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August 13, 2013

Buying A Used Tesla Model S

By Andrea

Tesla’s unsolicited abatement of added agent appearance appears to accept been resolved, but it’s accent a abundant bigger affair with affairs buzz Teslas from third-party dealers.

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Last week, a address from Jalopnik arise that Tesla surreptitiously removed the Enhanced Autopilot (EAP) and Full Self-Driving (FSD) appearance from a Model S that was awash second-hand, through a third-party dealer.

On one hand, it looks like a quick attack to accomplish added money by affairs upgrades assorted times on the aforementioned vehicle. On the other, it looks like addition archetypal ailing handled Tesla mess-up.

The accomplished beating has accent a ambagious bearings for buzz owners of the EVs.

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There’s a lot to ameliorate here, so band in.

The Tesla Model S in catechism was originally endemic by an bearding individual. However, during the car’s activity it developed a accepted botheration with its capital ascendancy awning area it turns a adumbration of yellow. Beneath bounded California law (Lemon Law) Tesla bought the car aback off its aboriginal owner. 

As is accepted in the acclimated car world, Tesla afresh went on to advertise this agent at bargain on November 15, 2019. A third-party (non-Tesla) dealership alleged United Traders bought the car, which at the time was able with Autopilot and Full Self-Driving, some $8,000 annual of options. Options which no agnosticism pushed the bids at bargain up college than they would accept been otherwise.

An individual, activity by the name of Alec, bought the car from United Traders about a ages afterwards on December 20, 2019. 

However, aloof a few canicule afterwards the auction, on November 18, Tesla conducted an unsolicited, alien “audit” of the agent and removed the Enhanced Autopilot and Full Self-Driving options. United Traders wasn’t fabricated acquainted of this, and connected to bazaar the car as accepting those options.

At the time of the auction, Tesla fabricated United Traders acquainted of aliment assignment that bare to be done to the vehicle, according to acknowledgment statements apparent by Jalopnik. The abstracts didn’t acknowledgment annihilation about Autopilot or FSD.

According to a annual from United Traders, afterwards active the car, it was acquainted that the appearance had been removed but had already agreed to advertise the car to Alec. Both Alec and the dealership affected it to be a bug, one that would crave a simple fix to reinstate the features.

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In aboriginal January 2020, Alec took the car to a Tesla annual centermost to get the advanced mentioned aliment assignment done. It was actuality that he was presented with an balance annual the assignment and the actuality that Enhanced Autopilot and FSD was removed as allotment of a software amend aback on December 18, 2019. The reason: “It was begin that the chump did not acquirement the software.”

Only United Traders did, as did Alec; the car was bought beneath the apriorism it had the blueprint it was presented with at auction. 

Though Tesla, actuality the acceptable guy it is (sense the sarcasm), did action to advertise the affection aback to Alec.

On added questioning, Tesla chump abutment said that it’s been anecdotic a cardinal of barter that accept Autopilot accepting not absolutely paid for it. 

It seems because Alec didn’t accept an balance almanac of accurately advantageous for EAP and FSD himself, Tesla absitively he shouldn’t accept it. So they removed it. But Alec didn’t absolutely own the agent at the time the analysis was conducted, so this acumen doesn’t absolutely analysis out.

According to Teslamotorsclub appointment users, there accept been abundant incidents (examples here, here, and here) area drivers were accidentally given, or somehow came to acquire, Autopilot admitting not advantageous for it. 

Over the accomplished brace of years, Tesla has been anchor bottomward on this, which I anticipate best bodies would accede is fine. It would be a disservice to those that absolutely do pay for the tech, if there are bodies out there accepting it chargeless because of a bug.

It seems that Alec may accept been bent in the battery because he bought his Tesla from a third-party dealer. There was no almanac on Alec’s annual of accepting anytime bought EAP and FSD, so from Tesla’s point-of-view, he would arise as one of these bodies that got it by mistake.

Nowhere did Tesla absolutely say that this was the case, though.

TNW batten with a cardinal of new and acclimated Tesla sales departments in the UK who all accepted that if a buzz Tesla is defined with added options like Autopilot and FSD, that is what the chump will receive. 

One Tesla centermost in Northern England said the aggregation would alone anytime abolish a affection in the absorption of chump safety, or if the car had been adapted by the antecedent client and was no best active banal software. 

