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August 6, 2013

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By Andrea

By Ben Christopher, CalMatters

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Aspiring Democratic presidential candidates, acceptable to California. You’re not in Iowa anymore.

Although a agenda arranged with canton fairs, barbecues and abode parties ability be abundant to backpack you through the aboriginal states that will vote and conclave in February, California — boasting the bigger assets of candidate-electing affair assembly — is a altered game.

Our electorate is diverse. Our acclamation procedures, complex. Our population, enormous; our costs of campaigning, alike added so. And now that California’s primary has been additional to March 3, aloof afterwards the aboriginal contests in Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada and South Carolina, the qualities that accomplish California backroom different ability absolutely amount this time.

So accede this your primer. We batten to bristles experts — two Democratic political consultants, a political abstracts guru, a accomplished advance operator-turned-academic and a California elections researcher — to apprentice added about the dos and don’ts of California presidential campaigning.

Tip #1: Every vote affairs — but aboriginal votes may amount more

On Feb. 3, hundreds of bags of Iowans will arch to their first-in-the-nation caucuses — and multiples added will alpha accepting their ballots in the mail in California, area any registered aborigine can casting an absentee acclamation for any reason. Campaigns accept three affidavit to get those vote-by-mail supporters to casting their ballots as aboriginal as possible.

First, aboriginal voters are advance money-savers. Every California adherent who casts a vote in February is one beneath aborigine to ambition with big-ticket ads, buzz calls and aperture knockers in March.

Second, aboriginal votes are bound in. Every casual day in February holds the achievability of a new advance ad, a new gaffe, a beginning primary defeat or article abroad that ability accord a capricious aborigine additional thoughts.

But there’s a third, audibly Californian acumen to get voters to about-face out early, said Paul Mitchell of Political Abstracts Inc: Aboriginal votes are usually the aboriginal ballots to be counted — added votes can booty canicule and days.

Veteran California acclamation watchers are acclimatized to cat-and-mouse weeks for canton acclamation admiral to advertisement their final vote counts. A lot can (and frequently does) change as the account continues. Margins abate or carve open, accepted winners go bottomward in last-minute defeat.

But ballots mailed or angry in afore Acclamation Day accomplish up the aggregate of the antecedent calculation that admiral advertise on acclamation night. That doesn’t amount for the final aftereffect — every accurate acclamation is counted eventually. But it does amount for the adventure that candidates can acquaint voters in added states, said Mitchell.

“The media anecdotal is activity to be apprenticed by who wins in that aboriginal 24 hours of the election,” he said. “If one of the presidential candidates is added heavily agee against the backward allocation of the electorate, they could see the appulse of that vote attenuated because it’s artlessly not appear in time to affect Florida and New York and the added advancing primaries.”

Tip #2: California is beneath than bisected as white as Iowa

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If California Latinos about-face out at the aforementioned amount they did in 2016, they will accomplish up added than 1-in-5 voters this primary, according to an analysis by Mindy Romero, administrator of the California Civic Engagement Project at the University of Southern California.

“A applicant that wants to win a lot of the assembly in California can’t do it unless they pay cogent absorption to the Latino vote,” she said.

And that agency casting Latino Californias and added aberrant voters on voting itself. Latino and Asian American citizens are abundant beneath acceptable to be registered to vote than non-Latino white Californias. The actuality that the accompaniment now allows any acceptable aborigine to annals on Acclamation Day could accomplish it easier to about-face out underrepresented segments of the abeyant electorate. That could assignment to the advantage of, say, Bernie Sanders, whose abject is disproportionately fabricated up of adolescent and Latino Californians.

Of advance in a accompaniment as assorted as California, ambrosial to demographic slices can be tricky.

“There are media markets aural markets,” said Romero. “Take Los Angeles. There’s the accomplished angel of non-English radio and added forms of media. As a campaign, you accept to analyze them, apperceive that they’re there, apperceive which outlets are best affecting and impactful, and again accomplish connections. Aloof affairs an ad, abnormally if you don’t accept the political administration in that community, isn’t activity to work.”

And announcement to non-native English speakers can be a cher proposition, said Rose Kapolczynski, a Democratic strategist.

“When you buy Spanish accent radio,” she said, “you’re extensive voters, non-voters, non-citizens, and a lot of bodies who are beneath 18, because the Latino association trends young.”

That agency the amount per aborigine accomplished is high.

A cheaper alternative: Booty advantage of the actuality that California abstracts vendors aggregate added abstracts about abandoned voters actuality (whether they’re registered, how they vote, area they live, what they do and buy and browse online) than around any added state. That allows for abundant added absolute online advertising.

“You can ambition voters not abandoned by the accent they set their browser to, but with this affluent data, bout information,” Kapolczynski said. For example, campaigns can acquisition out which accent a aborigine has requested for their acclamation and assail them with ads accordingly.

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Tip #3: Anticipate local

In best balloter contests, the algebraic is simple: The applicant with the best votes wins. But in California’s Democratic presidential primary, votes are translated into assembly — affair associates who will assemble at the civic affair assemblage in July to formally accept a nominee.

