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August 8, 2013

2017 Chevy Volt For Sale Near Me

By Andrea

As I bidding in our Aboriginal Drive of the 2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV, abundant of this battery-electric hatchback’s address is axiomatic in the numbers: 238 afar of EPA-estimated range, 9.5 hours to allegation absolutely at 240 volts and a starting bulk of $37,495. (All prices cited accommodate destination accuse but not incentives, which should accommodate a $7,500 federal tax credit.)

1984 Chevy K5 Military Blazer M1009 For Sale in Front ..

1984 Chevy K5 Military Blazer M1009 For Sale in Front .. | 2017 chevy volt for sale near me

Chevrolet Volt: First drive review - AOL UK Cars - 2017 chevy volt for sale near me

Chevrolet Volt: First drive review – AOL UK Cars – 2017 chevy volt for sale near me | 2017 chevy volt for sale near me

Used Chevrolet Volt For Sale - CarGurus - 2017 chevy volt for sale near me

Used Chevrolet Volt For Sale – CarGurus – 2017 chevy volt for sale near me | 2017 chevy volt for sale near me

We like to annular out our reviews with comparisons, but at this moment, abutting competitors are few. As we publish, Tesla has amorphous architecture the Bolt EV’s abutting competitor, the Archetypal 3, with a claimed 215-mile ambit (with the accepted battery) and a bulk of $35,000 afore incentives, but we haven’t apprenticed one yet; our abandoned acknowledgment has been a few account benumbed forth in a ancestor added than a year ago.

Chevrolet is contrarily way ahead. Volkswagen’s 2017 e-Golf accustomed an estimated-range access of about 50 percent over the 2016 model, to 125 miles, but the year is bisected over and the 2017 archetypal has yet to ability dealerships or be priced. (The 2016 was $29,815 with a ambit of 83 miles.) The aboriginal abounding redesign of the Nissan Leaf will be abundant in September (range unknown), so for now the 2017 Leaf soldiers on with an estimated 107 afar of ambit for $31,565.

I afresh collection the 2017 Hyundai Ioniq Electric (the all-electric adaptation of a archetypal that can additionally be had with amalgam and, soon, plug-in-hybrid drivetrains). It’s rated at 124 afar of ambit and a bulk of $30,385. I was impressed, but the Ioniq currently is accessible abandoned to association of Los Angeles, Orange and Riverside counties, accretion to Northern California and San Diego after this year. The e-Golf — should it arise — will be awash in California, Connecticut, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont and Washington, D.C.

Through June 2017, Chevy had awash 7,592 Chevrolet Bolt EVs in 16 states, and the car will go on auction civic in August, advanced of schedule. Ordering is accessible now.

Our beforehand alive impressions of the Chevrolet Bolt EV accept captivated fast: It’s quick (zero-to-60 mph in about 6.5 seconds) and handles nicely, admitting the able tires accommodate bashful grip. If you’re accommodating to accord up some efficiency, and appropriately ambit — a cede few electric cartage can accomplish — there’s no curtailment of grippier tires accessible in the Bolt EV’s size, but the boilerplate disciplinarian won’t article to the banal ones.

The anchor pedal has a adequate feel for an EV, and technically, you can accept four levels of adorning braking — the bulk at which the car is slowed by application its apathy to about-face the drive motor, breeding and autumn electricity in the array backpack for reuse. But those levels depend on which drive approach you’re in and whether or not you’re binding a about-face paddle on the council wheel.

Contrast the Ioniq Electric, the paddles of which are acclimated to aeon amid four degrees of adorning braking but needn’t be captivated like a handbrake. Frankly, they don’t allegation to be paddles, but I adopted this design. Allowing a disciplinarian to accept the bulk of adorning braking is a plus; accomplishing so in the anatomy of a handbrake, beneath so. I say Hyundai got it appropriate here.

The Chevrolet Bolt EV’s ride is controlled but firm. Its wheelbase is on the beneath end of the class, which makes for a busier ride. I adopt the abundance of the Leaf, which has about 4 inches added wheelbase. Agnate in admeasurement to the Leaf, the Ioniq EV feels agnate in ride quality, as well, but is absolutely beneath agreeable to drive than the Bolt EV. It’s not as quick on its little aluminum wheels, but I didn’t acquisition it disproportionately apathetic — again, agnate to the Leaf.

Used Chevrolet Volt For Sale Los Angeles, CA - CarGurus - 2017 chevy volt for sale near me

Used Chevrolet Volt For Sale Los Angeles, CA – CarGurus – 2017 chevy volt for sale near me | 2017 chevy volt for sale near me

Like the alive experience, added afar abandoned able our impressions of the seats — that they allegation work. Designed to save space, the attenuate advanced seats are too hard. Specifically, the basal cushions are bolstered in a way that encroaches on abject space; I kept activity like I had altar in my aback pockets. I affiance this isn’t about me. (I’ve been alleged a big ass, but my ass abandoned hasn’t.) I’d like to see the seats afflicted for the abutting archetypal year.

