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Reno, NV – In the contempo cine The Founder, which abstracts how milkshake-maker salesman Ray Kroc became the CEO of the best acknowledged fast-food alternation ever, there’s a able arena assuming how the aboriginal McDonald’s owners – Dick and Mac McDonald – developed their ultra-efficient kitchen. It all started by appliance an abandoned tennis cloister to draw a life-size floorplan of said kitchen, and absolutely accepting advisers move about the schematic as if they were working. At the outset, the number-one aspect that fabricated McDonald’s so acknowledged was the packaging of their kitchen. 

2017 Porsche Panamera First Drive Review - Motor Trend - 2017 porsche panamera for sale by owner
2017 Porsche Panamera First Drive Review – Motor Trend – 2017 porsche panamera for sale by owner | 2017 porsche panamera for sale by owner
2017 Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo rendered | CarAdvice - 2017 porsche panamera for sale by owner
2017 Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo rendered | CarAdvice – 2017 porsche panamera for sale by owner | 2017 porsche panamera for sale by owner
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2017 Porsche Panamera 4 for sale Silver Arrow Cars Ltd .. | 2017 porsche panamera for sale by owner
2017 Porsche Panamera Turbo First Drive | Autoblog - 2017 porsche panamera for sale by owner
2017 Porsche Panamera Turbo First Drive | Autoblog – 2017 porsche panamera for sale by owner | 2017 porsche panamera for sale by owner

As I watched this, it reminded me – because I’m a crazy car actuality – of Porsche, and how they’ve managed to advance such a bound amalgamation with the 911. Way aback in the 1960s, the archetypal was conceived from a adapt – rear engine, rear drive – that shouldn’t accept worked. Not in a apple area physics matter. The company’s designers did it anyway, and it was so acceptable that they abide to do it to this day. Why? Because they anticipation about the packaging, they knew the strengths of their belvedere (for a start, how the engine’s weight over the rear-drive auto meant inherently bigger traction) and they’ve connected to refine, refine, clarify the artefact to this day. Of course, they’ve added cheat like AWD, absorption control, alive agent mounts and so on, but the abstraction is about the aforementioned as it was way aback in 1964. 

Which brings us to the car here: the 2017 911 GTS. Accessible in Auto (from $137,800), Cabriolet ($151,900) and Targa 4 ($159,700) anatomy styles, it’s the latest apotheosis of the 911, now in its 991.2 generation. It represents the latest change of this tried, activated and accurate belvedere and, my oh my, is it anytime good!

Well account the waitIn Porsche’s world, the GTS name didn’t alpha on the adult rear accouter of a 911. It was born, in fact, as a archetypal appellation for the mid-engined 904 GTS racer, a archetypal that absolutely started antagonism in the U.S. afore accomplishing so on its home abstemious of Europe. The abutting time we saw the “GTS” letters, they were afresh added to a hardly beatnik (for Porsche) car: the front-engined 928. In the avant-garde era – that is to say on a car that Porsche still builds today – the 911 was already accretion baffled to the GTS bite by the Cayenne SUV. It wasn’t until 2010, with the 997.2 generation, that the GTS name assuredly fabricated it to the aback of a 911 model. 

“The GTS finer bridges the gap amid the 911 Carrera S and the Turbo and GT3 models,” said David Burkhalter, artefact communications administrator at Porsche. The architect was award that abundant Carrera S buyers were optioning up their cars in such a way that it accent the call of creating a accomplished new 911 model. Added Burkhalter, “It was an befalling for us to say to our barter ‘hey, if you guys are already optioning your 911 S this way, how about this?’” 

“This” signifies absolutely a few things. For starters, all GTS models action racier satin-black centre-lock admixture auto (more acceptable five-lug alloys are an option), ride lower than the Carrera and Carrera S, and get smoked headlights and taillights, black-painted advanced splitter, Action Architecture mirrors, bankrupt outlets and, if you baddest the Targa model, a black-painted “Targa bar” treatment. Furthermore, every GTS gets the added anatomy aloof for AWD models in the Porsche lineup. It looks purposeful, that’s for sure, but that’s the point. Those centre-lock wheels? No lighter than a acceptable five-lug option, and they don’t affect achievement whatsoever. They’re there aloof because they accept a motorsport connection, and they had accession band of some acceptable ol’ motorsport je ne sais quoi to the GTS. 

2017 Porsche Panamera 4S $127K MSRP Stock # 22682 for sale ..
2017 Porsche Panamera 4S $127K MSRP Stock # 22682 for sale .. | 2017 porsche panamera for sale by owner

Interior fit for a racerLess attenuate is the interior, which gets all address of animated additions. Alcantara suede is draped over appealing abundant every surface, from the aperture panels to the about-face knob, the council caster and the seats. No catechism about it, this is a 911 that’s focused on achievement aloft all. Added additions accommodate a abate council wheel, Action seats and “GTS” badging on the headrests and kickplates. You can about-face the Alcantara for acceptable leather, but why would you appetite to? You’ve bought a GT3-lite; don’t you appetite the raciest autogenous possible?

At any rate, with all that suedery and raciness, we were blessed to acquisition that the key elements of the 911 acquaintance remain: absolute basement position, allowance abundant central to be acclimated as a circadian driver, and that abundant three-gauge apparatus cluster, fabricated all the added clear by the red-painted tach, a GTS exclusive.

Addictive performanceA circadian disciplinarian it may be, but with a name like “GTS”, it has to perform, on both your admired abundance alley and the chase track. 

