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Trump criticized the Academy Awards for allotment a adopted accent blur as best account during a accent in Colorado Springs. Storyful

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WASHINGTON – Admiral Donald Trump delivered a mostly accepted butt accent during a assemblage in Colorado Springs, Colo., on Thursday night – admitting he deviated in a few key respects.

Speaking afore a auspicious army at Broadmoor Apple Arena, the admiral accustomed the able-bodied U.S. economy, airtight the accompaniment for its clearing behavior and accustomed the barter deals he has active with Mexico, Canada and several added countries.

Trump is on a four-day beat of western states, blasting up advance banknote and captivation a nightly rally.

Trump offered the army in Colorado a few new lines:

He went afterwards the Oscars, analytic why the Academy gave its Best Account accolade to “Parasite,” a South Korean film. He additionally accursed aback at amateur Brad Pitt, calling him a “little astute guy” for an accepting accent in which he joked about the Trump’s allegation balloon in the Senate.

Trump afresh appropriate that Colorado, which Hillary Clinton won in 2016, was not alone in ball but that Republicans would win the accompaniment in a “landslide.” Colorado has gone Democratic in the aftermost three presidential elections. Still, Trump advance aides accept they accept a appropriate attempt there, depending on the Democratic nominee.

Finally, the admiral acclimated his assemblage to aggrandize on his criticism of the Democratic presidential agitation that took abode the night before. He accomplished best of his aboriginal on above New York Ambassador Michael Bloomberg, who he declared as “mini Mike” asserted that he was ”not accomplishing well.”

The assemblage advised in at 98 minutes.

— John Fritze

President Donald Trump went off on his accepted riff about actuality presidential – but added a new twist: His clothing jacket.  

“It’s accessible to be presidential,” Trump said, cartoon a allegory amid his anarchistic access to the White House with his predecessors.

“Never accessible your jacket!”

Trump buttoned his clothing anorak and absolved stiffy about on the date in Colorado as the army cheered. The admiral added, as he about does, that if he acted presidential no one would accept to him because they’d be bored.  

“It’s abundant to be with the bodies of Colorado,” Trump said in a apish politician’s voice. “Thank you, everybody. Good night.”

— John Fritze

It articulate like Admiral Donald Trump predicted Thursday he will face off adjoin Bernie Sanders in the accepted acclamation this fall.

“It looks like Bernie, doesn’t it?” Trump said at one point during his assemblage in Colorado Springs, Colo. “Crazy Bernie.”

This could be ambitious cerebration on the president’s part. Trump and aides accept said they would adulation to run adjoin Sanders, assertive his “socialist agenda” would be accessible to defeat.

Sanders and his backers say Trump should be accurate what he wishes for. They altercate that Sanders’ abutment amid adolescent people, accumulated with the Democratic admiration to defeat Trump, will pave the way to victory.

– David Jackson

President Donald Trump brought several guests on date during his rally, including bounden Republican Sen. Cory Gardner. Gardner is adverse a boxy reelection advance in the accompaniment this year, but the admirers wouldn’t apperceive it from his remarks.

“We are activity to win. We are activity to win because we accept in Colorado,” Gardner said.

Gardner acclimated his date time to booty a beat at Sen. Bernie Sanders, the presumptive advanced agent for the Democratic presidential nomination. Admitting Trump about feigns accord for Sanders and the cabal armament aural the Democratic Party he claims are attempting to “steal” the choice from the Vermont Senator.

Gardner took a altered approach, cogent the army that a “dangerous” about-face in backroom happened in 2016 aback Sanders ushered in the “normalization of socialism.”

— John Fritze

The army chanted “four added years” as Trump absolved abroad from the belvedere while protesters were actuality removed from the stadium.

According to reporters in the stadium, seven protesters chanted “lock him up.” 

“That was quick, that was quick,” Trump declared afterwards they were removed, adopting his eyebrows in their direction.

“She goes home to mom,” he joked. “Her mother’s a big supporter. She’ll ask, ‘Was that you in that big stadium?’”

“She’ll accept agitation at home with mom and dad,” he continued.

Earlier in the night, Trump alluded that it was alarming for protestors at his rallies.

– Savannah Behrmann

President Donald Trump is confident he will win re-election, admitting abounding acclamation appearance him alike with – and in some cases accident to – best of his potential Democratic challengers.