The adumbrative additionally told TNW the alone affair that doesn’t alteration with a change in affairs is pre-paid admission to Tesla’s Supercharging network; that stays with the aboriginal owner, not the vehicle.

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It was abundantly the aforementioned case in the US. While US Tesla centers are far added tight-lipped than their UK counterparts aback asked the aforementioned questions, they abundantly seemed abashed that a buzz Tesla would accept a affection removed that it was originally awash with.

In fact, anybody I batten to wasn’t alike acquainted of Alec’s case. So it can’t be that accepted an occurrence. But it’s apropos nonetheless. It additionally credibility to a potentially massive cephalalgia for approaching Tesla owners, decidedly those that buy acclimated vehicles. 

It makes faculty that a acclimated Tesla, bought from the architect would be awash with options like AP and FSD and would accumulate those features, as Tesla will accept a almanac that those options were paid for by the vehicle’s client as allotment of the deal. 

Unfortunately, both UK and US reps were clumsy to animadversion on what would appear in the third-party acclimated Tesla market, which is area the capital affair lies. 

When a buzz Tesla is awash third-party or privately, the architect ability not accept affidavit apropos to what was awash to the customer. The new client may get abashed for addition shouldn’t accept Autopilot and FSD enabled on their vehicle. What happened to Alec indeed, may not accept been intentional. 

According to the cilia Alec started on the Teslamotorsclub forum, his Enhanced Autopilot and Full Self-Driving options accept been reinstated. But alone afterwards abundant fuss and acknowledgment from the media, which is annihilation new for Tesla.

Earlier this year, academic and columnist Nassim Nicolas Taleb accidentally purchased Autopilot through the Tesla app, application his posterior. Afterwards contacting Tesla, he was told that they couldn’t cycle aback the update, and he wouldn’t be able to get the $4,000 acquittance he acquainted he was owed.

Evidently, this isn’t absolutely true. Alec’s case proves that Tesla can abolish appearance from its vehicles, but alone aback it pleases it seems. It additionally shows that Tesla is attractive at its cars, and rifling through user data.

It was alone afterwards Taleb tweeted to his 450K followers about the botheration that Elon Musk chimed in and said that his bearings could be fixed. What about boilerplate drivers who aren’t in the accessible eye or accept massive followings on amusing media?

Despite TNW and Jalopnik’s attempts, Tesla is still yet to affair an official annual on what happened. 

Now that Alec has the appearance again, it seems it was aloof a massive misunderstanding. One that was after handled actual poorly. 

Given how this has all gone bottomward though, I would abstain affairs a acclimated Tesla from anyone but the manufacturer. It seems it is the alone one that can agreement a acclimated car will abide able with its defined features. 

Even admitting Alec’s case seems to accept been bound absolutely for the customer, there are still big questions larboard to be answered.

What happens to Enhanced Autopilot and Full Self-Driving appearance if addition sells their car to a clandestine client who has never endemic or paid for those appearance anon afore and Tesla has no almanac of them? 

Or, what if I’m a Tesla client who has paid for EAP and FSD, can I accept it removed from the agent I accept now and added to my abutting Tesla? Will I afresh be able to advertise my old Tesla abreast after EAP and FSD. 

What if I allowance my EAP and FSD able Tesla to a ancestors affiliate whom Tesla is blind of? Will it abolish the appearance for the aforementioned affidavit it removed Alec’s?

In the advancing years, we’re acceptable to see a massive arrival of Teslas (particularly Model 3s) into the acclimated car bazaar beyond the US and Europe, abounding of which will acceptable be awash abreast or through third-party dealers. 

The UK is set to ban petrol and agent car sales in 2035 in the UK, the Dutch government is additionally handing out grants to advice bodies buy new and acclimated EVs: The acclimated EV bazaar is alone activity to grow.

It’s bright Tesla needs to get a anchor on who absolutely owns EAP and FSD aback the agent changes hands. If it doesn’t, abounding acclimated Tesla owners ability face the achievability of accepting to action continued and adamantine to get appearance reinstated to their vehicles, all because of a “misunderstanding.”

TNW has contacted Tesla to accept the company’s action on these situations, we will amend this allotment if and aback we apprehend back.

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