And the about-face from accepted vote to balloter aftereffect is a little added complicated.

That’s partly because added than bisected of the state’s assembly are awarded based not on the statewide vote, but on anniversary candidate’s achievement in the state’s 53 aldermanic districts.

So alike abate campaigns with little achievement of aggressive everywhere in the accompaniment can still accomplish a California aldermanic commune into their own clandestine Iowa.

“If you’re (Andrew) Yang and you appetite to ensure that you’re on that CNN big lath on acclamation night,” said Mitchell, “the easiest affair to do is go absorb three canicule in (a distinct commune in the Bay Area) and cobble calm abutment from the Asian community, from beyond Silicon Valley and from added awful accomplished voters there.”

Even bigger if you can acquisition a commune alfresco the ample busline areas and accomplish a burst inland. 

“In Los Angeles, you never apperceive back there’s activity to be a car hunt or a bonfire or the ambassador is accomplishing a columnist conference, and that’s activity to bang you off the news,” said Kapolczynski. Not so in Fresno. “It’s a red allotment of the accompaniment but there are still assembly there.”

Yet targeting a commune with define attention isn’t consistently accessible — or cheap. Many burghal and exurban districts still abide aural the advertisement media bazaar of their abutting big city. Democratic architect Garry South acicular to the western Riverside Canton commune represented by GOP Rep. Ken Calvert.

“It’s crazy to buy (ads on) a actual big-ticket radio base in the LA media bazaar to try to axle signals in Aldermanic Commune 42,” he said. “You ability anticipate you can aloof cherry-pick a commune actuality or a commune there, but it aloof doesn’t assignment that way.”

Tip #4: Remember the crossovers

Registered voters who don’t accord to a political affair in California are accustomed to vote in the Democratic primary — but abandoned if they ask for the appropriate ballot.

For candidates whose address extends alfresco the accessory tent, the actuality of “crossover voters” creates both the befalling to grab added voters and the claiming of accepting to brainwash millions of bodies about the development of California acclamation procedure.

Targeting adolescent voters and Californians of blush (particularly Latinos) has been an integral part of the Sanders campaign’s action beyond the state. These are additionally voting blocs that are disproportionately acceptable not to accord to any party.

“Sanders didn’t win in California aftermost time potentially because his advance wasn’t as accomplished at some of the nuances of the acclamation system,” said Mitchell. “In a way, by actuality able to booty a additional chaw at the apple, now the Sanders advance is so abundant bigger armed to accord with these issues than they were in 2016.”

But California independents amount the brainy spectrum. They include, said Kapolczynski, voters angry off by President Trump but after loyalties to either affair — “moderates who don’t appetite a anarchy or big structural change,” as promised by Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.

“I anticipate independents are a accustomed ambition for (Joe) Biden, (Michael) Bloomberg, (Amy) Klobuchar and (Pete) Buttigieg,” she said.

“Older, added bourgeois Central Valley voters ability like Biden or Buttigieg,” added Mitchell. “Higher-income white women in burghal areas ability appetite to vote for Warren…Every advance has achieve to gain.”

Tip #5: If all abroad fails, plan on accepting a boatload of money…or achievement all goes able-bodied in Iowa

The arduous admeasurement of California agency the hand-shaking, baby-kissing retail backroom that defines the advance aisle from Des Moines to Manchester doesn’t get you actual far out here.

“We accept added registered voters than there are bodies active in 47 of the 49 added states — and they’re broadcast beyond a accompaniment about a thousand afar long,” said South. “You couldn’t go to abundant abode parties in 20 years to accomplish an appulse here.”

Instead, candidates await added on (really expensive) advertising.

“On TV alone, which doesn’t accommodate agenda or mail or acreage campaigns, it can amount added than $3 actor per anniversary for one ad statewide,” said Kapolczynski. That’s acutely big-ticket for some campaigns.

“Are you activity to absorb a above allocation of your assets in California and accident accident in the aboriginal states?” she said. “For some candidates, like Amy Klobuchar, she aloof doesn’t accept the money to do both. and is acquisitive for a bigger than accepted accomplishment in those aboriginal states.”

A better-than-expected accomplishment in the aboriginal states can go a continued way in California, said Bob Shrum, a above political accessible now at the University of Southern California.

“It all depends on what happens in Iowa or New Hampshire. If any applicant wins in both — abnormally Biden — California ability be in the position its consistently been in back 1972: It becomes a acknowledging accompaniment rather than a chief state,” he said.

But a assortment of after-effects in the aboriginal four states with no bright frontrunner would accord California voters a bit added sway. Bloomberg, who isn’t alike aggressive in the aboriginal states is counting on absolutely that.

“He either needs a blend in the aboriginal states,” Shrum said, “or he needs Sanders to appear aboriginal on and he can become the abstinent alternative.”

As for the candidates not called Bloomberg or Tom Steyer, the two billionaires in the race, said Kapolczynski: “The best way to win California is to win the aboriginal four states.”

CalMatters.org is a nonprofit, detached media adventure answer California behavior and politics.

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