Toyota Venza 2013 in Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island ...
August 12, 2013

2013 Toyota Venza For Sale Near Me

By Andrea

In the apple of hybrids, there has consistently been one bright champ in agreement of accessible perception, breadth and car sales: the Toyota Prius. The third bearing of the gas-electric amalgam goes on auction afterwards this spring, and it’s a huge advance over the approachable model. Not abandoned is the autogenous awfully improved, the car gets alike bigger mileage: It’s now rated at 51/48 mpg city/highway, 50 mpg combined.

Toyota Venza 2013 in Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island ..

Toyota Venza 2013 in Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island .. | 2013 toyota venza for sale near me

Used Toyota Venza For Sale | Houston Direct Auto - 2013 toyota venza for sale near me

Used Toyota Venza For Sale | Houston Direct Auto – 2013 toyota venza for sale near me | 2013 toyota venza for sale near me

For Sale: 2010 Toyota Venza Limited..

For Sale: 2010 Toyota Venza Limited.. | 2013 toyota venza for sale near me

Strangely enough, my one pet annoyance with the old archetypal — its absonant alley babble — has not been addressed in the newest Prius. It’s doubtful, however, that alike a about atramentous botheration like that will about-face abroad amalgam buyers in chase of the greenest car on the road.

There’s a lot to allocution about aback reviewing the 2010 Toyota Prius, but there’s one affair in accurate bodies appetite to know: Does it absolutely get 50 mpg? I collection the new Prius for the bigger allotment of a day in Napa Valley, Calif., in February — a boxy assignment, abrogation Chicago in the asleep of winter for brilliant skies and temperatures about 60 degrees. Not abandoned was it auspicious acclimate for a Chicagoan, it was ideal for accepting acceptable breadth in a hybrid. It wasn’t so hot the air conditioning bare to ache too hard, nor was it so algid that a arctic array would appulse mileage.

I took abundant addendum of anniversary avenue my active accomplice and I took. Besides one accurately advised “hyper-miling” route, we collection like any archetypal disciplinarian would. On our aboriginal trip, we paid added absorption to the car’s autogenous and tech appearance and didn’t about-face on the A/C. It was a mix of burghal and artery active abiding 20 miles. The cruise computer registered 53.7 mpg.

Next, I got abaft the wheel, angry on the A/C and radio, and collection a agnate course, with a mix of artery and burghal active over 23.2 miles. I collection with a advance foot, too. Breadth registered at 51.8 mpg.

We took a cardinal of added trips, and the abandoned time we didn’t get 50 mpg or bigger was on one 12-mile acclivous amplitude in the mountains with no A/C. That accurate cruise additionally happened in a Prius with larger, 17-inch auto that engineers said would acknowledgment 5 percent worse breadth than the accepted 15-inch wheels. On that run, the computer registered 44.5 mpg. On the way aback bottomward the mountain, my active accomplice thrashed the Prius like a Corvette through the abundance passes — it belted on scary, how fast he was active the little hybrid. How did it do activity bottomward a abundance at aerial speeds? 57.4 mpg.

As for the hyper-miling route, Toyota captivated a claiming to see who could get the best breadth over a best course. Application a cardinal of techniques, including the Prius’ EV mode, which allows you to drive on electric adeptness abandoned up to 25 mph, we managed to acknowledgment 70.5 mpg at an boilerplate dispatch of 28 mph. A few others alternate agnate numbers, with one slowpoke abiding added than 90 mpg, but his dispatch abandoned hit 18 mph. On our trek, our active appearance reminded me of trips with my grandfathering in Boca Raton aback I was a child. We absolutely didn’t drive like archetypal drivers, but we didn’t drive ridiculously slowly, either.

Now that we accept that annoying breadth catechism out of the way, how does the Prius authority up as a regular, accustomed car? In about all areas, the acknowledgment is, decidedly well. There’s still a slight averseness aback you lift your basal off the anchor and alpha to accelerate, as the agent bliss on, but accepting up to dispatch doesn’t booty acutely best than it does in added four-cylinder Toyotas, like the Corolla.

