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August 15, 2013

Craigslist Toyota Previa For Sale By Owner

By Andrea

I still own my aboriginal car. It’s a 1992 Jeep Cherokee XJ that I bought in academy in 2010. It’s a agent that I crashed, hydrolocked, and broke with a lift kit, and yet I can’t get let go. That’s why this “one owner” 1946 Willys CJ-2A is so alluring to me. I get why somebody would appetite to own a car this long, but how? That’s aloof one of abounding questions I accept about this abstruse machine.

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Most bodies end up affairs their aboriginal cars. Over time, alike the best reliable of machines about-face to shitboxes, and alike if they don’t, life’s affairs generally accomplish owning a agent adamantine to justify. (I myself am the babysitter two appropriate XJs and a rust-free ZJ, so there’s no acumen to accumulate my abominable 1992 Cherokee, but I aloof can’t let go—most bodies aren’t as anemic as I). Plus there’s a adventitious that the car gets wrecked, there are amusing and bread-and-butter pressures to own article different—you get the idea: Maintaining buying of a agent becomes beneath apparent as time approaches infinity.

So aback I saw “1 buyer from new for 73 years” on this Willys CJ-2A Craigslist ad (which has aback been taken down), I didn’t accept it. And to an extent, I abide sceptical, aback the agent isn’t the aboriginal owner, nor can he put me in blow with anyone accompanying to that owner. That said, he did accommodate me with some abstracts and photos of the Jeep from decades ago, and they are amazing.

“The admirer that endemic it got out of the account in 1945,” the seller, Pat, claims. “And he acclimated it on his acreage [outside of Utica] for 72 years” afterwards accepting purchased the flat-fender in Syracuse in ‘46. He allegedly anesthetized abroad recently, and so did his wife, Pat told me.

It seems there’s some ball surrounding the Jeep, as Pat said he couldn’t put me in blow with the being he bought it from because that would go adjoin a action of the auction aback “all were not blessed [the Jeep] was anesthetized on.”

Pat says he’d been attractive for a collapsed fender Jeep afterwards accepting acclimated an aboriginal column-shift CJ-2A as a break for a cardinal of years afore addition came by and fabricated him an action he couldn’t refuse. He regretted the auction and has aback been on the coursing for a nice old Jeep to add to his ample accumulating of ~40 cars—a accumulating that includes a 1956 Willys CJ-5.

He begin two added collapsed fender Jeeps agnate to this one, which is why he threw this Jeep up for sale. But afterwards talking with appointment members, he’s assertive this one is appropriate and has absitively to authority assimilate it.

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There’s a lot I don’t apperceive about this old CJ-2A, which is aloof a modified-for-farm-use Apple War II MB marketed in the mid/late 1940s for its ploughing and stump-pulling abilities by Willys-Overland. Like aback did the aboriginal buyer canyon away? Was it a while ago, but the Jeep backward in the ancestors and was never re-registered aback it was a acreage vehicle? How continued did one being absolutely own this vehicle? Who knows, but I achievement it absolutely was over 70 years, as there’s article adventurous about that.

Regardless, what’s alluring is the action this Jeep is in, and the ancestry annal that Pat accustomed with the machine, such as the photos above, anachronous from 1983 and 1952. Attending at the cars in the backgrounds of anniversary photo; amazing!

Here’s an alike earlier photo anachronous 1950. Check out the winch, which Pat says he still has:

And here’s one assuming the Jeep towing a bivouac abounding with children. Apprehension how the ancestors appears to accept installed copse benches on top of the Willys’ rear caster wells so that rear cartage sit adverse inwards.

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This, I’ve consistently found, is abundant smarter packaging than what Willys came up with in the 1940s—a forward-facing bank bank amid the caster wells that captivated alone two bodies and larboard the acme of the wells as abortive amplitude (on Apple War II models, the caster wells were little accumulator bins).

The two parallel-bench arrangement, acclimated by Land Rover Series I/II/III and Defender and Toyota Land Cruiser, holds four bodies at atomic (so six or seven bodies in complete depending aloft if there’s a advanced bench) and maximizes the bound rear space. So, acceptable on this ancestors for convalescent Willys’ design.

Speaking of kids and Willys Jeeps, attending at this little dude pointing at who knows what—the parking anchor in the dash, maybe? Man, that council caster looks gigantic compared to the admeasurement of this baby human, who I accept grew up to become a complete Jeep beneficiary (how could he not?).

Just as air-conditioned as the ancestors photographs are all the affidavit that came with the Jeep.

Look at this one! “Oil & clarify changed,” it reads, with the date January 8, 1967! You can see the added oil changes up to 1976, aback the Jeep allegedly additionally got a new arch gasket.

As for how the Jeep looks today: it’s absolutely absolutely nice. I contacted my acquaintance Brandon (the hero who afresh helped me bending an old chiral Grand Cherokee beyond the country, and a 18-carat apple able on collapsed fender Jeeps) to apprentice more, and he was afflicted with the body:

It’s absolutely been repainted with acrylic abutting to the aboriginal colours, but it seems to be a nice aboriginal with some attenuate branch accessories (Monarch governor, rear PTO)

Body looks immaculate. Floor pans alike attending aboriginal and solid

Brandon went on to allocution about some of the Jeep’s attenuate aboriginal content:

[The Willys has an] aboriginal voltage regulator and what looks to be aboriginal appendage lamp , which is actual rare. Interestingly, it aloof has a rear PTO shaft advancing out the aback with no branch gearbox, so that’s apparently a bit of a home beverage setup.

You can see there’s a bit of accident at the rear of the tub, and you’ll additionally apprehension that there’s a forward-facing bank in the aback now.

Pat was allurement $US10,500 ($15,207) afore affairs bottomward the ad. That doesn’t assume like a bad amount if this affair is as accepted as it appears.

Even the anatomy and floors attending nice from beneath (note that rectangle anchored to the frame; Brandon suspects this is a modification acclimated to facilitate a break attachment), absolved by the adamant blight devils that tend to annihilate such acreage Jeeps:

So really, I accept to leave you all with added questions than answers, but in my head, I’m activity to accord this Jeep the account of the doubt, and say that one man bought this new in 1946, and endemic it for over 70 years, carriage accouchement and hay and added advantageous acreage accessories about all the while. Because that’s what noncombatant Jeeps were for aback then. They were complete beasts.

Craigslist Toyota Previa For Sale By Owner – craigslist toyota previa for sale by owner
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