To that end, ability has added over the antecedent GTS model, from 325 to 405 lb-ft of torque, and from 430 to 450 horsepower, over the aftermost car’s naturally-aspirated 3.8L flat-6. You can acknowledge the accession of two turbochargers for the increase, which additionally accustomed the agent to compress to 3.0L. All cars, meanwhile, are accessible with either a 7-speed chiral gearbox or 7-speed PDK dual-clutch automatic. 

We started our day at the captain of a PDK-equipped RWD Coupe. If it looks a little added advancing than the added models it’s because it rides an added 10 mm lower than the Cabrio and Targa anatomy styles. Those two models display added anatomy angle than does the coupe, and a college ride acme gives the anatomy added allowance to assignment with and reduces squeaks and rattles.

Like all turbocharged engines, you will acquisition a bit of a adjournment in ability commitment from tip-in, but already abundant bankrupt gasses are congenital up and those turbos alpha to spool, watch OUT. You will be beatific bottomward that gorgeous, agee abundance alley at a arid pace, abnormally if you’ve activated barrage ascendancy by aboriginal selecting the Action drive approach with a about-face of the punch army on the caster (which has no added buttons, authoritative for a simple, auspicious design), captivation the brake, and mashing the burke from stop. At that point, it may as able-bodied be a amplitude launch. What motive force there is! And that’s in the rear-wheel drive version!

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Flip the appropriate paddle and bang! Additional gear. Bang! Third gear. Bang! Fourth gear, at which point you accept to aback off because you’re able-bodied into the blast speed-wise. Aloof a connected circle of ability as the turbos spool, spool, ball and jam as abundant air into the agitation alcove as possible. It’s an addictive feeling, pedalling this GTS, and I claiming anyone not to booty an added run on their admired alley aloof to feel the blitz all over again. 

That’s all afore we’ve alike talked about the administration package, which is additional to actual few – conceivably none – in this segment. The council may be electronically boosted, but the feel through that absurd Alcantara caster is a acceptable one, accurately un-artificial. The wheel’s ambit is small, but back the council is 10% added absolute than a Carrera S, it’s absolutely absolute because best curves almost crave a quarter-turn to complete. It aloof adds to the car responding so actual bound to alike the aboriginal of council inputs. Yet, somehow, it doesn’t feel afraid back you’re on the freeway, either. 

Completing the administration amalgamation is the accepted fitment of two-mode cyberbanking dampers, alternative rear-wheel council as able-bodied as alive agent mounts. Like the dampers, the agent mounts are hydraulically attached to the chassis, so the engine’s accumulation can absolutely be acclimated to advice get the car affective in the administration you appetite it to. Then, at blow and slower speeds, brownish particles aural the damper aqueous can abrogate powertrain vibration, authoritative for a added adequate ride, and one that takes beneath of a assessment on the car. 

For me, though, the afternoon about-face to the AWD Targa archetypal able with the 7-speed chiral was the capital event. I know, I know; the GTS is the racier 911 and so you should accept all the animated $.25 – $.25 that accommodate a faster manual and, well, a roof. Accepting said that, actuality a Targa model, it still affectionate of does accept a roof in that it has solid c-pillars as against to folding ones like you’d see on the Cabrio. So I assumption I’m affair the naysayers halfway. 

I’m aloof such a fan of the Targa because it’s the best of both worlds; you get auspicious top-down motoring after the backbreaking wind blow you get in best convertibles. Activating the Targa roof, meanwhile, is amazing to catch and the car looks like a able auto back the top’s up. My one complaint? Actuality the GTS model, atramentous Targa confined are your alone choice; to me, they leave a hardly amateurish look. I’d booty the argent confined accessible on the Targa 4 and Targa 4S models any day. 

It was at the captain of the Jet Atramentous Targa, by the way, that I had the ability of aloof how acceptable the GTS is. I was abaft a adolescent announcer – who happened to be active the Auto I’d had in the morning – through a cord of abundance switchbacks branch into the Biggest Little City in the World, Reno. The alley was glass-smooth, and there was the white GTS, advanced aback bobbing and aberrant through the aeroembolism advanced of me – and he wasn’t accepting any further. I was focused on him, because the blow of the GTS acquaintance is such a aqueous one that it occurs artlessly through your fingertips, your toes and your rump, absolution you bigger focus on the alley ahead. Every ascendancy seems to appear afore you alike accede it; a absolute rev-matched downshift followed by an appliance of aloof the appropriate bulk of council lock occurs afore you’ve alike advised the inputs, so clear-sighted is this car. Add the AWD powertrain, and the ability out of corners is such that any gap congenital up by the RWD archetypal advanced of you is bound blown as engine, manual and drive auto all assignment calm in absolute accord to reel it in. Yes, abundant of this was acknowledgment to the amazing anchorage we were on, but best of it has to be attributed to this admiration of a achievement automobile, the latest acme of over 50 years of development. 

Deal of the Decade?What’s hasty about the 2017 Porsche 911 GTS, however, is the amount hypothesis it presents. Yes, I said it: alike with a abject MSRP of over $135,000, the GTS is a appreciably acceptable deal.

If you appetite to do what Carrera S buyers accept been accomplishing and adapt your car analogously to the GTS, you’re attractive at a amount of access of over $144,000. Alike if you do adapt it as such, you don’t get the air-conditioned centre-lock wheels, more-aggressive advanced fascia, sportier abeyance or Alcantara trim inside. 

All that aside, the basal band is the GTS is a absurd drive, it looks amazing and I came abroad from the accident cerebration that this actual able-bodied could be the best sports car accessible today. Abnormally for the price, back you accede that its competitors, including the brand of the Audi R8 and McLaren 570S, will amount you abundance more. 

All from a 50-year-old blueprint.

2017 Porsche 911 GTS pictures

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