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Ever aback the BMW 6 Series Gran Auto fabricated its debut, I’ve been a big fan of its kind. Every Gran Auto to admission afterwards it, both the 4 Series and 8 Series variants, I’ve loved. The abstraction of accepting a car that looks like a glassy and beautiful auto but has the acumen of four doors and four seats is acutely ambrosial to me. So I went into my week-long analysis of the BMW M850i Gran Auto over Christmas breach with a ton of optimism and excitement.

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Admittedly, it wasn’t my aboriginal time abaft the caster of the M850i Gran Coupe. I’d ahead apprenticed it, admitting briefly, during my cruise to BMW’s Spartanburg, South Carolina bulb aback in November. However, my anniversary drive with the big 8er was my aboriginal continued acquaintance in its four-door variant.

Prior to my anniversary with big 8er, the BMW M850i Gran Auto was the alone M850i archetypal I hadn’t spent a ton of time in. I’d ahead apprenticed both the M850i Auto and Convertible absolutely abundantly and admired both cars. Afterwards a week, and several diffuse drives, in the big four-door version, I can now say that it’s calmly the best adaptation of the 8 Series. However, afterwards some contemplation, I’ve appear to apprehend that, while it’s the best 8 Series, it’s not the best four-door BMW in that amount range.

It’s not generally that a car absolutely becomes bigger attractive as it becomes added practical. Adding space, basement and accommodation about charcoal its looks. Such is not the case with M850i Gran Coupe. Adding two doors and two accessible rear seats absolutely fabricated the Gran Auto the best attractive 8 Series in the lineup, abnormally enough.

In person, it’s a stunner; big, continued and imposing. Few sedans I drive from BMW can accumulate as abundant absorption as my big M850i Gran Coupe. Its massive length, low roofline and able-bodied administration angry active wherever it went. Its atramentous acrylic and carbon cilia accents on its mirrors and advanced fascia didn’t aching either. There’s no two means about it — the BMW M850i Gran Auto is a attractive machine.

Not alone is it bigger attractive but it’s additionally added applied than its two-door sibling. Sure, BMW markets the 8 Series Auto as a 2 2 because it technically has two rear seats. But those rear seats aren’t absolutely ample abundant for, ya know, humans. I’m a little adolescent (as my wife brand to admonish me), continuing at 5’9″ and yet I still couldn’t sit abaft myself in a two-door 8er, and I like to sit rather abutting to the council wheel. However, I could not alone sit abaft myself calmly in the M850i Gran Auto but I had affluence of knee allowance to spare.

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More than that, I was able to fit a adolescent bench in the rear commuter bench and my wife still had affluence of knee allowance in the advanced commuter seat. So there’s added than abundant amplitude for two car seats in the aback of the Gran Auto after authoritative advanced cartage uncomfortable.

During my anniversary with it, some accompany took my wife and I out to banquet and I drove, of course, to added prove its usefulness. So I swapped the rear adolescent bench for a brace of adults and we had a night out on the boondocks in complete abundance and luxury. Not alone could our accompany sit calmly in the aback bench but they had USB-C ports to allegation their phones, acrimonious seats, altitude controls and abundant ambient lighting to challenge a German rave. We additionally had the nicest car in the hip new restaurant parking lot. That is until a aboriginal Aston Martin Vantage arrived. Had to accept the appearance victory, there.

The actuality that the M850i Gran Coupe’s added acumen hasn’t broke its administration is badly impressive. Potentially alike added absorbing is how it additionally hasn’t broke its performance. The four-door 8er uses the aforementioned 4.4 liter twin-turbocharged V8 as the Coupe, so it makes the aforementioned 523 hp and 553 lb-ft of torque. In every appliance I use this agent in, I’m consistently afraid that it isn’t a full-on M car. The adeptness and achievement it delivers is absolutely arresting and far added than anyone, and I absolutely beggarly anyone, will anytime need. If you drive an M850i and feel it’s aloof not fast enough, you’re fit for a straight-jacket.

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Full-throttle dispatch in the M850i Gran Auto is like actuality in the cockpit of an Airbus A380 aloft takeoff; it’s aloof burning thrust, a big V8 bark (however bogus it adeptness be) and a rapidly abutting horizon. In fact, cartage generally claimed that it acquainted as if the car was activity to booty off during adamantine acceleration.

The twin-turbo V8 is additionally a masterclass in agent refinement. It’s not generally befuddled V8s are so cottony bland but the powerplant in the M850i Gran Auto is as bland as it gets. Powertrain arrangement is additionally the complete tops, with both the agent and ZF eight-speed manual alive in complete harmony. Never already during my time with it was the car in the amiss accessory and never already was a about-face not altogether buttery-smooth. At the aforementioned time, sport-mode accouterment are glossy and dual-clutch quick, after anytime compromising on refinement. It’s additionally so acceptable larboard to its own accessories that I’m not abiding I acclimated the paddles already in my anniversary with it. Never had to.

During my time with the BMW M850i Gran Coupe, I approved to acquisition accountability with it. It’s a appreciably difficult car to fault, as it does so actual few things poorly. In fact, while there’s of advance allowance for advance actuality and there, it doesn’t absolutely do annihilation poorly. Sure, it council could weight up added while applying lock, its abeyance is a bit close for an M Achievement car and its block aperture is too baby for best ample items. These are accessory gripes back you attending at its absurd across of ability.

However, I did realize, rather aback at the end of my drive with it, that it had one big botheration — price. My analysis car rang in at over $122,000, authoritative it acutely expensive. And there’s addition car from aural the BMW Group that additionally offers four doors, for beneath money and is absolutely bigger to drive — the BMW M5.

Maybe that’s not fair, because the M5 is a able M car and the M850i isn’t. And on paper, they aren’t cars that are declared to be cross-shopped. However, the M5 is every bit as adequate as the M850i Gran Coupe, is aloof as able as a GT car, yet is far faster, abundant added agreeable to drive and cheaper.

In a vacuum, though, the BMW M850i Gran Auto is a abundant car. It’s shockingly fast, adequate for four adults and stunningly gorgeous. It’s one of the best cars BMW makes and it’s the complete best looking. However, it’s aloof not the best four-door Bimmer currently on sale. At atomic until I get to drive the BMW M8 Gran Coupe.

Exterior Appeal – 10

Interior Quality – 9

Steering Feedback – 8

Performance – 8

Handling – 8

BMWness/Ultimate Driving Apparatus – 8

Price Point – 8


In a vacuum, though, the BMW M850i Gran Auto is a abundant car. It’s shockingly fast, adequate for four adults and stunningly gorgeous. It’s one of the best cars BMW makes and it’s the complete best looking. However, it’s aloof not the best four-door Bimmer currently on sale. At atomic until I get to drive the BMW M8 Gran Coupe.

Bmw 6 Series For Sale By Owner – bmw 6 series for sale by owner
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