Brand New 1999 Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 for Sale in ...
August 25, 2013

2017 Nissan Gtr For Sale California Craigslist

By Andrea

Cars are bigger now than they’ve anytime been. That’s a adamantine point to contest. They’re quicker, added fuel-efficient, added comfortable, and easier to drive. But our standards for what makes a “good car”, decidedly in the sports car articulation are additionally college than they’ve anytime been. I accusation the Internet.

Brand New 1999 Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 for Sale in ..

Brand New 1999 Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 for Sale in .. | 2017 nissan gtr for sale california craigslist

Brand New 1999 Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 for Sale in ..

Brand New 1999 Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 for Sale in .. | 2017 nissan gtr for sale california craigslist

2017 Nissan GT-R Reviews - Research GT-R Prices & Specs ..

2017 Nissan GT-R Reviews – Research GT-R Prices & Specs .. | 2017 nissan gtr for sale california craigslist

The online association of auto enthusiasts preoccupies itself with approximate application numbers, lap times on chase advance they’ll never visit, quarter-mile times on able surfaces they’ll never experience, and the abridgement of a gap amid a tire’s footstep and a car’s caster well.

There’s an altercation to be fabricated that this YouTube animadversion area mob is what’s active addition and ultimately banishment car companies to put out a bigger product. There may be some accuracy to that, but the byproduct is a alive acumen in what a car charge acquire to be “good.”

As a result, we’re seeing added and added over-engineered, overpowered, and aero-festooned clue monsters advancing to market, instead of simple, accessible, affordable, fun-to-drive cars.

We’re now barometer the arete of a car based on the standards of a bearing who grew up watching videos of some of the brashest (albeit entertaining) car journalists, arena video amateur like Gran Turismo and watching movies like The Fast and the Furious.

And so they now adjudicator cars based on their analysis clue numbers, how they feel through a Playstation ambassador and what array of cultural “clout” they bring.

They’re focused on lap times. Not active feel. Dyno numbers. Not fun factors. Chase car-like attributes. Not accustomed livability. An glut of features. Not simplicity. Flash and swagger. Not appearance and art.

Having a advanced alternative of arresting and performance-oriented cars is great. But manufacturers accepting to consistently accomplish cars alike wilder, technically able and able in adjustment to allay a animadversion area fabricated up of users too adolescent to get their driver’s authorization presents a alternation of problems.

Cars are adequate added expensive, alike aback you agency in inflation. Sure, actual qualities are far above area they were 10 years ago on best cars and the technology has additionally progressed accordingly.

But… what was so amiss with acid a few corners to save a few bucks? Do you actually charge aggregate to be suede and soft-to-the-touch? God forbid a YouTube influencer comments on the inferior affection of the centre animate on your Chevrolet Camaro; instantly axis into a 17th-century Danish prince at the afterimage of adamantine artificial — “My aerial palms? Forced to collaborate with a apparent so harsh? In a beef car?”

Do you actually affliction about adamantine plastics on the central of your door? You never alike attending at your door. You about blow it. And you never knew those adamantine plastics were there until you watched Top Gear.

Also, I acquire never, ever, wondered what the air-intake temperature was in my circadian disciplinarian or alike weekend warrior. What are you accomplishing with that information? Nothing. Why do sports cars now acquire the adeptness to augment you that information? Because too abounding bodies watch videos of cars actuality dyno-tuned on YouTube.

2017 Nissan GT-R Reviews - Research GT-R Prices & Specs ..

2017 Nissan GT-R Reviews – Research GT-R Prices & Specs .. | 2017 nissan gtr for sale california craigslist

Those are accidental and cher additions to best cars.

We’re in a abode area a new Mustang GT now starts about $41,000. In 2011, the starting bulk was $29,645 — affected for aggrandizement about $33,216. In 2005, the window stickers began about $25,140, which is about $32,443 affected for inflation.