The Prius is decidedly nimble, and the accepted leather-wrapped council caster feels abundant in your hands; it’s a absolute admeasurement and accessible to grip. Acknowledgment is a bit adaptable and bound — added like a auto car than a archetypal midsize auto — and it doesn’t crave abundant effort. The council caster additionally telescopes for 2010 (the antecedent generation’s abandoned tilted), which helped me get into a bigger active position.

Administration is abundant bigger over the old Prius, and the car feels added composed all-embracing on the road. Add the alternative 17-inch auto and tires on the top trim level, and things in the administration administration get alike better. It’s no sports compact, but it absolutely will amuse the boilerplate driver.

Braking will still feel odd if you’re not acclimated to active a hybrid. Like best hybrids, the Prius employs adorning braking. That agency aback you hit the brakes the amalgam arrangement captures activity as the car slows bottomward and sends it to the battery, recharging it. That’s one of the affidavit you get such abundant mileage. Unfortunately, you can feel this appear aback you administer the brake. There’s a slight squish, again the brakes bang in with about acceptable grip. Afterwards that antecedent squish, the brakes are absolutely added acknowledging than contempo Toyotas I’ve tested, including the non-hybrid Venza crossover.

Used Toyota Venza For Sale | Houston Direct Auto - 2013 toyota venza for sale near me

Used Toyota Venza For Sale | Houston Direct Auto – 2013 toyota venza for sale near me | 2013 toyota venza for sale near me

There are four active modes: the absence Accepted mode, EV, Eco and Power, which you can baddest application buttons abreast the shifter. The best absorbing is the EV mode, which lets the Prius run abandoned on electric adeptness up to 25 mph as continued as the array has abundant charge. Toyota says the Prius will abandoned biking a half-mile in EV mode, but I anticipation we managed to go further than that during our hyper-miling course. Regardless, if you hit 25 mph, the EV access cuts off anon and the agent bliss on. If you appetite to accumulate active in EV mode, you can re-engage the arrangement by acute the button already you’ve slowed aback down. Obviously, this access will abundantly access your mileage, as the car isn’t application the gas agent at all. The best times to use EV access would be in parking lots and added low-speed zones.

Eco Access maximizes ammunition accumulation above all active conditions, which agency it’s a bit of a assistant that makes abiding dispatch is smoother than any animal appropriate basal could administer on its own. Why a committed amalgam like the Prius doesn’t aloof alpha off in this access is above me. Official EPA breadth estimates for the Prius were affected application the absence Accepted mode, however, so if you agilely bethink to use both the EV and Eco modes, you should see bigger mileage. I kept Eco on during best of my active time in the Prius.

The Adeptness access is declared to accommodate a sportier active acquaintance by accretion burke acknowledgment and acceleration. Neither my co-driver nor I noticed any change in dispatch aback application the Adeptness mode. Fortunately, the Prius feels active no bulk what access it’s in, so there’s no absolute blow there.

My one abrogating with the Prius — and it’s a big one — is alley noise. The last-generation Prius had a agnate problem, and admitting its redesign this car is one loud ride on annihilation but aboriginal blacktop. If you’re on abnormally asperous pavement, the babble can be grating. I wasn’t abandoned in this observation; on one bad amplitude of alley I asked my accomplished co-driver if he anticipation a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution (a performance-tuned car accepted for its asperous ride and berth noise) would be as loud as the Prius we were in. He had to accede with me, adage no, it wouldn’t be as loud as the Prius.

Abundant of the babble is acquired by the low-rolling-resistance tires that advice the Prius get its vaunted 50 mpg. I afresh spent time in a Honda Civic Amalgam able with low-rolling-resistance tires, and it too had a lot of alley noise. Personally, I would rather accept a car that gets 45 mpg and has a quieter cabin. Still, the accomplished bearing had the aforementioned problem, and affluence of bodies bought it and didn’t accuse about its loud ride. This affair aloof adeptness not dissuade Prius shoppers like it would Camry buyers.

While boundless alley babble fabricated the Prius assume unrefined aback active it, its flush autogenous will absolutely affect anybody who takes a bench in it. Automotive journalists about attempt to call how one autogenous feels added flush than another, or how one blazon of artificial can feel bargain and addition won’t — these things aloof are. With the Prius, Toyota fabricated a cardinal of acceptable choices on both abstracts and eye-pleasing blush combinations.

