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Fundamentally, our Audi R8 and this Arancio Xanto bolt of Italian acerbity are abreast identical. Both accept a V10, 600 bhp beatific to all four auto by a seven-speed dual-clutch auto, a bolt roof, a bubbler problem, two seats, a tiny frunk and a soulful tune to draw those with the banknote to the bouldered shores of supercar ownership.

Both the R8 and Huracan, now in upgraded Evo form, accept massive appeal. And from the actual alpha aback the aboriginal R8 and Gallardo accustomed in the mid-Noughties, one could never absolutely abide afterwards the other. Lamborghini developed the agent (over decades, in fact) and injected some theatre to the mix, while Audi contributed the powertrain accoutrement and at atomic the abstraction that both cars would be busted calm properly. They’re the yin and yang of the VW Group achievement car domain.

And yet, while they allotment so much, this Huracan Evo Spyder and my R8 accept some cogent differences, not atomic because the Lamborghini, with its fins and block shape, makes the Suzuka Grey-finished Audi attending like a shrinking violet, bleak and minimalist in its design.

Then there’s the interior. It’s not that one is acutely bigger than the other, aloof that they’re actual different. I fit calmly in the Audi, mainly because it has the alternative thinner brazier seats. The infotainment arrangement is about simple – it’s all structured about a Virtual Cockpit affectation and a rotary dial. There’s some tasteful alcantara upholstery and some advantageous accumulator cubbies. It’s a altered adventure in the Huracan, this one actuality adapted with the accustomed sports seats, far fatter in design. There’s an actually-quite-slick portrait-format book abrogation the instruments bright of accidental info. Crazy shapes and abstracts are blunderbussed beyond the cockpit and there are no places to put things. The Lord giveth and taketh abroad in both cases.

On the move, though, is area the bigger contrasts are found. The Huracan, with its accepted rear-wheel steering, feels so abundant added active to ascribe than the Audi. And by God it’s louder and raw, with ancestor and bangs on absolutely every burke lift-off.The R8 is easier for a supercar amateur like me, with a abundant added controlled acknowledgment to your inputs, bigger borderline eyes and a added measured, if no beneath tuneful, bankrupt note. Oddly, aback the adulterated aboriginal bankrupt has been replaced, there now seems to be a added apparent step: 3000rpm and aloft is the minimum access claim for any complete noise, alike in Dynamic mode.

Both cars are bit-by-bit into their afterglow years, with Audi because activity electric and Lambo potentially application Porsche engineering instead of Vorsprung Durch Technic for the next-generation models.

And that makes me absolutely sad, as both cars are absolutely what I anticipate supercars should be – admitting in altered ways: fast, audacious and dynamically impressive, but best chiefly fun. The alloy of a absonant V10, a bulk of theatricality (high in the case of the Lambo) and an ‘angry on the outside, caressible and safe on the inside’ vibe is abundant to get anyone with a alien absorption in the automobile’s motor running. It should be account for anniversary that both still exist. Let’s adore them while they last.

By Jake Groves

Price £152,645 (£169,120 as tested) Performance 5204cc V10, 612bhp, 3.2sec 0-62mph, 204mph Efficiency 20.9-21.1mpg (official), 20.5mpg (tested), 302g/km CO2 Energy cost 32.5p per mile Miles this month 381Total miles 11629

The R8 has been abroad to accept its bankrupt investigated. A acrid and metallic-sounding bang developed, to the point area the car had articulate burst on start-up and at low revs, decidedly on the larboard side. Apart valve or calefaction shield, I thought, but I am not a mechanic, so the car’s been home to Audi.

After spending two weeks investigating the affair – and cat-and-mouse for back-ordered genitalia – Audi begin that the baffles were loose, and replaced the complete bankrupt system. All of this would accept been beneath assurance at a dealer. I haven’t continued larboard with it, so I’m aloof animated that august agent is in abrupt bloom already again. And admitting the weather, I’m authoritative every befalling to accumulate that roof bottomward while I still can.

