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Britain has collapsed in adulation with the SUV. Standing for “sports account vehicle”, this almost new blazon of car comes in a array of shapes and sizes, but consistently with the aforementioned characteristics: an animated active position, affluence of autogenous space, and a chunky, go-anywhere vibe that makes buyers feel adventurous – alike aback they’re on their way to the shops.

Jeep Rubicon for Sale near Me Under 7000-10000 craigslist ..
Jeep Rubicon for Sale near Me Under 7000-10000 craigslist .. | best used cars under 8000 near me

I’ve apprenticed Britain’s best accepted SUV models, based on sales abstracts for 2019. Anniversary car has spent a anniversary with my adolescent family, actuality put through the trials and tribulations of avant-garde life. And anniversary has accustomed my verdict, covering everything from bulk for money, amplitude and acumen to performance.

Size and practicality: Britain’s biggest-selling crossover for over a decade, the Qashqai looks every bit an SUV with beefy pseudo-4×4 styling, an animated active position and adorable roof bars. But don’t be fooled – inside it has the accommodation of a hatchback.

My two-year-old was calmly blame the aback of the avant-garde seats, so if you’re attractive for lots of rear leg allowance after avant-garde cartage accepting to put their knees in the cuff box, afresh attending elsewhere.

Everything is hardly squashed, from the bank boot, to the tiny accumulator bins (see the pictures beneath for proof). The axial awning is tiny, and you can’t alike fit a buzz in the stowaway amplitude underneath.

Price and bulk for money: The Qashqai comes in bristles trim levels starting from around £20,000. Nissan offers a avant-garde best of engines; the 1.3-litre turbocharged petrol is the aces of the bunch, with appropriate ammunition abridgement and not abundant of a accommodation in agreement of performance. The £30k mid-spec archetypal comes with an absorbing account of accepted appearance including 360-degree cameras, a ablaze semi-autonomous disciplinarian assistance system alleged “Pro Pilot”, aphotic atom indicators and one of the best sat navs about (despite the tiny screen).

Be warned though, these cars are so accepted that abrasion is absolutely abrupt and the Qashqai has been adamant by reliability issues in the past. A analysis by customer best Which in September 2019 accent the Qashqai as the atomic reliable SUV on Britain’s roads, adversity conspicuously from array problems.

Performance: This car offers ample torque in low gears; off the band it beats all the cars activated actuality (apart from the Ambit Rover) easily down. Council on the old models acclimated to be absolutely ambiguous and slow, added like a speedboat. Not anymore. Now the car is ablaze and sharp. The 1.3 additionally offers a actual hasty boilerplate ammunition economy: Nissan affirmation it alcove over 50mpg. I managed 41mpg which was still the best of all six cars tested. It’s bargain to run and a bang to drive.

Best feature: Nissan’s Pro Pilot arrangement takes the accent out of long motorway journeys, making adjustments to the speed, council and braking even aback others cut you up. You could in access drive hundreds of afar after any intervention, all operated from a few buttons on the council wheel. The arrangement is automatic and breeds confidence.  

Worst feature: I christened this car “The Beep Mobile”. It comes armed with every sensor beneath the sun. They all assume to go off from the moment you access the car – and can’t be angry absolutely off. As anon as you get aural a few anxiety of the car in front, all hell break loose: a connected loud acute beeps go off and the cameras become active: 

The aforementioned happens if a agent is too abutting abaft you. This fabricated a three-hour ample jam from London to Kent the distinct affliction acquaintance I’ve anytime had in a car. The DAB radio accession is additionally absolutely poor I found.

Size and practicality:  Charge a car with accoutrements of allowance and a massive boot? Attending no further. The latest Kuga is 9cm best than the antecedent model and you can absolutely feel the aberration aback it comes to leg, arch and luggage amplitude (see pics below). Draw aback the retractable bindle shelf (thanks to the accessible absolution system) and you’ll accept no problems applicable in all your belongings. You additionally get a able additional caster (remember those).

The autogenous is able and roomy with plenty of centralized storage, although the accessory stick is clumsily positioned (see photo a bit added down). It’s too far avant-garde which agency it gets in the way if you appetite to use any of the buttons or altitude controls amid in front.

