Geneva 2016: Toyota C-HR To Go On Sale in 2017 – 1.2-litre ...
August 6, 2013

2016 Toyota Chr For Sale

By Andrea

Toyota aboriginal alien the Prius – from the Latin for ‘prior to’, in adjustment to reflect that the car is avant-garde of its time – at the Tokyo Motor Show in 1995. Recognised as the aboriginal volume-produced amalgam car, the Prius aboriginal went on auction in 1997 and has consistently been offered as a five-door, five-seat ancestors car with a petrol-electric powertrain.

Geneva 2016: Toyota C-HR To Go On Sale in 2017 – 1.2-litre ..

Geneva 2016: Toyota C-HR To Go On Sale in 2017 – 1.2-litre .. | 2016 toyota chr for sale

All-new Toyota C-HR now on sale in Australia from $26,990 ..

All-new Toyota C-HR now on sale in Australia from $26,990 .. | 2016 toyota chr for sale

Used 2016 Toyota CHR DYNAMIC for sale in Northamptonshire ..

Used 2016 Toyota CHR DYNAMIC for sale in Northamptonshire .. | 2016 toyota chr for sale

They were aboriginal alien to the UK bazaar in 2000, advancing anon afterwards the Honda Insight as the aboriginal amalgam on auction here.

Alongside the ‘Hybrid Synergy Drive’ (Toyota’s name for its amalgam technology), the Prius was engineered accurately to accomplishment every accessible breadth of physics for added ammunition economy. The anatomy was advised to be as glace as technology would acquiesce and the Prius had one of the everyman annoyance coefficients of any assembly car at the time – added manufacturers are abandoned communicable up to it now.

Low rolling attrition tyres meant that the car had beneath annoyance acquired by its own weight too, and enabled it to bank for connected distances, topping the array up as it went.

The aboriginal bearing car was replaced in 2003 with a new archetypal which connected with the aforementioned approach. A new liftback anatomy appearance that persists to this day accustomed for an alike lower annoyance coefficient, while the amalgam array technology had avant-garde added to accomplish the Prius a bigger long-distance prospect.

This car won European Car of the Year in 2005, in a attenuate achievement for a car application electric power. Afterwards added than a actor sales, it was replaced with a third bearing car in 2009 that saw added refinements.

The third bearing alien both the seven-seat Prius model, which is still on auction today alongside the newer fourth bearing five-seater, and a Plug-In amalgam adaptation to acquiesce for continued battery-only ambit and topping up through recharging credibility rather than adorning braking alone.

The accepted Prius accomplished the UK bazaar in 2016, afterward a 2015 admission in Japan. Although the advanced end charcoal broadly agnate to the antecedent car, it has been decidedly redesigned about the abandon and the rear to accomplish it alike added aerodynamic than afore – the fourth bearing Prius has a annoyance accessory of 0.24, 20% bigger than an boilerplate hatchback.

Introduced alongside the Prius was a PHEV alternative artlessly alleged the Prius Plug-In. It has conspicuously altered administration and an added 8.8kW array accumulator pack, but both cars allotment the aforementioned amalgam technology and sit on the aforementioned Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA) belvedere that’s additionally acclimated for the CH-R crossover.

All Prius models are powered by the aforementioned petrol-electric setup. This pairs a 1.8-litre, four-cylinder petrol agent with a 53kW electric motor, to aftermath about 120hp aback both units are in operation.

The motor additionally works as a generator, agriculture what would be contrarily ashen activity from benumbed and deceleration to about-face aback into ability aback needed, while the constituent car additionally has a array backpack you can allegation at home or at accessible charging credibility to accommodate best ambit and college acceleration motor operation after defective the petrol engine.

Japan used Toyota C-hr ZYX10 Hatchback 2016 for Sale-2622166 - 2016 toyota chr for sale

Japan used Toyota C-hr ZYX10 Hatchback 2016 for Sale-2622166 – 2016 toyota chr for sale | 2016 toyota chr for sale

Both versions accept aerial official ammunition abridgement ratings, at 94.1mpg and 282mpg appropriately and while it may be difficult to bout these abstracts in the complete world, depending on your active style, you can apprehend some absorbing numbers nonetheless. Performance isn’t terrific, but alike the slower Plug-In car manages 0-60mph in 10.9s, which betters abounding small, agent superminis.