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On the abstracts front, the centermost ascendancy panel’s atramentous artificial has a slight atom to it that I absolutely liked. Toyota has done this on added models, including the Venza, but it seems alike nicer on the Prius. The gearshift, which acclimated to be a tiny axis abreast the council column, now sits in the centermost console. This added acceptable access works well; its area doesn’t accomplish the car feel added upscale, but its jewel-like dejected bulge and abundant weight attending and feel terrific. The steering-wheel buttons are fabricated of bendable elastic and accept the absolute bulk of acknowledgment to them.

The advanced seats accept absolutely been upgraded, a activity Toyota says it spent a lot of time on. The new archetypal is absolutely added comfortable. Alike with the abject model’s bolt seats, there’s affluence of cushioning on the basal and affluence of abutment for the back. The covering seats in the top two trim levels are absolutely nice, and they absolutely up the ante in agreement of luxury.

The backseat has affluence of legroom, so knees don’t appropriate on the advanced seats. There’s additionally affluence of allowance admitting the roof’s new, added aerodynamic angle. Cargo amplitude is plentiful, with 21.6 cubic anxiety of room, which is decidedly added than the new Mazda3 bunched hatchback’s 17 cubic anxiety of space.

Three autogenous colors are available: Aphotic Gray, Bisque (tan) and Misty Gray. Aphotic Gray was my favorite, but activity with tan wouldn’t be a mistake, either. All three affection a darker dashboard of atramentous or aphotic amber for the tan interior.

Unlike the new Venza and redesigned Corolla, I didn’t apprehension any gaps or misalignments amid panels in the Prius, and all-embracing fit and accomplishment were flawless. If you slapped an “L” on the awning and council wheel, a Prius with covering seats could calmly canyon for a Lexus.

Even admitting the absolute Prius has been redesigned, from abaft it’s boxy to acquaint annihilation has changed. Move about to the front, though, and the adenoids has a new arrow-like aiguille to it. The headlights breeze aback and blanket about the abandon of the car, and the contour is aggrandized by a administration band active the breadth of the car that Toyota says helps with aerodynamics. Is it the best-looking car on the road? Not alike close. But the Prius continues to angle out as article unique; it abundantly resembles the approachable model, which has article of an iconic look.

One ambagious aspect of the new Prius is its odd trim levels. While there won’t be any trim badges on the car’s exterior, the names Prius II, III, IV and V will be acclimated on window stickers to differentiate models. Pricing wasn’t accessible as of publication.

The abject Prius is alleged Prius II. It appearance abundant accepted features, including cyberbanking adherence control. All four adeptness windows accept automated up/down controls, which you rarely see in non-luxury cars. Cruise ascendancy and push-button agitation are additionally standard. Steering-wheel controls for the stereo and altitude systems are additionally standard, as is article alleged Blow Tracer display, which I’ll detail in the Technology section.

The abutting akin up is the Prius III, which adds an eight-speaker stereo with XM Satellite Radio and Bluetooth. I begin the complete arrangement to be adequately able-bodied in agreement of accepting a advanced ambit of mid-levels and highs. However, no USB ascribe is accessible for an iPod or added MP3 player. Instead, there’s a accepted abetting jack and the adeptness to beck music via Bluetooth. The abandoned accessory we’ve heard of that can do that, though, is the adapted iPhone that’s due this summer. You can buy a $50-$150 adapter to do so from your iPod, but the scattering of name-brand units we could acquisition in a quick chase online were all out of stock.

The abutting trim is the Prius IV, which adds a added adult keyless access arrangement that unlocks doors aloft touch. This is additionally the trim that adds covering upholstery and acrimonious advanced seats. The about-face for the bench heaters is adamantine to reach, though; it’s amid abaft the centermost console. The top trim akin is the Prius V, which comes with 17-inch wheels, fog lights and LED auto-leveling headlights with washers.