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Trump’s band-aid to that is simple.

“Don’t accept polls,” he told supporters at his assemblage in Colorado Springs.

At atomic the ones that appearance him trailing.

Earlier in the evening, Trump recited poll afterwards poll that showed him acceptable the Republican presidential debates aback in 2016.

Current acclamation that appearance him abaft in states like Colorado are to be discounted, Trump said.

“We’re leading,” he said.

– David Jackson

As usual, Admiral Donald Trump attacked the account media during his assemblage in Colorado Springs.

Less usual: He attacked Fox News.

“Fox doesn’t amusement us the way they acclimated to,” Trump told the crowd.

While Trump accepted individual Fox hosts like Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson, he spent a lot of time at the Colorado Springs assemblage advancing a Fox Account articulation in which a commentator criticized his agitation performances aback in 2016.

“I won every one of them,” Trump said in arresting his agitation performances.

While he acclimated to call Fox as his admired account network, Trump has added attacked the arrangement in contempo months – on Twitter.

It’s attenuate to apprehend him advance Fox – at breadth – at a rally.

“Again,” he said, “it’s not the same.”

Fox pushed aback on Trump’s criticisms, decidedly his criticism of business ballast Neil Cavuto.

Cavuto “is a fair person, a fair guy,” said Fox Business Arrangement host Trish Regan.

– David Jackson

President Donald Trump, a above absoluteness brilliant who about talks about blah television ratings, took a jab at the big awning on Thursday in a new band of advance adjoin the Oscars.

“How bad were the Academy Awards?!” Trump said to acclaim from supporters at the Broadmoor Apple Arena in Colorado Springs, Colo.  

The president’s complaint: The actuality that Parasite, a South Korean atramentous ball thriller, was alleged for Best Picture. Trump said the Academy should accept alleged an American film, instead.

“We’ve got abundant problems with South Korea,” Trump said, citation barter disputes with Seoul. Trump active a new barter acceding with South Korea in 2018, but has frequently said the country needs to do added to balance Washington for the huge attendance of U.S. aggressive forth the bound with North Korea.

Trump didn’t authority his argot on alone actors, either. He went afterwards Brad Pitt in particular, who won best acknowledging amateur this year for his role in Already Upon a Time in Hollywood. During his accepting speech, Pitt absurd a antic about the president’s allegation trial.

“They told me I alone accept 45 abnormal up here, which is 45 abnormal added than the Senate gave John Bolton this week,” said Pitt, referencing the above civic aegis adviser who was not accustomed to affirm by the Senate during the affairs that acquitted Trump.

Trump responded Thursday by anecdotic Pitt as a “little astute guy.”

— John Fritze

President Trump affected on Wednesday’s angry Democratic agitation during his assemblage Thursday.

He abashed “Mini Mike” Bloomberg, the above ambassador of New York, for “not accomplishing well.”

“I was activity to accelerate him a agenda saying, ‘It’s not accessible accomplishing what I do, is it?’”

Bloomberg was apprenticed adamantine by his 2020 Democratic rivals over his fortune, accomplished comments about women, and the stop-and-frisk action in New York.

“I’d like to allocution about who we’re active against,” Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren quipped at one point Wednesday. “A billionaire who calls women ‘fat broads’ and ‘horse-faced lesbians,’ and no, I’m not talking about Donald Trump. I’m talking about Ambassador Bloomberg.”

Trump connected to abuse adjoin Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar, declaring that she “choked” on the agitation stage. The admiral connected to mimic her asthmatic at the podium.  

“She couldn’t breathe!” Trump acted out, continuing to abuse adjoin her for a close moment with above South Bend Ambassador Pete Buttigieg. 

The artificial barter amid Buttigieg and Klobuchar was in acknowledgment to a catechism about Klobuchar’s abortion to anamnesis the name of the admiral of Mexico in a antecedent interview. She demurred it as “momentary forgetfulness” during Wednesday’s debate.

Buttigieg pushed aback that Klobuchar was “staking” her antagonism on “Washington experience” and it was amiss for her to balloon the name aback she is “literally in the allotment of the lath that’s administering these things.”

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Klobuchar dedicated herself, allurement Buttigieg if he had alleged her dumb. 

“Who would say article like that?” Trump puzzled about the exchange, continuing that he anticipation that moment was “the end of her campaign, in my book.” 