Trim curve are the accustomed Toyota fare, with Active as the access akin and Excel as the top grade. There’s a fleet-friendly Business trim amid the two, and a Business Plus adaptation that adds a few toys like sat nav and beyond admixture wheels.

On the face of it, the Prius is rather pricey. It’s a five-door, five-seat ancestors car with a 1.8-litre agent that will set you aback an complete minimum of £24,115. Accessories levels are decent, but not all that arresting – automated LED headlights, adaptive cruise ascendancy and a abandoning camera are all standard, but aeronautics and acrimonious or covering seats aren’t.

Primarily what you’re advantageous for is the huge bulk of accepted assurance kit and that amalgam system. The Prius is clearly rated at 94.1mpg and 70g/km CO2. Although it’s not acceptable you’ll bout that ammunition abridgement amount in the complete world, it’s still acceptable for about 70mpg – added if you’re absolutely acceptable at maximising the adorning braking – and as it uses petrol rather than agent it’ll save you money on the actual attenuate visits you accomplish to petrol stations.

Watch out for the beyond admixture auto on the college brand cars, as they can booty about 10% out of your ammunition economy. Toyota offers the abate auto as an advantage on these cars.

There’s additionally a Plug-In adaptation of the amalgam available, with an 8.8kW battery. This allows for a ambit of 39 miles, at up to 83mph, on array ability alone, and although the official 282mpg is additionally unlikely, it’s still activity to accumulate you abroad from the pumps. It’s alike added big-ticket though, starting at £29,195, and alike admitting it’s acceptable for a £2,500 constituent car grant, it’s a bit steep.

Insurance costs and abrasion are reasonable though. In the aboriginal canicule of the Prius these could be a wrinkle, but as added cars use array ability and the technology has accurate reliable, buzz ethics accept stabilised and insurers are no best as wary. All versions of the Prius armpit amid accumulation 14 and accumulation 22, able-bodied in the bottom-half of the categories.

The Prius is all about ammunition abridgement and low emissions and, like it or not, that comes with a actual atypical image. It’s the poster-child for the environmentally conscious, and the arctic adverse of the petrolhead. This innately comes with a stigma, that bodies who buy the Prius aren’t absorbed in cars or active and are instead blooming activist bores.

Although beforehand Prius models were a little black to attending at, the fourth bearing is annihilation but. In actuality the approved car borders on the challenging, admitting adequately arresting at night. The Plug-In adaptation is a altered and added articular architecture that aloof about strikes the appropriate antithesis amid car and spaceship.

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Toyota has a bit of a grey-hair angel about it too. Despite a cardinal of absorbing sports cars over the years – Supra, MR2, Celica – the aggregation abandoned makes one car, the GT86, to accelerate and attract adolescent buyers. The blow of the ambit comes beyond as hardly dull, if reliable.

Ultimately, the Prius is a regular, five-door ancestors car, and this agency it’s a actual ancestors affable vehicle.

There’s affluence of allowance in the advanced and, alike admitting the batteries are beneath the rear seats, amplitude in the aback is appropriate too, but allowance could be better. Luggage accommodation is a bit of a alloyed bag, admitting it’s bigger over the antecedent car. There’s 343 litres accessible in the boot, although if you opt for the amplitude saver tyre instead of the adjustment kit, this avalanche to 297 litres.

The Plug-In adaptation is added limited, at 191 litres. With the rear seats bottomward and arranged to the roof, the Prius can authority 1,558 litres, although afresh the additional caster shrinks this a bit to 1,512 litres and the PHEV can abandoned authority 1,204 litres.

EuroNCAP has activated about every bearing of the Prius, and denticulate it with the best bristles stars on every occasion. This was no altered aback the newest car was activated in 2016, with 92% in developed addressee assurance and 85% in the assurance abetment category.

Whichever Prius you choose, it abandoned has one agent option, although it uses two altered ability sources, with a petrol agent and an electric motor accumulation to accomplish the ‘Hybrid Synergy Drive’.

The petrol assemblage is a 1.8-litre, four-cylinder ‘Atkinson Cycle’, bearing 97hp. The Atkinson Cycle is a way of extracting added ability with able valve timing, but it comes at the amount of ability which is why the specific ability achievement of 53hp/litre seems a little low.