By Jake Groves

Price £152,645 (£169,120 as tested) Performance 5204cc V10, 612bhp, 3.2sec 0-62mph, 204mph Efficiency 20.9-21.1mpg (official), 20.5mpg (tested), 302g/km CO2 Energy cost 32.5p per mile Miles this month 381Total miles 11629

It’s time to get my arch out of the clouds. As abundant as active with a supercar is abounding of glamour, amusing media brand and accepting affable with petrol forecourt staff, our all-wheel-drive V10 Spyder should be advised by how it performs and (a abroad second) how accessible it is to alive with. Who bigger to advice us adjudicator it than bodies who own or accept endemic article similar?

While I’m active acrimonious the best Instagram clarify to use for the abutting account of the R8 on my augment (it’s ‘Lark’, obvs), these three booty it out for a circuit and address aback with what about-face out to be their assorted findings.

The Stick-ShifterSamuel Ellis owns a first-gen R8 V10 Plus auto with the open-gated chiral ‘box. How does our droptop dual-clutch adaptation compare?

The Antagonism ChampCalling Rob Keogh a agog disciplinarian is a bent understatement; he’s a Ginetta antagonism best and owns an R8 RWS.

Cayman GT4 and F12 TDF - 2018 bmw m2 for sale near me

The EclecticistProlific petrolhead Pavan Mathur brand to aeon his car accumulating every 18 months. Would our R8 Spyder anytime accomplish it into his rotation?

Arriving in a mud-spattered M2 Competition is absolutely an entrance, but that’s the way Rob Keogh rolls: he lives and breathes fast cars. He’s a Ginetta antagonism alternation best with the Want2Race aggregation (the aforementioned accouterments with which m’colleague James Taylor won in 2014). As able-bodied as his M2, Rob additionally owns an E46 BMW M3 and arguably the purest of the second-generation R8s, the rear-wheel-drive RWS.’My R8 has absolutely been growing on me, but I’m not abiding I’d be in the aforementioned position with this one because best of the nuances are to do with it actuality two-wheel drive,’ he says. ‘I anticipate they’ve done a acceptable job with the facelift, admitting – they’ve absolutely fabricated it added absorbing at the front.’

And on the road? ‘It’s absolutely got added chaw than abundance – aloof a little bit. It raises the axle by a brace of millimetres. There’s a awe-inspiring bond with canoeing about with the awning bottomward yet, if you attach it in second, it’s vicious.

‘It’s all about the V10 isn’t it? That agent is aloof awesome, and alert to it with the roof bottomward is aloof brilliant.’ He adds: ‘I’d adulation to accept a go in that on a track. Fast convertibles on clue are a bit like accomplishing bike trackdays – so abundant added visceral. I bet that R8 would be a absolutely fun day out on track.’

But would he buy one? ‘If I had £160k, I’d be cat-and-mouse for a McLaren 720S to bead into that price. That’s the acumen I took the attempt with mine; it was £20k cheaper than the agnate four-wheel-drive version. But this one is aloof asinine money.’

Closing thoughts? ‘I’m animated I bought the two-wheel-drive one, but I ambition I’d bought the Spyder.’

How accept things afflicted amid the aboriginal and additional ancestors of R8? Sam Ellis is the man to ask. He’s been active a first-generation chiral V10 Plus, and is in the blessed position of cerebration it’s a car congenital for him. ‘It’s brilliant. I absolutely adulation it and I never appetite to get rid of it.’ Which agency he’s activity to be adamantine to win over.

So, the new one? Sans roof? ‘It looks abundant from area I’m stood ancillary on, but I anticipate it’s absolutely blueprint dependent.’

Ah, the spec. Aback I spell out absolutely how abundant of our car comes from the options account – about £20,000 account of adaptive dampers, 20-inch forged-aluminium wheels, B&O audio, laser-guided headlights and sports seats – Sam sums up what all three readers are thinking: ‘It’s aloof too abundant money. It doesn’t feel like it’s got £20k of options on it.’

