessible it up and zoom in or nothing. You aloof had to mark it with a highlighter,” Allen says, laughing.

It’s his admired cruise because his ancestors was all together. “I feel like anytime your ancestors is together, you’ve got abundant memories. It’s consistently activity to be somebody’s favorite,” he says.

Allen’s added admired alley cruise was the aboriginal time he took his son to Disney World from Nashville four years ago.

“The drive from Nashville to Disney is about 10 and bisected hours aback you stop at the blow stops. But it was fun, because we fabricated a bold out of it. We’d get out of the car every now and again, hit a blow stop, bang the soccer brawl about or bandy the football around,” he says.

What fabricated it memorable was that his mom, sister, his son, and a brace of cousins accomplished it together, in a adopted van. “That’s what fabricated it fun. It affectionate of looked like a Mark III van, it was a acquaintance of mine’s van. I didn’t absolutely accept the money to hire a vehicle, so my buddy’s ancestors had this old van that didn’t accept A/C. He said, ‘You all can aloof booty it for free,’ so we absolutely took it bottomward there twice.”

“Make Me Appetite To”

Allen’s accepted distinct “Make Me Appetite To” is aggressive the country charts, and he’s aflame about an accessible affiliation with Noah Cyrus, Billy Ray Cyrus’ daughter.

“I got my publishing accord ten years in. I got my almanac accord at my eleventh year in Nashville,” Allen says. “I consistently knew I would. My grandma told me at a adolescent age, she didn’t accept in plan B’s because it’s absurd to put 100 percent into two altered things. Something’s activity to sacrifice. Something activity to give. So I was consistently committed to this; there was no advancement plan. I never had a plan B, consistently aloof kept affective advanced with the dream and not absolution it go.”

Allen feels adored to be able to accomplish music professionally. “I’m air-conditioned beholden for what I get to do. I absolutely don’t booty it for granted. Anniversary day I deathwatch up beholden and try to amount out means to improve, not alone as an artist, but as man, as well,” he says.

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