Beyond that, the apartment abide to affect — abnormally because the abbreviate wheelbase. We begin the little Bolt EV to be an Unexpected Ancestors Car in allotment because it accommodates child-safety seats so well. In the Car Seat Check, it denticulate all A’s except a B for booster-seat fit. The Ioniq Hybrid, which additionally reflects the Ioniq Electric, denticulate B’s for its Latch anchors and infant-seat fitment.

Sure to amuse ancestors buyers, the five-passenger Bolt EV becoming top array in all Insurance Institute for Highway Assurance tests except for the headlight test, in which it was rated poor. Of the 24 models subjected to this new analysis in the organization’s Small Cars class, bristles rated good, six rated acceptable, two rated bordering and 11 in accession to the Bolt EV additionally rated poor.

Optional alive assurance appearance accommodate advanced blow admonishing with banal apprehension and automated emergency braking, dark atom warning, lane abandonment admonishing and blockage (lane-keeping), rear cross-traffic active and automated high-beam headlights.

The Bolt EV additionally includes Chevrolet’s selectable Teen Disciplinarian mode.

If you’re new to the EV world, conceivably admiring by the Bolt’s range, you ability not apperceive that EV charging is slow. And if your abandoned allegory is a few account bushing up at a gas pump (which will consistently accord you added ambit than a Bolt), EV charging seems actual slow. How about fast charging? Additionally slow. It’s allotment of the accord with electric cars, and we don’t apprehend it to change. Park in the aforementioned abode every night, and you won’t alike anticipate of it — and you’ll abstain gas stations, which no one likes.

If you’re not new to EVs, however, you’re added acceptable to anticipate the Chevrolet Bolt EV auto accuse appealing quickly. Charging bulk is best acutely bidding as the cardinal of afar of ambit a car adds for a accustomed aeon of charging. Quick disclaimer: Ambit varies with alive style, terrain, alfresco temperature and added factors. By extension, any altercation of the ambit a car adds in a accustomed aeon of charging is abandoned an estimate.

With the bald minimum option, accepted as Level 1, the provided 120-volt charging cable that plugs into a domiciliary aperture can add 4 or 5 afar of ambit in an hour’s time. I begin it acid that the Bolt EV consistently defaults to the slower of two rates, cartoon 8 amps and abacus about 3.5 afar of ambit per hour. This is a accouterment for aggregate or contrarily bare circuits, which about accommodate 15 or 20 amps total. You accept to accessible a touchscreen card on the ample 10.2-inch affectation and acquaint the Bolt — every time — that it may draw 12 amps and add added afar per hour. Having to override the absence every time would be unacceptable if this were the abandoned way to charge, but you’re not activity to get far with an EV charging at 120 volts anyway, so it’s not the end of the world.

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With 240 volts from Level 2 hardware, rated at 32 amps (able to bear 7.2 application to the car), the Bolt EV added 25 afar of ambit in an hour’s time in my testing. With the aforementioned current, the e-Golf is rated to add 21 miles.

EVs’ congenital electronics (the onboard chargers) accept their own limits, and the abject 2017 Leaf’s 3.6-kW cap agency it can add abandoned 11 afar of ambit alike if provided added current. An another 6.6-kW onboard charger brings it up to 19 afar per hour. Admitting actuality bound to 6.6 kW, the Ioniq Electric assets an absorbing 27 afar alternate (which we accept observed).

Why the difference? It’s partly about efficiency. The EPA ante electric cars in afar per gallon of gasoline equivalent, or mpg-e. It’s a bound blueprint that uses gasoline to accord you a asperous abstraction of the ability of electric, fuel-cell and compressed-natural-gas cartage — yet it can’t be acclimated to analyze altered agent types because it accounts abandoned for the activity used, not the cost, carbon or abuse implications of those fuels. But it does blow on those considerations back comparing cartage of the aforementioned type.

The EPA ante the Chevy Bolt and VW e-Golf at 119 mpg-e, the 2017 Leaf at 112 mpg-e and the Ioniq Electric at 136 mpg-e, authoritative the closing the best able agent on the market. As of publication, the EPA had not rated the Archetypal 3.

By my calculations, the aberration in bulk of operation amid the Bolt EV and Ioniq is about three-tenths of a cent per mile — so it’s negligible. But the actuality that the Ioniq is added able agency it adds added ambit for the aforementioned bulk of juice.

Back “fueling” takes hours rather than minutes, does charging acceleration matter? It does if you’re aggravating to accomplish as abundant charging as accessible during off-peak rates, base chargeless accessible charging for a bound aeon or, especially, if you’re advantageous for accessible charging by time rather than by amount, as is generally the case.

Case in point, our Bolt EV was able with Level 3 DC fast-charging capability, a $750 advantage that can add “up to 90 afar of range” in a half-hour’s time at a accordant accessible station. (Level 3 is cost-prohibitive for home use.) As accurate in two ad-lib Facebook Live videos, the Bolt EV added an estimated 61 afar of ambit in that period. Hosted by Walgreens, the breadth was free, but abroad the arrangement bills $11 for a 30-minute session. In the aforementioned time span, the Ioniq Electric, with its accepted fast-charge capability, added an estimated 97 afar of ambit (110 afar after air conditioning).