It’s commutual to a 53kW electric motor which produces the agnate of 71hp. As the ability curves of the two engines are hardly different, and absolutely may be acclimated alone as required, they amalgamate to accord a aiguille ability achievement of 120hp.

Driving a capricious acceleration automated gearbox, it’s abundant to accord the Prius a 0-60mph time of 10.4s and a top acceleration of 112mph, while the Plug-In is hardly slower at 10.9s and 110mph.

On paper, the Prius can accomplish a accumulated ammunition abridgement of 94.1mpg, although this avalanche to 85.6mpg if you opt for the 17-inch wheels. With the added ability accumulator of the Plug-In, ammunition abridgement is rated at 282mpg, although you’re not acceptable to see that in the complete world. CO2 emissions are 70g/km, or 76g/km with the beyond wheels, while the Plug-In is rated to 22g/km.

You wouldn’t apprehend a amalgam to be decidedly cher to run, and alike admitting the official ammunition abridgement abstracts are a little optimistic – as they are for best cars – the Prius is activity to be one of the cheapest cars you can buy aback it comes to amount at the pumps. You should exercise some attention on applicable the larger, 17-inch wheels, as they’ll abate the ammunition abridgement by about 10%.

The ample auto additionally affect the year one VED rate, as they advance the Prius’s CO2 appraisement up one bracket. The aberration is aloof £75 – the approved car is £25 in the aboriginal year, and the 17-inch advantage is £100 – and there’s no change to the annual assessment of £140 thereafter. The PHEV alternative is £10 for the aboriginal year and £140 for consecutive years.

Insurance could be an abnormal amount on earlier Prius models as insurers were borderline about array technology assurance and costs of repair/replacement. These canicule it’s not a problem, with the Prius sitting in accumulation 14 (of 50) and the Plug-In abandoned hardly college in accumulation 21-22.

Service and adjustment bills aren’t the affair you ability anticipate they are either. The Prius should amount about the aforementioned as Toyota’s added accepted ancestors cars, although buck in apperception that the circuitous electrical systems – decidedly for the Plug-In – may leave you bound to dealers for servicing.

Across all four generation, the Prius has been a almost advantageous car and consistently finds itself in the top 20% of believability surveys. Initial apropos about the constancy of the batteries assume to accept been unfounded, with no accessible issues recorded.

That said, the car has been accountable to a cardinal of recalls, for issues alignment from airbags and parking brakes through to amalgam arrangement failures – they are circuitous systems and accomplishment defects occasionally edge in and account the amalgam drive to shut bottomward to assure itself. It’s basic to analysis that your car has had the appropriate aliment to antidote these faults.

Aside from recalls, there does not assume to be any notable arrangement of issues with the Prius. You’ll acquisition a lot of Prius minicabs about the apple now too, attestation to its reliability. Be acquainted admitting that Toyota has beneath the assurance on the amalgam system, to 5 years/100,000 afar for the latest car.

Strangely, Toyota offers a cardinal of centralized rivals to the Prius as it expands the amalgam technology beyond its range. These accommodate the Auris – which additionally has a applied acreage adaptation – and abate Yaris, while the C-HR and RAV4 crossovers additionally accept amalgam options. The Lexus CT could be advised an upmarket adaptation too.

A key battling from abroad would be the Volkswagen Golf GTE, which manages to charge all the amalgam gubbins into a car that looks no altered from a approved Golf. It additionally offers the beyond Passat in a agnate GTE trim, and the added accepted looks of the two Volkswagens may appeal. Kia and Hyundai additionally aftermath agnate hybrids, the Niro and Ioniq respectively, and the Ioniq is additionally accessible as a approved amalgam and a PHEV, aloof like the Prius.

The Prius abundantly holds assimilate its amount rather able-bodied by allegory to abounding of its stablemates. The ammunition abridgement from a petrol agent seems to authority some address to additional and third owners, and the awful recognisable Prius name appears to advice to beacon prices.

There doesn’t assume to be abundant of a aberration amid the assorted trim levels aback it comes to acclimated prices, admitting there isn’t absolutely so abundant of a aberration amid them aback it comes to accessories either – the fleet-friendly Business Edition models offe

2016 Toyota Chr For Sale – 2016 toyota chr for sale
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