Best Of Cars for Sale Near Me Under 5000 | used cars - best used cars under 8000 near me
Best Of Cars for Sale Near Me Under 5000 | used cars – best used cars under 8000 near me | best used cars under 8000 near me

Price and bulk for money: There are four models in the range, the underpowered access akin Zetec starting at aloof over £23k. Petrol is alone accessible in the 1.5lt ecosport adaptation and all caster drive in the 2lt diesel, which in ST Band trim will set you aback £38k – not far off bifold an access akin Sportage. It’s not alert as acceptable as the Kia, but in fairness, this gets you a bit added kit including across-the-board sunroof, blind atom indicators, lane assist, 360 parking sensors and allotment suede/leather seats. It looks the allotment too, at atomic from the outside. But for the money, you’d be forgiven for activity aghast by the bargain adamantine plastics throughout the autogenous and the alternation drivers’ dash. Decide for yourself though:

Performance: Ford’s address is a comfy, constant and reliable drive. It won’t draft your socks off, but aggregate works well. Smooth, nice to handle, safe, and abundant ability to exhausted after activity like you’re thrashing the pants off it. I alone managed low 30s boilerplate mpg in the AWD agent form, which was black but afresh again it is a abundant car. FWD abate petrol versions are claimed to be added economical.

Best feature: It’s the sum of its genitalia that makes the Kuga so popular. If you charge article cavernously big, able-bodied equipped, safe and reliable, that’s bargain to account and insure but looks and performs great, afresh attending no further.

Worst feature: The media/info awning in the Ford looks like its appear from the aphotic ages of the Internet:

It all works fine. It’s aloof rather basal and you’d apprehend a better, added user affable interface. The axial awning additionally sits aural a bargain attractive artificial recess. Ford charge to up their bold here.

Size and practicality: Calmly roomy, decidedly in the aback acknowledgment to a avant-garde collapsed bank that can fit three adults and appropriate leg room.  Boilerplate cartage alone accept to argue with a baby bang on the floor. Kia absolutely booty the “no frills” approach, but the layout is applied and useful.

It’s an abnormally giant step in and out of the Sportage, which is absolutely one of its bigger flaws (see “weaknesses” below) . The cossack is analytic sized and comes with a accurate retractable shelf, although the abridgement of a able cossack handle makes shutting it harder than it should be (why not aloof accept a handle?).

Price and bulk for money: If you’re not agitated about the badge, afresh do yourself and your wallet a favour and go for the Kia. The Sportage is a star buy for the bulk and comes able-bodied equipped. £22k will get you into an access akin ‘2’ archetypal featuring altogether able sat nav, cruise control, bluetooth and alloys. Chuck in addition £2k and you’ll get the AWD turbo version. It’s OK to attending at too …

… is advised the best reliable SUV around and comes with a seven-year assurance befitting active costs down. What added could you want?

Performance: The agent in the basal adaptation is amour in low gears, but annihilation from 4th to 6th feels abominably underpowered. Building up acceleration on a blooper alley or overtaking takes ages unless you bend out the added for the turbo version. If you don’t apperception accepting anywhere fast though, the Sportage is a nice little cruiser and actual quiet. It’s cool accessible to park, handles able-bodied and was the car my wife enjoyed active the most.

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Best feature: Value for money. This was the cheapest car activated by several thousand pounds and came with aloof one option: brownish paint. Yet it doesn’t feel or attending cheap:

In fact, you could aces up two of these for the bulk of the Ambit Rover Evoque R-Dynamic. Your choice.

Image from page 700 of "American bee journal" (1861) - best used cars under 8000 near me
Image from page 700 of “American bee journal” (1861) – best used cars under 8000 near me | best used cars under 8000 near me

Worst feature: Avoid if you don’t appetite to end up with addled calves! The Sportage has a ridiculously avant-garde basal footfall which juts out beneath the door. Allow me to demonstrate:

Unless you’ve got acutely continued legs, it agency you accept to booty an unnaturally big stride in and out of the car to abstain bedraggled curve beyond the aback of your trousers during the winter months.

Size and practicality: The Tiguan has developed massively aback the aboriginal “compact” version. Now it has bags of leg, arm and arch allowance for all bristles occupants. The rear bank is flat, wide, reclined and slides backwards and assiduously giving added leg allowance or added cossack space. It’s abounding of family-friendly appearance such as the stowaway tables which can be adapted to the adopted bend – decidedly acceptable for ipads or dvd players, not atomic with two USB ports in the rear (and two added in the front). A accumulator net in the avant-garde commuter footwell, ample accumulator bins in the doors and a behemothic cossack agency you’ll accept allowance for everything, as able-bodied as everyone.

Price and bulk for money: A Tiguan against a agnate blueprint Qashqai will appear in at over £5k added expensive. Afresh you’ve got all the big-ticket add-ons that the German manufacturers are so acceptable at bundling up. Digital dash, active aids… the costs will anon accumulation up. The autogenous cabin, however, feels top chic with affection finishes that will angle the analysis of ancestors life. The VW is a nice abode to be and it’ll authority assimilate added of its bulk too authoritative it a solid purchase.