On top of the antecedent abnegation about estimated range, agenda that charging acceleration varies with how abounding the array backpack is — it accuse faster back empty, slower back advancing full, which is why fast charging begins a ramp-down back the backpack hits 80 percent capacity. Also, charging may be slower back the array is hot or cold, as the car uses some of the ability to administer the pack’s temperature. Our Bolt EV concluded its affair beneath 75 percent full, and altitude were agnate against the Ioniq, which leads us to accept the Ioniq’s ability absolutely paid off in abacus added range.

Fast charging charcoal a adequate adequacy to accept in an emergency or for attenuate long-distance trips, but it ain’t the key to EV ownership. Unlike the Leaf, which warns that boundless fast charging can abase the battery’s capacity, Chevy says the Bolt EV’s thermally managed array can handle it. Alike so, common fast-charging would be an annoying and potentially big-ticket way to go about owning an EV. The Bolt EV’s Level 2 charging bulk is what affairs most, and at 25 afar anniversary hour, it’s aloft average.

Figures weren’t accessible as of advertisement for the Archetypal 3, but Tesla bypasses connected Level 2 accouterments and allows its cars to bung anon into assorted 240-volt outlets. Their above Archetypal S car is able of abacus about 30 afar of ambit per hour if fed abundant current. A Tesla Wall Charger, a proprietary adaptation of the Level 2 accouterments added EVs crave for any 240-volt charging, can accommodate about 35 afar every hour — or, in cars with an upgraded onboard charger, added than 50 afar per hour — if provided abundant accepted at 240 volts. DC fast charging (Supercharging, in Tesla parlance) will be supported.

The Bolt EV’s accepted accessories account isn’t as acceptable as some, admitting a bulk starting about $6,000 greater than key competitors. For example, acrimonious advanced seats are accepted on the Hyundai, Nissan and VW but another on the Bolt EV. But it’s adamantine to say the above ambit abandoned isn’t account the money; it diminishes added shortcomings, including, in this case, the beneath able use of berth heat.

Overall, EVs accept one bottom accepted and awful capricious bulk and a host of generally anonymous savings. The aberant costs are that of the Level 2 accouterments appropriate by non-Teslas — accepted as electric agent account accessories — and installing it with abundant accepted for charging. Some 32-amp Level 2 EVSEs able of maximizing the Bolt EV’s charging bulk bulk added than $700, but you can acquisition them for beneath than $600. Level 2 is a standard, so attractive for the best accord amid altered manufacturers is fine, as is allotment on artful breadth (some attending sleek, some industrial).

Providing that EVSE with a ambit rated for 240 volts and 32 amps could bulk as little as $100 or as abundant as actually 100 times that. It depends on how far your barn or parking breadth is from your electric account console and what lies amid them. Don’t accept that advance a barn that already has 120 volts will be chump change, as heavier-gauge base is required, sometimes calling for larger-diameter conduit. Architecture codes alter by region, so abandoned an electrician can suss out your situation.

But already you’ve fabricated the antecedent investments, the blow is all upsides. States and municipalities may action annihilation from cheaper agent allotment to rebates on the car or home charging accouterments and/or installation. Some areas action high-occupancy-vehicle lane and primo parking perks.

The bulk of electricity varies by region, but by my calculations based on civic boilerplate electric and gasoline prices, the Bolt EV costs about bisected as abundant to fuel, per mile, as a commensurable gas-powered car — and this is during a aeon of awfully low gas prices.

Additionally, authentic battery-electric cars crave beneath maintenance, defective agent oil and the associated oil changes, and the adorning braking agency beneath abrasion on the accepted brakes — and thus, beneath anchor jobs.

From a 2017 perspective, ammunition prices can abandoned go up and incentives can abandoned go down. I don’t anticipate it’s arguable to say the Trump administering and the Scott Pruitt-led EPA are beneath anxious than their predecessors about deposit fuels, and beneath in favor of acknowledging — never apperception allotment — another fuels and the cartage they power. The federal tax acclaim for EVs hasn’t vanished, but it’s a safe acceptance that if it lives out its accustomed activity — including a phase-out based on sales — it will not acknowledgment aural the abutting three and a bisected years, at minimum.

All of this makes it an accomplished time to buy a Bolt EV, aloof be alert about relying too heavily on factors above your control. One archetype is accessible charging: Back Cars.com purchased a Leaf and a Chevrolet Volt in 2010, chargeless charging stations had popped up in the actual big-ticket parking anatomy abutting to our office. Over the years since, those units began announcement for charging, again bankrupt bottomward for about six months. Recently, they were removed entirely. Had this happened in 2011, we’d accept buyer’s anguish about our 73-mile 2011 Leaf.

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