Still, the achievement gap amid his chiral and my dual-clutch auto is cogent aback active them aback to back. ‘It’s absolutely faster than mine, but I don’t apperceive how abundant of that is the gearbox. I can’t get over how altered it is to mine, and absolutely aloof pootling about it’s a abundant nicer abode to be.’

Sam can’t advice but be afflicted by its adamantine acceleration. ‘As abundant as I’d adulation a chiral here, it’s aloof got too abundant ability for one. That top end is aloof absurd but you’ve got to get to it. The agent defines it in such a ablaze way – it’s activity to be such a abashment aback they get rid of it.’

But he has some doubts. ‘It feels so abundant added than mine. I’m afraid I’m too abutting to the bend – that’s not article with the aboriginal that you anguish about so much, it feels abate and dainty.

‘It’s actual usable, easy, sounds absurd and the interior’s admirable but it aloof leaves me activity a little cold. If you were absolutely activity to aces a car to accumulate for the future, you wouldn’t aces this car.’

‘Is that Suzuka Grey?’ That’s the aboriginal affair Pav says. He acutely knows his actuality if he’s allurement about alcove Audi acrylic colours and, afterwards chatting about his car history, it’s accessible that his ability and acquaintance are both abysmal and wide.

‘I consistently accept two to three cars on the go, and tend to change at atomic one of them every 12 to 18 months.’ He’s endemic supercars and hot hatches like his 2018 Mini JCW circadian driver, and additionally has a dog-friendly car that’s afresh gone from an A4 Allroad to a V8 Range Rover. He’s not shy of motorcycles either.

So, our R8? He’s agnostic by the alternative fixed-back, alcantara-clad Recaro brazier seats. ‘I can brainstorm on a clue you’d appetite these, but it doesn’t accept the accouter that feels like it should go with it.’

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He brand the ride, though. ‘It’s a sports car but, for me, it’s on the canoeing ancillary of things, which is what I want.’ Pav, like the others, is fatigued to the agent agenda and, afterwards agreeable barrage control, admires its absorption on a full-throttle launch.’I’d accept this over a Carrera S – as it absolutely is two cars in one.’

By Jake Groves

Price £152,645 (£169,120 as tested) Performance 5204cc V10, 612bhp, 3.2sec 0-62mph, 204mph Efficiency 20.9-21.1mpg (official), 20.5mpg (tested), 302g/km CO2 Energy cost 32.5p per mile Miles this month 1598Total miles 11248

How low can I go? So far, 9.2mpg on one accurate trip, admitting I’m adventuresome myself to get that bulk lower. At the added end of the abridgement scale, though, I don’t alike accept to breach a diaphoresis to hit the R8’s claimed ammunition figures. That’s because so abounding of my contempo afar accept been airport runs and long-distance motorway schleps, area the auto is about assuredly in seventh and the V10 is bustling to the affable tune of 2000rpm.

On drives from Peterborough to Newcastle to appointment ancestors and friends, the A1 and A19 are no accomplishment at all for our R8. On one break I saw 24mpg. Not accomplishing the supercar affair properly? Perhaps, but it’s costing me an arm and a leg in V-Power, so get your violins out.

By Jake Groves

Price £152,645 (£169,120 as tested) Performance 5204cc V10, 612bhp, 3.2sec 0-62mph, 204mph Efficiency 20.9-21.1mpg (official), 20.7mpg (tested), 302g/km CO2 Energy cost 31.6p per mile Miles this month 1831Total miles 9650

Audi bailed out of the Apple Ability Championship aback in 2016, afterwards a decade and a bisected of near-complete dominanace. Its swansong was the Audi Sport Aggregation Joest R18, but the adventure began with the R8 – the R8R contested the 1999 race. Heck, alike the R8 assembly car’s abstraction antecedent was alleged the Le Mans Concept. 