What happened amid now and then? The Mustang got a new platform, a badly upgraded interior, avant-garde conveniences, absolute rear suspension, and a added adult DOHC engine. Translation; added affective parts. Mostly done in an accomplishment to win over the Internet bearing who grew up watching Jeremey Clarkson blow fun at the Mustang in Top Gear YouTube clips and who absitively they would enhance their ascendancy by adopting his opinion.

Sure, some of those things are artlessly afterlight the Mustang for a new generation. And a lot of it is welcome… but does it charge 460 horsepower? Does it charge to analytic attempt with a BMW M3? A car that costs alert as much? A lot of the agreeableness of the Mustang was that it was arrangement and cheerful—proudly blue-collar, not dejected blood. Part of the fun aback active it on a alley (and not a chase track) was that it didn’t handle great. You had to be awake. Some of its address additionally came from the arrangement bin interior. It acquainted spartan, and appropriate as a result.

And for the record, the Mustang GT was affluence of fun and affluence fast with abandoned 412 horsepower. Hell, it was accomplished with 300 horsepower… because the administration was worse. The old S197 actually acquainted different compared to annihilation abroad on the road, alike at low speeds. An S550 feels like active any big, V-8 admirable tourer, alike collapsed out.

Don’t get me wrong, I adulation the new S550 Mustang, and it actually is an achievement. It’s about actually my abutting car purchase. But it’s adamantine to analyze it anon to the S197 and acquire that some of the abracadabra hasn’t been absent in adjustment to allay a accumulation of Hoonigan bodice wearing, Monster activity alcohol slugging “car enthusiasts” that are added absorbed in their old 240SX with a addle anatomy and no agent anyway. Don’t worry, it’ll be a alluvion car “one day”.

Ridiculous wings, flared arches, behemothic vented fascias, and matte-finish colours abound in adjustment to allay a alternation of teenagers with Liberty Walk desktop backgrounds.

Some of it is functional, sure. But that speaks aback to all that accidental sportiness. Cars like the GT500 Carbon Clue Pack, GT-R Nismo, C7 Corvette ZL1, and BMW M3 GTS are… affectionate of ugly. Certainly, they’re beneath attractive than they’re non-track focused “base models.” Added track-capable? Sure. But they accomplish you attending like you’re one of the racers who gets smoked by Dominic Torreto in the aperture chase of a “Fast” movie.

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A designer—a accomplished and acclimatized artist, spent an blasphemous bulk of time crafting the contour of a car to perfection… but because it’s abandoned adequate if it laps Laguna Seca faster than the aftermost car to lap Laguna Seca, we charge to basic wings and canards all over it.

Giant wings are adolescent on artery cars. They’re adequate aback you’re 17-years-old and alarming your absolute Pizza Hutt paycheque to aqueduct band one on the aback of your Jetta, but for the blow of us, they’re authoritative us attending like we don’t apperceive how to tie our shoes.

Everything is adequate unnecessarily lower, stiffer and added powerful. These are adequate things if you’ll be hitting the Nurburgring this weekend. Not so abundant for demography a drive on accessible roads.

Even crossovers are accepting to action added sport-focused options. For the record, we don’t charge an “ST” archetypal of the new Ford Edge because the Internet actually admired the Focus ST. Who are you annoyance antagonism in your Ford Edge? What alley advance do you plan on demography it to? Crossovers are for calmly awkward about children, a dog, and some hockey accessories with as little accent on your anatomy as possible. They’re not for baking through corners in bolstered antagonism seats.

Not every car needs bargain sports suspension. Do you apperceive why cars appear “monster trucked” (aka with reasonable arena clearance) from the factory? Because North America is one behemothic cavern and nobody’s back is congenital to bear the array of abuse that happens aback you drive a car with that affectionate of hunkered down, the super-stiff abeyance on “normal” roads.

Sport brakes are additionally unnecessary. Yes, the Internet thinks slotted rotors and big red anchor calipers attending “sick”, but they’re actually afflicted to alive with—especially in traffic. Fun fact, adventurous anchor pads bleat aback they’re not hot. There’s annihilation beneath air-conditioned and awkward than inching through cartage aural like a auto cab that hasn’t been serviced back 1996.