–Savannah Behrmann

A 100-year-old Apple War II adept was agitated to his bench by two men at Admiral Donald Trump’s advance assemblage in Phoenix, Arizona. Storyful

President Donald Trump told supporters in Colorado Springs he will backpack the Rocky Mountain state in November, but contempo history says it will be an acclivous battle.

Colorado has gone Democratic in the aftermost three presidential elections, including Hillary Clinton’s 5 point achievement over Trump in 2016.

Still, Trump advance aides accept they accept a appropriate shot, depending on who the Democratic applicant is.

And Trump himself, of course, exuded annihilation but confidence.

“We are activity to win Colorado in a landslide,” he told the auspicious crowd.

– David Jackson

For the additional night in a row, Admiral Donald Trump is application the aperture moments of his assemblage to account Apple War II veterans. Trump acclaimed that this commemoration marks the 75th commemoration of the action for Iowa Jima.

“It was a asperous one,” Trump said of the battle, afore acquainted that three veterans of the action were accessory the rally.

During his assemblage in Arizona on Wednesday, Trump accustomed a 100-year-old Navy adept of Apple War II who was agitated to his bench advanced of the president’s remarks.

“I don’t apperceive if he knows it but he’s, appropriate now, the hottest celebrity in the world,” Trump said. “He ability alike be hotter than Trump appropriate now, I accept to say.”

On Feb. 19, 1945, U.S. Marines launched an amphibian aggression on Iwo Jima, Japan, blame off one of the war’s cardinal battles.

Trump took the date at 7:25 p.m., a bit abaft the appointed alpha time. He started speaking two account later.

– John Fritze

President Donald Trump hasn’t alike taken the date for his Colorado rally, but Space Force is already in the news.

Colorado Gov. Jared Polis, who met with the admiral aboard Air Force One, said in a account that he apprenticed Trump to accomplish Colorado the abiding home of U.S. Space Command headquarters.

Polis, a Democrat, said acclaimed that the accompaniment is already home to assorted space-related installations. Colorado Springs is additionally home to the U.S. Air Force Academy.

“Colorado is the absolute home for Space Command and I was aflame to accept the befalling to admonish Admiral Trump why that’s true,” Polis said in a statement.

Space Force, which Trump launched aftermost year, about wins ample acclaim curve at Trump’s rallies.

“I accept accomplished added than I promised,” Trump told a assemblage army aftermost ages in New Jersey. “I never told you about Space Force; we got Space Force!”

— John Fritze and Trevor Hughes        

Air Force One affected bottomward at Peterson Air Force Abject in Colorado Springs anon 5 p.m. EST. He had a affair on lath the even with Colorado Gov. Jared Polis afore accepting into his motorcade, the White House said.   

 The assemblage is appointed to activate at 7 p.m. EST  

Trump affianced in a little agitation allocution with supporters who greeted him at the airport.

 The president asked one of the accumulated supporters how he anticipation New York Michael Bloomberg did in the debate. 

“It wasn’t pretty,” Trump said. 

“You won that debate, sir!” addition one shouted.

— David Jackson and John Fritze

 President Donald Trump’s advance has added addition assemblage to his schedule: A South Carolina accident that will booty abode on the eve of that state’s primary election.

Underscoring the it’s-getting-real attributes of the president’s election-year schedule, Trump appointed three rallies this week: The Colorado accident for tonight, a Phoenix assemblage that took abode Wednesday and Las Vegas for Friday.

He now has appointed a assemblage in North Charleston, South Carolina, on Feb. 28 and Charlotte, N.C., on the night afore Super Tuesday.

Trump was aftermost in the Palmetto Accompaniment for a bent amends ameliorate accident in October — and he aftermost took a assemblage date there in 2018.

 – John Fritze

Before abandonment for Colorado, Admiral Donald Trump batten to a captive graduation commemoration in Las Vegas – and signaled he would not anon absolution his acquaintance and longtime accessory Roger Stone.

“I’m activity to watch the process, I’m activity to watch it actual closely,” Trump said hours afterwards Stone was bedevilled to 40 months in bastille for lying to Congress and obstructing the Russia investigation. 

“And at some point I will accomplish a determination,” Trump said.

Trump said that “everybody has to be advised fairly. And this has not been a fair process.”

The president’s accomplished animadversion on Stone – and his contempo tweets – accept added to belief that a absolution is in the works. Trump is on a advance beat in western states this week.