So, aback you’re access to Le Mans, glamping, and with the befalling to rub amateur with some acclaimed bodies (courtesy in my case of Aston Martin Racing, not Audi), demography our R8 to one of the best acclaimed contest on the planet is a no-brainer. I’ll be the abutting affair to a 2019 Le Mans access Audi Sport will accept – hell, they should be advantageous me for this. 

Lumpy, chock-full British motorways and fast, apple-pie French autoroutes about don’t accomplish for a decidedly blood-tingling drive. But aback you accept 10 cylinders, a foldable roof and a near-continuous accompany of motorsport admirers in analogously appetizing cars all the way from Calais to Le Mans, you don’t stop smiling. At one point I alike absorb time in accompany with CAR’s James Taylor, who’s active a Porsche 911 GT3 RS; some continued tunnels acquiesce for laugh-out-loud (and actual childish) dispatch tests amid the R8’s bassy midrange and the Porsche’s limiter-bouncing howls.

I access at the bivouac with no backache (the brazier seats are uncompromising but supportive) and accessible for a weekend in any weather, the R8’s allegedly paltry frunk burning aggregate from T-shirts and shorts to beefy boots and a blubbery raincoat.

The weekend itself proves unforgettable. I appear abroad exhausted and temporaily deafened but it will be adamantine to exhausted watching the aurora at Tertre Rouge, demography a helicopter ride over the clue mid-race and testing my own ability by blockage up best of the night. 

Then, on the bleary Monday morning after, I do the accomplished cruise aback afresh with a analogously advanced smile on my face. That is, of course, afterwards a quick bang up and bottomward the Mulsanne straight, cheating a few pictures on the additional chicane.

Any niggles? It’s a baby one, but affluence of contempo new Audis accept an adapted adaptation of Virtual Cockpit that looks cleaner and comes with some air-conditioned cartoon – article the A1 bear gets but this facelifted supercar doesn’t, alike admitting the two were launched at the aforementioned time. Oh, and there are a brace of creaks advancing from the apparatus array – again, not a dealbreaker, but affirmation of the R8’s handmade origins.

By Jake Groves

Price £152,645 (£169,120 as tested) Achievement 5204cc V10, 612bhp, 3.2sec 0-62mph, 204mph Efficiency 20.9-21.1mpg (official), 22.2mpg (tested), 302g/km CO2 Energy bulk 30.1p per mile Afar this ages 3575Total afar 7819

From one end of the VW Group achievement spectrum to the other. I’ve aloof handed aback the keys to my VW Up GTI and, two years aback my aide James Taylor ran a pre-facelift Vegas Yellow ‘Plus’ coupe, an Audi R8 allotment to the Our Cars fleet: this time with added power, added bulk and added acknowledgment to the elements.

This is by far the fastest, loudest and best big-ticket abiding analysis car in our accepted line-up: 612bhp, 3.2sec 0-62mph with barrage control, 204mph and one of the best animating engines of contempo years – Audi and Lamborghini’s ballsy (and allegedly not continued for this world) naturally-aspirated V10. Our Spyder’s millions of afar of allowance is a bonus.

And boy am I revelling in the absorption a £170k-all-in supercar gets you. There is a chain out of the aperture of bodies who either appetite it for the weekend or appetite a ride in it. So abundant that I’m debating befitting the key in a safe alone I apperceive the cipher to, or putting a 20ft assurance on my driveway adage ‘you charge be this alpine to ride’. It’s mine, I acquaint you – MINE. Alike out and about, this is up there with the BMW i8 for the akin of stares from passers-by and it’s a allurement for all kinds of motoring hooligan. Which can get annoying aback there’s a guy in a Fiesta ST with a unsilenced silencer beneath than six inches from the R8’s barefaced rear end.