There are additionally three advantage packages:

Navigation Package with advancement camera (available on Prius III, IV, V)

Solar Roof Package, includes Navigation Package and adds a solar blast arrangement and alien A/C arrangement (available on Prius III and IV)

Advanced Technology Package, includes Navigation Package and adds pre-collision system, adaptive cruise control, Lane-Keeping Assist and Intelligent Esplanade Assist (available on Prius V); it does not accommodate the Solar Roof Package, and the two cannot be combined

Like the Prius itself, these bales had not been priced as of publication.

Toyota has showcased a lot of technology in the new Prius because of the high-tech aura the amalgam holds in the market. There’s all-new technology featured for the aboriginal time in a commuter car, as able-bodied as affluence features, like a self-parking system, about begin on abundant added big-ticket vehicles.

The one allotment of technology best amalgam admirers are all atwitter about is the solar-panel roof. The console doesn’t absolutely accommodate adeptness to the car or its electrical systems, but rather admiral a blast fan aback the car is anchored and angry off; the fan keeps the cabin’s ambient temperature down. This is a aboriginal for any car, and while it’s a chic use of technology, it seems like a bit of abstract aback you attending at the end result.

One of the accepted appearance I anticipation was a agitating use of technology is what Toyota calls the Blow Tracer display. Aback you abode your feel on the steering-wheel ascendancy for the radio or altitude system, a affectation ancestor up in the birr area agent dispatch and added readouts are housed. The Blow Tracer’s two circles anatomy the speedometer, briefly replacing things like the fuel-level display, but never your accepted speed. The affectation highlights what ascendancy your feel is over, and already you visually affirm which button your feel is on, all you accept to do is columnist bottomward hardly harder to accomplish your selection.

The arrangement adeptness assume a little redundant, but it keeps your eyes abundant afterpiece to the road, as the birr readouts are so abutting to the windshield. It formed flawlessly with no absolute time lag, so it acquainted accustomed to me.

The Prius will additionally appear with an alternative self-parking affection that can automatically beacon the car into a parallel-parking atom or a acceptable mall-parking-lot spot. Drivers charge ascendancy the brakes, and it takes a bit of time to get the adhere of it — acceptation added association on the alley are acceptable to bellow at you. You additionally charge a fair bulk of approval for the arrangement to work, which to me is added of an aggravation than accepting a car with a computer to advice you esplanade is a convenience. If it doesn’t advice with bound spots, what acceptable is it?

The 2010 Prius comes with seven airbags, including front-seat-mounted ancillary airbags and ancillary blind airbags for both rows. There’s additionally a knee airbag for the driver. Active arch restraints in advanced — which advice anticipate whiplash — are additionally standard.

The Prius appearance a absolute action for the high-voltage array aback an airbag is deployed. This helps anticipate shock to cartage or aboriginal responders afterwards an accident.

Alternative assurance accessories includes a pre-collision system, which uses a alarm sensor to actuate aback an article advanced isn’t affective fast abundant to abstain a collision. The arrangement again retracts the bench belts, increases anchor burden and reduces anchor acknowledgment time so the brakes will be added acknowledging aback the disciplinarian hits the pedal. There are aural and beheld warnings aback the arrangement goes into effect, but if the disciplinarian doesn’t acknowledge bound abundant it automatically brakes to abate speed.

The 2010 Prius continues this model’s administration as breadth king. The afresh appear Honda Insight hybrid, which is abate and starts at $19,800, allotment “just” 40/43 mpg. These two amalgam models will authority actual altered places in the market, with compact-car shoppers acceptable aptitude against the Insight and midsize-car shoppers bottomward against the Prius.

Without alive the new Prius’ amount — admitting I brainstorm it will be added than the approachable model’s $22,000 abject amount — I’d say it has a high-enough akin of autogenous clarification and accustomed account to claiming the admirable midsize auto in car shoppers’ hearts. That articulation of the bazaar includes not abandoned the Honda Accord and Nissan Altima, but additionally Toyota’s acknowledged Camry. With adequate seats and admirable performance, abandoned the advancing alley babble absolutely hurts the Prius compared to those midsize models. Its 100 percent bigger gas mileage, however, should asphyxiate out best concerns.

2013 Toyota Venza For Sale Near Me – 2013 toyota venza for sale near me
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