But conceivably the best alarming of common “sporty” appearance are antagonism brazier seats. Again, this is a affection that’s abandoned all-important on a track. Saving a few pounds and attractive like a affected racecar disciplinarian is actually not account putting your anatomy through such harm. Seriously, active on accustomed anchorage with antagonism seats is like actuality put in a paint-can shaker. It’s not account it aloof because the seats say “Recaro” on them.

Hot hatches like the Ford Focus RS, VW Golf R and Honda Civic Type R are all baby by their action seats — axis a fun car you can use every day into article you charge to booty common stretch/spine alignment break from.

Then, there’s the accepted application war—which seems to acquire no end in sight. We’re in a abode area Dodge and Ford now about action 800 application cars for auction to… anyone. The catechism is, why?

Is it air-conditioned and absorbing that they accomplish those cars? Sure. But what was amiss with their 500 application variants? What would acquire been the abomination in endlessly there? Certainly, it’s added than abundant application to use and admire on the street. Those who capital added would do what they’ve consistently done and acquire angry to the aftermarket.

At this point, you’re apparently apprehensive what’s so amiss with authoritative these cars faster and faster. For starters, they’re not actually abundant faster in such a cogent way as to enhance the acquaintance on accustomed roads.

Take the Nissan GT-R. Back its introduction, the GT-R boring jumped from 480 application to an accessible 600 horsepower. But what was the point? The car was already a record-setter and accelerated like the hyperspace button on the Millenium Falcon. On paper, the car is about bisected a additional quicker to 60 mph than it was in 2008. But there is actually no way the boilerplate disciplinarian is activity to feel that. Especially back that 0 – 60 time was abandoned 3.4 abnormal in 2008. Go ahead, aloof try to calculation to 0.5. Bisected a “tick” of a clock. It’s abandoned that abundant quicker.

But okay, no abuse no foul, right? So what if a car is faster if abandoned actually on paper?

The absolute botheration is that this attraction with atom off fractions of a additional from 0 – 60 times and authoritative cars faster for the clue is what’s killing your abundant admired chiral transmission. If we acquire that cars acquire to be faster and faster no bulk what, manufacturers will do the accessible affair and abolish the adventitious for animal error.

It shouldn’t be about actuality faster aloof for the account of it. It should be about accepting added fun. That’s what we should be bedeviled with; joy. Not math.

The Toyota Supra, that’s what.

And if you’re affliction that account again you’re missing the point entirely.

The new Supra doesn’t appear with an batty bulk of horsepower. It cut costs by application an affluence of BMW parts. Its anatomy curve are admirable and arresting after the use of behemothic wings or canards. It has accustomed seats. As of yet, there isn’t some crazy, hopped up clue adaptation either. Toyota has larboard it to the aftermarket. In fact, they’re added absorbed in bringing to bazaar a slower, added affordable version.

Toyota didn’t affliction that the Internet would bandy a hissy fit aback they apparent that the new Supra wasn’t some 2JZ-powered, Lambo- annihilation accolade to Brian O’Connor. They were added absorbed in acrimonious up area the old car larboard off—mostly blank its anew minted pop-culture clout.

The result?

The Toyota Supra has won awards like AJAC Performance Car of the Year, Germany’s celebrated Golden Steering Caster accolade and Esquire’s Car of the Year. Because it’s focused on active experience, livability, affordability, and style. Not horsepower, a race-bred options list, and swagger.

Toyota didn’t let the Internet get in the way of architecture a abundant car, and for that alone, I actually admire the Supra. It’s so actual jailbait bedrock and inherently nonconformist. And so it’s very, actual cool. It’s not actuality to amuse the masses who won’t buy one. It’s actuality to be abundant for the few who do.

But animosity aside, the Supra is affidavit that authoritative a abundant car goes above the numbers, above cine and video bold fantasies and turns a dark eye to the criticism of the animadversion section.

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