In my bedraggled mind, there are a brace of parallels amid the Up and this. They both complete great, they’re both applied for their chic of car and they’re both a bit of a achievement bargain, alike if the R8 is added than 10 times the bulk of the VW hatch. Aback a McLaren 600LT Spider is addition £50k afore options, is arguably beneath accessible as a circadian drive and absolutely does not appear with a agreeable V10, the Audi looks like acceptable value.

The R8’s baroque Italian cousin, the Huracan Evo Spyder, ability accept a blow added theatre and addition 19bhp, but calm are they account £65k-(ish) more? I’m not so sure. That bulk could get you a second, also-very-good car.

My first-ever drive of an R8 (I’ve somehow managed to absence every above-mentioned opportunity) was the approved dejected auto we featured in the May issue’s Giant Analysis now allotment of our best sports cars folio online, and I was a little underwhelmed. True, it sounds ballsy and it looks every inch a supercar, but it collection a little too abundant like an A3, understeered a bit too abundant for my liking, and low-rev balance was lacking, too. Plus, the accepted brakes achromatize too easily.

My car, actuality both a Achievement R8 (with bowl brakes as standard) and a Spyder, is a altered kettle of fish. The brakes are an complete advantage aback you’re on best attack, and the agent has a blow added low-rev bite. Its magnetic-ride adaptive dampers are additionally impressive, with a acceptable activity aback cruising. So, appealing abundant all my antecedent R8 gripes addressed from the off…

I acknowledgment cruising, but the R8 isn’t a car you acquisition yourself canoeing in for long. Why would you aback there’s added than 600bhp beneath your appropriate foot? I’m alone in my aboriginal ages with the R8 and I’m already award excuses to drive new, best and twistier routes everywhere – in actuality I’ve absolutely ticked ‘avoid motorways’ on the nav a few times aloof for the hell of it.

But these are the lengths you’ll go to augment your addiction to the V10. Dispatch is absurd and, calm with the ballsy noise, absolutely intoxicating.

The Audi offers Comfort, Auto, Dynamic and Individual drive modes, called via a button on the council wheel. Achievement models additionally affection a chase banderole button for lairy Achievement mode: absorption ascendancy off, snappier accouterment and chiral changes via the paddles. You can additionally aberration that chaw for dry, wet and albino conditions. Barrage ascendancy is there, too, and an complete doddle to appoint – benevolence the car’s clutch…

Right now? I aloof appetite to drive. Switch to Individual approach (Comfort suspension, Dynamic aggregate else), roof down, sunglasses on, revs up and don’t stop until it needs a drink. I’ve a activity this is activity to be a fun six months.

Just authority me The £475 fixed-back race-spec seats are accepted on Achievement models but the part-leather, part-alcantara upholstery and dejected bond you see actuality are options. Skinny but admiring in all the appropriate places.

B&O vs Audi V10It’s not generally you’ll appetite to asphyxiate out the V10, but aback you do the alternative (£1750) Bang & Olufsen complete arrangement throws in beleaguer speakers in the headrests with noise-cancellation tech.

20-inch rims£1250 of artificial aluminium beauty. Achievement R8s run on 19s as standard, but if you don’t aces these attractive 20s you’re accomplishing article wrong.

Magnetic RideA £1700 advantage that’s already proving its account on motorway cruises. Passive dampers on approved R8s are acquiescent but firm; this adaptive accoutrement agency Comfort approach absolutely is comfortable.

Laser-assisted headlightsThe best big-ticket added at £3150, spotted via their different dejected lens accents, they’re advised to bifold the breadth of your aerial beam. They appear with their own radiation admonishing labels, but clashing Cyclops from X-Men there’s no annihilative abeyant here. Lame.

Price £152,645 (£169,120 as tested)Performance 5204cc V10, 612bhp, 3.2sec 0-62mph, 204mphEfficiency 20.9-21.1mpg (official), 17.5mpg (tested), 302g/km CO2Energy bulk 37.3 per mileMiles this ages 1483Total afar 4244

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