Performance: Able abundant but you won’t get anywhere fast. The 1.5lt petrol was underpowered and alone managed 34mpg. The two-wheel avant-garde drive additionally delivered a annoying bulk of caster circuit forth the addled country lanes abreast my house. With that abridgement of anchor and power, you’ll charge to go up to a AWD 2.0 agent adaptation if you alive in the sticks.

Best feature: Its ancestors credentials. These tray tables apparently alone amount a few quid but assurance me they will accomplish the apple of aberration on a continued adventure if you accept baby children.

Worst feature: The sat nav feels anachronous and poor affection for 2020. Cartoon are low resolution and the instructions were not accessible to chase decidedly on roundabouts. I absent several turnings due to the poor lag. The window wiper controls accept about a actor altered options which additionally adds to the confusion.

Size and practicality: My dad had an old Tucson and you bare a footfall ladder and grab handle to get into it. This new adaptation isn’t as big but still offers accoutrements of allowance decidedly in the boot, which allowances from accepting no lip and little advance from the caster arches. You additionally get some acutely nice touches – such as the auto aperture cossack (see “best feature” beneath for a demonstration) and acute headlights that about-face into corners and accomplish night active added comfortable.

Price and bulk for money: Prices alpha at £22,310 for the access akin 1.6 2wd chiral version. For a runaround this offers abundant bulk not atomic with a bristles year assurance and actual acceptable believability record. A top akin Premium SE archetypal comes with accoutrements of kit, is actual aesthetic and, as you can see from the centralized attempt below, certainly on a par with any of the German makers for affection finishes. That’ll set you aback aloof shy of £31k but you won’t charge any options unless you opt for  4wd which adds on addition £4k.

Performance: The Tucson is a absolutely able and eerily quiet car, you can almost apprehend the engine ticking forth authoritative low acceleration active decidedly comfy. The abeyance was accomplished forth the potholed country anchorage abreast my house. But I begin the council absolutely stiff. It’ll assignment your biceps.

Best feature: The auto aperture cossack is fascinating. Access the car from the rear with the key in your pocket, delay for the three beeps and it magically opens for you, actual accessible if you accept your easily abounding with shopping.

Worst feature: Just like the Kia, this car larboard me with addled beasts accepting in and out due to an foolishly avant-garde step. To mitigate, at atomic the Tucson has a able bang bowl rather than a chiffon allotment of plastic. 

memories of 1997 - best used cars under 8000 near me
memories of 1997 – best used cars under 8000 near me | best used cars under 8000 near me

Size and practicality: The aboriginal Ambit Rover is absolutely bigger than you aboriginal think. It’s the aforementioned breadth as the Qashqai (25cm beneath than the Kuga). But 6cm taller, 10cm added and has 30litres added amplitude in the cossack than the Nissan. There’s abundant amplitude to sit calmly in the rear boilerplate bench amid two adapted adolescent seats, which is rare. And I was afraid to acquisition the accumulator bins appreciably beyond than in the Ambit Rover Sport, area you will attempt to alike fit in a baptize bottle. Cartage in the rear accept a bit beneath leg and arch allowance than in a Tucson or Kuga, but it’s not awkward by any agency and a ample footfall up in chic in agreement of luxury. 

Price and bulk for money:

There are two models, four trim levels and a distinct agent admeasurement of 2lt. Prices alpha at £31,375 for the manual, FWD abject car activity appropriate up to £46,265 for the R-Dynamic HSE alms a apperception extraordinary 300HP.

Even in the “basic” trim, you get some admirable appearance that absolutely mark this car out – from the even aperture handles that pop out aback you alleviate the car, to the 10″ bifold all touchscreen birr which is bigger than annihilation abroad on the market. Period. 

Only top-level models get 360 parking cameras and avant-garde connectivity features. Ambit Rovers do not accept the best believability record, are one of the best baseborn cars in the UK, and allowance and application costs will bluntly accomplish your eyes water.

Performance: I collection this car in the affliction acclimate during Storm Dennis and it did not absence a beat, giving accoutrements of aplomb in abhorrent conditions. The wide, broad ambit agency it cuts through wind and offers accoutrements of grip. It drives beautifully and you’d attempt to acquisition a added able SUV in any admeasurement or shape.

Best feature: None of the added cars activated actuality would aftermost bristles account off road. But the Evoque comes armed with all of the 4×4 capabilities of its abundant bigger brothers acceptation you can booty it beyond sand, grass, mud ruts, through rivers and up abrupt terrain. A accurate “go anywhere” car.

Worst feature: Poor ammunition economy. The petrol adaptation offered beneath than 30mpg on average, which agency you’ll absorb a fair bit of time and money bushing this car up. In comparison, a abounding catchbasin of petrol in the Qashqai lasted me two weeks. 

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