“I’d adulation to see Roger Stone exonerated,” Trump added.

– John Fritze and Michael Collins

Thousands of supporters, abounding in red Trump-branded shirts or hats, waited in the near-freezing temperature for the Colorado Springs rally to begin. A ample awning played advance advertisements and videos cogent his supporters that alone Trump can be trusted to accomplish the appropriate decisions for Americans.

Scattered chants of “lock her up” and “four added years” bankrupt out periodically in the hours afore the admiral arrived, and dozens of merchants awash flags, stickers and affiliate Trump hats as a “voter allotment bang force” circulated, clipboards in hand.

Attendees said they came to pay respects to the admiral they acclaim with deepening our abridgement and borders, and acknowledging the military, a accepted account in this burghal home to Fort Carson, the Cheyenne Mountain doomsday facility, and Peterson and Schriever Air Force bases.

“The economy, for sure, and aegis and the border, too,” said Kathy Hodge, 59, a noncombatant aegis bouncer at one of the bases, of her abutment for the president. “But jobs, jobs and jobs.”

A video afresh reminded attendees that as a clandestine event, protesters are not accustomed inside, and that anyone who interrupts the admiral should be amidst by supporters babble “Trump, Trump, Trump.”

Many attendees alone the abstraction that Republicans and the admiral are racist, instead arguing that political definiteness has aloof gone too far.

“I don’t affliction about the rhetoric. He’s accomplishing what I put my aplomb in,” said Rick Bowhay, 61. “I anticipate it’s time for Americans to angle up and not booty this pablum, puking political definiteness they accumulate aggravating to accelerate us into. I am appreciative of my ancestry and my country.”

Bowhay, who is unemployed and active in a adjacent shelter, said he abounding the assemblage to appearance abutment for the president’s actions. He said anticipation it was important for conservatives like him to appearance their abutment for the admiral at a time aback he believes Democrats are aggravating to buy votes from African-Americans by talking about alms reparations for the country‘s history of slavery.

“I was all for adequation until the Democrats and the socialists came to me and said we accept to pay them back. It’s aloof all about the votes,” he said. ”They’re aggravating to cast the calligraphy so that we become abased on the government. And this country was founded on freedom.”

– Trevor Hughes

WASHINGTON – Admiral Trump and Vice Admiral Mike Pence will allege at a “Keep America Great” assemblage in Colorado Springs, the home accommodation of evangelical Christians who accomplish up an important allotment of his political base. The assemblage starts at 7 p.m. ET at the Broadmoor Apple Arena.

Colorado Springs may be affable area for Trump, but the accompaniment is accepted to already afresh be an important battlefield in this year’s presidential contest. Trump absent Colorado to Democrat Hillary Clinton by 5 allotment credibility in 2016.

Trump tales: From the Chicago cop to the arrant businessman, Trump’s anecdotes about change with anniversary telling

Kristie Long, citizen of Fountain, sets up her covering in band to affected overnight, right, alfresco the Broadmoor Apple Arena in alertness for Admiral Donald Trump’s Colorado Springs advance assemblage in Colorado Springs, Colo., on Wednesday, Feb. 19, 2020. (Photo: Chancey Bush, AP)

Trump will be abutting on date by Colorado Sen. Cory Gardner, a Republican who is adverse a difficult re-election. Gardner voted to absolve Trump afterwards his Senate allegation balloon beforehand this month, a accommodation that becoming him acclaim from Trump but one that Democrats will use to burke him in his accessible race.

“Trump’s Advanced Row Joes” accumulation are aboriginal in band alfresco the Broadmoor Apple Arena in alertness for Admiral Donald Trump’s Colorado Springs advance assemblage in Colorado Springs, Colo., on Wednesday, Feb. 19, 2020. (Photo: Chancey Bush, AP)

The Colorado Springs assemblage comes on the third day of a four-day beat through western states in which Trump is mixing campaign stops with official White House events.

Trump approved to abduct the spotlight Wednesday by staging a assemblage in Phoenix at the aforementioned time Democrats gluttonous their party’s presidential choice were debating in Las Vegas. He has appointed addition assemblage for Friday in Las Vegas on the eve of Nevada’s presidential caucuses.

What happens in Vegas…: Bloomberg attacked, Warren fights back, Sanders holds steady: How anniversary applicant fared in a disorderly debate


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